President’s Club 2019 – Time to Bring It Home!

Avon offers a recognition program, designed to celebrate and reward top sellers.

The first level of sales achievement, new for 2019 is the PREMIER level, which can be achieved by reaching $5,000 in total sales during the 2019 sales year!

The next level, PRESIDENT’S CLUB, can be achieved by reaching $10,000 in total sales during the 2019 sales year!

Higher levels can be achieved with higher sales, including HONOR SOCIETY (at $20,000 total sales), ROSE CIRCLE (at $35,000 total sales), DAVID H. McCONNELL (at $65,000 total sales), PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL (at $110,000 total sales), and INNER CIRCLE (at $220,000 total sales).

While there are a variety of increasingly appealing rewards associated with achieving each level of sales recognition, the most valuable perk of achieving these sales recognition levels is the ability to lock in higher earnings on all beauty, jewelry, and wellness items for ALL OF THE FOLLOWING SALES YEAR!!

PREMIER achievers lock in 30% earnings on beauty, jewelry and wellness items for the entire following sales year.

PRESIDENT’S CLUB achievers lock in 40% earnings on beauty, jewelry and wellness items for the entire following sales year (plus 25% earnings on home/fashion items)!

ROSE CIRCLE achievers (and above) lock in 45% earnings on beauty, jewelry and wellness items for the entire following sales year (plus 25% earnings on home/fashion items)!

For 2019, Avon has extended the deadline for reaching sales achievement levels past the close of Campaign 26 (the official end of the 2019 sales year. All reps now have until 12/31 to achieve sales recognition levels, to lock in higher earnings for all of the following sales year!

Even if you’re thousands of dollars in sales away from your sales achievement goal, you can make BIG things happen during the next few campaigns, if you play your cards right!

The first thing to do is to check your current sales amount by going to Earnings and Rewards tab on and selecting the “Premier and PRP Tracker”. Once you know how much more you need to sell to achieve the nearest sales achievement level, check out the ideas below to give your sales a great big boost during the next couple months!

Here are some ideas for giving yourself major sales boosts during the final campaigns of the year: 

  1. Hold a Fundraiser – Find an organization that is in need of funds. Hold an Avon fundraiser (online or flyer) for them! You can host your own fundraiser for a cause you care about or find a school, group, club, or team that is looking to raise money. Fundraisers can potentially be a big boost to your sales in a short period of time. Check out the Earning Opportunities page on for lots more info and resources for holding an Avon fundraiser. **The annual stuffed-animal fundraiser is always a successful option at this time of year. This year’s animal is Finley the Fox, and he’s absolutely adorable!
  2. Be Charitable – Offer your customers the opportunity to purchase bundles of products for local organizations in need. For example, you might offer “Slippers for Seniors” where customers can purchase a pair of slippers which you will donate to a local nursing home. You could also offer bundles of daily care items which you will donate to local homeless shelters or women’s shelters, or children’s items which can be donated to local schools as holiday items for needy children. Make flyers to promote your charitable offers. Promote your charitable offers on social media too, so that even non-local friends and family have the option of donating a bundle.
  3. Offer a Limited-Time Unbeatable Deal – “Get $100 worth of beauty products or jewelry for $60!!” Tell customers that if they order $100 or more of beauty products or jewelry, you will take $40 off their bill. How does this work?? In order for this plan to work, you need at least FIVE customers to take advantage of this deal. With five customers ordering $100 worth of items, you’ll have a $500 order, which will qualify you for the 40% earnings level. That means that Avon will only charge YOU $60 for the $100 worth of items, which enable you to take the $40 off your customer’s bill. Essentially, you are charging customers your cost (40% off) for the items. You would not make any earnings on the items, since you would be passing the full discount onto the customer BUT it could help you to pull in bigger than usual sales, which would help you make a leap towards President’s Club. IMPORTANT NOTES – Customers should pay sales tax on all items, pre-discount. Take the $40 off the final bill. You can not include fashion, home, or other fixed-earnings item in this offer, since you only get 20% earnings on those items, therefore you can not offer 40% off to customers.
  4. Vendor Events – This is a great time of year to have a table at a local vendor event or craft fair. Sell gift-ready Avon product bundles. Be sure to also pass out tons of brochures and collect contact information from everyone you meet by offering a free raffle basket! Vendor events are not just about making a one-time product sale. They’re a great way to connect with tons of new potential life-long customers in a short period of time!
  5. Holiday Shopping Party – Hold a holiday shopping party! Invite all of your friends and family. Encourage them to bring a friend. Make it fun and social. Serve up a few snack and festive beverages. Make a nice display of great gift options, demos, and samples. Offer ready-to-give Avon product bundles, tied with a bow. Help your customers browse the brochures for gift options for everyone on their holiday shopping lists.
  6. More Brochures = More Sales – This tip holds true for any campaign of the year. The more brochures you pass out, the higher your sales will grow. The key to making the most of those brochures is the FOLLOW-UP. Pass out as many brochures as you can, then follow-up a few days later to offer to answer questions and collect orders.
  7. Promote the A-Box – Each campaign, there is a new A-Box available for customers to purchase for $10 with any $40 brochure purchase. Promoting these boxes will help you to build your average customer order to $50 or more. PLUS, as customers try the items included in each box, they’ll discover new products they love, which they’ll come back to purchase from you campaign after campaign!
  8. Hold an Online Holiday Shopping Party – Set up a group on facebook, invite your friends, family, and customers. Encourage them to invite their friends and family to the group. Keep the party open for a few days. Get your online guests engaged by asking questions and playing games which encourage them to visit your web store (like an Avon product scavenger hunt). Post tons and tons of pictures (along with your web store address) to inspire your guests to do some holiday shopping. Offer raffles and special deals! Provide public recognition when people place orders.

