The Path to Los Cabos (in Less than 10 Minutes a Day)

**This post will be updated regularly with new simple tasks you can complete, which are intended to help you to begin earning early points in Avon’s Grand Fiesta incentive. Check back daily for new tasks.

( Complete official details on Avon’s Grand Fiesta incentive can be found on under the Sales Incentives box on the homepage.)

Beginning in Campaign 23 (2018), ALL Avon representatives are eligible to begin earning early points towards Avon’s Grand Fiesta in Los Cabos incentive!

During the “Vamos Head Start” period (Campaigns 23 – 26 ’18), points can be earned three ways, as shown below:


You’ll notice that most points are available for anyone who has not yet reached the leadership title of Bronze Ambassador!

That means that if you are NEW to Avon or to Avon leadership, you’re in the best position to earn a nice chunk of points during the Vamos Head Start period of this incentive!

If you are currently an Avon leader, the Vamos Head Start period will reward you for mentoring new leaders on your team!

And ALL reps are eligible to earn points as you grow your business by sharing the Avon opportunity with others, at the best time of the whole sales year!


Earning this incentive can be as simple as starting right away and taking a series of small, consistent actions each day throughout the incentive period.

With that in mind, I’m going to offer you a simple task each day, which should take approximately 10 minutes or less to complete, that will point you in the right direction for earning this incentive. I will update this post regularly with new tasks. See you in Los Cabos!!

P.S. Be sure to also check out my previous posts with tips about How to Earn Early “Vamos Head Start” Points and How to Become a Bronze Ambassador.

Day 1 – Commit Your Mindset


Day 2 – Make a List


Day 3 – Start Personally Contacting the People on Your List


Day 4 – Continue Working Your List


Day 5 – Use Avon Social to Invite Others to Join You in Los Cabos


Day 6 – Order supplies to make sample/recruiting bags to pass out on Halloween!


Day 7 – Set a Date for an Early Holiday Shopping Party! Invite your friends!


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