How Does the Kickstart Program Work?



Are you a brand new Avon representative?

If so, this blog post is for YOU!

Avon has put together an excellent program, called “Kickstart,” which is designed to help you start earning at a high level, right from the very start, as you take steps to find your first customers, collect your first orders, and grow your beautiful beauty business!

Before I explain how the Kickstart program works, let me give you a quick overview of how the normal earnings structure works with Avon. The chart below shows the percent commission that Avon representatives earn.


You’ll notice that earnings on FASHION and HOME are always set at 20%. Earnings on BEAUTY PRODUCTS and JEWELRY vary, depending on how much you sell each campaign. The more you sell, the more you earn!

Click HERE for more detailed information how you we earn and how we get paid with Avon.

NOW… let’s talk about the KICKSTART PROGRAM, which is just for YOU, as a new Avon representative!

Avon wants you to earn at that high 40% earnings level RIGHT FROM THE VERY START!! Normally it takes sales of $500 or more in a campaign to get 40% earnings, but with the Kickstart program, Avon’s going to give you 40% EARNINGS on your 1st order of ANY SIZE!!

Not only that… Remember how I mentioned that Fashion and Home items typically earn at a fixed 20% commission?? Through Kickstart, you’ll earn 40% on those items too!!

**Your Kickstart program starts in the campaign you place your 1st order.

Want to Continue Earning 40%??

You’re going to love earning 40% so much, that you’re probably going to want to keep earning at that level!

So, after your first order, Avon has set up a series of gradually increasing sales goals for your 2nd – 7th campaigns, to encourage you to grow your business little by little, campaign after campaign. When you reach your Kickstart sales goal for the campaign, you get that 40% earnings again!!

This chart shows the Kickstart goals for each of your first seven campaigns (the Kickstart period) with Avon:

Kickstart Goal NEW.jpg


Use the Kickstart goals as a guide as you take steps to grow your business each campaign!

(And don’t worry, if you miss one of your Kickstart goals, you’re still going to earn on your sales that campaign, just not 40%. You’ll just earn based on the regular earnings chart, which I shared at the beginning of this post.)

Want to earn even more money??

Another component of the Kickstart program is set up to reward you as invite others to join Avon and you help them to get a successful start to their business too. When you invite someone to Avon and mentor them towards placing a first or second order of $150 or more (which will get them 40% earnings!!), Avon will reward YOU with a $50 BONUS!! (Your team member must pay for their order on time in order for you to receive your bonus.)

You can earn as many of those $50 bonuses as you’d like during your first seven campaigns with Avon, so invite everyone you know to join your team! (Click HERE for directions on how to sign someone up to your team.)


If you reach all of your Kickstart sales goals AND add three new team members who place 1st or 2nd orders of $150 or more (and pay for them on time), and Avon will give you a $200 Kicker Bonus!!

Altogether, if you reach all of your Kickstart sales goals and recruit at least three successful new team members, you will earn OVER $1000!!

Check out these links for how to find new customers and build your sales, so you can start reaching (and exceeding) those Kickstart goals right away!!

All of the complete, official details about Avon’s Kickstart program for new representatives is available on


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