Yippee!! It’s Avon Kit Arrival Day!!

One of the most exciting moments for a new Avon beauty boss is when your Avon starter kit arrives!!

In this post, I’m going to walk you through some tips on what to do once your Avon starter kit arrives.

**Be sure to also contact your Avon upline mentor once your kit arrives, so that they can provide you with some useful tips and strategies for getting a great start to your new business!


Avon starter kits tend to arrive pretty quickly (within a few days). If your kit hasn’t arrived yet, you can check the tracking of your kit by going to the My Orders page on youravon.com, and clicking on View Order Tracking towards the bottom right side of the page. If there’s a problem with the delivery of your kit, contact Avon at 513-551-2866.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 8.38.14 AM.png


There’s a great opportunity here to build excitement about your new business!! Seize the opportunity by doing a LIVE Facebook video as you unpack your kit! Friends and family members will tune in to see all of the fun items you received, and will start lining up to be one of the first to get a brochure!!

And who knows… Your excitement for your new business may become contagious and inspire someone else to start an Avon business of their own too! You just might find your first team member!!


The actual contents of your kit will vary, depending on whether you selected the $25, $50, or $100 kit, but all kits contain the same basic set of materials. Here’s a quick summary of what to expect in your kit and how to use it as you launch your business:

BROCHURES – You will receive brochures for multiple campaigns in your starter kit. Avon typically sends the most brochures for your expected first campaign, along with some brochures for the campaign before that (in case you’d like to get an earlier start) and some for the campaign after your expected first campaign.

TIP 1: Figure out which campaign you are starting in. Before deciding which campaign you will submit your first order in, be sure to read the info HERE about Avon’s Kickstart Program for new representatives.

TIP 2: Know your order dates. Order dates take place every two weeks. To see your scheduled order dates, go to youravon.com, click on Profile at the very top of the page, then click on See Calendar.


Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 8.40.07 AM.png

TIP 3: Save on shipping fees. Most reps prefer to submit all of the orders they’ve collected in a given campaign on their scheduled order date, in order to pay only one low shipping fee on all of the orders for that campaign. You can enter orders into the My Orders section of youravon.com as you receive them, but plan to submit all of your orders for the campaign together, on your scheduled order date. 

Label the back of the brochures for your first campaign with your contact information. (Hold onto the brochures for the future campaign. You’ll pass them out after you submit your first order.)

TIP 4: Be sure to include your web store address on your brochures. To find your web store address, go to the Web Office page, then look for the box on the right side that says, “Your eStore url:” When customers shop from that link, YOU earn $$$!! Share that link with everyone you know! Click HERE for tips on how to sell Avon online.

TIP 5: Give yourself a day or two to organize your orders. On the line on the back of your brochures, where it says, “Brochure Effective Until…”, put the date that is a day or two before your order is due to Avon. 

Pass those brochures out to your first potential customers. Getting brochures into the hands of potential customers is the best way to build your business and increase your earnings!! 

TIP 6: The Fortune is in the Follow-Up!! Be sure to follow up with your potential customers a couple days before your order is due. Following up makes all the difference in the world!! Give everyone you gave a brochure to a friendly call or send a message to say: Just wanted to let you know that I will be submitting my first Avon order in a couple of days. What can I get you? Did you see the great deal on…? Would you like to take advantage of the special Daily Care Bundle, which is only available to you during my first campaign? SEVEN Avon favorites for only $19.99!

daily-care-collection-flyer-en (1).jpg
Your starter kit also includes:
  • Full-sized Products!! Those are yours to enjoy for yourself, sell to customers (and enjoy the earnings), or use as demo items!!
  • Samples – Include these with your brochures to give your customers a taste of Avon’s wonderful products!
  • What’s New Catalog – This catalog is just for Avon reps! It gives you a sneak peak of upcoming products, which you can order in advance at a great discount. We can order from the What’s New catalog one and two campaigns ahead of the campaign we’re in. For example, your can order from the What’s New – 7 when submitting your orders in Campaign 5 or Campaign 6.
  • Avon Living and Mark Magalogs – You can sell from these great catalogs too!
  • Business Tools – You’ll receive an order booklet for recording orders and providing receipts. (See how to calculate your customers’ order totals HERE.) You will also receive bags for packaging customer orders. You may wish to order bags in different sizes when you place your first order. They are available in the Sales Tool section of the ordering screen.
  • Daily Care Collection Flyer – This is a special collection of products that you can offer customers during your first seven campaigns as a new representative, at a HUGE discount. It’s intended to help you attract your first customers! Click HERE for tons of tips on how to use the Daily Care Collection to launch your business.
TIP 7: Don’t delay in launching your new business. The campaigns do move pretty quickly. Jump in and get started right away! It’s ok if you start slow and build up momentum. Just get started!


TIP 8: Maximize your earnings with Kickstart!! There are no minimum order quotas with Avon, but the more you sell, the more you will earn. Avon’s Kickstart Program is set up to help you earn at a high 40% earnings level right from the start. You can find all of the official info about the Kickstart program on youravon.com. Also, check out my explanation of the program HERE.

TIP 9: Have fun!! This is exciting stuff! You’re launching your own business! Have fun with it! Enjoy getting to know the products. Be creative in how you build your business. YOU are the boss of your business, so find ways to grow your business that are interesting, exciting, and feasible for YOU!! Talk to your upline mentor if you ever feel stuck and need ideas for moving things along.


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