GOT SKIN?? Your Not-So-Secret Weapon For Sales Success!!

Do YOU or does anyone you know have skin??

If your answer to that question is YES (and I’m willing to bet it is), then guess what…

You have absolutely everything you need to build a tremendously successful and profitable Avon business!!


You and every human you know has skin. In fact, skin is the largest organ on the human body.

And being that the skin is such a large, visible, important part of our bodies, most people care (at least a little bit) about taking care of their skin.

Common skin concerns include:

  • Protecting skin from dangerous sun damage
  • Preventing signs of aging
  • Effectively cleaning skin on the face and body
  • Treating and preventing acne
  • Hydrating and moisturizing skin (for both comfort and appearance)
  • Reducing the appearance of pores
  • Improving skin tone or clarity
  • Improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reducing puffiness and dark circle around eyes
  • Purifying skin and protecting from pollutants





Avon offers a wide variety of incredible products which address all of those skin concerns (and more)!! Avon has skin care products to meet the needs of both women and men (because men have skin too), of all ages!

Avon even has a totally toxin-free marshmallow-scented moisturizing lotion for kids’ skin!!



To put it simply, EVERYONE YOU KNOW is a potential skin care customer! All YOU have to do is introduce them to the products which will meet their personal skin care needs. Match them with the right Avon skin care products for their needs, and they will be your customer for life!

In a nutshell, selling skin care is your ticket to longterm Avon sales success!!




Here are a few tips for becoming an Avon Skin Care Sales Pro:

TIP #1 – Get To Know The Products

One of the most important steps in becoming an Avon skin care sales pro is to get to know the products. How??

  • Try the products for yourself. Your firsthand experience and personal testimonials are powerful, authentic sales tools. Get a great discount on the products by ordering from the What’s New demo catalogs
  • Read the What’s New demo catalogs. They are often filled with tons of helpful information about new skin care products.
  • Watch the Campaign Insider videos and other live training videos on the Avon USA Representatives facebook page, to learn about the products you sell
  • Participate in Virtual Sales Meetings and other training webinars, focused on improving your product knowledge. All meetings and webinars are typically recorded to watch at your convenience.
  • Go to the Avon U Training section of to find product training and resources, including an incredible new collection of detailed one-pagers on every Avon skin care item (including our new, ultra-luxurious Face Shop collaboration items).

TIP #2 – Share Testimonials

Many people share a lot of the same skin care concerns. Share your own personal testimonials and testimonials from your current skin care customers about the results you (or your customers) got from using Avon’s incredible skin care products. Be specific. Share before and after photos, if possible. The results will speak for themselves!!

TIP #3 – Run a Special Skin Care Sale

Avon frequently runs sales and special offers on our skin care products. Promote those sales, but also consider running your very own special sale, to entice new customers into giving Avon skin care a try. Perhaps offer new customers an additional 10% discount off any skin care items. You may make less profit on that initial sale, but you will greatly profit long term as they continue coming back to you to replenish their new favorite skin care items. Skin care customers are REPEAT customers!!




TIP #4 – Offer Skin Care Samples

Offering skin care samples, custom selected for the potential customer, can be a great way to introduce new potential customers to our wonderful skin care products. You can find an assortment of skin care samples available to purchase, by going to the Order Products tab on, then selecting “SAMPLES” from the menu. More samples of our newest skin care products will become available as we enter the new year. In the mean time, you can also make your own samples using small containers (available online at Amazon). TIP: Be sure to follow-up after offering samples to see how the customer liked the product. Offer a special deal on the full-sized products at that time!

TIP #5 – Promote the Product Guarantee

All Avon products (excluding Outlet/Final Sale items) are guaranteed for 90 days for any reason at all. That makes it totally risk-free for customers to give Avon skin care a try. Encourage new customers to try Avon skin care for a full 30 days. If they’re not satisfied with the results, offer a refund or credit towards trying another Avon skin care product, so they can find the items which work best for their individual needs. It’s easy for representatives to process Returns and Exchanges through the online returns system.

TIP #6 – Brochures and Social Media

As with selling any Avon products, you’ll gain more sales by sharing more brochures and promoting more on social media. Get brochures into as many hands as you can each campaign, then follow-up to collect orders. Consider sticking a label on the front to advertise a special skin care offer! Also, promote regularly on social media, using your own personal pictures/testimonials AND the beautiful images/videos available in our Avon Social tool!

TIP #7 – Host a Skin Care Party

Invite friends, family, and potential customers to attend a special skin care party, where they can learn about the products, sample Avon skin care items, and discover the perfect products for their personal skin care needs and concerns.



Your AVON Holiday Sales Season Tool Kit

The Avon holiday sales season has arrived!

Whether you’ve been with Avon for years or are just starting your business, this is the absolute best time to make connections with new customers, boost your sales, and put some $$$ in your pockets!

What exactly makes this time of year so special??

