Sneak Peak of What’s Coming with Avon

Avon has a tremendous collection of products lined for this holiday season. With amazing items covering beauty, fashion, and home, there is truly something for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

With a product line-up like this, Avon representatives and their customers are going to be dancing in the streets this holiday season!!

Check out the slideshow below!!

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Yippee!! It’s Avon Kit Arrival Day!!

One of the most exciting moments for a new Avon beauty boss is when your Avon starter kit arrives!!

In this post, I’m going to walk you through some tips on what to do once your Avon starter kit arrives.

**Be sure to also contact your Avon upline mentor once your kit arrives, so that they can provide you with some useful tips and strategies for getting a great start to your new business!


Avon starter kits tend to arrive pretty quickly (within a few days). If your kit hasn’t arrived yet, you can check the tracking of your kit by going to the My Orders page on, and clicking on View Order Tracking towards the bottom right side of the page. If there’s a problem with the delivery of your kit, contact Avon at 513-551-2866.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 8.38.14 AM.png


There’s a great opportunity here to build excitement about your new business!! Seize the opportunity by doing a LIVE Facebook video as you unpack your kit! Friends and family members will tune in to see all of the fun items you received, and will start lining up to be one of the first to get a brochure!!

And who knows… Your excitement for your new business may become contagious and inspire someone else to start an Avon business of their own too! You just might find your first team member!!


The actual contents of your kit will vary, depending on whether you selected the $25, $50, or $100 kit, but all kits contain the same basic set of materials. Here’s a quick summary of what to expect in your kit and how to use it as you launch your business:

BROCHURES – You will receive brochures for multiple campaigns in your starter kit. Avon typically sends the most brochures for your expected first campaign, along with some brochures for the campaign before that (in case you’d like to get an earlier start) and some for the campaign after your expected first campaign.

TIP 1: Figure out which campaign you are starting in. Before deciding which campaign you will submit your first order in, be sure to read the info HERE about Avon’s Kickstart Program for new representatives.

TIP 2: Know your order dates. Order dates take place every two weeks. To see your scheduled order dates, go to, click on Profile at the very top of the page, then click on See Calendar.


Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 8.40.07 AM.png

TIP 3: Save on shipping fees. Most reps prefer to submit all of the orders they’ve collected in a given campaign on their scheduled order date, in order to pay only one low shipping fee on all of the orders for that campaign. You can enter orders into the My Orders section of as you receive them, but plan to submit all of your orders for the campaign together, on your scheduled order date. 

Label the back of the brochures for your first campaign with your contact information. (Hold onto the brochures for the future campaign. You’ll pass them out after you submit your first order.)

TIP 4: Be sure to include your web store address on your brochures. To find your web store address, go to the Web Office page, then look for the box on the right side that says, “Your eStore url:” When customers shop from that link, YOU earn $$$!! Share that link with everyone you know! Click HERE for tips on how to sell Avon online.

TIP 5: Give yourself a day or two to organize your orders. On the line on the back of your brochures, where it says, “Brochure Effective Until…”, put the date that is a day or two before your order is due to Avon. 

Pass those brochures out to your first potential customers. Getting brochures into the hands of potential customers is the best way to build your business and increase your earnings!! 

TIP 6: The Fortune is in the Follow-Up!! Be sure to follow up with your potential customers a couple days before your order is due. Following up makes all the difference in the world!! Give everyone you gave a brochure to a friendly call or send a message to say: Just wanted to let you know that I will be submitting my first Avon order in a couple of days. What can I get you? Did you see the great deal on…? Would you like to take advantage of the special Daily Care Bundle, which is only available to you during my first campaign? SEVEN Avon favorites for only $19.99!

daily-care-collection-flyer-en (1).jpg
Your starter kit also includes:
  • Full-sized Products!! Those are yours to enjoy for yourself, sell to customers (and enjoy the earnings), or use as demo items!!
  • Samples – Include these with your brochures to give your customers a taste of Avon’s wonderful products!
  • What’s New Catalog – This catalog is just for Avon reps! It gives you a sneak peak of upcoming products, which you can order in advance at a great discount. We can order from the What’s New catalog one and two campaigns ahead of the campaign we’re in. For example, your can order from the What’s New – 7 when submitting your orders in Campaign 5 or Campaign 6.
  • Avon Living and Mark Magalogs – You can sell from these great catalogs too!
  • Business Tools – You’ll receive an order booklet for recording orders and providing receipts. (See how to calculate your customers’ order totals HERE.) You will also receive bags for packaging customer orders. You may wish to order bags in different sizes when you place your first order. They are available in the Sales Tool section of the ordering screen.
  • Daily Care Collection Flyer – This is a special collection of products that you can offer customers during your first seven campaigns as a new representative, at a HUGE discount. It’s intended to help you attract your first customers! Click HERE for tons of tips on how to use the Daily Care Collection to launch your business.
TIP 7: Don’t delay in launching your new business. The campaigns do move pretty quickly. Jump in and get started right away! It’s ok if you start slow and build up momentum. Just get started!


