Your Success Mountain Hiking Backpack – Part 1: Sales of $300+

In my last post, I shared a plan I called SUCCESS MOUNTAIN, which outlines a simple, very doable pathway to over 7000 Cruise Like a Boss points over the course of 9 campaigns. If you start immediately, that gives you just enough time to earn the cruise for one to Bermuda!

(If you’re starting with less than 9 campaigns remaining in the incentive, you can still earn enough points. You’re just going to have to work a little harder and a little faster.)

You can read the full explanation of my SUCCESS MOUNTAIN plan HERE, but in a nutshell, you can earn the points by:

  1. Reaching personal sales of $300 or more each campaign
  2. Inviting ONE personal recruit to your team each campaign and helping them to be successful
  3. Continuing to mentor each new member of your team, so that they continue to build successful, profitable businesses, campaign after campaign



If you are eligible for ALMA leads, you can also utilize the Success Mountain strategy with TWO qualified ALMA recruits each campaign. This can be accomplished in just 7 campaigns. See the image below:




It can really be that simple!

If you’re already comfortable with reaching sales of $300 each campaign and building your team, then climbing Success Mountain all the way to the cruise to Bermuda should be no problem! Get out there and earn that cruise, you beautiful beauty boss!! I’ll see you on the boat!

If reaching sales of $300 or more seems impossible to you or the thought of asking someone to join your team is terrifying, then read on…

Most hikers wouldn’t attempt to climb a tall mountain without packing a backpack full of supplies and keeping their guidebook handy.

In this post, I’m going to pack your backpack full of ideas and strategies for reaching sales of $300 or more each campaign.

BONUS – $300 in sales also happens to be the point where you’ll increase to the 35% earnings level! Cruise points AND more $$$ in your pockets!

(Stay tuned for my next two posts, which will focus on how to add team members and how to mentor team members to success with their businesses.)

