Earn Your First Cruise Points!!

Alrighty, beauty bosses!!

The time to begin racking up those Cruise Like a Boss points is upon us!!

Remember, you’ve got 13 campaigns to earn 7,000 points for the cruise for one or 11,000 points for the cruise for two! Thirteen campaigns is a long time (about six and a half months), but I guarantee you it will move quickly!!

ALL Avon representatives are eligible to earn this cruise!!

That means that YOU can earn this cruise!


Make a plan to start earning points right away. Take small (or big) actions each and every day to get yourself those points. You will earn the points you need to get yourself (and possibly a guest) onto that boat, all while earning more money and building a stronger business overall! Both the short term and long terms rewards are huge!! I want to see every one of you beautiful beauty bosses on that both this spring!!

Here are a few tips, as the point-earning begins with Campaign 20 (TS-22) orders:

TIP #1 – You can earn your first points by reaching personal sales of $300 or more!! You’ll get 100 points for sales of $300 or more or 200 points for sales of $500 or more!! Keep that in mind as you build your C-20 (TS-22 orders).


  • Follow-up with every single person you gave a brochure to.
  • Still have brochures on hand? Pass them out!!
  • Offer a special customer incentive.
  • Promote your web store. (Catch-up on the Social Selling Simplified webinars if you haven’t been participating in those.)
  • Post a skin-care challenge to potential new customers, for example, “Try Avon skin care for 30 days. If not completely satisfied, return for a full-refund”.
  • Promote each campaign’s exclusive A-Box!! They are powerful order-builders and a great way to encourage customers to try and fall in love with other Avon products, which means stronger repeat sales down the line!

TIP #2 – You can earn points when you mentor your new team members towards success with placing a first or second order of $150 or more. You get 150 points for ALMA (lead) generated recruits or 300 points for personal recruits.


  • Use VIBE to see when your team members have orders coming up. You can run a report for “Pending” representatives, which will show you team members who have not yet placed a first order. You can also see their “RPS” or Mailplan # there, along with their expected 1st order campaign.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 8.21.48 AM.png


Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 8.22.16 AM.png


  • Reach out to your pending reps to offer your support and help with preparing for their first order. Remind them that they get 40% earnings on their first order through Avon’s Kickstart program for new representatives!!


  • If you have a team member who placed a first order of less than $150 in C-19 (TS-21), they can still qualify by placing a 2nd order of $150 or more in C-20 (TS-22), and guess what… The 2nd Kickstart goal for new representatives is $150 in sales, which means that both you AND your new team member benefit when they reach that $150 goal!! Your new team member will get 40% earnings by reaching their 2nd Kickstart goal and YOU will get 150 or 300 Cruise Like a Boss points!! WIN, WIN!!

To see which team members may be eligible, run an ADDITIONS report in Vibe. Once there, click on “Advanced Filter Options” to make the following adjustments:

  1. Change the “Campaign From” field to C19 and C19, to show only team members who placed first orders in C19
  2. Change the “Award Sales” field to “-99999 and 149” to show only team members who placed first orders of less than 150.
  3. Change the “Current LOA” field to “0 and 1” to show only brand new team members. *LOA stands for “Length of Association”.
  4. Click Run Report to see your results.


Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 8.28.10 AM.png


Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 8.29.09 AM.png

TIP #3 – Continue looking for new team members to sign up, both personal recruits and ALMA (lead-generated) recruits (if you’re qualified for ALMA). Push as hard as you can early in the incentive. Don’t keep telling yourself you’ll do it later. The sooner your new team members sign up, the more potential points you can earn as you continue mentoring them to success with their businesses. (You can earn 100 bonus points for each campaign that your new team member places a $150+ order during the incentive period, after their 1st or 2nd successful order of $150 or more!! That’s a ton of potential points for each new team member who you mentor towards long-term success with their business!)

TIP #4 – DON’T GIVE UP!! Never, ever, ever give up!! YOU are control of your success! Success is not an accident and it’s not just for the lucky ones! This incentive has nothing to do with luck. It’s all about effort and results. We create our own success through deliberate choices and actions.

Do you want to earn a free cruise to Bermuda?? OK, that’s what I thought! Now, choose to be successful and keep pushing past all of the obstacles to accomplish your goals!!


Check out the tips, strategies and resources in this Cruise Like a Boss tool kit for success:


Check out the video HERE, where I walk through some tips and strategies for Cruising Like a Boss!!

Click HERE for a list of first steps to start taking right away.

Click HERE for How to Sign Up a New Team Member

Click HERE for How to Build a $300+ Order


Check out the official details on Avon’s Cruise Like a Boss incentive at:


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