TIP 8: Maximize your earnings with Kickstart!! There are no minimum order quotas with Avon, but the more you sell, the more you will earn. Avon’s Kickstart Program is set up to help you earn at a high 40% earnings level right from the start. You can find all of the official info about the Kickstart program on Also, check out my explanation of the program HERE.

TIP 9: Have fun!! This is exciting stuff! You’re launching your own business! Have fun with it! Enjoy getting to know the products. Be creative in how you build your business. YOU are the boss of your business, so find ways to grow your business that are interesting, exciting, and feasible for YOU!! Talk to your upline mentor if you ever feel stuck and need ideas for moving things along.

How Does the Kickstart Program Work?

Are you a brand new Avon representative?

If so, this blog post is for YOU!

Avon has put together an excellent program, called “Kickstart,” which is designed to help you start earning at a high level, right from the very start, as you take steps to find your first customers, collect your first orders, and grow your beautiful beauty business!

Before I explain how the Kickstart program works, let me give you a quick overview of how the normal earnings structure works with Avon. The chart below shows the percent commission that Avon representatives earn.


You’ll notice that earnings on FASHION and HOME are always set at 20%. Earnings on BEAUTY PRODUCTS and JEWELRY vary, depending on how much you sell each campaign. The more you sell, the more you earn!

Click HERE for more detailed information how you we earn and how we get paid with Avon.

NOW… let’s talk about the KICKSTART PROGRAM, which is just for YOU, as a new Avon representative!

Avon wants you to earn at that high 40% earnings level RIGHT FROM THE VERY START!! Normally it takes sales of $500 or more in a campaign to get 40% earnings, but with the Kickstart program, Avon’s going to give you 40% EARNINGS on your 1st order of ANY SIZE!!

Not only that… Remember how I mentioned that Fashion and Home items typically earn at a fixed 20% commission?? Through Kickstart, you’ll earn 40% on those items too!!

**Your Kickstart program starts in the campaign you place your 1st order.

Want to Continue Earning 40%??

You’re going to love earning 40% so much, that you’re probably going to want to keep earning at that level!

So, after your first order, Avon has set up a series of gradually increasing sales goals for your 2nd – 7th campaigns, to encourage you to grow your business little by little, campaign after campaign. When you reach your Kickstart sales goal for the campaign, you get that 40% earnings again!!

This chart shows the Kickstart goals for each of your first seven campaigns (the Kickstart period) with Avon:

Kickstart Goal NEW.jpg


Use the Kickstart goals as a guide as you take steps to grow your business each campaign!

(And don’t worry, if you miss one of your Kickstart goals, you’re still going to earn on your sales that campaign, just not 40%. You’ll just earn based on the regular earnings chart, which I shared at the beginning of this post.)

Want to earn even more money??

Another component of the Kickstart program is set up to reward you as invite others to join Avon and you help them to get a successful start to their business too. When you invite someone to Avon and mentor them towards placing a first or second order of $150 or more (which will get them 40% earnings!!), Avon will reward YOU with a $50 BONUS!! (Your team member must pay for their order on time in order for you to receive your bonus.)

You can earn as many of those $50 bonuses as you’d like during your first seven campaigns with Avon, so invite everyone you know to join your team! (Click HERE for directions on how to sign someone up to your team.)


If you reach all of your Kickstart sales goals AND add three new team members who place 1st or 2nd orders of $150 or more (and pay for them on time), and Avon will give you a $200 Kicker Bonus!!

Altogether, if you reach all of your Kickstart sales goals and recruit at least three successful new team members, you will earn OVER $1000!!

Check out these links for how to find new customers and build your sales, so you can start reaching (and exceeding) those Kickstart goals right away!!

