How to Maximize Your Summer Double Dollars Benefit!!

This past week, Avon announced a HUGE support to help accelerate your path into the President’s Club Recognition Program.



Here’s how the Double Dollars program works…

In Campaigns 16 and 17, of the 2017 sales year (C18 and C19 for Trendsetters), Avon will credit your Award Sales DOUBLE towards achieving President’s Club or higher level sales achievement goals.


The measure used to qualify for Sales Leadership title, President’s Recognition Program selling level and some Avon-sponsored incentives. Almost everything you order from Avon counts toward Award Sales (independent of whether they count toward a Leadership bonus), including samples, sales tools, demos, brochures and flyers.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Let’s say you sell $500 in Campaign 16. Avon will count that as $1000 in sales towards your President’s Recognition Sales Achievement Goal!! Sell $750, and Avon will count it as $1500. Essentially, the more you sell in those campaigns, the bigger the benefit you’ll get!!

Important Notes:

  • Double Dollars does NOT double your earnings for the campaign (but becoming a President’s Club member will ultimately increase your earnings).
  • Double Dollars does NOT double your Leadership Sales, for the purpose of determining leadership title.
  • Double Dollars DOES provide you with a fast-track into President’s Club.
  • You can view the full official details from Avon, including what items are and are not eligible for Double Dollars, on, under the Sales Leadership tab, by clicking Leadership Incentives.

So, now you may be asking yourself…

“What’s so special about becoming a President’s Club Member??”


“What do I get if I become one?”

There is a whole list of benefits that come along with becoming a President’s Club member, including recognition luncheons and points to redeem for fun prizes, but the most favorite benefit has got to be 40% earnings* on all of your sales the entire following year (25% on fixed earnings items)!!


Online and face-to-face!

Even on smaller orders!

Here’s the official run down from Avon, of the benefits at each level of the President’s Recognition Program, along with the Award Sales required to achieve that level:


Becoming a President’s Club member requires total sales of $10,000 over the course of the entire sales year.

If you’re new to your Avon business, or are currently struggling to grow your sales, $10,000 may seem like an overwhelming goal, especially since we’re already halfway through the sales year.

BUT, it IS achievable!! This Double Dollar program can help, if you take full advantage of it.

Are you ready??

The remainder of this post is going to focus on tips and strategies for maximizing your benefit from this Double Dollars program in Campaigns 16 and 17 (TS 18 and 19).

**Remember, the added bonus to all of these strategies is that implementing each of these will ultimately give your business a big boost, by connecting you with new customers, which can grow your sales and earnings campaign after campaign. Push really, really hard for these two campaigns, and you’ll have a stronger business and higher earnings for many campaigns after that!!

TIP #1 – Check your President’s Club Goal Card. Go to the Rewards and Recognition tab on, then scroll down to the bottom to click on “Go to Goal Card”. Your personalized goal card will show you an up-to-date summary of your sales for the year, along with the sales you need to achieve by Campaign 26, in order to become a President’s Club member (or beyond). Use this Goal Card to set your sales goals for Campaigns 16 and Campaign 17.

TIP #2 – Aim HUGE!! Set yourself a sales goal for the Double Dollars campaigns that is higher than any sales you’ve achieved so far! This is a special occasion, so we’re going to put special things in place to maximize your benefit. Set a HUGE goal, then tackle it with gusto!

TIP #3 – Prepare to work harder (and more deliberately) than usual during the Double Dollars campaigns. Don’t just passively wait to see what sales your get after tossing a few brochures around. MAKE THE SALES HAPPEN!! Success is not accidental and it doesn’t happen by luck. YOU are in control of your success. Work your business like a beauty boss on a mission!

TIP #4 – Brochures, brochures, brochures!! Order a much higher amount of brochures for Campaigns 16 and 17 than you normally do. Every brochure you put into the hands of a potential customer is an invitation for them to come inside and shop your store. The more brochures you put into hands, the higher your sales will climb.

TIP #5 – The Fortune is in the Follow-Up! Again, don’t sit by the phone waiting to see who calls you with an order. Follow-up with every customer you are able to, a few days after giving them a brochure, to offer to answer any questions, recommend products, and collect orders. Remind them about Avon’s product guarantee! **It’s a good idea to collect follow-up info from anyone you give a brochure to, whenever possible. Offering a free raffle entry, for a bundle of Avon products, is an easy way to collect contact info for follow-up.

TIP #6 – Host an Avon Open-House! Invite some friends over for a fun Avon gathering! Encourage them to bring a friend. (Maybe offer raffle entries for anyone who brings a friend…) Feature items from the Avon Living magalog. Set up a beautiful display of Avon products for your guests to sample and experiment with. Offer a special party discount on orders collected during the event. Serve snacks and beverages. Make it fun and social, then collect those orders!! **You may wish to plan the event between your Campaign 16 and 17 orders. You can order items to use during your party in C-16 (and enjoy the double dollars), then collect orders for C-17 at the party (and enjoy those double dollars too)!!

TIP #7 – Throw a Customer Loyalty Sale in C16 and/or C17!! Offer your customers a bigger than usual discount. Make it an irresistible, once-a-year deal, to encourage customers to shop, shop, shop!! You can also offer your own stock-up specials (For example: Buy 5 Bug Guard products, get one FREE) or a skin care challenge (Try Avon skin care for 30 days. If you’re not fully satisfied, get a full refund.)

TIP #8 – Host an online party (or multiple online parties)!! Double Dollars apply to online orders as well! Promote your web store, by hosting online parties, to showcase Avon’s amazing products, from the comfort of your home!! Click HERE to view detailed tips for hosting an online party.

Tip #9 – Hold a 50/50 Sale!! This is the ultimate in super-sales building techniques, which can bring in MASSIVE sales if utilized properly. Essentially, customers purchase $50 worth of products, then get to select $50 FREE. Click HERE for a detailed explanation of how to hold a 50/50 sale. **NOTE – This tip will only work for current President’s Club members from the 2016 sales year, who are able to earn at the 50% earnings level with sales of $1575 or more. Non PC-Members would have to adapt to a 60/40 sale.

Tip #10 – Hold a Friend Referral Book Party – Give each of your customer multiple brochures. Ask them to pass the brochures out to people they know. When their friends place an order, give them both a discount on their orders or free gifts!!


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