Amy’s Avon Story

My name is Amy DeLine.

I am a stay-at-home mom to three beautiful little boys and a princess pup (who never leaves my side). I am a former elementary school teacher, a skilled cook, and a lover of champagne. I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.


I have been an Avon representative since May 2013, but Avon has been a part of my life for literally as long as I can remember.


My mother, Suzan, was an Avon representative before I was born. When I was four years old, my young mother tragically lost her battle with breast cancer.

Because I was so young, I have very few memories of my mother. But, there is one little snippet of a memory, which is so crystal clear that for most of my life I wondered if I had imagined it.

In the memory, we are in a neighbor’s backyard. Two men and two women are sitting at a picnic table. I am in my mother’s arms, looking down at my baby sister, who is sleeping in a yellow buggy.

My mother is delivering an Avon order.

That’s me, in the green!

Years later, my stepmother became an Avon representative. At that point in my life, I was old enough to help deliver the brochures and sort the orders. My sisters and I played with the tiny lipstick samples and saved our allowances for our own purchases.

Avon has always been a part of my life.


In May 2013, while taking a walk with my three young sons, I found myself thinking of that memory of my mother, delivering an Avon order with her young children by her side.

I was signed up as a representative by the time my husband got home from work that day! My business supplies kit arrived a few days later and I began my journey with Avon.

I started my Avon business on a whim, out of a sense of nostalgia and a desire to connect with the memory of my mother. I thought it would be fun to play with those tiny lipstick samples again and to save on my own purchases, while maybe earning a little extra money selling the products to my friends and neighbors.

I ended up with a lot more than lipstick samples and savings.

That’s me in the red sweater!

Over the past several years, I have developed a thriving sales business with a beautiful network of customers, many of whom have become friends. I’ve also built a team of over 700 beautiful Avon beauty bosses who are each out there pursuing their personal goals with Avon.

I have been the recipient of awards for both my sales and recruiting achievements. I’ve been recognized on a local, regional, and national level for my business growth. I’ve spoken in front of thousands of other Avon representatives, been featured in Avon training videos, and in 2016, I even had the tremendous honor of representing Avon in making a donation of $450,000 worth of Avon toys, live on The Today Show, as part of The Today Show’s annual toy drive.

HH Photography-6003

In 2019, I was honored as the Avon Guiding Spirit, which is awarded to one Avon representative each year, in recognition of their contributions as a mentor and leader to their team and the Avon community as a whole. Later that same year, I was honored with an official proclamation by my assemblywoman, during her annual Exceptional Women Awards, for using my Avon business to raise funds for causes within my local community.


In my time with Avon, my earnings have grown to a point where I am able to continue staying home with my children, while running a successful business, on my own terms. I’ve also earned numerous other rewards, such as a 46″ HDTV, a pink Kitchenaid Mixer, a Keurig Rivo, trips to the national Avon conference, and all-inclusive trips to Mexico, Bahamas, Disney World, Maui, Bermuda (cruise), and Jamaica.

I love Avon for the flexibility. I love that it can be a fun hobby, a full-time business, or anything in between. I love that I’m the boss of my Avon business. I set my own goals and my own pace for achieving those goals. I love that Avon has given me the opportunity be a stay-at-home mom, while still being able to make a meaningful contribution to my family’s income. I love being part of over 133 years of Avon’s history and I love being able to help shape Avon’s future.

Think you might like to give the Beauty Boss life a try??

Contact me for more info or get started as an Avon rep today at:

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Wondering what I DIDN’T know about Avon on that day I signed up?? Click HERE to find out! There were so many things which took me completely by surprise!

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