All of the complete, official details about Avon’s Kickstart program for new representatives is available on


Cruise Like a Boss (even easier)!!

A few days after Avon announced the Cruise Like a Boss incentive at RepFest ’17 in Nashville, I put together a post (HERE) which lays out some incentive-earning strategies, along with a few sample plans for earning enough points for the cruise.

And while everything in that previous post still applies and all of those plans are still valid, it’s actually even EASIER to earn the cruise than I initially thought. Not only is it easier, but’s it even more likely to guide you towards building a strong, successful team of Avon beauty bosses who will continue successfully working their businesses for long after the incentive period is over.

There is a component to the points-earning that I totally missed when I first went through the requirements. It has to do with the 5th way to earn points, as shown in the image below.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 8.33.41 AM.png

When I initially read through the requirements, I understood #5 to mean that we could earn an additional 100 points, if our Qualified New Recruit (a recruit who has placed a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more) placed another $150+ order.

In actuality, it’s even better than just 100 bonus points when our team member places another order of $150 or more after their 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more!

According to the official incentive guidelines (which you can view HERE):

Will I achieve the additional order Bonus incentive points on my new recruit’s qualifying first or second order? No. You will achieve the Bonus on any $150+ order after the new recruit has placed a qualifying order.

Will I achieve the Bonus incentive points even if my QNR’s $150+ orders are not consecutive? Yes, you will achieve the Bonus in each campaign during the incentive period that your QNR places a $150+ order, after his/her first qualifying order.

Is there a limit to how many times I can achieve the bonus incentive points? No, there is no limit.

What this means is you can earn 150 points (or 300 points, if your new team member is a personal recruit), when your new team member places a qualifying 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more (and pays for it on time). That makes them a QNR (qualified new recruit).


Every time your amazing new team member places another order of $150 or more during the incentive period, you get another 100 points towards the cruise!!

This incentive lasts for 13 campaigns!! That’s a lot of potential points for mentoring just ONE new team member to success!!

Exactly how many points??

Consider this example:

Let’s say you sign up your best friend, Brenda Beautyboss.

You teach Brenda how to get off to a great start with her business and she places a first order of $150 or more in Campaign 20. She pays for it on time. YOU earn 300 Cruise Like a Boss points for helping her to get off to a successful start with her new business.

Brenda is happy, because she’s making good money through Avon’s Kickstart program. You are happy because you’re 300 points closer to the cruise.

You then continue mentoring Brenda and helping her to grow her sales campaign after campaign. Brenda places orders of $150 or more in Campaigns 21 through Campaign 6. (That’s 12 campaigns!)

Brenda is happy because she’s making money.  YOU are dancing for joy, because you earn 100 points every time she places an order of $150 or more. That’s 1200 additional Cruise Like a Boss points for YOU!!

Altogether, if Brenda started in Campaign 20 and was successful for all remaining campaigns of the incentive, you could earn 1500 points as a result of helping just ONE friend to build her business.

Repeat that just FOUR times, and you’re going on a cruise!!

Here’s what I love about how this is set up…

You are rewarded with points, not just for helping a whole bunch of people place one successful 1st or 2nd order, but by helping a smaller group of people build strong, sustainable, successful businesses. 

If you mentor your new team members to repeated sales success, campaign after campaign, they are much more likely to remain as happy, profit-making members of your team for many, many campaigns to come!

This point-earning structure encourages quality, long-term mentoring, which is exactly what every one of our new team members deserves!

And hey, think about Brenda Beautyboss in our example above…

What if Brenda successfully grows her business each campaign, and starts bringing in sales of $300 or even $500 or more?

Now, she is also earning points for the cruise!

Maybe then, Brenda will decide replicate the model of amazing mentoring you provided her with to help a few of her friends to also grow beautiful successful businesses!

Suddenly, your team is growing in all generations. Brenda’s leadership title is advancing. You’re earning points for both mentoring and advancing your own leadership title.

And the next thing you know, were all hanging out on a cruise ship, with tropical drinks dangling from our tanned fingertips!



Then get out there and turn those dreams into reality!!

Earn Your First Cruise Points!!

Alrighty, beauty bosses!!

The time to begin racking up those Cruise Like a Boss points is upon us!!

Remember, you’ve got 13 campaigns to earn 7,000 points for the cruise for one or 11,000 points for the cruise for two! Thirteen campaigns is a long time (about six and a half months), but I guarantee you it will move quickly!!

