How To Sell Avon – In 10 Simple Steps

If you’re just getting started, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all of the things you need to learn. You likely have tons of questions about the products, how to find customers, how to sell the products, how to place orders, how you’ll get paid, and more!

Don’t worry! It’s totally normal to have a lot of questions when you’re starting something new.  Don’t let your questions stop you from jumping in!You don’t need to learn everything all at once. Just take it one step at a time, and reach out to your upline mentor whenever you’re feeling stuck or confused.

Selling Avon is really pretty simple – Pass out the brochures, then follow-up to collect orders.

In this blog post, I’ve broken down how to sell Avon (using the brochures) into 10 very simple, uncomplicated steps. I’ve also provided links to more tips, information, and tutorials for many of the steps.

How to Sell Avon (using the brochures):

  1. Identify Current Brochures
  2. Label Brochures
  3. Pass Out Brochures
  4. Follow-Up
  5. Write Up Orders
  6. Collect Payment
  7.  Submit Orders
  8. Pay Avon
  9. Prepare Orders
  10. Deliver Orders

Step 1: Identify Current Brochures – Your starter kit will contain brochures for three different campaigns. Find the brochures in your kit with the earliest campaign number.

More Info: Click HERE for more info on what to do when your starter kit arrives.

Step 2: Label Brochures – Put your contact info and your web store link on the back of those brochures. (Set the later campaign brochures aside for later.)

Step 3: Pass Out Brochures – Give those brochures to potential customers.

More Info: Click HERE for tips on building your customer list.

Step 4: Follow-Up – Follow-up with the people you gave brochures to a few days later. Offer to answer any questions, suggest some things they may like, and ask if there’s anything they’d like to order this campaign.

Step 5: Write Up Orders – Write up any orders in the order booklet which came in your kit.

More Info: Click HERE for a tutorial on how to write up orders and calculate the total.

Step 6: Collect Payment – Calculate the customer’s total and collect payment.

TIP: It’s your choice whether you collect payment upfront or when you deliver, but be aware that you may be required to pay Avon when you submit the orders. Collecting payment upfront ensures that you always have the funds you need to make your payment.

More Info: Click HERE for tips about making payments and info on Avon credit limit.

Step 7: Submit Orders – Submit all of the orders you collected that campaign to Avon.

TIP: Submitting all of your orders at the same time will save you on shipping.

More Info: Click HERE for a video tutorial on how to place an order.

Step 8: Pay Avon – Your confirmation page will tell you the estimated amount to pay Avon. You can make the estimated payment right away or you can wait for the email which says your order has billed, which will give you the official billed amount owed.

TIP: The faster you make your payment, the faster your order will process and ship.

Step 9: Prepare Orders When your shipment arrives (approximately 3 business days after you submit it and make any required payment), sort the items and place them in bags for each customer. Include a new brochure and samples with each order.

Step 10: Deliver Orders – Deliver orders to each customer. Collect payment for any orders you did not collect payment for upfront. Be sure to thank each customer for their order, then follow-up within a few days to see how they like their items and if there’s anything they’d like to order from the new brochure.


The above steps focus on how to sell Avon using the brochures. You can also sell Avon online through your personal Avon web store. It’s FREE to use, easy for customers to shop from, and a fantastic way to build your sales and make more money with your Avon business. For more info about selling Avon through your online store, click HERE. Be sure to check out the AVON SOCIAL tool on, which is designed to make promoting your business on Facebook easy and effective!


Wondering how you get paid??

Click HERE for detailed info about how you get paid for your sales.


Avon Mentor Guide: To-Do List for Successful Mentors

Finding someone to join your Avon team is just the beginning. Once a new team member has signed up, your most important job begins. As their upline mentor, you have a tremendous opportunity to positively impact each team member’s experience with Avon.

Your support, enthusiasm, availability, and willingness to share your skills and knowledge can all go a long way towards helping your team members to build successful businesses and to reach their personal goals with Avon. And when your team members are achieving (or exceeding their goals), they will stick around longer, which will ultimately help you to continue growing a beautiful, successful team.

When you’re just getting started with a team, you may find it fairly easy to keep track of welcoming, training, and recognizing all of your team members. As your team grows, it’s helpful to have a consistent routine for monitoring, supporting, and motivating your team members, to ensure that you’re meeting the needs of your team members in a regularly and consistently.

Always remember that when you help your team members to be successful in reaching their goals, YOU will become more successful at reaching your own! Focus your energies on helping your team members achieve success. Your own success will follow as a result!

In this blog post, I am going to outline a routine, which I believe covers the most important actions to take each day, each campaign, and each month, in order to successfully and consistently support your growing team. This is not a comprehensive list of everything that you could or should do to support your team, but it is an outline of the things I believe are the most essential for effectively mentoring your beautiful team!

TIP: Creating email templates in VIBE, for your routine contacts, is a great time-saver!


Welcome New Team Members – Use the Pending Report in VIBE to identify representatives who just signed up (as a member of your 1st generation).

  • Send welcome email – Send an enthusiastic welcome email as quickly as possible after a new representative has signed up.
  • Mail a welcome letter – Be sure to include all of your contact info, order schedule, and information about Kickstart in your letter.
  • Make a welcome phone call – Whenever possible, call the same day or the very next morning to welcome your new team member. Introduce yourself, find out a bit about what brought your new team member to Avon and what their personal goals are, offer to answer any current questions and let them know that you are available to support them when their kit arrives and as they get started with their new business.
  • Record notes in VIBE – Use the Notes feature, on each team member’s profile in VIBE, to record when you have mailed the welcome letter, made the welcome phone call, etc. Record notes about your welcome call, which will be helpful to remember about your new team member’s personal goals, concerns, interests, etc. Routinely recording notes in the Notes feature on VIBE can help you to personalize your connections with each team member, which can help you to build long-term partnerships and friendships with your team members.

Train New Team Members – Use the Pending Report in VIBE to identify team members who should have received starter kit (usually within 3-4 days after signing up). Contact them to review kit and provide tips for getting started. Provide info about order schedule, Kickstart goals and bonuses, selling the Daily Care Collection, finding customers, following up with customers, tips for building sales, promoting their online store, etc.

Welcome 2nd-5th Generation Team Members – After allowing a day or two for the immediate upline mentor to welcome their new team member, send an email to introduce yourself to new team members in your 2nd – 5th generations. Offer support, invite them to join your team Facebook group, and let them know that you work together with their immediate upline to help support all members of the team. TIP: Create a reusable email template in VIBE for welcoming 2nd-5th generation team members.

Support New Leaders – Use the Pending Report in VIBE to identify when someone on your team has recruited their first team member(s). Congratulate your new leader and guide them step-by-step through the process of welcoming and training their new team member. Treat these new team members as your own and offer them a high level of support, as you mentor the new leader on your team, until they become confident and independent at welcoming and training their new team members. The goal is to ensure that all new team members get the support they need, at the same time as teaching your new leader how to effectively mentor they team.

Recognize 1st Orders – Use the Additions Report to identify when a new representative has placed their 1st order. Send an email or text to congratulate them on their 1st order. Celebrate their 40% earnings. Offer a reminder about paying off any remaining balance on their order by the following campaign. Inform them of their 2nd campaign Kickstart goal ($150) and offer tips. Check this report daily in order to provide the most timely recognition and support for your newest team members. If you notice a new team member who has an order on hold, reach out to them to explain the payment process. TIP: Create a reusable email template in VIBE for recognizing first orders and providing tips for next steps.

Engage on Facebook – Engage with your team in a team Facebook group. When your team is very small, you may wish to just be sure your team members are in your upline’s group(s) and make yourself a visible, active participant there. Once you have a handful of team members, you may wish to set up your own Facebook group too. Facebook groups are a great way to be engaged and social with your team members. Post in your group often with tips, motivation, information, and strategies. Try to generate engagement in your group by asking questions. Respond to anyone who asks questions in your group. TIP: Use Avon Social to schedule a variety of posts for the week, to ensure regular, daily engagement.