How to Build a $300 Order

  1. Build Your Customer List – If you want to achieve sales of $300 or more each campaign, you’re going to need customers. Start by brainstorming a list of everyone you know who could be a potential customer. Then, stretch your list to include friends, family, or co-workers of the people on your initial list. Expand it further by thinking of places in your local community where you can distribute brochures (waiting rooms, laundromats, community centers, gyms, any place that people sit and wait). Click here for more tips on building and expanding your customer list.
  2. Get Brochures Into Hands – If you’ve made a list of 100 potential customers, what do you think you need to do next?? You guessed it! Get brochures into all of those hands. If you don’t have enough brochures, you can contact Avon to order more brochures for immediate shipment.  WORD OF CAUTION –  People often tell me that they are not ordering brochures because they didn’t sell enough last campaign or because they don’t have a lot of customers. If you wish to achieve different results, then you need brochures. Don’t get less brochures if your sales are slow – Get MORE! Brochures, combined with follow-up (See Next Tip), are the key to higher sales, more customers, and higher earnings!
  3. Follow-Up is Helpful Customer Service Is your life busy? Do you ever have a hard time keeping up with all of the things you need to accomplish in any given week or find yourself scrambling between things on your to-do list? I know that I certainly do!  And guess what… Our customers are busy too. When you give someone a brochure and they do not place an order, do not assume that it means they don’t wish to purchase Avon. It just may not have been high on their list of things to keep track of that week. Perhaps they set the brochure down with the intention of browsing it later, then it got buried by a pile of other mail and their kid’s schoolwork. Offer your customers the service of a quick follow-up a few days before you submit your order. Give a call, send an email, or send a text to ask if they have any questions about the products, inquire about how they liked the sample you gave them, or perhaps recommend something you think they’d would especially like. Let them know that you’ll be submitting your order in a couple days and the items will arrive a few days later, if there’s anything they’d like this campaign. Make it friendly, helpful, and personal.
  4. Break It Down Into Manageable PiecesSales of $300 or more each campaign is accomplished one customer at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed by that $300 amount. Break it down into smaller parts. $300 in sales could come from 6 customers ordering $50 each or it could come from 12 customers ordering $25 each. Another way to look at $300 in sales is as approximately $21.50 in sales each day for two weeks. Make it your mission to sell $21.50 each day. Wondering how you can sell $21.50 each day? See the next tip!
  5. Feature a Limited Time Offer – New Reps, in their first 7 campaigns, have a special Daily Care Bundle that they can offer customers. Bundles are easy to sell, because they’re a great deal and don’t require the customer much time to think/browse through the whole brochure to compose an order. If you’re a new rep within your first 7 campaigns, promote that bundle. Make it a mission to sell one each day. If you’re not a new rep with access to the Daily Care Bundle, create your own special bundle offer! Pick a group of items that are on sale that campaign, with a value of approximately $20 or so. Add a little extra discount to your bundle and give it a fun name! Perhaps you might offer a Perfect Pedicure bundle, including a Foot Works cream, nail polish of their choice, and the purple Pedicure Tool or maybe you can put together a Sparkle Like You Mean It bundle, including a couple pieces of Avon jewelry and a sparkly polish. Make a new special bundle each campaign. If you can, make a flyer for your special bundle. Maybe even throw in an extra perk, like anyone who orders the bundle can also take 10% off anything else they’d like to order that campaign. Each day during the campaign, make it your mission to sell your bundle to at least one person. Keep offering it to people (in person, online, through email/text) each day until you find a taker.
  6. A-Box Your Way to $300 –  A-Boxes are a tremendous sales tool and order booster. These fun boxes (featured on the back of each brochure), each in their own exclusive packaging, contain collections of full-sized and mini products, often with a total value of about $50. Customers can get an A-Box for only $10 with any $40 order. That’s a $50 order!! Find 6 customers to take advantage of the A-Box offer and you’ve got a $300 order!! The A-Boxes are a great tool for encouraging repeat customers, since they will hopefully fall in love with the items they samples from their A-Box and come back to you to purchase more in the future. Promote A-Boxes with live unboxing videos on Facebook. Get yourself an A-Box to show customers how fun they are!
  7. Offer a Special Incentive – When you’re trying to build your customer base, a special incentive, such as a free gift with first order or a small discount with their first order, can be a great way to encourage orders. Once they try the wonderful products, they’ll be hooked!
  8. Harness the Power of Avon’s Guarantee – If you encounter potential customers who are hesitant to try something new, remind them about Avon’s product guarantee. All products are 100% guaranteed for any reason at all, within 90 days of purchase! So, if they try a lotion that doesn’t work for them or a lipstick with a shade they don’t prefer or shoes that don’t fit well, they can exchange their items or return for a full refund! It’s risk-free!
  9. Host an Avon Party – Invite friends and family over to enjoy a few snacks, while sampling Avon products and shopping the brochures. The holiday season is prime time for a holiday shopping party. Put together ready-to-give Avon gifts to sell at your party, complete with a bow and a gift tag. Click here for more info on hosting an Avon party.
  10. Host a BOOK Party – Give customers an extra brochure or a few extra brochures to show to their friends. Tell them that if they bring you back $50 in orders, in addition to their own order, you’ll give them 10% off their personal order. If they bring $100 in additional orders, you’ll take 15% off their personal order, etc. You can vary the discounts and order sizes however you’d like!
  11. Vendor Events – Find a vendor event in your area. This is a great time for vendor events. They can be a great opportunity to sell some products, pass out samples, and connect with new potential customers (or recruits)! Always offer a free raffle basket at your event. It’s a great way to draw people over to your table and to collect contact info which you can use for follow-up later.
  12. Host a Fundraiser – Fundraisers are a great way to build your sales, while helping an organization in need. And all fundraiser orders count towards your sales goal for the campaign! Avon makes fundraising simple, with easy to use fundraising flyers. You can even run your fundraiser over the course of multiple campaigns, to extend the positive impact on your sales. You can get more info on fundraisers under the Earning Opportunities tab on or click here for more info.
  13. Host an Online Party – Hosting an online party is a great way to build your sales from the comfort of your couch!! Set up a group on Facebook, invite everyone you know. Ask them to invite people they know, then start partying! Use your time in the party to showcase Avon’s great products. Customers can order online and have their orders delivered directly to them. All of your online orders will count towards your sales goals!!
  14. Utilize Social Media – Promote Avon regularly on social media, but make it personal. Don’t just spam your page with your web store link over and over again and posts from the Social Media Center. You’ve got to give people a reason to want to find out more. Make it personal. Share your personal experiences with Avon products. Recommend the things you love. Share testimonials from other customers.
  15. Be a Walking Advertisement for Avon – Use Avon products from head to toe. Wear Avon jewelry. Carry an Avon bag. Use Avon skincare and hair care. Use Avon body lotions and shower gels. Wear Avon cosmetics. Using Avon products will help you gain firsthand knowledge of the products AND they will act as “compliment catchers”, which open the door to sharing Avon with new potential customers! If you use Avon products, then successfully selling Avon becomes less about “SELLING” and more about simply “SHARING” items you use and love!


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