ALL Avon representatives are eligible to earn this cruise!!

That means that YOU can earn this cruise!


Make a plan to start earning points right away. Take small (or big) actions each and every day to get yourself those points. You will earn the points you need to get yourself (and possibly a guest) onto that boat, all while earning more money and building a stronger business overall! Both the short term and long terms rewards are huge!! I want to see every one of you beautiful beauty bosses on that both this spring!!

Here are a few tips, as the point-earning begins with Campaign 20 (TS-22) orders:

TIP #1 – You can earn your first points by reaching personal sales of $300 or more!! You’ll get 100 points for sales of $300 or more or 200 points for sales of $500 or more!! Keep that in mind as you build your C-20 (TS-22 orders).


  • Follow-up with every single person you gave a brochure to.
  • Still have brochures on hand? Pass them out!!
  • Offer a special customer incentive.
  • Promote your web store. (Catch-up on the Social Selling Simplified webinars if you haven’t been participating in those.)
  • Post a skin-care challenge to potential new customers, for example, “Try Avon skin care for 30 days. If not completely satisfied, return for a full-refund”.
  • Promote each campaign’s exclusive A-Box!! They are powerful order-builders and a great way to encourage customers to try and fall in love with other Avon products, which means stronger repeat sales down the line!

TIP #2 – You can earn points when you mentor your new team members towards success with placing a first or second order of $150 or more. You get 150 points for ALMA (lead) generated recruits or 300 points for personal recruits.


  • Use VIBE to see when your team members have orders coming up. You can run a report for “Pending” representatives, which will show you team members who have not yet placed a first order. You can also see their “RPS” or Mailplan # there, along with their expected 1st order campaign.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 8.21.48 AM.png


Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 8.22.16 AM.png


  • Reach out to your pending reps to offer your support and help with preparing for their first order. Remind them that they get 40% earnings on their first order through Avon’s Kickstart program for new representatives!!


  • If you have a team member who placed a first order of less than $150 in C-19 (TS-21), they can still qualify by placing a 2nd order of $150 or more in C-20 (TS-22), and guess what… The 2nd Kickstart goal for new representatives is $150 in sales, which means that both you AND your new team member benefit when they reach that $150 goal!! Your new team member will get 40% earnings by reaching their 2nd Kickstart goal and YOU will get 150 or 300 Cruise Like a Boss points!! WIN, WIN!!

To see which team members may be eligible, run an ADDITIONS report in Vibe. Once there, click on “Advanced Filter Options” to make the following adjustments:

  1. Change the “Campaign From” field to C19 and C19, to show only team members who placed first orders in C19
  2. Change the “Award Sales” field to “-99999 and 149” to show only team members who placed first orders of less than 150.
  3. Change the “Current LOA” field to “0 and 1” to show only brand new team members. *LOA stands for “Length of Association”.
  4. Click Run Report to see your results.


Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 8.28.10 AM.png


Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 8.29.09 AM.png

TIP #3 – Continue looking for new team members to sign up, both personal recruits and ALMA (lead-generated) recruits (if you’re qualified for ALMA). Push as hard as you can early in the incentive. Don’t keep telling yourself you’ll do it later. The sooner your new team members sign up, the more potential points you can earn as you continue mentoring them to success with their businesses. (You can earn 100 bonus points for each campaign that your new team member places a $150+ order during the incentive period, after their 1st or 2nd successful order of $150 or more!! That’s a ton of potential points for each new team member who you mentor towards long-term success with their business!)

TIP #4 – DON’T GIVE UP!! Never, ever, ever give up!! YOU are control of your success! Success is not an accident and it’s not just for the lucky ones! This incentive has nothing to do with luck. It’s all about effort and results. We create our own success through deliberate choices and actions.

Do you want to earn a free cruise to Bermuda?? OK, that’s what I thought! Now, choose to be successful and keep pushing past all of the obstacles to accomplish your goals!!


Check out the tips, strategies and resources in this Cruise Like a Boss tool kit for success:


Check out the video HERE, where I walk through some tips and strategies for Cruising Like a Boss!!

Click HERE for a list of first steps to start taking right away.

Click HERE for How to Sign Up a New Team Member

Click HERE for How to Build a $300+ Order


Check out the official details on Avon’s Cruise Like a Boss incentive at:

Be the World’s Best Boss!

Think about the best boss you ever had.

What was it about that boss that made them so effective?