Respond to Contacts – Reply quickly to emails, voicemail messages, texts, etc. Be sure to check for messages often and respond as quickly as you can. If you’re unable to call someone back right away, send an email or text to let them know when you’ll be in touch. Being easily available for your team members will help them to feel well supported.

Grow Your Team – Take steps to grow your team each day by reaching out to personal or ALMA prospects, promoting your business online, and practicing the 5×5 model of making 5 contacts, 5 days a week to share Avon products and the Avon opportunity with others. Follow-up with all recent leads with an informative email, personal call, and mailed postcard, recruiting booklet, or letter.


Beginning of Campaign

Send a Campaign Newsletter Email – Once a campaign, send an email to your team as a sort of campaign newsletter. Include info on a few of your favorite upcoming products, offer sales tips, share info about current incentives, recognize successful team members, and offer your support. TIP: Create a reusable email template for your newsletter, which you can easily update each campaign.

Upcoming 1st Orders – Use the Pending Report in VIBE to identify new team members who have their expected 1st order coming up, or who missed their expected 1st order in a previous campaign. Reach out to to offer 1st order tips, reminders, and support. TIP: A simple text can be a great way to offer new team members 1st order support and to remind them of upcoming order dates and their 40% Kickstart earnings.

During the Campaign

Check in with Brand New Team Members – Use the Pending Report in VIBE to identify new team members who have not yet placed an order. Check in with them about once a week to offer help, answer questions, and ensure that they’re having success. If they’re struggling to find their first customers, help them to develop a list of prospects. Provide tips and strategies for passing out brochures, following up to collect orders, promoting their web store online, etc. Offer encouragement and reminders about their order timeline.

Check in with Kickstart Reps – Use the Representative Search Report (set to LOA 1-7) to identify your team members who are still in the Kickstart Program. Check in with them to see how things are going, remind them of Kickstart goals (to get the 40% earnings), and offer support.

Text a Quick Tip – Texting can be a very effective way to contact many team members. Once a campaign, send a quick sales tip and offer of support to your team members. Keep it short and sweet. For example: This is Amy, your Avon upline mentor. Quick Tip: Our new Avon Social tool makes promoting your business online fast and easy. Check it out! Contact me if there’s anything I can do to help!

Try to Re-engage Inactive or Removed Team Members – Use the No Orders/Inactivity Report and Removals Report to identify team members who have been inactive or removed. Reach out to offer support and motivation. Share info on any new programs, supports, or incentives, which may motivate and encourage them to get back on track.

Take Advantage of Training Opportunities – Participate in the training opportunities, webinars, workshops, and conference calls which are offered. Not only does this model the behaviors of a successful representative for your team members, but it is also the best way to stay in the loop about all of the upcoming products, incentives, and resources available to grow your own business and to help your team members grow theirs.

Mentor Leaders – Throughout each campaign, stay in touch with the leaders on your team. Help them to develop a plan for achieving their goals. Coach them in developing their mentor skills and supporting their team. Continuously look for new leadership potential within your team. Reach out to those team members to discuss the leadership opportunity and the steps for getting started.

End of the Campaign

Last Call for Orders – A few days before the flexible ordering campaign window is about the close, use the Sales Report in VIBE to identify anyone who has not yet placed an order that campaign. Send an email to let them know that they still have time to place an order. Let them know when the campaign window will be closing. Offer support for finding customers, building sales, and placing orders. TIP: Create a reusable email template in VIBE to remind team members when the campaign ordering window is about the close.

Recognize top sellers, title advancements, incentive achievers, etc. – At the close of each campaign, use VIBE to identify top sellers (Sales Report), leaders who have advanced in title (Action Alerts Panel), and team members who have earned incentives (Recognition Report and/or Static Reports for each incentive). Recognize them on your team Facebook page, email, and/or a personal message.

Welcome Back Team Members – At the close of each campaign, use the Additions Report in VIBE to identify when a former team member has reinstated their account. Reach out to them to welcome them back and offer support as they get back on track with their business. TIP: Create a reusable email template in VIBE for welcoming back team members.

Recognize Kickstart Goal Achievers – At the close of each campaign, use the Sales Report (sorted by LOA) to identify Kickstart representatives. Recognize those who have met their Kickstart goal for the campaign. Offer support to those who haven’t. Offer reminders about the next Kickstart goal and the campaign deadline. TIP: Create reusable email templates in VIBE for recognizing Kickstart achievers.



Anniversaries/Birthdays – Use the Avon Anniversaries and Birthday reports in VIBE to anniversaries and birthdays occurring during the month. Send an email or e-card to recognize these milestones. Bonus points for the personal touch if you mail an actual greeting card!

Follow-Up with Prospects  – About once a month, reach out to all leads and prospects, as far back as you can go. Send an email which shares something new and exciting that is happening at Avon (new incentives, new products, new tools, etc.). Offer to answer any questions or provide additional information. Provide the link and your reference code. You never know when the time will be right for someone to start their Avon business!

Team Meetings – Host some sort of team meeting once a month, online and/or in person. The new Meeting-in-a-Box (available to Bronze Ambassadors and above) is a great resource for hosting the meeting.


Check-In – Check in with all team members to see if they are satisfied with their business and/or whether their goals have changed.

Generate Engagement and Fun – Host fun events (in-person or online) to generate engagement and enthusiasm. Things like “Team Appreciation Week” or “Giveaway Day” can motivate team members to join and/or check in on your team Facebook group. Use the increased activity as a way of sharing a few important tips and updates.

Host Trainings – Offer learning opportunities, such as webinars, conference calls, or video meetings on specific topics, based on your team members’ interests and needs.

Help Plot a Course to Success – Generate excitement about new incentives and help team members to plot a plan for achieving them.




#1 – Remember that people come to Avon for different reasons. Take steps to get to know each of your team members and to understand their personal goals. (Use the Notes feature on VIBE as a way to keep track of goals.) Focus your supports on each team member’s personal goals, regardless of whether they simply want to save on their own purchases or build a full-time business.

#2 – Offer support without pressure.  Remember that we are each the boss of our own business. Not everyone wants to build a massive sales business or start a team. That’s the nice thing about Avon – they don’t have to! Be sure that all of your team members know what is possible, but then try to tailor your support to meet their personal goals.

#3 – Communicate with your team and offer support in a variety of ways to best meet the needs of your team members. Different people have different communication preferences. Use phone calls/conference calls, emails, texts, Facebook, live videos, recorded videos, images, etc.

#4 – Don’t over-email or over-text. Your team members are also receiving emails from Avon directly and other uplines. Too many emails can be overwhelming. Be judicious and try to keep information clear, relevant, and accurate.

#5 – Use the New Rep. Tool Kit section of this blog to support your team members. There are a number of resources there which answer the most frequently asked questions, provide tips for brand new reps, and offer step-by-step tutorials on topics like placing a first order.

#6 – Don’t assume that someone has gotten the information just because you have emailed it. Some people do not check emails regularly, some emails may get sent to a spam/junk folder, and sometimes people intend to read an email at a later point, then lose track of it. If you’re emailing something important, follow up with a text and/or phone to call ensure it’s been received.

#7 – Be consistent with your communications. Your team members should always know that you are available and eager to help.

#8 – Provide your newest team members the highest level of support. Communicate most regularly with your newest team members. The first few campaigns are a great time to get to know each other and establish the basis of a long-term partnership.

#9 – Be easy to reach and fast to respond. Make sure that your team members know how to reach you. Check your email and voicemail messages regularly. Reply back as quickly as you’re able.

#10 – Be a role model for successful sales and leadership – Teaching your team members to be successful with their sales starts with YOU. Each campaign, make an effort to grow your own sales. Practice what you preach. Try out new strategies for finding customers and growing your sales, so that you can then share those ideas and experiences with your team members.



The 50 Brochure Challenge

If you had a store, would you only invite 10 people in to browse every two weeks, knowing that not all 10 will make a purchase?

If you’re only purchasing one pack of brochures each campaign, that’s exactly what you’re doing! You’re closing the door to higher sales and higher earnings!

As a general rule of thumb, the more brochures that you get into hands, the greater your potential for higher sales!

If you want to experience the difference that more brochures can make, take the 50 Brochure Challenge!


