How to Earn BLAB Scratch-Off Tickets

Are you ready to BLAB about Avon??

BLAB (Build Like a Boss) is Avon’s newest recruiting incentive for representatives.

Avon representatives can earn a scratch-off ticket for every personal Qualified Recruit from Campaigns 1 to 10, 2018 (TS 3 to National 10). Every ticket is a winner! The more you recruit, the more prizes you’ll earn and there’s NO LIMIT!


Here are some of the prizes you can earn:

  • Hot electronics like the iPhone X, iPad Mini, Amazon Echo Dot, Nintendo Switch.
  • Yearlong prizes like free cell phone service, free Avon products, and free meals!
  • Cash, gift cards, gadgets, and exclusive Avon swag.
  • Exclusive social media consultations with Multibrain’s CEO, Scott Kramer and special guest appearances from Betty Palm, President of Social Selling, and your RVPs at Sales Meetings!

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 6.15.41 PM.png

Want to earn some scratch-off tickets?? In this blog post, I am going to walk you through how to do it!

As I mentioned, you can earn a scratch-off ticket for each PERSONAL QUALIFIED RECRUIT you have between Campaigns 1 to 10, 2018 (TS 3 to National 10). Let’s break down exactly what that means…

PERSONAL means a recruit that you find yourself. It could be someone you know, someone referred to you, or someone you find through advertising or other recruiting strategies (keep reading for strategies). It can NOT be a recruit which came from an Avon-generated source, such as ALMA.

QUALIFIED RECRUIT means that your new team member successfully places a 1st or 2nd order of $150 (or more) and pays for it on time. In other words, it’s not enough just to sign someone up. To earn a ticket, you need to mentor them towards a successful start with their new business.

Are you ready to start earning tickets??

I’m going to outline a number of strategies below, but first there are THREE things to keep in mind as you prepare to seek new team members:

  1. You have a genuine opportunity to offer. Avon offers people the opportunity to both save on their own beauty, fashion, health and wellness, jewelry, gift, and home items, while earning a little (or a lot) of extra money by sharing those items with others. With Avon, each representative gets to decide how much or how little they want to sell. There are no stressful sales quotas and no need to purchase an expensive inventory. Representatives can choose to sell online through their free web store and/or face-to-face using brochures. Be proud and confident about the genuine opportunity you have to share with people you know!
  2. You will probably hear NO a lot more often than you hear YES. The only way to get that YES is to keep on moving past the NOs. The opportunity you have to offer will not be for everyone, at least not at the exact moment you’re offering it. They may need to think about it, they may need to learn more, they may be interested but have too much on their plates, or they just might not feel like it’s the opportunity for them. All of these things are completely normal and acceptable responses. Listen to their concerns, ask questions to clarify, share information to explain more, encourage them to reach out if they ever reconsider, then move on to the next prospect!
  3. Do not make the decision to join Avon for anyone else. Do not hold back on offering the Avon opportunity to someone you know because you think they are too busy, don’t need the extra income, or wouldn’t be interested. Let them make that decision for themselves. You may be surprised! Essentially, everyone you know is a potential team member.


Now, let’s get to the strategies!

There are lots of ways to find new members for your team. The most successful recruiters routinely utilize a variety of strategies, incorporated into their daily activities.

Here are TEN recruiting strategies to try:

Strategy #1 – Have fun with your business, be successful with it, and do those things as publicly as you possibly can!

This is probably the most important thing I can recommend to anyone who is interested in building an Avon team. If YOU are successful with your business and are having fun in the process, other people will become curious. Most people have at least some desire for more money and more fun in their lives. Avon can provide them with both. Find ways to demonstrate that in a way which others can see.

So, how do you publicly demonstrate your success and the fun that you’re having?

Facebook can be a wonderful tool for sharing the fun and the success you’re having with Avon. Earn a reward? Take a picture and post about how excited you are! Get a really great new item at a huge discount through the What’s New? Do a live video to show why you love it! Surprise someone with a gift you were able to purchase with your Avon earnings? Let people know how proud that made you! Working your Avon business as you lounge by the pool? Share how good it feels to be your own boss!

Strategy #2 – Go for the Right Hook!

At a seminar I once attended, the presenter mentioned a business philosophy developed by Gary Vaynerchuk, which can be summed up as Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Promoting your business with a Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook approach can help you to find both customers AND team members.

The Jabs are the meaningful value we offer, the informative content we share, the beauty solutions, the way Avon has impacted our lives, the products we personally love, the things about Avon that we love. (The types of posts I mentioned in Strategy #1 are the Jabs.) The Right Hook is when you ask for the sale or ask someone if they’re interested in joining your team.

