New Rep. Exclusive!! – How Do I Get Paid??

If you’re like most of us, you signed up to become an Avon representative to make money!

Am I right??

Maybe you’re looking to make a little extra cash on the side or maybe you’re looking to replace your full-time income.

Whatever your goals are with Avon, I’m guessing that money figures into it somehow!


With Avon, we can earn money on our sales in two ways:

  • Through face-to-face “traditional” orders
  • Through our online sales

We earn the money differently each way. Let me walk you through how you’ll earn your money with your Avon sales.

Traditional Face-to-Face Orders


Traditional orders are the orders that we collect from customers local to us, typically after they’ve browsed a brochure. These orders are typically submitted once each campaign (two-week sales period) on your assigned order date.

We enter all of our customers’ orders, personal items for ourselves, demo items for upcoming campaigns, samples, future brochures, etc. into the My Orders section of, then submit the orders to Avon on our scheduled order date for the campaign. Avon then sends all of the items to us to be sorted and delivered to our customers.

For our traditional orders, Avon charges us a discounted price for the items in our order. The discount varies depending on the total of all our sales for the campaign, according to the following chart:

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 12.47.31 PM.png

We collect the full brochure price from the customers, then pay Avon the discounted rate, and keep the leftovers as our earnings!!

Take this simplified example:

Let’s say that you’ve collected exactly $200 in customer orders for the campaign. That would put you at the 30% earnings level for the campaign. Avon would discount the items in your order by 30% and bill you $140 for the items. You would collect the $200 from the customers, pay Avon their $140, and then keep the remaining $60 as your earnings!

The more you sell, the more you earn!

**In an actual order, Avon would also collect sales tax and shipping and you would charge your customers sales tax and a .75 order processing fee, to help cover shipping. Demo items from the What’s New catalog are billed at the discounted demo price. Business supplies, such as brochures, samples, bags, etc. count towards your sales total, but are billed at the listed prices.

**Depending on your credit limit with Avon, you may be required to make a deposit or full pre-payment at the time you submit the order. The required payment amount will be stated on the confirmation screen once you’ve submitted the order. You then have two weeks to pay any remaining balance, prior to submitting your next order. Many representatives prefer to collect payment from customers at the time they place their order, in order to simplify delivery and to ensure that the deposit can be made on-time.

Online “Direct Delivery” Orders


Online “Direct Delivery” Orders are orders that are placed by customers through our personal web stores. These orders are EASY MONEY in your pocket!! Customers pay Avon directly. Avon handles the processing and shipping. YOU get the earnings!!

For online orders, we now earn the same percentage as our face-to-face traditional orders!!

Our commission on online orders gets credited to our Avon account as soon as the order ships. You can view a record of your Direct Delivery earnings by logging into your business site at, clicking on the My Orders page, then clicking on Direct Delivery Earnings, in the Reports section, in the lower right side of the page.

Once the commission is credited to your Avon account, it is either applied to your next traditional order (thus reducing your billed amount and leaving that money in your pocket) OR you can sign up for direct deposit of those earnings, which occurs twice a month.

**You can view if anyone has submitted a Direct Delivery order through your online store, by going to the Web Office tab (once you’re logged in to, and looking for the box on the right which says, “You have…”

**Use the Social Media Center in the Web Office section to promote your webstore and increase your direct delivery orders!

**Putting your webstore address on every brochure you pass out is another useful strategy for boosting your online sales!


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