Cruise Like a Boss (even easier)!!

A few days after Avon announced the Cruise Like a Boss incentive at RepFest ’17 in Nashville, I put together a post (HERE) which lays out some incentive-earning strategies, along with a few sample plans for earning enough points for the cruise.

And while everything in that previous post still applies and all of those plans are still valid, it’s actually even EASIER to earn the cruise than I initially thought. Not only is it easier, but’s it even more likely to guide you towards building a strong, successful team of Avon beauty bosses who will continue successfully working their businesses for long after the incentive period is over.

There is a component to the points-earning that I totally missed when I first went through the requirements. It has to do with the 5th way to earn points, as shown in the image below.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 8.33.41 AM.png

When I initially read through the requirements, I understood #5 to mean that we could earn an additional 100 points, if our Qualified New Recruit (a recruit who has placed a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more) placed another $150+ order.

In actuality, it’s even better than just 100 bonus points when our team member places another order of $150 or more after their 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more!

According to the official incentive guidelines (which you can view HERE):

Will I achieve the additional order Bonus incentive points on my new recruit’s qualifying first or second order? No. You will achieve the Bonus on any $150+ order after the new recruit has placed a qualifying order.

Will I achieve the Bonus incentive points even if my QNR’s $150+ orders are not consecutive? Yes, you will achieve the Bonus in each campaign during the incentive period that your QNR places a $150+ order, after his/her first qualifying order.

Is there a limit to how many times I can achieve the bonus incentive points? No, there is no limit.

What this means is you can earn 150 points (or 300 points, if your new team member is a personal recruit), when your new team member places a qualifying 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more (and pays for it on time). That makes them a QNR (qualified new recruit).


Every time your amazing new team member places another order of $150 or more during the incentive period, you get another 100 points towards the cruise!!

This incentive lasts for 13 campaigns!! That’s a lot of potential points for mentoring just ONE new team member to success!!

Exactly how many points??

Consider this example:

Let’s say you sign up your best friend, Brenda Beautyboss.

You teach Brenda how to get off to a great start with her business and she places a first order of $150 or more in Campaign 20. She pays for it on time. YOU earn 300 Cruise Like a Boss points for helping her to get off to a successful start with her new business.

Brenda is happy, because she’s making good money through Avon’s Kickstart program. You are happy because you’re 300 points closer to the cruise.

You then continue mentoring Brenda and helping her to grow her sales campaign after campaign. Brenda places orders of $150 or more in Campaigns 21 through Campaign 6. (That’s 12 campaigns!)

Brenda is happy because she’s making money.  YOU are dancing for joy, because you earn 100 points every time she places an order of $150 or more. That’s 1200 additional Cruise Like a Boss points for YOU!!

Altogether, if Brenda started in Campaign 20 and was successful for all remaining campaigns of the incentive, you could earn 1500 points as a result of helping just ONE friend to build her business.

Repeat that just FOUR times, and you’re going on a cruise!!

Here’s what I love about how this is set up…

You are rewarded with points, not just for helping a whole bunch of people place one successful 1st or 2nd order, but by helping a smaller group of people build strong, sustainable, successful businesses. 

If you mentor your new team members to repeated sales success, campaign after campaign, they are much more likely to remain as happy, profit-making members of your team for many, many campaigns to come!

This point-earning structure encourages quality, long-term mentoring, which is exactly what every one of our new team members deserves!

And hey, think about Brenda Beautyboss in our example above…

What if Brenda successfully grows her business each campaign, and starts bringing in sales of $300 or even $500 or more?

Now, she is also earning points for the cruise!

Maybe then, Brenda will decide replicate the model of amazing mentoring you provided her with to help a few of her friends to also grow beautiful successful businesses!

Suddenly, your team is growing in all generations. Brenda’s leadership title is advancing. You’re earning points for both mentoring and advancing your own leadership title.

And the next thing you know, were all hanging out on a cruise ship, with tropical drinks dangling from our tanned fingertips!



Then get out there and turn those dreams into reality!!

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