Cruise Like a Boss – Build a Success Mountain

You’ve probably heard the news that Avon is giving away all-inclusive, 5-night cruises to Bermuda.

It’s true!

How’d you like to be on the receiving end of a free cruise to Bermuda?

All you have to do is earn it!

There is NO LIMIT to how many Avon representatives can earn a cruise. You don’t have to be in the Top 100. You don’t have to sell more or recruit more than any other representative. You don’t have to be better than anyone else. You just have to be your best beauty-boss self! Earn enough points, and you will cruise to Bermuda!



If any of the following applies to you, continue reading:

  1. I want to earn this cruise, but I haven’t earned any points yet.
  2. I’ve earned a few points, but my pace is too slow. I need to catch up.
  3. I’m a brand new representative.
  4. I’m already on track to earn the cruise for one, but I’d really love to earn the cruise for two.

If one of the above sounds like you, then you’re in the right spot. YOU still have time to catch up on points in order to earn this cruise!!

If you’ve got the motivation to put the work in and maybe even step outside of your comfort zone, this cruise can be yours!! It will not be earned by accident or luck. It will be earned through deliberate business-building ACTION!

Are you ready?

First, let’s quickly recap a few Cruise Like a Boss basics. (All of the official details from Avon are available on

  1. All Avon representatives are eligible to earn this cruise, no matter how new or experienced you are.
  2. Cruise Like a Boss points can be earned from Campaign 20 ’17 – Campaign 6 ’18 (C-22 ’17 – C8 ’18 for Trendsetter reps).  That’s a total of 13 campaigns.
  3. Earning 7,000 points gets you the cruise for one. 11,000 points gets you the cruise for two. There are other prizes that can be earned along the way!
  4. The prize is an all-inclusive 5-night/6-day cruise to Bermuda on board Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas, April 28 – May 3 2018. Includes: Roundtrip airfare to NYC or NJ and cruise with all meals, beverages, and choice of activities.
  5. Points can be earned in a variety of ways, through sales, recruiting, and mentoring activities, as shown in the image below.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 10.18.54 AM.png

Ok, now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s chat strategy.

We’re currently in Campaign 24 (TS-26)** at the point that I am writing this. That means that four campaigns of point-earning have already past, with nine left to go.  Nine campaigns is a lot of time to do some serious business-building and cruise-point-earning.

**If you’re reading this at a later point in time, the same basic strategies apply. You’re just going to need to work faster and harder.

For the sake of this game plan, let’s assume that you haven’t earned a single point yet, and you’ve got the remaining nine campaigns to reach 7,000. (If you have already earned some points, awesome, you’re ahead of the game!! These same tips can help you reach the cruise for two!)

If you want to break it down into simple math, earning 7,000 points in nine campaigns works out to about 800 points each campaign. You could achieve that by:

  1. Reaching personal sales of $500 or more each campaign (200 points)
  2. Mentoring TWO new personal recruits (or four ALMA recruits) each campaign, to reach sales of $150 or more (600 points)

Repeat that for nine campaigns and you’re cruising!


What if I showed you a way that you can earn the same number of points with sales of only $300 each campaign and only ONE personal recruit (two ALMA recruits)???


Success Mountain!!

With the Cruise Like a Boss incentive, you can continue earning 100 Bonus Points each time one of your qualified new recruits (a recruit who placed a 1st or 2nd order of $150+) places an additional order of $150 or more!

In a nutshell, if you invite just ONE personal recruit to your team each campaign, then mentor them as they build their own successful businesses, reaching sales of $150+ campaign after campaign, your cruise points will INCREASE every single campaign!!

Combine that with personal sales of $300 or more, which is even easier to achieve with the right amount of effort during the holiday shopping season, and you’ll be CRUISING LIKE A BOSS!!

Check out the image below, which shows how it all adds up!!


Success Mountain.jpg

BONUS – If you successfully achieve the above plan, you will naturally advance in title to Bronze Ambassador (which requires 3 team members, personal sales of $200+, and total unit sales of $1000). That will earn you 1000 Title Promotion points, moving you right along for the cruise for two!! Add even more team members and promote to Silver Ambassador (which requires 6 team members, personal sales of $200+, and total unit sales of $2000) for another 1000 Title Promotion points and more points for successful team members!!



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