Were they truly committed to the success of the business or did they just let the cards fall as they may?

Were they consistent and predictable in how they ran the business or did they fly by the seat of their pants?

How did they respond when things weren’t going well? Did they throw their hands up in surrender, become angry, and blame outside factors or did they sit down, regroup, and make a plan to change the course?

Did they jump in and do the work that needs to be done or did they sit back and wait for others to do it for them?


One of the best parts about being an Avon Independent Sales Representative is that we get to be our own boss.

One of the hardest parts about being an Avon Independent Sales Representative also happens to be that we get to be our own boss.

It’s exciting to be your own boss. You get to set your own goals and then have the freedom to decide how you will accomplish those goals and what schedule you’ll do it on.

It can also be terrifying to be your own boss, because, as they say, the buck stops here! As boss of your own Avon business, your success is ultimately in your own hands!

So, ask yourself…

What kind of boss will I be??

Will I commit to the success of my business and do what needs to be done to accomplish my goals?

Will I work my business consistently, on whatever schedule I decide is necessary to accomplish my goals?

How will I respond when things don’t go as well as I’d hoped? Will I point fingers or will I look for ways to get past the obstacle and back on course?

Will I wait for someone else to push me along on the path to success or will I make myself continue putting one foot in front of the other as I reach for my goals?


Ultimately, there is no limit to what you can achieve with your Avon business. Dream BIG, and then become the best boss you’ve ever had, as you lead yourself to accomplish more than you ever thought you could!

Who’s the Boss??


Now go on, BEAUTY BOSS…

Get out there and make beautiful stuff happen!

Cruise Like a Boss – How to Build a $300 Order

You’ve probably heard the AMAZING news, that Avon is giving away an all-inclusive cruise to Bermuda, to any Avon representative who earns the points to get there!

This incentive is NOT limited to the top achievers.

And this incentive is NOT about luck.

You earn the points, you get the trip!! 



Points for this trip can be earned in a variety of ways. (Check out the complete incentive details on In this post, I’m going to address one of the ways… Sales of $300 or more in a campaign!

Between Campaigns 20 ’17 and Campaign 6 ’18, representatives that reach sales of $300 or more in a campaign will earn 100 points. The incentive covers 13 campaigns, so if you reach sales of $300 or more in all thirteen campaigns, you’ll be 1300 points closer to cruising in style!!

If you’re not currently selling around $300 a campaign, you may be thinking you can’t reach that goal. YOU CAN! You just may need to try a few new strategies along the way!

Here is a list of 10+ tips for building sales of $300 or more in a campaign. BONUS – Sales of $500 or more earn 200 points each campaign!!

  1. Consider Your Customer Count – The average customer order is about $25. To reach sales of $300 in a campaign, you’ll need approximately 12 customers. Also consider, those same 12 customers will likely not order every single campaign. So, in reality, you need a customer base of more than 12 people. Do you have more than 12 people on your customer list? See Tip #2 for next steps!
  2. Build Your Customer List – If you don’t have 12 or more semi-regular customers, it’s time to build (and expand) your customer list. Start by brainstorming a list of everyone you know who could be a potential customer. (Remember, Avon has items for men, women, and children in all age groups, so pretty much anyone you know could be a customer!) Then, stretch your list to include friends, family, or co-workers of the people on your initial list. Expand it further by thinking of places in your local community where you can distribute brochures (waiting rooms, laundromats, community centers, gyms, any place that people sit and wait). Click here for more tips on building and expanding your customer list.
  3. Get Brochures Into Hands – If you’ve made a list of 100 potential customers, what do you think you need to do next?? You guessed it! Get brochures into all those hands. If you don’t have enough brochures, you can contact Avon to order more brochures for immediate shipment. If it’s a brochure-only order, you can even request to have your shipping fee waived!!
  4. Offer a Special Incentive – When you’re trying to build your customer base, a special incentive, such as a free gift with first order or a small discount with their first order, can be a great way to encourage orders. Once they try the wonderful products, they’ll be hooked!
  5. Harness the Power of Avon’s Guarantee – If you encounter potential customers who are hesitant to try something new, remind them about Avon’s product guarantee. All products are 100% guaranteed for any reason at all, within 90 days of purchase! So, if they try a lotion that doesn’t work for them or a lipstick with a shade they don’t prefer or shoes that don’t fit well, they can exchange their items or return for a full refund! It’s risk-free!
  6. Host an Avon Party – Invite friends and family over to enjoy a few snacks, while sampling Avon products and shopping the brochures. You can even give your party a theme. For example, make it a Beautiful Skin party. You can hone your skincare knowledge by taking the Skincare Specialist course in the Avon University section of! Click here for more info on hosting an Avon party.
  7. Vendor Events – Find a vendor event in your area. They can be a great opportunity to sell some products, pass out samples, and connect with new potential customers (or recruits)!
  8. Host a Fundraiser – Fundraisers are a great way to build your sales, while helping an organization in need. And all fundraiser orders count towards your sales goal for the campaign! Avon makes fundraising simple, with easy to use fundraising flyers. You can even run your fundraiser over the course of multiple campaigns, to extend the positive impact on your sales. You can get more info on fundraisers under the Earning Opportunities tab on or click here for more info.
  9. Host an Online Party – Hosting an online party is a great way to build your sales from the comfort of your couch!! Set up a group on Facebook, invite everyone you know. Ask them to invite people they know, then start partying! Use your time in the party to showcase Avon’s great products. Customers can order online and have their orders delivered directly to them. All of your online orders will count towards your sales goals!!
  10. Be a Walking Advertisement for Avon – Use Avon products from head to toe. Wear Avon jewelry. Carry an Avon bag. Use Avon skincare and hair care. Use Avon body lotions and shower gels. Wear Avon cosmetics. Using Avon products will help you gain firsthand knowledge of the products AND they will act as “compliment catchers”, which open the door to sharing Avon with new potential customers!

