Destination AVON 2021 – 20 Questions to Hawaii!!

So, Avon announced the newest trip incentive to Hawaii! And you want to go, right?!?

But, perhaps you’re assuming that the trip is for other reps and not YOU? Perhaps you haven’t even looked at what’s required to earn it, because you’ve already decided you won’t be able to do it?

Believe me, I used to do the same thing. Avon would announce incentives and I barely gave them a thought, because I assumed those incentives were for some other super-achieving representatives; not for me.

And then I realized that these incentives could be for ME, if I wanted them to be. I adjusted my actions and I started earning bonuses, a 46″ HDTV, a pink Kitchenaid stand mixer, and trips to Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda, Disney, Jamaica, Maui, and Punta Cana!

Guess what??? This trip to Hawaii is for YOU, if you want it to be!

ALL Avon (USA) representatives can earn this trip to Hawaii. The goals are challenging, but they are not unattainable, as long as you’re willing to take the steps necessary to permanently grow your business (and make more money along the way).

The best part is that Avon has scaled the sales goals, depending on when you joined and your previous sales achievements. Avon is not expecting a brand new rep to sell as much as an experienced super-seller! The goals are designed to be a just-right challenge for reps of every experience! (Check out my breakdown of the sales goals HERE. Full, official details are on

Earning this trip is all about growing your Avon sales in 2021. Fortunately, Avon has given us THE MOST INCREDIBLE line-up of products, and SO many new things on the way! Within the next few campaigns, we’re introducing our NEW Avon Pure Essential Oils collection and diffuser, a NEW clean, natural skin care collection (FarmRx), new additions to our Belif and Vitamin C skin care lines, Elastine color-matching dry shampoo, beautiful new sterling silver jewelry, new Homestar home-cleaning products, pet products (yes, I said PET PRODUCTS), and MORE!! We truly have something to offer every potential customer!

Avon has also given us the tools we need to promote our business and get products into our customers’ hands safely and conveniently in the midst of this pandemic. As reps, we all have FREE online stores for customers to shop from, FREE digital catalogs to share, tons of beautiful pictures to promote on social media, and more FREE training (product training AND business/sales training) than any individual rep could digest!

You CAN earn this trip, but here’s the CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT thing…

If you want different results, you need different actions! 

If you’re currently selling $50 each campaign and you need to sell $650 each campaign to reach your personal goal for the trip, you’re gonna have to change what you’re doing! Continuing with your current methods of business promotion that are resulting in your current sales amounts will NOT suddenly produce bigger sales! 

If you want higher sales, it’s time to implement a few new strategies!

Take an honest look at what you’re currently doing to promote your business and ask yourself two main questions:

  1. What am I currently doing to promote my business that works?
  2. What opportunities am I missing to grow my business?

Answer both of those questions and make a list. Then, do more of the things you know have worked for you and start implementing all of those missed sales opportunities!

Here are 20 QUESTIONS to ask yourself as you consider which opportunities you may be missing to grow your sales and earn your trip to Hawaii:

  1. Do I distribute printed brochures every campaign?
  2. Do I try to gradually increase the number of brochures I pass out each campaign or do I limit myself to the same small handful of people?
  3. Have I actively built my email list to contact people about Avon?
  4. Do I email everyone on my Avon email list every campaign to share my digital catalog, online store link, special promotions, and new product launches?
  5. Do I follow-up with all of the people I gave a printed brochure to or send my digital brochure link to?
  6. Do I have a Facebook business page set up for Avon (and do I use it regularly to promote our new products)?
  7. Do I also use my personal Facebook page to occasionally promote my Avon business?
  8. Do my friends and family all know I sell Avon? How do they know?
  9. Have I shown my friends and family all that Avon has to offer in 2021?
  10. Have I set up a Free Google Business page, so that people seeking a rep near me can find me?
  11. Do I personally use the products and share my favorite things through pictures and testimonials?
  12. Do I “wear and share” the products when I’m out and about?
  13. Do I keep brochures on hand to share in conversation, leave for my waitresses, or offer to office receptionists?
  14. Have I hosted an online party to showcase the products I have to offer and expand my customer reach (by asking friends to invite their friends to the online party)?
  15. Have I offered to host an online Avon fundraiser when someone expressed a need to raise money for their group or organization?
  16. Do I make myself visible as an Avon representative through things like Avon logo t-shirts, Avon car decals/magnets, yard signs, etc.?
  17. Is the link to my online store visible on my Facebook profile (in the About section)?
  18. Do I keep samples of my favorite products on hand to share with customers?
  19. Do I offer special promotions to attract new customers?
  20. Do I participate in the training opportunities which Avon offers to gain product knowledge and business-building skills?

The key to earning the trip to Hawaii is lying in the opportunity to grow your business in 2021.

The efforts you make to connect with new customers and grow your sales can help you to earn more in 2021, earn yourself the trip to Hawaii, and build a stronger, more-profitable business with lasting results!

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