As you promote your business, seeking new customers and/or team members, there should always be a lot more Jabs than Right Hooks. If you’re constantly throwing right hooks and hammering the people you know with “Buy from me” and “Join my team” you will exhaust your audience. They will tune you out before they even hear what you have to share.

Promote you business mostly with enthusiastic Jabs, but every so often, go for the Right Hook! Make a post directly offering the opportunity to join your team. Message potential recruits and ask if you can send them some more information. Call up someone you think may benefit from the extra income to tell them how Avon could provide that.

Strategy #3 – Start with People You Know

Most people start their team with someone that they know. It could be a friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor, or even a customer. Make a list of everyone that you know. Consider each individual’s personal needs, interests, and desires. Who needs additional income for a family vacation or to quit a second job? Who loves beauty products and would simply enjoy selling Avon? Who orders Avon regularly and could benefit from the savings on their own purchases? Who can’t resist a great business opportunity? Reach out to the people on your list to offer information about how Avon could meet their needs. Personalize your approach based on the unique needs of each person on your list.

Strategy #4 – Get to Know More People

Eventually, you may feel as if you’ve already asked everyone you know. When it comes to that point, it’s time to get to know more people! There are lots of ways to expand your network. You can do it in person, by becoming involved in local activities that are of interest to you. You can also do it online, by joining and actively participating in online groups. You may find Facebook groups based on your local community or on common interests you share. There are all sorts of groups on Facebook. Search for topics you are interested in, such as parenting, cooking, book clubs, etc. Join a variety of groups and get to know the other members. (Let them get to know you too!) Listen as other people share their needs, concerns, and desires. Stay alert for natural opportunities where Avon products or the Avon opportunity may be the solution to someone else’s needs.

Strategy #5 – Advertise in Your Local Community 

There are lots of ways to advertise your business. First, be sure that you include information for both buying AND selling Avon on your brochures, business cards, etc. Yard signs and car magnets/decals are other great tools for advertising. Hang recruiting flyers on community bulletin boards, post an ad in a local “pennysaver” type publication or church bulletin, include recruiting flyers or recruiting booklets with all of your brochures. (Also see Strategy #10.)

Strategy #6 – Friend Referrals are Your Best Friend!

So, maybe your friends and family members aren’t interested right now, but maybe they know someone who is! Ask your friends and family members if they know someone who might be interested in earning extra money with Avon. Offer them a thank you gift if they refer you to someone who joins your team!

Strategy #7 – Your Best Customer May Become Your Best Team Member

The next time your best customer contacts you with an order, ask them, “How’d you like to save 40% on that order?” You already know they love Avon! Perhaps they’d like to save every time they purchase it! And once they have the brochures that will come in their starter kit, perhaps they’d like the earn a bit of money sharing products they love with people they know!

Strategy #8 – Vendor Events

Vendor events can be a fantastic way to find both new customers or team members. You do not need to have a large inventory of products on hand to do a vendor event. Simply set up a nice display table of Avon products for customers to see the great items that Avon offers. Set up a sign which says something like, “Ask me how you can start your own Avon business for only $25!!” Pass out as many brochures as you can (include a recruiting flyer/booklet with every brochure). Have samples available to offer. (A bowl of lipstick samples always draws interest! While they’re searching for shades they like, use it as an opportunity to establish comfort as you chat about Avon!) Most importantly, offer a free raffle gift at your table! It’ll give you the opportunity to get to know each person a bit as they fill out the raffle entry, and best of all, it will gain you contact information which you can use to follow-up with your new potential customers or team members after the event!

Strategy #9 – Offer a FREE Try-It Kit!

If you find someone who seems interested, but is not ready to seal the deal, offer them a “try-it kit”. In a nutshell, a try-it kit is simply some brochures and an order book, which your potential team member can use to show to their friends, family members, co-workers, etc. to start collecting their first orders. Once they’ve collected their first orders, they can sign up, enter those orders, and enjoy their 40% earnings!

Try-it kits can also work well when your potential team member needs the opportunity to earn the $25 to sign up to get started.  You may also wish to include some samples and the Daily Care Collection flyer as part of the try-it kit.

**If your potential new team member successfully collects some orders, but decides not to sign up at that time, you can fulfill the orders they collected and offer them a thank you gift for acting as your helper!

Strategy #10 – Get More Brochures into More Hands

This is the very same strategy you can use to find new customers. The more brochures you get into hands (labeled with info about buying or selling Avon, with a recruiting flyer tucked inside), the higher your potential for finding new customers and new team members. Brochures are one of our most valuable tools we have for sharing Avon with others!

Once you find someone who is ready to join your team, sign ’em up!!

Check out my guide for How to Sign Up a New Team Member HERE.

Check out these other great tips from Avon!

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