The 50 Brochure Challenge


Here’s how to participate in the challenge:

STEP 1 – Order 5 packs of brochures with your next order. 5 packs (50 brochures) will cost you $15.09 (30 cents per brochure), but I’m going to show you how you can potentially turn that $15.09 into much more in profit.

STEP 2 – Make it your mission to get those brochures into the hands of 50 current or new potential customers. If you’re thinking, “But I don’t even know 50 people,”  see my tips below.

STEP 3 – Follow-up with those 50 people a few days before you will be submitting your order. IMPORTANT – Do NOT skip this step! It’s essential for success!!

Your follow-up can be as simple as a short message to each person you gave a brochure to.

Sample Follow-up Message:

Hi _______! I just wanted to check in to see if you have any questions about the items in the brochure I gave you or if there’s anything you’d like to try a sample of. I’ll be placing an order on ___________ and I’d be happy to add anything you’d like to the order!


If you still need convincing about accepting the challenge, consider these two scenarios:


You pass out 10 brochures (at a cost of $6.49 – 65 cents per brochure).

Let’s say that 2 out of those 10 people place an order.

Let’s say that between the two orders, you end up with sales of $75.

That puts you at the 20% earnings level – $15 in earnings.

After accounting for the $6.49 you spent on brochures and the portion of shipping that wasn’t covered by the 75 cents order processing fee you charged the two customers, you’re left with a few bucks.

Scenario #1 Investment: $6.49

Scenario #1 Profit: Less than $10


You pass out 50 brochures (at a cost of $15.09 – 30 cents per brochure).

Let’s say that 10 out of those 50 people place an order. (That’s the same proportion we used in the first scenario – two orders for every ten brochures you pass out.)

Let’s say that between those ten orders, you have sales of $375 (also the same proportion as in the first scenario).

Now you’re at the 35% earnings level – $131 in earnings!!

After accounting for the $15.09 you spent on brochures, you’ve still got over $100 profit in your hands!!

BONUS: With 10 customers (instead of two), most of the shipping cost will be covered by charging each customer the 75 cents order processing fee, which means you get to keep even more of your profit!

Scenario #2 Investment: $15.09

Scenario #2 Profit: Over $100

How do I find 50 people to give brochures to?

  1. People You Know – Make a list of everyone that you can think of… friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, people you run into on a regular basis. Give them each a brochure, even if you’ve given them one in the past and they didn’t place an order.
  2. Friend Referrals – Give an extra brochure to each person on your list. Ask them to share the other brochure with a friend. Offer a thank you gift or discount on their own order, if they bring you an order from a friend.
  3. People You Don’t Know (Yet) – As you encounter people during your day to day activities, offer them a brochure. (Sometimes it feels easier to do this, when you’re offering a little free sample bundle at the same time.) Ask for contact information so that you can let them know about upcoming specials. (Collecting contact information is important, whenever possible, so that you can complete the follow-up for Step 3 of the challenge.)
  4. Distribute the Brochures in Your Neighborhood and/or Leave the Brochures in Waiting Rooms, Laundromats, Community Rooms, etc. The best results will come from getting the brochures into the hands of people you can follow-ip with, but distributing the remaining brochures to neighbors and in places where people gather can be a good way to get more brochures into the hands of new potential customers. TIP: When leaving brochures places where you do not know who will take them, give people a reason to contact you, so that you can gather contact information for future follow-up. For example, you may wish to label the brochures with some like, “Contact me to be included in this campaign’s free product giveaway!”

Check out these resources for more ideas on how to find 50 people to give brochures to:

Quick Tips for Greater Success:

  • Offer a special New Customer discount
  • Pass out even more than 50 brochures
  • Have samples available to offer
  • Run a limited time special deal
  • Be sure you have contact information from as many people as possible in order to follow-up
  • Promote the A-Box on the back of the brochure to encourage orders of $40+
  • Put your Web Store address on every brochure

Six Reasons Why You Might Not Be Making Money With Your Avon Business (with solutions)

Are you making money with your Avon business?

Are you making as much money as you’d like to?

If you’re not making the money you’d like to be making with your Avon business, there’s almost always a solution!

With Avon, YOU are in control of how much or how little you sell, which means that YOU get to determine how much money you make! You’re the boss!

If you’re not making the money you’d like to be making, then why don’t you give yourself a raise?

In this blog post, I’m going to explore the most common reasons why you may not be making money with your Avon business, along with solutions that you can put in place right away to change that.

Six Reasons Why You Might Not Be Making Money With Your Avon Business

(and solutions to change that)

Reason #1: You Are Your Best/Only Customer

Solution: Find Some Customers!

Now, don’t get me wrong… It’s totally cool to be one of your best customers. (I’m certainly one of my best customers!)

There are also a number of benefits to personally using Avon products:

  • It’s the best way to get to know the products, which better prepares you to share them with others.
  • You turn yourself into a walking billboard, which can be a fantastic way to advertise the products and find new customers.
  • You get to enjoy a discount on all of your purchases.
  • Your personal purchases count towards your sales, which can help you to reach higher earnings levels.

Part of the reason you joined Avon is probably because you enjoy Avon products, so go ahead and enjoy the perks of shopping from your own business, BUT if you want to make $$$ with your Avon business, you’re going to need some other customers too.

So, how do you find more customers?

There are countless ways to find new customers, both locally and anywhere across the United States. Start by making a list of everyone you know.  (Remember that you are not limited to people who live near you.) Once you’ve got your list, start personally reaching out. Offer brochures and samples to the people who are near you. Mail a brochure or send a message with your web store link to the people who do not live near you. Add a personal message about an item you think they’d enjoy! Then, (and this part is important) follow-up with everyone you’ve reached out to a few days later, to answer any questions they may have and collect orders! If there’s nothing they’d like to order this campaign, reach out again next campaign or the campaign after that.

Try a few of these other ideas for finding new customers:

  • Pass out more brochures – keep reading for more about brochures
  • Give each person an extra brochure to share with a friend – offer a thank you gift if they bring you an order from a friend
  • Leave brochures in waiting rooms, laundromats, community rooms, etc.
  • Ask local businesses if you can leave a few brochures
  • Use AVON SOCIAL to promote your business regularly on Facebook
  • Set up a business page on Facebook – actively engage with people who like the page
  • Do a vendor event
  • Host an Avon party
  • Utilize the 5×5 strategy of connecting with 5 people, 5 days a week about Avon
  • Advertise – put an Avon sign in your yard or a decal/magnet on your car

Most importantly, be consistent and persistent! It takes time to build a customer base. You will need to connect with most people multiple times about Avon before they order. Don’t give up on trying if you don’t get instant results from the things you try. Everything you do makes a difference and it can all add up to big results if you are consistent!

Reason #2: You’re Only Ordering One Pack of Brochures

Solution: Order More Brochures (then get them into hands)

Brochures are our most valuable sales tool. As a basic rule, the more brochures that you put into hands, the higher your sales (and earnings) will be!

If you had a store, would you only invite 10 people in to browse every two weeks, knowing that not all 10 will make a purchase?

If you’re only ordering and passing out one pack of 10 brochures, you’re limiting your potential sales. With only one pack of brochures, it is challenging to collect enough in sales to make a sizable profit. If you get more brochures into more hands, then follow-up (keep reading for more on follow-up) to answer questions and collect orders, your profits will easily cover all of your business expenses and leave you with real earnings!

Remember, brochures get less and less expensive, the more you order. Spending another couple bucks on brochures can make a HUGE difference on your earnings.

Check out these two scenarios:

SCENARIO #1 – You pass out 10 brochures (at a total cost of $6.49). Let’s say that 2 out of those 10 people place an order. Let’s say that between the two orders, you have sales of $75. That puts you at the 20% earnings level. That’s $15 in earnings. After accounting for the $6.49 you spent on brochures and the portion of shipping that wasn’t covered by the 75 cents order processing fee you charged the two customers, you’re not left with very much.

