How to Earn $300/month with Avon

People come to Avon for many different reasons. Some people simply want to save on their own Avon purchases. Some people are looking for a fun hobby, with a little extra income, and some people are looking to replace the income of a part-time or even a full-time job.

In a survey, which I send out to new representatives just after they’ve signed up, I ask the question, “How much money do you hope to make each month with your Avon business?” 

The most common response, selected by nearly 40% of responders is: $100-$300 a month

(In case you’re curious, about 16% selected $50-$100, 28% selected $300+/month, and 16% selected $1500+/month)

All of these are possible with Avon, but the path to achieving each of these goals looks a bit different.

Today, I’d like to take a look at what it takes to make $300/month with Avon. (This plan is based on sales alone. All representatives can increase their income by inviting others to Avon and mentoring them to success.)

First, let’s talk about a few basics…

There are two “campaigns”, or sales periods, each month with Avon, lasting for two-weeks each. To make $300/month with Avon, a representative would need to make about $150 each campaign.

Representatives earn more when they sell more. Here are the earnings levels, as of Campaign 9 2017.


Through Avon’s Kickstart program, new representatives, who are within their first 7 campaigns with Avon, can earn 40% on their sales by reaching gradually increasing sales goals, which makes it easier for them to earn more as they grow their business. **The plan in this post will focus on the regular earnings levels for all representatives.

Those are the basics. Taking those things into account, now let’s take a look at how much a representatives needs to sell each campaign, in order to produce $150 in earnings ($300/month).

And the magic number is…

$425 in sales, each campaign!

At $425 in sales, a representative would earn at the 35% earnings level, which would result in approximately $148.75 in earnings on all beauty products and jewelry.

Now, if you’re new to Avon and are just getting started, or if you’re an experienced rep who is not currently selling anywhere near that amount each campaign, $425 in sales each campaign may seem a bit overwhelming.



But remember, this is a plan to make $300/month with your Avon sales. That’s a good amount of money, which can make a big difference towards paying bills or saving for something like a family vacation!

(If your earnings goals are lower, you won’t need to sell as much. If your earnings goals are higher, you’re going to want to sell more, or consider supplementing your earnings through team-building.)

Also remember that $425 in sales each campaign is not an amount that most representatives reach without a bit of effort. If you want to sell $425 every two weeks, you’re going to have to put a bit of work into building a wide customer base and following up with every customer every campaign.

It may take time to reach $425 in sales each campaign, but I’m going to explain how you can do it! Keep reading…


Now, you know the amount you need to sell to make $300 each month. Are you ready to get started?

Your goal is to sell $425 or more each campaign. Let’s take a closer look at some ways to get there.

8.5 customers, each spending $50, would produce $425 in sales.

You can also get to $425 with 17 customers, each spending $25 each.

Which plan do you prefer?

More customers, each spending less


Less customers, each spending more

Either way, you need customers. And you need more customers than 8 or 17, since every customer will not order every campaign. You need a long list of customers that each order occasionally. (There are also some ways to increase how often customers order, which I’ll explain below.)

So, let’s start with how to find customers and then we’ll go from there!

Step 1 – Whether you’re new to Avon or have been a rep for years, start by taking a look at your list of potential customers. Everyone you know could be a potential customer. Start by making a list, and then get busy reaching out! This post on building and expanding your customer list will help:

Step 2 – After you’ve reached out to all of the people you already know, online or face-to-face, it’s time to seek new potential customers. In this case, your most valuable tool, hands-down is the Avon brochure. Brochures are your store. If you want more customers, you need to get more brochures into hands every single campaign. 10 brochures is not going to produce $425 in sales. Neither is 20 and probably not even 30. Aim for 60-70 brochures each campaign. If 25% of the people who get brochures order, you’ll be in good shape. Check out this list of 100+ Places to Leave Brochures:

Step 3 – Don’t forget about your online customer base. Everyone you know, anywhere in the U.S. could be a customer. The friends of your online friends could be customers too! There’s a huge customer base waiting for you online. Check out these tips on how to sell Avon online:

Step 4 – Encourage regular orders from your existing customer base by offering a customer loyalty program, where customers can earn free gifts, discounts, or Avon bucks with their orders. Also, help your customers to fall in love with Avon skin care products by offering samples and promoting great skin care deals. Skin care customers will come back again and again to replenish their products.

Step 5 – Check out these 33 Super Sales-Boosting Tips, for tons of ideas on how to find new customers and grow your sales. There are many strategies for finding new customers and building sales. Pick a few that sound good to you and give them a try. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

You can find even more tips for growing your sales in the Sales Tips section of this blog.

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