  • Avon has the most beautiful holiday product collections, offering tons of bright and shiny items to attract new customers (even those who shop their beauty products elsewhere).
  • Avon has a wide assortment of perfectly giftable items, right at the time of year when shoppers are on the hunt for gifts.
  • There are tons of vendor events/craft fairs happening during this time of year, which are perfect places to promote your business.
  • This is the time of year when many people do their most shopping. Many people set money aside all year, specifically for shopping during these next few months.
  • Many gatherings take place during this time of year, giving you the perfect opportunity to share brochures and samples with new potential customers. Avon also makes a great hostess gift for the events that you attend!
  • This is a perfect time of year to host your own festive Avon holiday shopping party, to showcase the great products you have to offer.
  • Avon can make a great gift for many of the people on your personal holiday shopping list. By giving Avon gifts, you introduce our fabulous products to people who may want to shop from you in the future. PLUS, as a rep, you get to enjoy a discount on all of your Avon purchases, which saves you money on your holiday shopping!
  • This time of year is also a big time for fundraisers and charitable giving. As an Avon representative, you can offer fundraisers using our fundraising flyers or easy online fundraising system. (Fundraisers connect you with new customers, who may become your customer for life!)


With all of that in mind, I’ve gathered a few resources for you, to help you to make the most out of this incredible business opportunity!

Take advantage of this fantastic time of year to permanently grow your Avon business! Opportunity is knocking right NOW!!

Click on the links below to learn more about each of the following business-boosting topics:

Tips for Successful Vendor Events

Holiday Product Inventory Tips

How to Sell Avon Online

Tips for Utilizing Brochures for Avon Sales Success 

Simple Tips for Holiday Sales Success

Avon Party Tips

Tips for Hosting an ONLINE Avon Party



  • Utilize our Avon Social tool to post tons of pics of our incredible holiday products. Post every day and be sure to add your own personal testimonials! (Remember, you can pre-schedule your Avon Social posts up to a month in advance, so you can set up your posts when it’s most convenient for you!)
  • While in Avon Social, check out the My Sweeps feature. The 8 Weeks of Giving sweeps is happening right now. A new winner is being selected by Avon each week. Every rep has their own personal sweeps link to share (which you can find in Avon Social). The My Sweeps feature is a prospect generator, designed to help you attract and engage with new potential customers! You can view a list of everyone who enters the sweeps through your link in the Avon Social Prospect Center!
  • Give extra brochures to everyone you know and ask them to share with people they know. Offer thank you gifts or discounts for any orders they bring you.
  • Check out the Fundraising section of (under the Earnings and Rewards tab) to learn all about both flyer and online fundraisers. Fundraisers are a great way to connect with new customers.
  • Wear and share Avon everywhere you go… parties, work, errands, and holiday events. Avon jewelry is especially effective at inspiring comments, which opens the door to sharing a brochure and/or your online store link.
  • Side-by-side with promoting the holiday items, be sure to promote Avon’s core beauty product collection, including our incredible new collaboration products with CHI hair care and The Face Shop! Introducing customers to those new luxurious collections will make them customers for life!




AVON Holiday Inventory Updates and TIPS!

We have officially reached the most fun (and most profitable) sales season of the entire year!!

The combination of our beautiful holiday items, along with the introduction of our new CHI hair care lines, luxurious FACE SHOP skin care and cosmeticscharcoal whitening toothpastespa-worthy body scrubs, and exclusive Frozen 2 singing plushes offers us an incredible opportunity to connect with new customers and put more money in our pockets (right during the time of year that many of us need it most)!!

Remember, all of our holiday items are available in LIMITED SUPPLY. They WILL likely sell out.


With that in mind, I’ve put together TEN TIPS to help you make the most of our holiday products, while inventory is still strong for most items.

TIP #1 – Heavily PROMOTE the holiday items NOW by passing out tons of brochures and posting regularly on social media. Promote now while inventory of most items is strong.

TIP #2 – Take PRE-ORDERS for popular upcoming items (such as the FROZEN 2 singing plushes, which will become available at the start of Campaign 25 and will likely sell out quickly). Submit the orders as soon as the campaign ordering window opens. (C24 is open now. C25 will open 11/13.)

TIP #3 – Set customer expectations by advising them of how quickly our holiday items will sell out. That communicates a positive message about the popularity of our holiday items, along with a little urgency to order quickly.

TIP #4 – Use the Holiday Inventory Report (which is updated daily) to monitor the status of sold out items and items which are selling out fast. Update your customers on items selling fast, so they can get their orders placed quickly.

TIP #5 – Remind customers that they can always order through your online store for up-to-the-minute availability (so they don’t risk popular items selling out between the time they give you their order and the time you place it).

TIP #6 – Place customer orders quickly. Try to not to hold onto orders for more than a few days. Items may sell out during that waiting time.

TIP #7 – Order your inventory for holiday shopping parties and vendor events NOW, while the inventory of most items is still strong.

TIP #8 – Promote the holiday items, which are great attention-grabbers, but simultaneously SHARE, SAMPLE, and SELL all of our beautiful new CHI hair care, FACE SHOP skin care and cosmetics, luxurious body scrubs, whitening toothpaste, etc. Inventory of those items is very strong. Most importantly, those are the items that customers will continue to come back for time and time again, even after the holidays have passed. Those items will create livelong repeat customers, rather than one-time holiday shoppers!

TIP #9 – Use the “Join the Wait List” feature on to be notified as soon as temporarily backordered items are back in stock. (Items listed as “No Longer Available” will not be restocked and do not have a Wait List option.)

TIP #10 – Sell, sell, SELL!! This is the best of year to connect with new customers. Have fun getting out there and promoting your business during this exciting time of year!

The Power of Good Ol’ Avon Brochures

In 1886, a traveling book salesman named David H. McConnell recruited a team of women to be sales representatives for his new business, The California Perfume Company, which would later be renamed as AVON.

In 1896, the first brochure was printed for the sales representatives to share the products.