SCENARIO #2 – You pass out 50 brochures (at a cost of $15.09). Let’s say that 10 out of those 50 people place an order (the same proportion we used in the first scenario). Let’s say that between those ten orders, you have sales of $375 (also the same proportion as in the first scenario). Now you’re at the 35% earnings level. That’s $131 in earnings. After accounting for the $15.09 you spent on brochures, you’ve still got a good amount of money leftover!! And with 10 customers, most of the shipping cost will be covered by charging each customer that 75 cents order processing fee!

Do you see how spending a little more on more brochures can produce A LOT more in earnings?

Reason #3: You’re Not Following Up

Solution: Always Follow-up After Passing Out Brochures

After you pass out brochures, are you simply waiting for the orders to roll in?

If so, you’re leaving money on the table. If you don’t hear from your customers after you’ve given them a brochure, it does not necessarily mean that they don’t want to order. Perhaps they just put the brochure down and meant to go back to it at some point. Your customers are just as busy as you are. They are not keeping track of your Avon order schedule. If you want to maximize the value of every brochure you pass out, follow-up with each and every person you’ve give a brochure to a few days before you will be submitting your orders.

Follow-up does not need to feel pushy or “salesy”. It can be as simple as a friendly message to say, “I just wanted to check in to see if you have any questions about the items in the brochure I gave you. I’ll be placing an order on ____________. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like and I’d be happy to add it to the order for you! The ________ on page ___ made me think of you!”

The more personal you can make your follow-up, the better! Get to know your customers and what products they enjoy. Recommend items, let them know when items they love are on sample, and offer samples of other products you think they’d love!

Reason #4: You’re Not Collecting Sales Tax or Order Processing Fee

Solution: Be Sure to Calculate Customer Totals Correctly

Avon allows us to collect a 75 cents “order processing fee” from each customer. The idea is that if we collect 75 cents from multiple customers each campaign, it will add up to mostly or completely cover the shipping fee you are charged on your order. If you’re not collecting this fee from customers, it’s coming out of your earnings. Be sure that you are charging each customer this fee. (Some representatives choose to set their own fee slightly higher than 75 cents.)

Also, be sure that you are collecting sales tax on each customer’s order. Avon automatically adds sales tax to your total order, but you should be charging each customer their proper share of that.

For a guide on how to calculate your customers’ order totals, click HERE.

Reason #5: You’re Not Utilizing Your Web Store

Solution: Start Promoting Your Web Store

Every representative has a FREE personal web store. Customers all across the country can shop your web store and have their orders delivered directly to them. Customers pay Avon directly, Avon processes and ships the orders, YOU get the earnings! EASY MONEY!!

If you don’t feel confident about promoting your business online, go to AVON U and do the Social Selling Simplified course, which will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to effectively promote your business online. HINT: Posting your web store address occasionally is not enough to bring in the orders.

Also, be sure to check out the new amazing tool, AVON SOCIAL, which has been developed to make it even easier to promote your business online! You can access Avon Social from the main menu on

Reason #6: You’re Treating Your Business Like a Hobby

Solution: Work It Like a Business

One of the great things about Avon is that it is incredibly flexible. If you joined Avon as a hobby, then awesome – Go ahead and enjoy it as a hobby! You’re the boss! Just remember that most hobbies don’t come with a paycheck.

If you want your Avon business to pay you like a business, you need to work it like a business. How much or how little you work it is up to you, but ultimately your earnings will be a reflection of the work you put into it.

So, what’s the difference between working Avon like a hobby versus working it like a business?

An Avon hobbyist passes out a few brochures, maybe posts occasionally on Facebook, orders for themselves, along with any orders that happen to come in. An Avon hobbyist enjoys the products, but likely isn’t putting too much time into generating sales, actively trying to find new customers, or learning how to grow their business.

A business-minded Avon representative takes deliberate steps to generate sales (and earnings) each campaign by seeking new customers, getting brochures into new hands, consistently promoting their business online, following up with customers, and participating in webinars or other training opportunities. A business-minded rep thinks about things like earning levels to strive for goals which can maximize their earnings. A business-minded rep looks for ways to maximize the value of their investments in things like brochures and samples to grow their business and increase their earnings.


If you’ve read all the way to this point in the post, I’m going to assume that you are interested in making money with your Avon business.

It is very possible to make good money with your Avon business! If you’re not making money (or as much money as you’d like) with your Avon business, consider whether one (or more) of the above reasons could be to blame.

Perhaps your actions have been more in line with a hobby than a business?

Perhaps you’ve been limiting your sales with only one pack of brochures?

Perhaps you haven’t utilized your web store enough?

Perhaps you haven’t taken enough steps to seek new customers?

If any of those are true for you, the good news is that you can make a change! You’re the boss, which means that you are in complete control of your success! Now get out there and make your success happen, beauty boss!!


How to Earn BLAB Scratch-Off Tickets

Are you ready to BLAB about Avon??

BLAB (Build Like a Boss) is Avon’s newest recruiting incentive for representatives.

Avon representatives can earn a scratch-off ticket for every personal Qualified Recruit from Campaigns 1 to 10, 2018 (TS 3 to National 10). Every ticket is a winner! The more you recruit, the more prizes you’ll earn and there’s NO LIMIT!


Here are some of the prizes you can earn:

  • Hot electronics like the iPhone X, iPad Mini, Amazon Echo Dot, Nintendo Switch.
  • Yearlong prizes like free cell phone service, free Avon products, and free meals!
  • Cash, gift cards, gadgets, and exclusive Avon swag.
  • Exclusive social media consultations with Multibrain’s CEO, Scott Kramer and special guest appearances from Betty Palm, President of Social Selling, and your RVPs at Sales Meetings!

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 6.15.41 PM.png

Want to earn some scratch-off tickets?? In this blog post, I am going to walk you through how to do it!

As I mentioned, you can earn a scratch-off ticket for each PERSONAL QUALIFIED RECRUIT you have between Campaigns 1 to 10, 2018 (TS 3 to National 10). Let’s break down exactly what that means…

PERSONAL means a recruit that you find yourself. It could be someone you know, someone referred to you, or someone you find through advertising or other recruiting strategies (keep reading for strategies). It can NOT be a recruit which came from an Avon-generated source, such as ALMA.

QUALIFIED RECRUIT means that your new team member successfully places a 1st or 2nd order of $150 (or more) and pays for it on time. In other words, it’s not enough just to sign someone up. To earn a ticket, you need to mentor them towards a successful start with their new business.

Are you ready to start earning tickets??

I’m going to outline a number of strategies below, but first there are THREE things to keep in mind as you prepare to seek new team members:

  1. You have a genuine opportunity to offer. Avon offers people the opportunity to both save on their own beauty, fashion, health and wellness, jewelry, gift, and home items, while earning a little (or a lot) of extra money by sharing those items with others. With Avon, each representative gets to decide how much or how little they want to sell. There are no stressful sales quotas and no need to purchase an expensive inventory. Representatives can choose to sell online through their free web store and/or face-to-face using brochures. Be proud and confident about the genuine opportunity you have to share with people you know!
  2. You will probably hear NO a lot more often than you hear YES. The only way to get that YES is to keep on moving past the NOs. The opportunity you have to offer will not be for everyone, at least not at the exact moment you’re offering it. They may need to think about it, they may need to learn more, they may be interested but have too much on their plates, or they just might not feel like it’s the opportunity for them. All of these things are completely normal and acceptable responses. Listen to their concerns, ask questions to clarify, share information to explain more, encourage them to reach out if they ever reconsider, then move on to the next prospect!
  3. Do not make the decision to join Avon for anyone else. Do not hold back on offering the Avon opportunity to someone you know because you think they are too busy, don’t need the extra income, or wouldn’t be interested. Let them make that decision for themselves. You may be surprised! Essentially, everyone you know is a potential team member.


Now, let’s get to the strategies!

There are lots of ways to find new members for your team. The most successful recruiters routinely utilize a variety of strategies, incorporated into their daily activities.

Here are TEN recruiting strategies to try:

Strategy #1 – Have fun with your business, be successful with it, and do those things as publicly as you possibly can!

This is probably the most important thing I can recommend to anyone who is interested in building an Avon team. If YOU are successful with your business and are having fun in the process, other people will become curious. Most people have at least some desire for more money and more fun in their lives. Avon can provide them with both. Find ways to demonstrate that in a way which others can see.

