Cruise Like a Boss – How to Build a $300 Order

You’ve probably heard the AMAZING news, that Avon is giving away an all-inclusive cruise to Bermuda, to any Avon representative who earns the points to get there!

This incentive is NOT limited to the top achievers.

And this incentive is NOT about luck.

You earn the points, you get the trip!! 



Points for this trip can be earned in a variety of ways. (Check out the complete incentive details on In this post, I’m going to address one of the ways… Sales of $300 or more in a campaign!

Between Campaigns 20 ’17 and Campaign 6 ’18, representatives that reach sales of $300 or more in a campaign will earn 100 points. The incentive covers 13 campaigns, so if you reach sales of $300 or more in all thirteen campaigns, you’ll be 1300 points closer to cruising in style!!

If you’re not currently selling around $300 a campaign, you may be thinking you can’t reach that goal. YOU CAN! You just may need to try a few new strategies along the way!

Here is a list of 10+ tips for building sales of $300 or more in a campaign. BONUS – Sales of $500 or more earn 200 points each campaign!!

  1. Consider Your Customer Count – The average customer order is about $25. To reach sales of $300 in a campaign, you’ll need approximately 12 customers. Also consider, those same 12 customers will likely not order every single campaign. So, in reality, you need a customer base of more than 12 people. Do you have more than 12 people on your customer list? See Tip #2 for next steps!
  2. Build Your Customer List – If you don’t have 12 or more semi-regular customers, it’s time to build (and expand) your customer list. Start by brainstorming a list of everyone you know who could be a potential customer. (Remember, Avon has items for men, women, and children in all age groups, so pretty much anyone you know could be a customer!) Then, stretch your list to include friends, family, or co-workers of the people on your initial list. Expand it further by thinking of places in your local community where you can distribute brochures (waiting rooms, laundromats, community centers, gyms, any place that people sit and wait). Click here for more tips on building and expanding your customer list.
  3. Get Brochures Into Hands – If you’ve made a list of 100 potential customers, what do you think you need to do next?? You guessed it! Get brochures into all those hands. If you don’t have enough brochures, you can contact Avon to order more brochures for immediate shipment.
  4. Offer a Special Incentive – When you’re trying to build your customer base, a special incentive, such as a free gift with first order or a small discount with their first order, can be a great way to encourage orders. Once they try the wonderful products, they’ll be hooked!
  5. Harness the Power of Avon’s Guarantee – If you encounter potential customers who are hesitant to try something new, remind them about Avon’s product guarantee. All products are 100% guaranteed for any reason at all, within 90 days of purchase! So, if they try a lotion that doesn’t work for them or a lipstick with a shade they don’t prefer or shoes that don’t fit well, they can exchange their items or return for a full refund! It’s risk-free!
  6. Host an Avon Party – Invite friends and family over to enjoy a few snacks, while sampling Avon products and shopping the brochures. You can even give your party a theme. For example, make it a Beautiful Skin party. You can hone your skincare knowledge by taking the Skincare Specialist course in the Avon University section of! Click here for more info on hosting an Avon party.
  7. Vendor Events – Find a vendor event in your area. They can be a great opportunity to sell some products, pass out samples, and connect with new potential customers (or recruits)!
  8. Host a Fundraiser – Fundraisers are a great way to build your sales, while helping an organization in need. And all fundraiser orders count towards your sales goal for the campaign! Avon makes fundraising simple, with easy to use fundraising flyers. You can even run your fundraiser over the course of multiple campaigns, to extend the positive impact on your sales. You can get more info on fundraisers under the Earning Opportunities tab on or click here for more info.
  9. Host an Online Party – Hosting an online party is a great way to build your sales from the comfort of your couch!! Set up a group on Facebook, invite everyone you know. Ask them to invite people they know, then start partying! Use your time in the party to showcase Avon’s great products. Customers can order online and have their orders delivered directly to them. All of your online orders will count towards your sales goals!!
  10. Be a Walking Advertisement for Avon – Use Avon products from head to toe. Wear Avon jewelry. Carry an Avon bag. Use Avon skincare and hair care. Use Avon body lotions and shower gels. Wear Avon cosmetics. Using Avon products will help you gain firsthand knowledge of the products AND they will act as “compliment catchers”, which open the door to sharing Avon with new potential customers!

Want even MORE TIPS? Check out these 33+ Sales-Boosting Tips!

Not currently an Avon representative?? Contact me for more information or go to and use reference code: amydeline to get started right away.

YOU could be celebrating on the cruise to Bermuda with us this spring!!

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