Tips for New Reps – How to Sell the Daily Care Collection



Avon provides new representatives with many tools to boost your success as you’re getting started with your new business, finding your first customers, and collecting your first orders.

One of those extremely valuable tools is the Daily Care Collection. The Daily Care Collection is a bundle of seven much-loved Avon products, valued at $65. This collection is exclusively available for new representatives to offer at a HUGELY discounted price of $19.99!! What an amazing deal to be able to offer your first customers!!

New representatives can now sell this collection for their first SEVEN campaigns with Avon, through the end of their Kickstart period!

The collection features items that everyone can use, such as shower gels, body lotion, and hand cream! Almost everyone you know uses those items! Why not buy them from YOU??

Promoting the Daily Care Collection can be a huge boost to your sales as a new representative. It can become the key to reaching your Kickstart sales goals and maximizing your earnings.

Think about it this way… If you sell just 5 Daily Care Collections, you’ve just added $100 in sales to your order. At the 40% earnings level, that’s another $40 profit in your pocket!! Sell 10, and you’ve added $200 to your order ($80 profit)… How many will YOU sell??


A copy of the Daily Care Collection flyer was included in your Avon starter kit. You can also find the PDF of the flyer on

Here are some tips for how new reps can sell this great bundle:

1. Print copies of the brochures to include with each brochure you pass out.

2. When customers contact you to place an order, take their order, and then say something like, “I wanted to let you know about a very special deal I can offer you. It’s only available to new reps, like me, for a limited time. This bundle of products is valued at $65, but I can offer it to you for $19.99. It contains some of Avon’s most loved products. How many bundles can I put you down for?”

3. Each campaign, follow up with everyone you gave a brochure to to see if they have any questions or would like to order anything. Even if they do not have an order from the brochure when you follow-up, offer the Daily Care Collection. Tell them what a great deal it is on some great items.

4.Text everyone you know an image of the Daily Care Collection, with the message, “How many would you like? Limited-time deal!”

5. Post an image of the bundle on your facebook page. Tell people to contact you to claim their bundle. (It’s only available directly through you.)

6. Suggest the bundle as a great Mother’s Day gift or End-of-Year gift for teachers.

7. Stock up on a few of the bundle for on-the-spot sales, vendor events, or craft fairs.

8. Contact local business to ask if they’re in need of gifts for employee appreciation. Tell them you can offer them a $65 bundle of products for only $19.99!

9. When approaching people with this special offer, instead of starting with the bundle, start with, “Do you by chance use soap/shower gel? Do you use body lotion? Do you use hand cream?” Most people will say “yes” to most, if not all, of those questions. There’s your opening to say, “Then, have I got a deal for you!!”

10. Offer a FREE GIFT, discount, or “Avon bucks” for use on a future order, to anyone who orders two or more Daily Care Collections!

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