So, how do you publicly demonstrate your success and the fun that you’re having?

Facebook can be a wonderful tool for sharing the fun and the success you’re having with Avon. Earn a reward? Take a picture and post about how excited you are! Get a really great new item at a huge discount through the What’s New? Do a live video to show why you love it! Surprise someone with a gift you were able to purchase with your Avon earnings? Let people know how proud that made you! Working your Avon business as you lounge by the pool? Share how good it feels to be your own boss!

Strategy #2 – Go for the Right Hook!

At a seminar I once attended, the presenter mentioned a business philosophy developed by Gary Vaynerchuk, which can be summed up as Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Promoting your business with a Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook approach can help you to find both customers AND team members.

The Jabs are the meaningful value we offer, the informative content we share, the beauty solutions, the way Avon has impacted our lives, the products we personally love, the things about Avon that we love. (The types of posts I mentioned in Strategy #1 are the Jabs.) The Right Hook is when you ask for the sale or ask someone if they’re interested in joining your team.

As you promote your business, seeking new customers and/or team members, there should always be a lot more Jabs than Right Hooks. If you’re constantly throwing right hooks and hammering the people you know with “Buy from me” and “Join my team” you will exhaust your audience. They will tune you out before they even hear what you have to share.

Promote you business mostly with enthusiastic Jabs, but every so often, go for the Right Hook! Make a post directly offering the opportunity to join your team. Message potential recruits and ask if you can send them some more information. Call up someone you think may benefit from the extra income to tell them how Avon could provide that.

Strategy #3 – Start with People You Know

Most people start their team with someone that they know. It could be a friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor, or even a customer. Make a list of everyone that you know. Consider each individual’s personal needs, interests, and desires. Who needs additional income for a family vacation or to quit a second job? Who loves beauty products and would simply enjoy selling Avon? Who orders Avon regularly and could benefit from the savings on their own purchases? Who can’t resist a great business opportunity? Reach out to the people on your list to offer information about how Avon could meet their needs. Personalize your approach based on the unique needs of each person on your list.

Strategy #4 – Get to Know More People

Eventually, you may feel as if you’ve already asked everyone you know. When it comes to that point, it’s time to get to know more people! There are lots of ways to expand your network. You can do it in person, by becoming involved in local activities that are of interest to you. You can also do it online, by joining and actively participating in online groups. You may find Facebook groups based on your local community or on common interests you share. There are all sorts of groups on Facebook. Search for topics you are interested in, such as parenting, cooking, book clubs, etc. Join a variety of groups and get to know the other members. (Let them get to know you too!) Listen as other people share their needs, concerns, and desires. Stay alert for natural opportunities where Avon products or the Avon opportunity may be the solution to someone else’s needs.

Strategy #5 – Advertise in Your Local Community 

There are lots of ways to advertise your business. First, be sure that you include information for both buying AND selling Avon on your brochures, business cards, etc. Yard signs and car magnets/decals are other great tools for advertising. Hang recruiting flyers on community bulletin boards, post an ad in a local “pennysaver” type publication or church bulletin, include recruiting flyers or recruiting booklets with all of your brochures. (Also see Strategy #10.)

Strategy #6 – Friend Referrals are Your Best Friend!

So, maybe your friends and family members aren’t interested right now, but maybe they know someone who is! Ask your friends and family members if they know someone who might be interested in earning extra money with Avon. Offer them a thank you gift if they refer you to someone who joins your team!

Strategy #7 – Your Best Customer May Become Your Best Team Member

The next time your best customer contacts you with an order, ask them, “How’d you like to save 40% on that order?” You already know they love Avon! Perhaps they’d like to save every time they purchase it! And once they have the brochures that will come in their starter kit, perhaps they’d like the earn a bit of money sharing products they love with people they know!

Strategy #8 – Vendor Events

Vendor events can be a fantastic way to find both new customers or team members. You do not need to have a large inventory of products on hand to do a vendor event. Simply set up a nice display table of Avon products for customers to see the great items that Avon offers. Set up a sign which says something like, “Ask me how you can start your own Avon business for only $25!!” Pass out as many brochures as you can (include a recruiting flyer/booklet with every brochure). Have samples available to offer. (A bowl of lipstick samples always draws interest! While they’re searching for shades they like, use it as an opportunity to establish comfort as you chat about Avon!) Most importantly, offer a free raffle gift at your table! It’ll give you the opportunity to get to know each person a bit as they fill out the raffle entry, and best of all, it will gain you contact information which you can use to follow-up with your new potential customers or team members after the event!

Strategy #9 – Offer a FREE Try-It Kit!

If you find someone who seems interested, but is not ready to seal the deal, offer them a “try-it kit”. In a nutshell, a try-it kit is simply some brochures and an order book, which your potential team member can use to show to their friends, family members, co-workers, etc. to start collecting their first orders. Once they’ve collected their first orders, they can sign up, enter those orders, and enjoy their 40% earnings!

Try-it kits can also work well when your potential team member needs the opportunity to earn the $25 to sign up to get started.  You may also wish to include some samples and the Daily Care Collection flyer as part of the try-it kit.

**If your potential new team member successfully collects some orders, but decides not to sign up at that time, you can fulfill the orders they collected and offer them a thank you gift for acting as your helper!

Strategy #10 – Get More Brochures into More Hands

This is the very same strategy you can use to find new customers. The more brochures you get into hands (labeled with info about buying or selling Avon, with a recruiting flyer tucked inside), the higher your potential for finding new customers and new team members. Brochures are one of our most valuable tools we have for sharing Avon with others!

Once you find someone who is ready to join your team, sign ’em up!!

Check out my guide for How to Sign Up a New Team Member HERE.

Check out these other great tips from Avon!

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 6.14.37 PM.png


Avon Starter Kit Choices

One of the many wonderful things about Avon is that new representatives can get started with their business for as little as $25.

That $25 covers the cost of a starter kit (valued at over $80) which is jam-packed with everything a new representative needs for a successful start to their Avon business… brochures, samples, sales tools, and even a few full-sized products!

The materials in the Quick Starter Kit are exactly what a new representative needs to start introducing potential customers to Avon and inviting them to shop the brochures. It’s super easy to make back the cost of the Quick Starter kit with their very first order.

In fact, if a new representative sells just $65 in their first campaign (two-week selling period), they will make enough money to cover the cost of their $25 starter kit!!* Any sales over that creates their first real profits, right in their very first campaign!

*Through Avon’s Kickstart Program, new representatives earn 40% on their 1st order of any size. 40% of $65 in sales is $26.

For a new representative who wants to get their hands on more full-sized products and samples, at a huge discount, the Advanced Starter Kit (priced at $50) or the Premium Starter Kit (priced at $100) may be the way to go! Those kits include additional full-sized products and samples, which can be handy for new representatives who are planning to host a Grand Opening party, have a table at a vendor event, seek on-the-spot sales, or who just want to get to know the products the best they possibly can.

With Avon, YOU are the boss, so YOU get to decide which starter kit best suits your personal needs and business goals. They’re all wonderful kits with everything necessary for a successful start.

The image below shows the three Avon starter kit options.

starter-kits-reference-flyer-en (2).jpg

How to Become an Avon President’s Club Member

It’s a brand new year and the world is your oyster!


The new year brings a new opportunity to achieve new goals. You may have personal goals, health and wellness goals, financial goals, and as an Avon Beauty Boss, you likely have business goals too.

If one of your goals is to become an Avon President’s Club Member, this blog post is for you! I’m going to walk you through some of the basics about Avon President’s Club, then outline a plan for achieving it this year!

First, let’s start with a few basics about President’s Club…

The Avon sales year lasts for 26 campaigns, from Campaign 1 – Campaign 26.

When you reach total Avon sales of $10,000, between Campaign 1 – Campaign 26, you become a President’s Club Member!

President’s Club is the first level of Avon sales recognition. There are other levels of sales recognition above President’s Club, reached by achieving higher sales over the course of the Avon sales year. Each new level comes with greater rewards.