Want even MORE TIPS? Check out these 33+ Sales-Boosting Tips!

Not currently an Avon representative?? Contact me for more information or go to and use reference code: amydeline to get started right away.

YOU could be celebrating on the cruise to Bermuda with us this spring!!

What’s Hot in Avon Campaigns 20 and 21!!

Things are really heating up at Avon, as we enter the peak fall and holiday sales season!!

In addition to a SPECTACULAR upcoming product line-up, Avon recently made several HUGE announcements, including the CRUISE LIKE A BOSS incentive (Earn a free 5-night cruise to Bermuda on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem on the Seas), the DRIVE LIKE A BOSS incentive (earn chances to win one of four Mini-Coopers, an 8-week Social Selling Simplified webinar series (starting August 23), and a partnership with Project Runway Season 16!!

Read on for a summary of all the big news, along with tips on selling the hottest items in Campaigns 20 and 21!!


Project Runway Season 16 premieres on Thursday, August 17 on Lifetime!! Avon is the exclusive beauty partner of Season 16, and will be featured on every single episode of the season!! Plan a weekly viewing party, live or online! It’s a great way to feature Avon’s amazing, on-trend, high-quality products, as well as the earnings opportunity of becoming an Avon beauty boss!!


The brand new, online, self-paced virtual training system, Avon U, will be available soon!! The new Avon U will be an incredibly valuable tool for you and your team members!!

Espira, Avon’s new health and wellness line, will launch this January. 6,000 RepFest attendees (myself included) were given Espira products (Vitamins for Women, Women 40+, and Men, along with “Calm” and “Restful Sleep” supplements) to begin using! I’m loving how I feel so far!! Additional Espira products will be sent out to RepFest attendees during the next few months! I can not wait to begin sharing these items with my customers!!




Campaign 20 is all about The Best of Avon Beauty!! Check out the hottest featured items: Best of Beauty Skincare Bundle, Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Wild Country for Men, the Best of Beauty A-Box, and the Beauty Boost Face Masks!!
20863590_10212628953473115_3773741073009769650_oThe Best of Skincare product bundle is a tremendous value. Customers get 4 of Avon’s most loved skincare items, valued at $127, for only $86.96!!20776690_10212628961753322_5931424665174700588_o I’m personally in love with this Beauty Boost Face Masks set!! What a fun item! (Would make an awesome gift for the holidays!!)


Wild Country is celebrating its 50th anniversary! To celebrate, Avon has release this limited edition collectible decanter!!


The Campaign 20 A-Box features the best of beauty collection! Customers can get this great collection of products for only $10 with any $40 brochure purchase!! This is a great deal for customers and a great opportunity to try new Avon products.

For you, it’s a great way to build your sales, by encouraging orders of $50 or more!


