How to Host an Online Holiday Shopping Party

Each year, for as long as I’ve been a rep, I’ve been hosting an Avon “Holiday Shopping” Party!

Over the years, it’s grown to become a bigger event, where a few friends of mine who sell other items also set up in my home to promote their products – like our own private holiday vendor event.

We each invite our friends and encourage each of those friends to bring along a friend or two. Everyone shops and chats while we enjoy festive bubbly beverages and delicious snacks and holiday music plays in the background. I set up a table of Avon items to showcase what we have to offer and I sell gift-wrapped holiday gift bundles as well as take orders from the brochures.

It’s always a ton of fun and a very successful night of sales (and earnings) for all of us!

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I will not be hosting an in-person event, BUT we’re still going to party… ONLINE!!

Hosting an ONLINE HOLIDAY SHOPPING PARTY can be a great way to bring together a large group of potential customers, from all across the United States, to do some of their holiday with YOU, their favorite Avon rep!

There are a few ways you can host an online party:

  • Host a holiday shopping party yourself – invite your personal friends/customers to join the party group and encourage them to invite some of their friends too
  • Co-host the party with a few friends who sell other things – all hosts invite their personal friends/customers to the group and encourage all of those friends to bring along more friends
  • Ask a friend or customer to host the party – hostess invites their personal friends into the party group and encourages those friends to invite a few more friends

The main idea is to gather as many people as you can together online to showcase your products, offer some great deals, and help everyone to select the perfect items for everyone on their holiday shopping lists!

Here are a few more steps and tips for hosting an online holiday shopping party:

  • Set up a Facebook group for your Holiday Shopping party to take place in. Give your group a fun and festive name!
  • Get as many people as you can into the group! Invite people to join and then encourage them to invite friends to the group too.
  • Encourage everyone who joins the group to register with their email on your online store (by clicking “Sign In” and creating an account) before the party officially begins. This will enable you to send them promotions (free shipping offers, discounts, free gifts, etc.) using the Promotion Tool (located in the Manage Business section of so if they see something they like during the party, they can benefit from the special promotions when they order!
  • Over the course of the weeks leading up to the holidays, use the group to regularly share pics of products, your shopping link, and special deals.
  • Select an evening or two to host the main “party”! During that main party time, pull out all of the stops! Share pics of products, do videos to demo products you have on hand, play fun games to get people engaged (small prizes are always a great motivation), host giveaways, etc.! Use the Promotion Tool to share a promotion with everyone who’s registered on your online store to encourage shopping during the main party time!
  • In your party group, share your online store link and digital catalog regularly, model how to use the Virtual Makeover Tool, create/share a customizable digital brochure focused on holiday decor/gifts, and post tons of perfectly giftable product pics!
  • For local customers, you can use your party group to post pictures/videos of ready-to-give, cellophane-wrapped holiday gift bundles which you can offer to customize and do free no-contact doorstep deliveries of to make Avon gift-giving fun, easy, and convenient!!
  • Most important, have fun and make it feel like a party!!

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