In this post, I’m going to focus on the first level of sales recognition – President’s Club!

Why should you strive for President’s Club??

There are tons of reasons to work towards becoming a President’s Club Member!

The most desired perk of being a President’s Club member is guaranteed 40% earnings on all full-earnings items for the entire following sales year!! The image below shows the other benefits of becoming a President’s Club member, including increased earnings, higher demo limits, rewards, and recognition!


If you participate in Avon’s leadership program, you have even more reasons to strive for President’s Club. Being a President’s Club Member sets a positive example of sales success for your team members, while providing you with the sales experience necessary to mentor your team members to that same kind of sales success. Becoming a President’s Club member also gives you access to the widest range of leadership recognition and rewards, some of which are reserved for leaders who are also President’s Club members.

How do I become a President’s Club Member?

Now that you know a bit about what it means to be a President’s Club Member, let’s talk about how to achieve it.

It can be overwhelming to think about selling $10,000 worth of Avon, so let’s do a bit of math to break it down into smaller bites.

With 26 campaigns in the sales year, selling $10,000 over the course of the year breaks down to an average of $385 each campaign.

Phew! $385 already feels a lot more doable than $10,000, doesn’t it??

If you’re new to Avon or your sales are not currently near that level, $385 each campaign may still seem like a lot to bite off.

Let’s break it down even further to help you see how you can pull together $385 in sales each campaign.

Here are just a few ways to think about $385+ each campaign:

  • 8 customers ordering $50 each
  • 16 customers ordering $25 each
  • 3 customers ordering the 30-Day Espira Boost System (priced at $126 each)
  • $150 in online sales and $235 in orders you collect
  • 20 Daily Care Collection Bundles (priced at $20 each) – For New Kickstart Reps ONLY
  • 7 customers ordering an Anew Skin Care Regimen sets (priced at $55 each)
  • 4 customers ordering a complete Avon outfit (top, bottom, shoes, and jewelry item)

As you can see, there are many ways to get to $385 in sales. HOW you build your $385 order each campaign is up to you. Make a plan each campaign, then get busy with it!

Here are some TIPS to help you build those sales:


Investing in more brochures is always my #1 tip on any list of ideas for boosting your sales.

FUN FACT: On average, the successful President’s Club members on my team purchase 70 brochures (7 packs) each campaign.

How many brochures do you currently pass out each campaign?

If the number you’re passing out is not generating enough sales to produce the earnings you’d like, invest in more brochures!! Trust me… the earnings you can make on more brochures will far outweigh the small cost of the brochures! (And if you don’t trust ME, trust the math I’ve outlined in the examples below!)

There is a very simple relationship between the number of brochures you put into customer hands and the amount of sales you’ll generate…

More Brochures = More Sales = More $$$ in Your Pockets!!

Did you know that brochures get less expensive the more you order? If you get 100 brochures, they only cost 21.5 CENTS each!! That’s a tiny investment, with a potentially HUGE payoff!! (I’ll show you some examples in just a bit.)


It seems like a silly thing to say, but just ordering more brochures is not going to generate the sales you’re hoping for. Once you’ve got those 70+ brochures at your disposal, you have to get out there and put them into the hands of potential customers.

Don’t know 70+ people who you can give a brochure to?? That’s ok! Neither did I! Start with the people you know, then look for other ways to get those brochures into hands. Ask the people you do know to take an extra brochure (or two) to give a friend. (Offer them a discount on their own order as a thank you if they bring you an order from a friend.) Ask the receptionist at your doctor’s office if you can leave a few in the waiting room. Visit a local community center or senior living community and request to leave a few brochures for the residents (offer the receptionist a brochure while you’re at it). Deliver brochures to neighbors you haven’t met yet.

There are unlimited ways to get brochures into hands!

Bonus – Check out this list of tried-and-true strategies for finding new customers HERE.


This is a biggie!

Whenever possible, get contact info from the people you give brochures to. (Contact info will be essential for the next tip, which makes all the difference in the world.)

If you’re physically putting the brochure into someone’s hand, ask for an email address to send special offers to or a mailing address for future free brochures. (It can be helpful to put a sticky note on the cover of each brochure to remind you to collect contact info and to give you a place to record it.)

If you’re leaving the brochures someplace, offer a reason for the potential customer to contact you. For example, stick a label on the brochures which says, “Contact me for a free Avon beauty sample bundle” or “Contact me to join my mailing list and be entered for a chance to win this month’s Avon Beauty Bundle”.


Do not, I repeat, DO NOT sit by you phone waiting for the orders to come rolling in on your order date.

Just like you and I, your customers lead very busy lives, with many things calling for their attention on any given day. Your customers are not going to be keeping track of when your order date is.

If you want to make the most of all those brochures you put into hands, follow-up is essential. Follow-up does not have to be pushy or salesy. Offer follow-up as a helpful customer service. It can be a quick little message offering to answer any questions about the products in the brochure. You can offer samples, point out special deals, or draw their attention to a product you think they’d personally like. Let them know you’ll be submitting an order on ________, and provide your contact info if there’s anything you can do to help!

It’s that simple! But don’t skip the follow-up. If you skip the follow-up, you’re leaving money on the table and failing to make the most of those brochures you invested in.


In addition to finding new customers, President’s Club Members look for ways to boost the average size of customer orders. There are lots of ways to do this, without feeling pushy.

For example, promote the A-Box on the back of each brochure. (The A-Boxes are high-value collections of items, uniquely packaged, and available to customers for only $10 with any $40 brochure purchase.) Point it out to customers so they don’t miss the great deal.

Another way to build your average order size is to point out items that go along with the items your customer already ordered. For example, if a customer orders a day cream, suggest the partnering night cream or a serum. Point out the benefits. If a customer orders a pedicure kit, suggest a nail polish and mention your favorite shade.

Promoting higher-value items is another way to boost your average order size. Showcase items from our fashion, home, and health and wellness collections. These are wonderful items which may appeal to anyone, including customers who are already loyal to another skin care or cosmetics brand. They may come to you for a beautiful sweater they saw you wearing or to get that gorgeous new ombre wreath for their home, and then branch out to try other products too.

Let’s look at a few examples, which demonstrate the results that can be achieved by putting brochures into hands, following-up to collect orders, and looking for easy ways to boost average order size:

Example A: Few Brochures, No Follow-Up

Representative A purchases 10 brochures, at a cost of $6.49 (64.9 cents each)

Representative A waits to see if anyone orders

Representative A generates sales of $75 from two customers

Representative A earns $15 (at 20% earnings level)

After subtracting the $6.49 brochure cost, Representative A has about $8.50 leftover



Example B: Few Brochures with Follow-Up

Representative B purchases 10 brochures, at a cost of $6.49 (64.9 cents each)

Representative B follows up with everyone she gave a brochure to answer questions, point out special deals, and collect orders

Representative B generates sales of $150 from four customers

Representative B earns $45 (at 30% earnings level)

After subtracting the $6.49 brochure cost, Representative B has about $38.00 leftover



Example C: Many Brochures with Follow-Up

Representative C purchases 100 brochures, at a cost of $21.49 (21.5 cents each)

Representative C follows up with everyone she gave a brochure to answer questions, point out special deals, and collect orders (Representative C knows that the fortune is in the follow-up.)

Representative C generates sales of $500 (if just 20 out of 100 people place average orders of just $25)

Representative C earns $200 (at 40% earnings level)

After subtracting the $21.49 brochure cost, Representative C has about $178.50 leftover



Example D: Many Brochures with Order-Boosting Follow-Up 

Representative D purchases 100 brochures, at a cost of $21.49 (21.5 cents each)

Representative D follows up with everyone she gave a brochure to answer questions, point out special deals, and collect orders

Representative D also points out that customers can get that awesome A-Box from the back cover for only $10 with an order of $40 or more, raising the average order to $50 (instead of $25, like in Example C)

Representative D generates sales of $1000 (if just 20 out of 100 people place average orders of $50)

Representative D earns $400 (at 40% earnings level)

After subtracting the $21.49 brochure cost, Representative D has about $378.50 leftover



Which of those examples is appealing to you??

