How to Earn an iPad with AVON’s Latest Incentive for New Reps!


Earlier this week, Avon announced the “Build the Love” incentive for new representatives (anyone who placed a 1st order on or after July 11).

(Complete details on the Build the Love incentive can be found on the homepage of, under the Sales Incentives box.)

build-the-love-guide-en copy.jpg

Through this incentive, new reps can earn an iPad by reaching total sales of $3000 between Campaign 23 – 26 2018.

Now, before you say, “There’s no way I can reach $3000 in sales in four campaigns,” hear me out…

Avon has given new representatives TWO ways to reach that $3000 in sales:

  1. On your own, through your personal sales to customers
  2. By inviting others to join your team – their sales will count towards your $3000 goal!

Whether you reach the $3000 in sales on your own or with friends is up to YOU!


Let’s take a look at both pathways to a FREE iPAD…


If you choose this path, your goal is to reach $3000 in total sales between Campaigns 23 – 26. That breaks down to an average of $750 in sales each campaign. The benefit of the timing of this incentive is that it’s happening right during our peak sales season, and this year’s holiday collection is extraordinary, which will make it easier to reach that level of sales!!

Here are a few tips for maximizing your personal sales during the incentive period:

  1. BROCHURES – Get as many brochures into the hands of potential customers as possible. Follow-up to answer questions and collect orders. (Don’t skip the follow-up! You will get much better results with a proactive, friendly follow-up than by sitting next to the phone waiting for it to ring.)
  2. PROMOTE ONLINE – Promoting your online store can be a huge boost to your sales! Use our amazing Avon Social tool (located on the top left side of to promote your online store regularly. Consistency is key here! Don’t expect the orders to come flooding in the first or second time you post something. Post regularly, showcasing a variety of products, along with your personal comments and testimonials.
  3. ONLINE PARTY – Take the online promoting a step further by hosting an online party. Look for friends who’d be willing to host online parties too! Make it a holiday shopping party for a seasonal twist! Click HERE for some tips on online parties.
  4. HOLIDAY SHOPPING HOME PARTY – Host a party at your home or find a hostess to host a party! Showcase our Avon holiday collection. Sell products on the spot and take orders.
  5. AVON BOOK PARTY – Ask your current customers to host a “book party”. It’s easy! They pass out brochures to people they know to collect orders and payment, which they turn over to you to submit. The more orders the hostess collects, the more rewards they earn. You can offer free products, discounts, etc. as hostess gifts.
  6. FUNDRAISERS – One successful fundraiser could generate the $3000 in sales to earn you the iPad. Ask around for organizations or groups who are in need of funds. Offer to host an Avon fundraiser for them! You can find detailed information about hosting Avon fundraiser in the Fundraising box on the homepage
  7. TRY NEW STRATEGIES – Check out the Super-Sales-Boosting strategies HERE for more ideas on ways to grow your personal sales this holiday season!!



Reaching that $3000 in sales will be easier and more fun with friends!

Who do you know who could benefit from a 40% discount on their own holiday shopping, while also earning 40% on their sales to others??

Invite them to join your Avon team! The sales of your (1st-generation) team members during Campaigns 23 – 26 will count towards your goal of $3000 in sales to earn the iPad!

Anyone who joins your team during this incentive can also earn their own iPad by reaching $3000 in sales, either on their own or by inviting people they know to join their Avon team!!

BONUS: By choosing this pathway to reaching the $3000 in sales, you can also earn “Vamos Head Start” points towards your trip to Los Cabos for each Qualified New Recruit (who places a 1st or 2nd order of $150+) and by promoting to the Bronze Ambassador leadership level!!

Here are a few tips for reaching your $3000 goal by inviting others to your team:

  1. Offer the Avon opportunity to everyone you know. Never assume who will/will not be interested in Avon. You may be surprised!!
  2. Talk about the perks of being an Avon representative – No minimum required order, no inventory to keep, low start-up cost (as low as $25), flexible, free online store, tons of training and support available, sell online or face-to-face, opportunities to earn additional bonuses, rewards, and trips!
  3. Tell potential recruits about the Kickstart program and how they can earn 40% on all sales in their first campaign of any size at all, and then continuing earning 40% by reaching gradually increasing sales goals during their 2nd – 7th campaigns!
  4. Tell potential recruits about how they can also earn an iPad by reaching $3000 in sales between C23 – C26 (the sooner they start, the more time they’ll have)!
  5. Tell potential recruits that they can also start earning points towards Avon’s Grand Fiesta incentive, to earn an all-inclusive trip to Los Cabos, Mexico!
  6. When you find someone who is ready to get started, send them to and be sure they have your reference code. Your reference code is the same as whatever comes past the / at the end of your web store address. Click HERE for more info about how to sign someone up to your team.



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