Cruise Like a Boss – Stay Determined!

When Avon announces a huge incentive, like the current Cruise Like a Boss incentive, beauty bosses everywhere get fired up to work their businesses with more determination than ever before.

There’s good reason for excitement and determination with Avon’s Cruise Like a Boss incentive,  because ANY representative who earns enough points can earn the cruise to Bermuda. It’s not about luck and it’s not about beating out other more experienced representatives. It’s simply about YOU doing what it takes to earn enough points (which conveniently will also result in a stronger, more profitable business overall).

The question is…

Do you have the DETERMINATION to earn this cruise? 


Here’s what can happen with big incentives like this…

When a new incentive is announced, you feel powered up and ready to conquer the world. You can picture yourself onboard that cruise ship, sipping tropical drinks, with your toes dipped into the jacuzzi. You devour every business-boosting tip you can find, make a plan to grow your business like never before and prepare to implement it.

When the incentive period starts, motivation is high. You start taking steps to earn your first points. You’re excited and ready to win! You can practically taste the chocolate buffet.

Then, a couple things can happen:

  1. Your actions lead to early success. You feel motivated by earning those first points and determined to continue earning points until you have enough to Cruise Like a Boss! Keep on doing what you’re doing, beauty boss!!
  2. Your actions do not result in the success you hoped for. You begin to feel discouraged and stop believing that YOU are truly capable of being one of the incentive achievers. You lose the motivation to continue pushing towards your goals.

If you have found yourself in the 2nd category, STOP RIGHT THERE!!

#1 – You ARE capable of earning this cruise. Don’t second-guess yourself. You have all of the tools and resources you need to be successful. You have an amazing product line to sell and an amazing opportunity to offer others. You have training available from Avon, your upline mentor(s), and other Avon representatives. You have a team of other Avon representatives cheering you on and hoping to celebrate with you on the cruise. It’s just a matter of taking all of those tools and using them again and again, in a variety of ways, until you find what works for you.

#2 – You still have plenty of time! This incentive runs for 13 campaigns. We’re currently only in the 2nd campaign. If you have not yet earned any points or have earned less than you hoped you’d have by this point, there is still plenty of time to turn things around and get some Cruise Like a Boss point-earning momentum going! There may come a point in time when it will become mathematically impossible for you to earn enough points. This is NOT that time!

In fact, RIGHT NOW, as we enter the holiday sales season, is the BEST time of year to grow your sales and grow your team. NOW is the best time to find new customers, who are going to love everything in this year’s holiday product collection. NOW is the best time of year to find new team members, who’d like to save 40% on their own holiday shopping, while also earning 40% on their sales (through Avon’s Kickstart program for new representatives).

If you’ve found yourself feeling discouraged and doubting whether you will be able to earn this cruise, I want you to lift your chin up, close your eyes, and picture yourself on that boat, surrounded by fellow beauty bosses. I want you to tell yourself, “I AM capable of earning this cruise. I WILL do what it takes to earn the points. I will OVERCOME any obstacles in the path to my success. Then I will CELEBRATE in Bermuda!”

There are lots of ways to earn points for this cruise, but at the heart of it, it comes down to two basic things:

  1. Reaching personal sales of $300 or more
  2. Inviting people to join your Avon team, then helping them to be successful

For tips and strategies to accomplish those two main things, click on the TIPS tab above, for SALES TIPS and TEAM-BUILDING TIPS. Search youtube for tips from other Avon representatives. Read everything you can find on the web site, watch the Campaign Central videos, and participate in the Social Selling Simplified webinar series. Follow other Avon representatives on Facebook. Learn from them, listen to their ideas, and try new strategies. Be brave enough to step outside of your comfort zone. You’ll feel thankful for it in a few months, when you’re celebrating on that cruise ship, and your business is stronger and more profitable than ever!

You CAN earn this cruise!!

I WANT you to earn this cruise!

I want to clink tropical drinks with you onboard that cruise ship!!

Be determined, BEAUTY BOSS!! You’ve got this!

Check out the Success Center on for all of the official details on the Cruise Like a Boss incentive, which runs until Campaign 6 2018 (Trendsetter C-8 ’18)

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