Implementing those first five tips will get you well on your way to President’s Club, but that’s not all! I’ve got a few more tips to help you on your way!


Don’t think I’ve forgotten about your online store!! I’ve showed you how the small investment in brochures can produce HUGE earnings, that far outweigh the small cost you invested. Another way to grow your sales and produce big earnings is to promote your online store on social media (like Facebook), and guess what… It’s FREE!! It costs you nothing to promote your online store on Facebook and it’s a great way to expand your reach beyond your local community. Customers from anywhere across the U.S. can order through your web store and have their orders shipped directly to them! It’s EASY, and you get the earnings!

Avon has provided us with a wonderful tool, the Social Media Center, for promoting our online stores, but you’ll also find great results by sharing your personal experiences with the products through photos, videos, and testimonials!


As I mentioned, achieving $10,000 in sales over the course of the year, works out to an average of $385 each campaign, but that doesn’t mean you have to hit $385 on the nose each campaign. Some campaigns may be higher, some lower. You can track your progress towards that ultimate $10,000 goal by viewing your personal goal card in the Rewards and Recognition section of The goal card adjusts each campaign to show your current sales, along with the amount you need to sell each campaign to achieve your goal.


If you want to achieve President’s Club without selling $385 each campaign, fundraisers are a great way to give your overall sales a huge boost, which will reduce the amount you need to sell each campaign to stay on track for President’s Club! What organization or cause do you know which needs funds! Offer an Avon fundraiser. You can view detailed info and tips for Avon fundraisers under the Earning Opportunities tab on


Another way to fast-track your way into President’s Club is to take advantage of any Double Dollar Award Sales offers that Avon provides. With Double Dollars offers, any qualifying sales count DOUBLE towards that $10,000 President’s Club goal. For example, if you sold $100 that campaign, Avon would count it as $200 towards your President’s Club goal!


I’m going to wrap this post up with this final tip.

If you want to be successful with your sales, force yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. If what you’re doing isn’t working, that doesn’t mean the game is over. Try something new. If that doesn’t work, try something else. There are so many ways to build a successful Avon sales business. Have fun with it. Experiment. Try new things until you find what works for YOU!

To get you started, here are 33+ Super Sales-Boosting Strategies to check out:

Tried and True Ways to Find New Customers

There are many ways to grow your sales, but the most surefire way to grow your sales (and earn more $$$) is to… FIND NEW CUSTOMERS!!

I asked my team members to share their favorite strategies for finding new customers.

These are the tried-and-true strategies they shared:

  • Post pictures of yourself using the products to show the evident results. Follow up with brochures to everyone who comments. – Steph B.
  • Offer your current customers a friend-referral discount if they bring you an order from someone they know. – Maritza M.
  • Ask a friend to take a few brochures to share with their friends, family, or co-workers. – Steph B.
  • Leave a small stack of brochures (with a FREE! Take Me Home label on the front) in places like laundromats and waiting rooms. – Carol W.
  • Attach a suction cup hook to your car window when you’re in the parking lot. Hang brochures in clear literature bags from the hook. – Steph B.
  • When leaving brochures in waiting rooms, offer the receptionist a brochure and free sample pack as a thank you.  – Carol W.
  • Leave a few brochures in each of the ladies restrooms in your office building. – Cindy F.
  • Talk to anyone you can about Avon. – Maritza M.
  • Post flyers in public places, like the bank or library. – Steph B.
  • Always make sure to have brochures, samples, and business cards on hand to pass out when the opportunity arises. – Sammie M.
  • Give Avon products and samples (and a brochure) to the hostess of events you attend as a thank you gift. – Sammie M.
  • Use Facebook to promote your business online. – Julie P.
  • Connect with people in the communities you are a part of, for example at your church, book club, or child’s sports games. – Cindy C.
  • Participate in local vendor events. Always offer a free raffle to collect contact info for follow-up with your new potential customers. – Monique M.
  • Get to know your potential customers and personalize your contacts with them. For example, contact people you know who are interested in health and wellness about Espira. – Christine K.
  • Be a walking, talking billboard for Avon products. Wear the jewelry, use the skin care, drink the protein shakes! Let everyone see the beauty of Avon products. – Christine K.
  • Utilize helpers! If you have a friend or family member who might enjoy a discount on their own products, ask them to pass out a few brochures for you in return. (Your helper may even become your first team member!) – Karen J.
  • Promote Avon fundraisers! There are so many organizations, causes, and individuals in need of fundraising. Avon makes fundraisers easy, and it’s a great way to connect with new potential customers. – Amber O.
  • Connect with people and leave brochures at local community centers. Be sure to follow-up personally. – Valerie S.
  • At vendor events, be sure to have trial products available, so that customers can sample item on the spot! – Venita F.
  • Utilize technology to create digital business cards and gift cards to easily share with new potential customers on the spot. – Kristina P.
  • Leave a brochure on the table after dining at a restaurant. A free sample pack for the waitress is a nice bonus! – Kimberly R.
  • Share the uses for Avon products. For example, share the many ways that Skin So Soft oil can be used. – Rhonda W.
  • Connect with local nursing homes and senior living communities. Ask if you can set up a table, provide Avon goodies for Bingo night prizes, or offer free samples to the residents. You can gain many new customers at the same location this way!  – Amber P.
  • Utilize Facebook Live videos to show the products. – Monique M.
  • Connect with other people in your local community through neighborhood apps or Facebook groups. – Angela C.
  • Bring brochures with you to appointments. Leave some in the waiting rooms. – Mary Beth P.

Your 2018 AVON Back on Track to Success Guide

Happy New Year, Beauty Boss!!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been a bit distracted during the past few weeks, as the personal obligations and celebrations of the holiday season took priority over other things in your life, including your Avon business.

Perhaps you’ve missed an order date or two, forgotten to pass out brochures, or completely lost track of what campaign we’re in.

It’s ok!!

The nice thing about being BOSS of your Avon business is that when life gets busy and other priorities are calling your name, you can step back and adjust your schedule to meet your needs.

You’re the boss! That means that you get to choose when you work and when you don’t.

The holidays are behind us and fresh new year sits ahead of us! You likely have personal goals, health goals, and financial goals that you hope to accomplish in 2018.

I know that many of you also have some big goals that you’d like to accomplish with your Avon business. Perhaps you’d like to make a little (or A LOT) more money with Avon this year, or become a President’s Club member, or earn the cruise to Bermuda, or advance in leadership title. Perhaps there’s something specific that you’d like to be able to afford as a result of your Avon business, like a family vacation, down-payment on a home, or college tuition.

You can accomplish any goal you set with your Avon business, if you’re willing to put in the appropriate time and effort, day after day, with consistency and perseverance. I’ll be there, all along the way, offering you tried and true strategies and tips for success!

To begin, let’s start with a comprehensive recap of the big things happening at Avon, to help you get on track for a successful, exciting, goal-exceeding 2018!




What You Can Win/Earn: An all-inclusive 5-night/6-day cruise to Bermuda on board Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas (for one or for two); additional prizes (beauty case, tote, suitcase) can be earned along the way

Timeline: Campaign 20 2017 – Campaign 6 2018 (Trendsetter 22 – 8)

How to Participate: This is a “You Do, You Get” incentive. Anyone who earns enough points can earn the incentive. Points can be earned in a variety of ways, including reaching personal sales of $300+ or $500+, adding new team members (and mentoring them to success), mentoring new team members, and advancing in leadership title).

Where to Find More Info: Complete details are available on Click on the Success Center box from the homepage.

Tips/Notes: There is still time to earn this incentive, but it’ll involve a hefty dose of effort, motivation, and time.




