How To Become a Bronze Ambassador (and earn $500 and 500 Los Cabos points!!)

There are many rewards to starting, building, and mentoring an Avon team. It’s personally rewarding to share a wonderful opportunity with others and it’s financially rewarding to access a whole other avenue of earnings with your Avon business.

AND RIGHT NOW, if you advance to the title of Bronze Ambassador, you can also get a jumpstart towards earning an all-inclusive trip to Los Cabos for Avon’s Grand Fiesta incentive!!


Between Campaigns 23-26 (2018) all Avon representatives are eligible to begin earning early points in Avon’s Grand Fiesta incentive. The way to earn the most points is by advancing in leadership title to Bronze Ambassador.

This is especially good news to anyone who is new or has not yet started a team!!

When you advance to Bronze Ambassador, you’ll earn 500 points towards the all-inclusive trip to Los Cabos AND become eligible for a $500 Promotion Bonus through Avon’s leadership program.

You’ll also earn 300 Los Cabos points AND a $20 Bonus for each “traditional” (not an Avon-generated lead) Qualified New Recruit (who places an 1st or 2nd order of $150+ between C23-C26) that you gain in the process! (If you are still a new representative, within your first seven campaigns, your bonus is $50 for each QNR instead of $20!!)

To become a Bronze Ambassador, there are three basic requirements:
1) Personal Sales of $200+
2) THREE or more 1st-generation team members placing orders
3) Total team sales (including your personal sales) of $1000+

This is a very achievable level of leadership!

Ready to get started??

I’ve gathered a few resources to help you!

The first thing I’d recommend doing is brainstorming a list of anyone you know who might be interested in saving on their own holiday shopping and/or earning some extra money this holiday season!

Then, start reaching out to share the opportunity! Everyone you know is a potential new team member! Avon’s flexibility makes it a great fit for just about anyone! Don’t forget to tell them about how they can also earn a trip to Los Cabos and even a brand new iPad!!

Vamos a la fiesta!!

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