And while there are many ways to go about selling Avon products, there’s nothing more tried and true than the good ol’ Avon brochure!! 

Our businesses live and breathe in the Avon brochures. Brochures are our store front. Getting brochures into hands is one of the most effective ways to invite potential customers into our business to shop.

As a general rule of thumb, if you want more customers to shop your Avon business, get more brochures in front of more eyes. Combine those brochures with a bit of follow-up to answer questions, point out great deals, and collect orders and you’ve got a recipe for success!

Check out these tips for utilizing one of your most powerful sales tools – the good ol’ Avon brochure!!

TIP #1 – Consider Brochures As An Invitation

Think of the brochures as invitation to step inside your store and shop. How many people would you like to invite inside your store each campaign?? Remember, not everyone who sees a brochure will shop every campaign, so it’s important to get the brochure in front of as many eyes as possible, then follow-up to close the sale! The more people who browse the brochure, the more orders you’re likely to collect.

TIP #2 – Invest In Your Success

All things considered, the cost of running an Avon business is extremely low. We do not need to pay rent on a store front or utilities to run the store. We do not need to pay employees. We do not need to stock an inventory. What we DO need is a way to show potential customers the products we have to offer. The brochure is one of the most effective ways to do that. It is one of the best tools for connecting with more customers, generating more sales, and increasing your earnings!

Fortunately, the cost of brochures decreases the more packs we purchase, making it easy to invest in your Avon business success! Ask yourself again… How many people do you want to invite inside your Avon business each campaign? Get enough brochures to make it happen!

  • 1 pack of 10 Brochures: $6.49

  • 2 packs of 10 Brochures: $9.78

  • 3 packs of 10 Brochures: $12.54

  • 4 packs of 10 Brochures: $15.04

  • 5 packs of 10 Brochures: $16.50

Each pack of 10, after the first five packs, costs $3.30 – just 33 cents per brochure!!

TIP #3 – Printed Brochures Can Attract Online Customers Too!

Online shoppers like printed brochures too!! Getting our beautiful printed brochures into the hands of your online shoppers can help to boost your online sales! Whereas an email or Facebook post might strike customer interest for a moment, those things are gone and off their mind in a flash. A printed brochure provides a repeated nudge to browse and shop, every time your potential customer catches a glance of it. They may flip through it multiple times, each time noticing new items and becoming more interested in the items which first caught their attention. Every time they browse, they’ll get closer to making the purchase!

When delivering brochures, don’t forget your online shoppers. Mailing brochures to non-local customers can be a great way to keep your customers engaged. Check out as a convenient and cost-effective way to send brochures to non-local customers. You can even customize the label which appears on the brochures you send!

TIP #4 – Utilize FREE Digital Brochure Resources Too!

Nothing beats the effectiveness of our beautiful printed brochures, but we also have a number of ways to share the brochure digitally, which is totally FREE to do! Check out these ways to share the digital brochure:

YOUR ONLINE STORE – Go to your online store. Click “Brochure”, then copy the URL for that page to share with potential customers through email, Facebook, messenger, etc.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 10.38.22 AM.png

AVON SOCIAL – Go to Avon Social on to make a post from the Content Planner section. Use the little dropdown menu to add a link to your digital brochure.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 11.32.16 AM.png

AVONNOW.COM – Go to the representative site, and click the box which says BROCHURES. Click on the image of the brochure you’d like to share, then click on the icons to share your brochure on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or by email. You can even download a PDF of the entire brochure!!

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 10.37.01 AM.png

TIP #5 – Make It Routine

One of the most important things about sharing the brochure is to do it consistently. Every customer will not order every campaign, but consistently offering brochures lets your customers know that you are open for business and inspires interest in the wide variety of products we have to offer. It’s unlikely that customers are going to bang down your door to ask you what items you have for sale. We need to show them, and the brochures are one of the most effective ways to do that.

Set a routine that you can stick to, for delivering printed brochures and sharing the digital brochure. Figure out who needs to get a brochure and how/when you’ll get it to them. It may be helpful to make multiple brochure-delivery lists.

For example, you may make a lists of:

  • ALL current and potential new customers to email the digital brochure every campaign
  • Local customers who shop regularly/semi-regularly to deliver a printed brochure to every campaign
  • Local customers who shop occasionally to deliver occasional brochures to (perhaps once a month)
  • Non-local online customers to mail a brochure to at least once a month
  • Possible new customers to deliver/mail an occasional brochure to

TIP #5 – Get Brochures Into The Hands of People You Don’t Already Know

While many Avon representatives find their first customers amongst people they know (friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.) to grow your business even further, it’s important to get brochures into the hands of people you DON’T already know too!

There are lots and lots of ways to do this. Just to name a few…

  • Deliver throughout your neighborhood (there are “clear literature bags” available in our Sales Tools section, which are perfect for putting the brochures into, to hang on doorknobs)
  • Do a vendor event and pass out tons of brochures. Offer a free raffle basket at your table to collect contact info for follow-up.
  • Friend Referrals – Give each of your current customers a few extra brochures to share with people they know. Reward them with a discount of free Avon gifts if they bring you new customers
  • Ask about leaving brochures in local businesses and any place that people gather, like laundromats, waiting rooms, community centers, senior living facilities, lunch/break rooms, building lobbies, etc.

TIP #6 – The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up

Don’t just pass the brochures out, then sit by the phone waiting for the orders to come rolling in. Increase the effectiveness of every brochure you pass out with a bit of follow-up. It can be as simple as sending a message a few days later to offer to answer questions, point out great deals, and collect orders. Think of it as one of the helpful customer services you provide! Your customers will appreciate how easy and personal you make it to shop with you!




