How to Earn a $500 Bonus by Becoming an Avon Bronze Ambassador

There are two main ways to make money with your Avon business:

  1. Your sales of Avon products (online and/or face-to-face)
  2. By growing and nurturing an Avon team

Sales are the heart of our businesses as Avon representatives, but if you’d like to maximize your earnings, growing a team and teaching your team members to be successful with their own sales, can be the way to do it!

There are a variety of ways you can earn bonuses by growing your team.

You can earn:

  • $20 “Qualified New Recruit” bonus each time one of your new team members places a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more (and pays for it on time).
  • 3% “Sponsoring Bonus” on your team members’ sales each campaign (as long as you personally have $50+ in sales for the campaign).
  • 3%-8% “Generation Bonuses” on your team members’ sales each campaign (at the Star Promoter level and above).
  • Additional 3% – 5% “Leader Bonuses” on the team sales of the Bronze Leaders (and above) you have developed.
  • “Promotion Bonuses” ($500 – $20,000) as you personally achieve and maintain new leadership titles.
  • “Mentor Bonuses” ($250 – $10,000) as you help your team members to achieve and maintain new leadership titles.

You can see an overview of all available leadership bonuses in the image below.


In this post, we are going to focus on how to earn that first promotion bonus of $500 by achieving and maintaining the leadership title of Bronze Ambassador.

To become a Bronze Ambassador, there are THREE very-achievable criteria:

  1. Personal sales of $200+ each campaign (what you personally sell to customers, including anything you’ve purchased for your own personal use and/or as business tools)
  2. Orders from at least THREE 1st-generation team members 
  3. Total team sales of $1000+ each campaign (includes your personal sales and the sales of team members)

Once you achieve those three criteria for the first time, you officially promote to the title of Bronze Ambassador and receive the 1st quarter of your $500 bonus ($125)!!

To earn the remaining three quarters of the bonus, you need to maintain the criteria of Bronze Ambassador for the following three campaigns. You’ll earn another quarter of the bonus ($125) each time you maintain. Avon builds in one “grace campaign”, which allows you to miss the criteria for one campaign, but then meet the criteria during the next campaign, in order to get your full bonus.

The image below, from Avon’s 2020 Career and Compensation Guide, explains how the Promotion bonus is paid, along with an example of how the “grace campaign” works.


Ready to start your Avon leadership business, and earn your first $500 promotion bonus??

Check out the tips below for how to make it happen!

Tip #1: While Bronze Ambassador can be achieved with as few as THREE 1st-generation team members, it is easier to reach the $1000 team sales with more than three team members. Invite as many people as you can to join your team! (Take advantage of the FREE sign-up option between C5-C8 2020 to grow your team quickly!!)

**To sign up your new team members, simply have them go to your online store, then click “Become a Rep” at the top of the page! It takes just a few minutes for them to enter their info and join your team! You’ll receive an email which says “You Have a Successful Self-Appointment” once they sign up.

Tip #2: To grow your team even more quickly, encourage your new team members to grow their team as well! There are lots of bonuses available as they grow, and I’m sure your new team members wouldn’t mind earning a $500 promotion bonus too!! Remember, when they are successful with promoting to a higher title, YOU get rewarded too with a “Mentor Bonus”!!

Tip #3: Help your team members to be successful with their sales! Teach them strategies they can use to connect with their first customers and grow their first sales. Make sure that they know about Avon’s “Pathway to Premier” program, so they can earn lots of extra bonuses during their first eight campaigns. Point them in the direction of training and resources to be successful with their sales. The more they sell, the more commission and bonuses they’ll earn, and the faster you’ll get to Bronze Ambassador (and that $500 promotion bonus).

Tip #4: Communicate regularly with your team members to ensure their success campaign after campaign. Remember, to earn your full promotion bonus, you’ll need to maintain the Bronze Ambassador criteria during the following campaigns. Your continued support of your team members will help them to be successful, while also leading to your own success!! In other words, you and your team members win together!!

Next Stop: Silver Ambassador and a $750 Promotion Bonus!!!

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