Ready to build your business in Campaign 20?? Check out these great tips…


Campaign 21 is all about Avon’s philanthropy for women, featuring Shop for the Greater Goods! The featured items in the Breast Cancer Crusade and Speak Out Against Domestic Violent collections all raise funds for these important women’s causes.

20785856_10212629091636569_1866282729475765494_o Check out the top picks from the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence collection…


Check out the top picks from the Breast Cancer Crusade collection…

**There’s also an absolutely STUNNING pink statement necklace that I will definitely be buying for myself!!


Check out these other ideas on how you can join in on the philanthropy!


Campaign 21 features the Power of Pink A-Box, a $31 value, available for only $10 with any $40 brochure purchase!!


Successful Avon beauty bosses set goals each campaign and make a plan to achieve them! Check out some of these great action items for success in Campaigns 20 and 21!!


How to Sign Up a New Avon Team Member

It’s very easy for someone to join your Avon team, by starting their own Avon business!

Have your new team member go to and be sure that they enter your REFERENCE CODE where it is asked for.

After they complete their information and select their starter kit, they will be an official Avon representative. You will receive an email to inform you that you have a “successful self-appointment” to let you know that you have a new team member.


How Do I Know My Reference Code?

Your reference code is the same as whatever comes past the / in your web store address. For example, my web store address is, which means that my reference code is: amydeline

What Does It Cost To Join Avon?

When your new team member starts their business, they will have the choice of three well-stocked starter kits, priced at $25, $50, or $100. All three options contain everything the new Avon representative needs for a successful start to their business.

What Should I Do After Someone Joins My Team?

As soon as someone has joined your team, it’s time to give them a great, big Avon welcome!! Welcome your new team member to Avon and offer to answer any questions that they have. When your new team member’s kit arrives, offer to explain all of the materials and provide tips for success. Help them to understand things such as order dates, how to utilize the brochures, how to follow-up with customers, and how to promote their web store. Keep in touch with your new team member as they get started with their business and as they approach their first order date. If you’re new to starting a team, talk to your Avon upline mentor for tips on how to best support your new team member!

What Do I Get When Someone Joins My Team?

When you mentor your new team member towards success with placing a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more, Avon will reward you with a $20 bonus. You will also receive a 3% sponsoring bonus on your team member’s sales, every campaign, for as long as you are both active Avon representatives. **If you are still a new representative, in the 7-campaign Kickstart period, your bonus will be $50 instead of $20!!


The image below shows how to find your reference code, along with steps for someone to join your team

How to Sign Someone Up Online.jpg

Cruise Like a Boss – First Steps

My previous post focused on tips and strategies for earning the necessary points to Cruise Like a Boss with Avon in Spring 2018.

The first campaign to earn points, Campaign 20 ’17 (TS-22), has not yet arrived, but there are several very important steps you can be taking RIGHT NOW to prepare for this incentive.

Remember, it’s important to start earning points right away, so that you’re not scrambling at the end with limited options.


Here are some recommended actions to take right away:

  1. Order more brochures. If you’re not currently selling $300-$500+ each campaign, order additional brochures for Campaign 20. More brochures leads to more customers which leads to higher sales and higher earnings. Try 50-60 brochures (5 or 6 packs). Be sure you’ve also got the Avon Living magalogs, which are a huge additional earnings opportunity.
  2. Make a list. Take a few minutes to make a list of every possible customer you can think of. (Click HERE for a step-by-step guide for building and expanding your list.) Once you’ve made your list, go back through it and put a “$” next to anyone on your list who could benefit from earnings some extra money or who might be interested in earning a free cruise to Bermuda. (Those are the first people you’ll approach about joining your team.)
  3. Make a sales strategy. What specific steps will you take to boost your sales to the $300-$500+ level, starting with Campaign 20 (TS-22)? Click HERE for a list of Sales Tips, which can help you with your plan
  4. Promote the A-Box. Start promoting the A-boxes right away. Get customers excited about these awesome beauty boxes, which they can get for only $10 with any $40 brochure purchase. This is a way that you can introduce customers to new Avon products, while also building a $50 order. (You only need SIX $50 orders to reach sales of $300!!)
  5. Start looking for team members NOW. Don’t wait until Campaign 20 to start adding team members. New reps that are signing up now, are already scheduled to submit their first orders in Campaign 20. The time to start building your team is right now. Let’s get them started right away, so that they can also begin earning points for the cruise!! Check out the team-building tips HERE to help you with finding team members.