Choosing the Right “Avon x Face Shop” Ink-Lasting Foundation Shade

You must have heard the exciting news by now!

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.03.03 AM.png

Avon has an exclusive collaboration with The Face Shop to offer a collection of premium, super-luxurious Korean beauty products. K-Beauty products are influencing beauty trends around the world, and now Avon representatives have the ability to share these sought-after products with our customers around the United States.


One of the most exciting items in this incredible collaboration is the Ink Lasting Liquid Foundation, available in an innovative cushion compact (pictured above) or classic bottle.

Both formats offer a lightweight formula with a smooth, natural matte finish and a weightless, non-caking feel. These buildable medium-to-full coverage foundations help to beautifully even skin tone.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.03.40 AM.png

Perhaps best of all, our new foundations are available in 18 shades, all exclusive to Avon!!

Samples of this beautiful new foundation will be available soon. In the meantime, you may be wondering, how do you select the best shade for yourself and how can you help customers to select the best shade for themselves??

Continue reading for a few tips which may help!

TIP #1 – Get to Know the Shade Coding System

In addition to a name (such as Porcelain, Ivory, Light-Medium…) each of the 18 shades is coded with a letter and a number. Understanding the meaning of those letters and numbers can help you to select the right shade for you and/or your customers.

Let’s talk first about the letters… Each shade is labeled with either a “W” for WARM skin tones, “N” for NEUTRAL skin undertones, or “C” for COOL skin undertones. Identifying your skin undertone can help to narrow down the right foundation shade for you. (More on identifying skin undertone in just a bit!!)

And now the numbers… After each W, N, or C, you’ll find a number 10 – 70. The numbers identify the darkness level of the shade. A foundation with a “10” will be the lightest in the W, N, or C family. A foundation with a “70” would be the darkest.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.03.46 AM.png

TIP #2 – Get to Know Skin Undertones

There are a few general questions which can be answered to determine whether someone has WARM, NEUTRAL, or COOL skin undertones.

Look at the veins on the wrist. What color do they appear? If they appear blue/purple, you likely have a cool skin tone. If they appear green or greenish-blue, you likely have a warm skin tone. If you’re unable to identify vein color, you likely have a neutral skin tone.

What color jewelry appears best on your skin? If you look best in silver jewelry, you likely have a cool skin tone. If you look best in gold jewelry, you likely have a warm skin tone. If you look equally good in both silver and good, you likely have a neutral skin tone.

What shade of white looks best on you? If you look best in bright white, you likely have a cool skin tone. If you look best in off-whites and creams, you likely have a warm skin tone.

Knowing your skin undertone can help you to identify the right foundation shade for you and your customers.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.03.56 AM.png

TIP #3 – Compare Foundation Shades Side-By-Side with Just ONE Demo Shade

Getting yourself just one demo item (perhaps in your personal shade) can help you to identify ideal shades for your customers. Apply a bit of your demo shade onto a piece of white paper. Have your customer apply a bit of their current foundation next to your demo shade.

Compared to your demo shade, does your customer need a shade that is darker or lighter? If they need lighter, select a number (10-70) which is lower than your demo shade. If they need darker, select a number (10-70) which is higher than your demo shade.

Compared to your demo shade, does your customer need a shade that is warmer or cooler? If they need a warmer shade, select one with a “W”. If they need a cooler shade, select one with a “C”. If they need somewhere in between, select a shade with an “N”.


TIP #4 – Remember Avon’s Product Guarantee!

All Avon products (excluding clearance/outlet/while-supplies-last items) are guaranteed for 90 days of purchase and can be returned/exchanged for any reason. Use the above tips to select the best possible shade, but if it’s not a good match, remember that you can return/exchange for a different shade.

It’s truly risk-free to give our beautiful new foundation a try!! Try it for yourself, then share it with everyone you know!!

DEMOS – Everything You Need to Know!

Demo products can be an incredibly powerful tool, which Avon representatives can use in a variety of way to connect with new customers and grow their sales.

In this blog post, I’m going to outline a number of different ways that demos can be used to grow your business, but first, let’s breakdown a few FAQs about Avon demo products!

FAQ #1 – What are demo products?

Demo products are exactly the same as the actual products which will be available to customers. The only difference is that representatives can order the products one or two campaigns ahead of when they will become available to customers, at a highly discounted cost. They’re like a sneak peak at a big discount!! #AvonRepPerk

FAQ #2 – Where can I browse and order Avon demo products?

Avon demo products are featured in the “What’s New” catalogs, which are included in your orders. You can also browse demo products on the representative site ( by either clicking “BROCHURES” to browse the digital brochures (including the digital version of the What’s New catalogs) OR by clicking the “ORDER PRODUCTS” tab, then selecting “Demos” from the menu.

FAQ #3 – When can I order demo products?

Demos can be ordered one or two campaigns ahead of the campaign the product will be introduced. (For example, you can order demos from the What’s New catalog for Campaign 24 in Campaigns 22 or 23.)

You can also backorder demo products from the What’s New catalog, while in the current campaign (meaning that you can order from the What’s New 24 while within the Campaign 24 ordering window).

FAQ #4 – How much will my demo discount be?

Your discount on all beauty, jewelry, or wellness demos will be 40% off the brochure cost, as long as the total of your order for the campaign is at least $50.

Your discount on fashion and home items is 25% off (marked as the “C” price in the What’s New).

President’s Club members receive an additional 5% discount on demo items (marked as the “PRP” price in the What’s New).

