Virtual Dream Board

When I first started with Avon, I used to giggle when I ran across things in the training materials which told me how I could make my dreams come true. In fact, it became a running joke between my husband and I.

And then something crazy happened…

My dreams started coming true.


I was able to surprise my husband with a trip to Barbados, which had been on our dream vacation list for years.

We bought our dream house.

I’m making the money we need in order to be able to continue staying home with the kids.

I don’t giggle anymore about how Avon is going to make my dreams come true. I just dream bigger!!

What are YOU dreaming about?? Share your dreams in the comments and then let’s put the tips on this blog into action so you can start making them come true!!

17 thoughts on “Virtual Dream Board

  1. I guess my short term goal is to climb the ladder one step at a time and learn as much as possible., my year goal is to be able to help support my family, my long term goa is to some day have a tree house set in the middle of ten+ acres so all my children and grandchildren have a place to go., and either a store or restaurant .


  2. My dreams changed as soon as I started Avon. The possibilities presented showed me that it was possible to dream bigger. My dream is to turn this business into a family legacy that can be shared with my daughter and family. My bigger dream is to to teach my daughter that she can also achieve and accomplish her own goals. Avon has helped me to not only start to see my dreams turn into reality but to build confidence!

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  3. My dreams changed as soon as I started Avon. This job showed me I could dream bigger because the possibilities are endless. My dream is to make my business into a family legacy that can be passed on. My other dream is to teach my daughter the skills and confidence I learned from doing this job so she can use them in whatever job she wishes to pursue.


  4. My dream is to always have extra cash to buy my daughter her necessities and a little extra. Also to have money on hand for the just because outings with my daughter since I never had anything like that growing up.


  5. My dream for my Avon career this year is to pay off my credit cards and medical bills (sorry…my dreams are really practical at this point). Next year, my dream is a new car and helping to pay on my student loan.


  6. My dream is to be able to climb the ladder and make enough money to stay home with my children and ailing mom. As a single parent working 40 plus hours a week doesn’t leave much family time.


  7. My dream is to contribute to my household income and have extra cash for travel and other fun family outings. 🙂 As a side goal, I also hope to continue building relationships through my business and finding meaning focusing on something that is just for me.


  8. My goal is to continue growing my business to a point where my husband doesn’t have to do the commute to/from Philadelphia to NYC all year around.


  9. My dream is to have Peace of Mind! Pay off all my bills, buy my dream house go on Vacation with my family. Because my other dream just came true having my own business!


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