Vamos a la Fiesta!!! – NEW AVON INCENTIVE

Avon is hosting a Grand Fiesta in Los Cabos, Mexico and ALL Avon representatives are invited to attend!!

Want to party in Los Cabos??

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 6.55.31 AM.png

The Grand Fiesta in Los Cabos incentive is Avon’s latest trip incentive. The trip package includes:

  • 3-Night hotel stay at the Hyatt Ziva
  • All-inclusive package with unlimited food and beverage
  • Airfare
  • Ground transportation to/from hotel in Mexico
  • Welcome Reception
  • Farewell Reception

Complete, official details on Avon’s Grand Fiesta incentive can be found on the homepage of under the “Sales Incentive” box.


Any Avon representative can earn this trip. YOU can earn this trip. Notice that I did NOT say that you can earn a “chance to win” this trip. This incentive is NOT about being lucky. It’s NOT about chance. It’s NOT even about being a top seller or top leader.

This incentive is about taking deliberate steps towards earning that trip. The steps you’ll take to earn this trip will also strengthen your business for the long-term, putting more money in your pockets, both during and after the incentive!!

So, go ahead… Mark the dates on your calendar (June 2-5, 2019), then commit yourself to making it happen!


Officially, the Grand Fiesta incentive runs from Campaigns 1 – 8 of the 2019 sales year, BUT yesterday, Avon announced an opportunity to earn EARLY POINTS towards this incentive. Reaching 5000 points (by the end of Campaign 8 ’19) will earn you the trip for one; 7000 points will earn you the trip for two.

If I can offer you any bit of advice about earning these trip incentives, it’s START EARLY and WORK AS IF YOU HAVE HALF THE TIME.

So, let’s get started!!

Avon has offered us THREE ways to earn points during the “Vamos Head Start” period (Campaigns 23-26 ’18) as shown below:


Aim to earn as many points as you can during the “Vamos” period, to give yourself the best head start!

Here are some tips for each of the ways you can earn points during the Head Start period:

#1 – Traditional Qualified New Recruit (QNR) – Earn 300 Points for Each

You can earn 300 points for EACH “traditional” recruit (not from an Avon lead source) who places a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more.

According to the incentive guide: “A Qualified New Recruit is a new Representative who places a first or second order of $150+ (by LOA 2) and pays for that order on time. To count towards the Head Start Period, a Qualified New Recruit must sign a contract and place a qualifying order during the Vamos Head Start Period and cannot be
an ALMA lead.”

In other words, to count for the early points, your recruit needs to sign up between C23-C26 AND place a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more within that time period.

RECOMMENDATION: Start offering try-it kits NOW!! Provide anyone who is interested with a bunch of Campaign 23 brochures and some Daily Care Collection flyers. Let them start building their first orders now, then on October 17, when Campaign 23 opens, they can sign up and place their first successful order right away! They’ll earn 40% on that first order AND be on their way towards earning an iPad (through the current “Build the Love” incentive)!!

Start talking to everyone you know about Avon. Tell them about how they can save on their own holiday purchases. Show them the amazing items. Tell them about how they can earn 40% on their sales. Tell them about how they can also earn a trip to Los Cabos AND an iPad (through the “Build the Love” incentive for new reps). Tell them how easy it is to get started and how flexible it is. Tell them about their free web store and the awesome Avon Social tool for promoting online!

#2 – Promote to Bronze Ambassador for the 1st Time – Earn 500 Points

To become a Bronze Ambassador, there are three requirements:
1) Personal Sales of $200+
2) THREE of more 1st-generation team members placing orders
3) Total team sales (including your personal sales) of $1000+

This is a very achievable level of leadership! Three successful team members is all it takes!!

Did I mention that you’ll also be eligible for a $500 promotion bonus when you reach Bronze Ambassador for the first time??


#3 – Mentor a First Generation Representative to Promote to Bronze Ambassador – Earn 250 Points!!

This one is for the leaders! Help your team members to achieve #2 and you’ll earn 250 points!! Help multiple team members to achieve #2 and you can get a huge head start!! You will also earn mentor bonuses as your team members promote to Bronze Ambassador AND it will likely get you close to your own next title promotion!!


Ready, Set, VAMOS A LA FIESTA!!!

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