FAQ #5 – Do demo products count towards my sales for the campaign, for achieving higher earnings levels or Kickstart goals?

Yes, demo products count towards your “award sales” at the demo cost (60% of brochure cost for beauty, jewelry, wellness items/75% of brochure cost for fashion and home items).

FAQ #6 – Is there a limit to how many demos I can purchase?

For most demos, you are limited to purchasing ONE of each item. For items that come in multiple shades, sizes, etc. that typically means you can select one shade, size, etc. of that item.

President’s Club members and above are able to order additional demos, depending on sales achievement level.

Occasionally, some demos are listed as “unrestricted” meaning that you can order as many as you like or up to your demo limit in each shade, size, etc.

FAQ #7 – What are the “Exclusive Representative Offers” in the What’s New catalogs? Is there a limit on those?

There is no limit on items listed as “Exclusive Representative Offers” in the What’s New catalogs. Those are typically special deals on current products, which give representatives an opportunity to stock up on items they need for events, parties, or inventory at a highly discounted price.

FAQ #8 – Is it beneficial to order demo products?

Absolutely, as long as you have a plan for how to use the demos to connect with new customers and generate new sales! Keep reading for tips on how to make the most of your demo products!

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 1.49.57 PM.png

Demo products have the potential to help you attract new customers and generate higher sales, putting more money in your pockets!

Check out these tips for making the most of the demo products you purchase:


One very excellent use of demo item is to personally use the products to get to know the items firsthand and generate your own authentic personal testimonial. The better you know the products, the more easily and naturally you’ll be able to sell them, simply by sharing your personal experience! Personal use is especially valuable with skin care, makeup, and wellness items.


Hand in hand with personally using the products comes Before and After photos. Make the most of your personal use by taking pictures before and after, which you can then share on social media and through direct messages/emails to people who you think may be interested in gaining similar results. Before and After photos are ideal for skin care and makeup items!


Another twist on the personal use idea is to Wear and Share the products. This works especially well for fashion items and jewelry. Make your Avon demo products a part of your wardrobe choices, then proudly advertise your business while you’re out and about. As people comment on your beautiful necklace or festive holiday sweater, tell them “It’s Avon!” and offer them a brochure or your business card.


Want to get even more results from WEARING and SHARING the demos?? Take a selfie and share it on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to use hashtags like #avonrep #linkinbio #avonfashion #avonjewelry #jewelrylover #beautylover or #ootd (outfit of the day) to share your look with an even wider audience! Social media is also a powerful tool for sharing before and after pictures and other pics of your favorite Avon products!


Allow your customers to experience the demo products firsthand, by sharing samples of the upcoming products. Keep a new fragrance with you to allow potential customers to try on their own skin. Let them see and feel the beautiful bottle it comes in. (Collect a pre-order when they love it!)

Skin care products can be used to perform “hand-cials” – like a mini facial, but on the hand! Allow potential customers to apply a small amount of items like lotion, cream, serums, and primers to their hand to experience the texture, smell, and effect of the products. (Just be sure to keep demo products sanitary, by using disposable applicators when necessary, such as cotton swabs.)


Get your demo items seen by as many eyes as possible by setting up a table at a local vendor event/craft fair or by hosting an Avon open house where customers can see, smell, touch, and experience the products firsthand. Collect pre-orders of the items customers are interested in, so you can place the orders as soon as the products become available (especially important for limited-supply seasonal/holiday items, which are likely to sell out). Consider offering a special pre-order discount.


Get the most out of your demo items by getting them seen by as many eyes as possible! If you have access to a public place (such as a lunch/break room at work, waiting room, community room, or lobby) where you can safely set up some items, make a nice display of upcoming products. Leave a stack of brochures and some business cards near the display.


For demo items which have only been used for display, you may be able to recoup what you paid for the demo by selling it at your cost, when you no longer need the item. Lucky customers will be happy for the great deal and you’ll be happy to recoup your investment, so you can get your hands on some new demos for upcoming campaigns! You may also be able to use demo items as gifts (especially around the holidays) and/or keep the items you love for your personal use after they’ve served their purpose as a demo.

Simple Tips for Fall/Holiday Sales Success

Year after year, the fall and holiday sales season is the BEST sales season for Avon representatives!

And the 2019 fall and holiday sales season is shaping up to be even better than usual! In addition to a fabulous collection of holiday decor and giftable items, Avon will also be launching our new collaborations with CHI HAIR CARE and THE FACE SHOP (skin care, foundations, highlighters, blushes, and MORE)!


As if that weren’t enough, we will have items from Disney’s FROZEN 2, our new CHARCOAL WHITENING TOOTHPASTE, a beautiful collection of spa-worthy body scrubs, and MORE!!

If you play your cards right, the next few months can offer the opportunity for HUGE GROWTH with your Avon business, both during the holiday season AND after!!

Check out my tips below for making the most of the upcoming fall and holiday sales season!



TIP #1 – Start NOW! Don’t wait to establish your customer base. Start connecting with customers now, so you’ll have a core customer base ready to share all of the great items with when they launch! You’ll be able to use the amazing new products to attract even more customers too!

TIP #2 – If you’ve been a bit off-track with your business, host a Grand Re-Opening! Make a special flyer or label to include with brochures and post on social media to announce the grand re-opening of your Avon business. Consider offering a special discount or free gift with orders placed during your grand re-opening!

TIP #3 – Promote your business consistently both online (using your online store, digital brochure link, and Avon Social) and through our beautiful printed brochures!

