How to Make $500+ this Holiday Season with your Avon Business!

Check out this sample plan for making $500 (or more) during the holiday sales season (C23 – C1)!! Any representative can make this happen, if you utilize your resources and sales tools wisely and regularly!

The key is to start preparing NOW. Order the brochures you need to promote your business two campaigns ahead. Brochures will be in high demand, as many reps utilize this prime time of year to grow their businesses!

Ordering brochures early will also allow you to collect orders in advance of each campaign ordering window, so that you can submit your orders early to ensure the best product availability for your customers. Holiday items are limited-supply and often sell quickly!

Need to learn more about using all of our free digital sales tools? Dive into that training in Avon U NOW! Don’t wait until we’re halfway through the holiday sales season to learn how to use all of the tools available to us! The opportunity to grow your business and make more money is happening right NOW!! Let’s start earning right away!!

Check out all of the tips and strategies in the image below! More detailed info and tips on things like hosting an online holiday shopping party and presenting yourself as a personal shopper will be coming soon!

Stay tuned…

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