TIP #4 – Focus on selling skin care, our new CHI hair care, and our beautiful cosmetics lines! The seasonal holiday items are bright, shiny, fun to promote, and effective at attracting new customers, BUT when you help a customer to find the perfect skin care, hair care, and cosmetics, they will be your repeat customer for life! These are the customers that will help your business to grow year after year! Consider running your own special sale on items like skin care throughout the fall/holiday season! Attract the customers with the shiny holiday items, then offer to help them find the perfect skin care items for the harsh winter weather or the perfect look for their holiday parties!

TIP #5 – Plan to host a Holiday Shopping Party, where you invite current customers, new potential customers, friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. to get to know Avon products and shop our amazing holiday collection! Ask your guests to bring a friend so you can share the products with even more people!

TIP #6 – Make gift-giving easy for everyone you know, by putting together holiday gift bundles. For example, our new upcoming body scrub collection would make a gorgeous gift for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, etc. packaged together in a gift basket.

TIP #7 – Look for local vendor events in your area, where you can set up a table to sell and promote Avon products! There are many taking place at this time of year!

TIP #8 – Ask friends to share brochures with people they know. Offer them a small reward for any order they bring you!

TIP #9 – Get to know your personal favorite Avon products, so you can share them with others based on your personal experiences with the products! Experiment with a variety of Avon products to find the ones you feel passionate about. It’s easy to share the things we love with others!

TIP #10 – Consider hosting an Avon fundraiser, online or with the flyers, using Finley the Fox – our ADORABLE 2019 fundraising plush! Avon fundraisers are a great way to connect with new customers and build your sales!

TIP #11 – Plan to do much of your own holiday shopping through your Avon business to enjoy a great discount on everything your purchase! There are so many great gifts for everyone on your list! Avon makes the perfect gift for teachers, bus drivers, coaches, co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family!!

TIP #12 – Use Halloween as an opportunity to promote the holiday collection, as well as all of our new collaboration items! Put together brochure/sample bundles to pass out to the adults who are bringing their children trick-or-treating on Halloween! It’s a great opportunity to promote your business when the customers come to YOU!!

Mentor Tips – Five Productive (Not Pushy) Ways to Boost Team Activity Rate and Average Order Size

One of the best things about being an Avon rep is that we get to be the BOSS of our own business! That means that we get to sell how much we’d like, when we’d like to sell it!

Having no required monthly orders and no order quotas means that we have flexibility. And in this busy world, with so many priorities competing for our attention, flexibility is golden! Flexibility gives us the freedom to fit our Avon businesses into our lives in the way that works best for us, and that keeps it fun!

While we may be interested, as a team leader, in increasing our team’s order activity rate and average order size, it’s important to allow each of our team members to enjoy the freedom and flexibility which make Avon so great! Creating a pressure to place orders instantly sucks away the freeing feeling of being your own boss. Instead, we should put our focus on building the knowledge, skills, and motivation which will naturally lead to higher activity rates and increased average order size!

With that in mind, here are FIVE techniques you can use to boost your team’s order activity rate and average order size, with a focus on providing motivation and training for sales success!


Our businesses revolve around the sale of Avon products. One of the best ways to get your team members active with their businesses is to get them excited about the amazing products we have to share!

Take steps to educate your team about upcoming products by:

  • Sharing the product education videos
  • Sharing the Campaign Insider live videos
  • Purchasing new items during the demo phase and offering your own personal testimonials – Create a buzz about the products!
  • Hosting your own live videos to talk about upcoming products – Build excitement!
  • Taking before/after pictures showing product results
  • Asking your team members to share their own testimonials and pictures
  • Sharing Avon products that have been featured in the press
  • Participating in Campaign Insider videos and Virtual Sales Meetings and sharing the product highlights


If your team members are not placing regular orders, it may be because they’re not sure about how to connect with new customers and generate sales. Perhaps they’re not aware of the many resources we have to promote and sell Avon, such as brochures, samples, our online stores, the digital link to the brochure, and Avon Social (for promoting on Social Media). Perhaps they know that those tools exist, but they’re not really sure how to use them to generate sales. Or perhaps they know all about the available tools and how to use them, but they’re struggling to find a routine which fits their life.

Offering your team members training in how to use all of the many available tools and resources to successfully sell the products can boost both activity rate and average order size.

Here are a few ideas you can try:

  • Offer ideas on how and where to distribute brochures
  • Teach about the value of following up with customers
  • Show how to make and use a sample bundle to find new customers
  • Demonstrate how to use Avon Social to promote online
  • Educate your team members about the benefits of online fundraising
  • Be a role model for successful sales by engaging in a variety of sales techniques and sharing your results – Step out of your own comfort zone!
  • Do live videos to share successful sales strategies
  • Recognize members of your team for successful strategies they’ve used
  • Provide your team members with the language they need to contact potential customers with their online store link or digital brochure
  • Share valuable resources for sales strategies, like Avon U Training, the Avon USA Representatives Facebook page, the Social Selling with Avon Social Facebook page, virtual sales meetings, and the Beauty Buzz
  • Help your team members to develop simple routines which fit their lives and make it easy to stay consistent with their business


Don’t wait until the 11th hour to start calling and following-up with team members who haven’t placed orders. If they’re not sure how to generate sales, it’s too late to call at the end of the campaign window to find out where their order is. Make sure that your team members have the knowledge, skills, and motivation to build a successful order early in the campaign, so they have time to put the plan into action. Personally reach out to your team members (particularly new and inactive team members) to offer support and motivation.


Thoughtfully-crafted team incentives can help to boost engagement and motivation, while drawing attention to profit-producing behaviors in a fun, rewarding way. Team incentives can also be a great opportunity to recognize successful team members for the behaviors which are leading to their success, allowing them to act as role models within the team.

Focus incentives on achievable goals which will guide your team members towards developing more successful, more profitable businesses, that will ultimately continue to reward them for many campaigns to come.

For example, we know that reaching at least $150 in sales each campaign will put significantly more earnings in our team members’ pockets than selling less than $150 (since that it the point where the earnings level increases from 20% to 30%). $150 is also a pretty reasonable sales goal for most people to meet, with a moderate amount of effort and minimal resources. Host a team incentive focused on reaching $150 in campaign sales. Provide ongoing recognition throughout the campaign, as team members reach the goal. Want to encourage orders earlier in the campaign?? Schedule prize drawings at both the midpoint of the campaign ordering window and at the end!

Consider offering prizes which help your team members to build their businesses even further, such as bundles of Avon samples, full-sized demos of upcoming items, Avon jewelry items (fantastic for wearing and sharing), Avon-logo items, sales tools, etc.!!


Avon regularly offers a variety of exciting incentives, which offer additional rewards for taking steps to grow our businesses. Representatives can earn additional bonuses on online sales, fabulous vacations (like the recent trip to Los Cabos and the upcoming trip to Jamaica), and other fun prizes. Ensure that your team members have all of the information they need to take advantage of every opportunity, along with a plan for achieving. These incentives can be excellent additional motivators to boost both order activity rate and average order size.

SIX Main Methods for Selling Avon

One of the most BEAUTIFUL things about our Avon businesses is that there are so many ways to find customers and sell the products. As the BOSS of your Avon business, you get to choose which methods you use!

Most successful representatives utilize a variety of methods to find new customers and sell Avon products. Be creative and experiment with different strategies until you find what works for YOU!

Here are SIX Main Methods for Selling Avon:

METHOD #1 – Pass Out the Brochures 

The tried-and-true method of selling Avon is to get our beautiful Avon brochures (catalogs) in front of as many eyes as possible, then follow-up to answer questions and collect orders.

Brochures can be ordered at any time through the representative site. Click “Order Products“, then “Brochures and Flyers” to select the brochures you’d like to order. They come in packs of ten and get less expensive the more you order.

As a general rule, the more brochures you pass out, the more customers you’ll find. Following up with each person you give a brochure to will increase your results. Used effectively, brochures are a good investment in your business.

Put your contact info (including your online store link) on the back of the brochures, then give them to people you know and ask them to share brochures with people they know too! Leave brochures in public places, like laundromats, community centers, waiting rooms, and office break rooms. Distribute brochures in your neighborhood or in nearby neighborhoods.

BONUS: All reps have access to a FREE digital version of the brochure, which you can share with everyone you know across the United States. To find your digital brochure link, go to your Avon online store, click “The Book“, then copy that URL.

METHOD #2 – Online Sales and Social Media

Your online store enables you to sell Avon to anyone across the United States, near or far!! Customers can shop your online store, pay Avon directly, then have the items shipped right to their home. YOU get the earnings!! (If you sign up for direct deposit, you can have your online earnings deposited to your bank within two days after the order ships.)

Social media, such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to easily connect with new potential customers. Best of all, it’s FREE to promote your business using social media.

Even better, Avon has provided us with a FREE social media tool, called Avon Social, which is loaded with THOUSANDS of images and videos. You can link Avon Social to a Facebook business page (also FREE to create) to promote your business using Facebook. You can even pre-schedule posts through Avon Social, up to a month in advance!

TIP: Promote your business regularly (every day) using social media. Include the link to your online store in every post. Use the images in Avon Social, but also create your own personal images/posts to share your personal testimonials about the products!

METHOD #3 – Vendor Events

Vendor events can be a fantastic way to connect with tons of new customers in a short period of time. Set up a table with some products for on-the-spot sales and pass out tons of brochures and samples. Offering a free raffle basket can be a great way to collect contact info to follow-up with all of your potential new customers!

TIP: Churches, schools, and local organizations often host vendor events. Inquire directly about upcoming events and keep an eye out for signs in your area. Some areas even have Facebook pages dedicated to promoting upcoming vendor events.

METHOD #4 – Fundraisers

Hosting an Avon fundraiser, either for a cause which is personally important to you OR for a group/individual in need of funds, can be a fantastic way to connect with new lifelong customers! Our online fundraising system makes it so simple to set up a fundraiser in a matter of minutes. Customers who order through your online fundraiser become linked to you for their future orders, which make fundraisers a great way to grow your customer base.

For more information about Avon fundraisers, check out the Fundraising Specialist course in the Avon U Training section of and/or check out the info under the Fundraising section (under the Earnings and Rewards) tab of

METHOD #5 – Parties

Gathering together with friends is a fun way to introduce people to Avon’s great selection of products. Invite your own friends or ask a friend to be the hostess. Set up a display of demo products for the guests to sample and have lots of brochures on hand for guests to shop. You may even want to offer a special discount or free gift for orders placed during the party!

TIP: Have fun with party themes! Host a pedicure party, skin care party, spa night party, holiday shopping party, etc.

METHOD #6 – Advertise

There are lots of great ways to advertise your new business, including yard signs, car decals, and Avon logo items. Wear an Avon t-shirt or carry an Avon logo tote bag! For a wide assortment of official Avon logo items, check out

Wearing and using Avon products is another very natural way to advertise your business! When people comment on your glowing skin, bright lip color, or sparkly Avon necklace, tell them it’s Avon and offer a brochure!