What You Can Win/Earn: An exclusive Espira by Avon gym bag and journal, along with a chance to win an amazing all-expenses-paid Espira health and wellness retreat
Timeline: January 1, 2018 – February 28. 2018
How to Participate: Representatives participate by using the Espira Boost System products (you can get them at 50% discount from the What’s New 3) and completing a series of four personal testimonial posts (using fill-in-the-blank prompts). Everyone who completes the challenge gets the bag and journal. Four grand prize winners will win the retreat.
Where to Find More Info: Complete info and the link to register for the challenge is available on the Avon USA Representatives facebook page:



What You Can Win/Earn: Espira branded items, including ear buds, tote, apron, sound machine, and fit tracker
Timeline: Campaigns 1 – 5 (Trendsetter 3 – 7)
How to Participate: Rewards can be earned by exceeding your total sales from last year during the identified campaigns by certain amounts. For example, the ear buds can be earned by having a $100 increase in sales. So, if you sold a total of $1000 last year, during Campaigns 1-5 and you sell a total of $1100 this year, during Campaigns 1-5, then you will get the ear buds!
Where to Find More Info: Complete details and a personal goal tracker are available on Click on the Success Center box from the homepage.
Tips/Notes: Representatives who were not reps during Campaigns 1-5 in 2017 are considered to have a sales base amount of $500. That means that if you sell a total of $600 between Campaigns 1-5 this year, you’d be considering as having a $100 increase and will earn the ear buds! Bigger rewards are earned with bigger increases!



What You Can Win/Earn: An exclusive Avon pin
Timeline: Campaign 1 – Campaign 13
How to Participate: Place an order every campaign to earn the pin
Where to Find More Info: Complete details are available on Click on the Success Center box from the homepage.
Tips/Notes: New representatives, who start within the incentive period, can earn the pin by reaching their first three Kickstart sales goals.





January Virtual Sales Meeting

What: Start off the new year by joining our January Virtual Sales Meeting! Our Home Office team is sharing the winter scoop on Campaigns 5 and 6—there’s a free Power Serum offer, new Moisture Therapy In Shower Body Lotion, a must-have jewelry bundle, and more. Plus, you’ll get tips on how to maximize Espira samples, Easter Sales, and our new incentives.

When: Tuesday, January 16 at 8:00pm EST

How to Participate: Click this link to register for the online meeting:



RepFest 2018

What: The Avon Event of the Year!! Join thousands of other Avon representatives at an amazing event, which will leave you bursting with motivation, empowerments, knowledge, and skills to be the successful beauty boss you were meant to be!
When: Friday, July 27 – Sunday, July 29
How to Participate: Location will be announced within the next couple weeks. For now, mark your calendar!!

Next Espira Webinar

What: Get the training you need to be successful at selling this great new product line!

When: January 10 at 8:00pm EST

How to Participate: Watch your email for the link to register


**********BIG PRODUCT NEWS**********




What: Espira, Avon’s new health and wellness line is the biggest new product launch in years!! This amazing new plant-based product line offers highest quality, naturally sourced, non-GMO ingredients, with no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors.

Learn More: To learn more about Espira, including detailed product info on every product and tips for selling this great new collection, check out the Espira hub on (look for the Espira symbol at the very top of the page). Also, be sure to complete the Espira trainings on AVON U.



What: Avon’s Got a New Approach to Fashion!!

  • Complete fashion collections including coordinated apparel, jewelry, footwear, and accessories all introduced at once.
  • New collections every 3 to 4 Campaigns.
  • Prices stay the same from Campaign to Campaign—your customers won’t have to wait to purchase!
  • Demo entire collections from your What’s New.
  • Ability to build orders in advance for current customers.
  • Expert training tips on how to wear it and share it for bigger and better sales!

Learn More: Check out this video, which explain more about Avon’s new approach to fashion:



**********RESOURCES FOR SUCCESS**********

Check out the following links for detailed tips on growing your sales and earnings during 2018:

How to Build $150 Order

How to Build a $300 Order

How to Earn $300 a Month with Avon

How to Sell Avon Online

33 Super Sales-Boosting Strategies

Success Tips for a Brand New Sales Year

More Tips Coming!! 

Stay Tuned!!

Success Mountain Hiking Backpack – Part 2: How to Find New Team Members

In my last post, I outlined 15 strategies for generating sales of $300 or more each campaign.

Why $300?? That’s the magic number for earning 100 points in Avon’s current Cruise Like a Boss incentive, which began in Campaign 20 ’17 and runs through Campaign 6 ’18. At $300 in sales, earnings also increase to 35%, which means more money in your pockets!!

That post was PART 1 in a series of posts designed to fill your “hiking backpack” with all the tools you need to climb “Success Mountain” straight to that cruise to Bermuda!

In this post, I will present Part 2: How to Find New Team Members

Building a beautiful team of Avon beauty bosses, can be a rewarding, exciting, and profitable way to grow your Avon business!

When you share the Avon opportunity with others, then mentor them to be successful, both YOU and your team members win!! You will earn rewards and bonuses, while helping someone else to put money in their pockets!

Inviting others to join Avon, then helping them to be successful with their businesses is also an essential part of earning enough Cruise Like a Boss points

If you’ve never invited someone to join Avon, you might not know where to start. In this post, I’m going to walk you through a series of simple strategies for finding new Avon team members. It’s easier than you think, especially if you love your own Avon business and believe in the opportunity it offers.

First, let me quickly review the perks available to you when you invite others to join Avon:

  • $20 Cash Bonus for each person you add to your team, when they successfully place a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more (The bonus is $50 if you are still within the Kickstart period – your 1st 7 campaigns with Avon.)
  • 3% Sponsoring Bonus each campaign, on your team members’ sales, as long as you both remain Avon representatives – Continue being rewarded by your team members’ long-term success!
  • 300 Points towards the Cruise Like a Boss incentive, to earn an all-inclusive cruise to Bermuda, for each personal recruit who places a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more (Valid from C-20 ’17 through C-6 ’18)
  • 1000 Points towards the Cruise Like a Boss incentive, to earn an all-inclusive trip to cruise to Bermuda, when you advance in leadership title, Ambassador or above (Valid from C-20 ’17 through C-6 ’18)
  • Cash Bonuses each campaign (3%-10% of your team’s sales), at ambassador level or above, as you mentor your team members in building successful businesses. Teach them how to earn more money and YOU will earn more money too!
  • Promotion Bonuses (ranging from $500 – $20,000) as you grow your team and advance in leadership title
  • Mentoring Bonuses (ranging from $250 – $10,000) as you mentor members of your team in  growing their teams and advancing in their titles
  • Annual Recognition Vacation for the Executive levels of leadership (Last year’s trip was to Punta Cana. This year’s trip will be to Disney World!!)

Can you see how profitable and exciting it can be to grow an Avon team?? The best part is that you can earn all these bonuses and rewards by helping other people to be successful with Avon!! We all win together!


Ready to get started?

NOTE: When you find someone who is ready to sign up, have them go to and make sure that they enter your reference code when they sign up. **Your reference code is the same as whatever comes past the / in your web store address. Click HERE for more info on signing someone up to your team.


Start by revisiting your “warm list” of potential customers and team members. Spend a few minutes writing down everyone you can think of who may be interested in buying or selling Avon. Expand your list further, using some of the tips HERE.

Once you’ve written your list, go through it and make a $ sign next to anyone who you think:

  • Might possibly benefit from some extra money for short or long term goals (for bills, college tuition, a wedding, a home, a vacation, retirement, holiday shopping, etc.)
  • Might want to sign enjoy a personal discount on their holiday shopping, even if they aren’t interested in building a sales business.
  • Might have health and wellness goals and would enjoy the big discount and full earnings opportunity on ESPIRA.
  • Are always up for an adventure and might be willing to give it a try and see where it goes!

CAUTION: Don’t make the mistake of deciding FOR someone else, whether or not they’d be interested in becoming an Avon representative, because you think they’re too busy, wouldn’t be interested, or don’t need the extra money. People come to Avon for a variety of reasons. Beauty bosses come in all varieties of shape, size, experience, interests, financial status, education, and busyness!


Once you’ve made your list, start going through it and reaching out by phone, text, email, or in person.

Contact everyone with a $ next to their name with a personalized message about why you thought they might be interested in the Avon opportunity. Explain how Avon meets their needs.

Tell them about how:

  • They can earn 40% on their sales (or save 40% on their personal purchases)
  • They are the boss of their business – Avon is FLEXIBLE – no minimum orders, no long-term contract, no requirement to order every campaign
  • There’s no need to stock an expensive inventory ever
  • They can sell with brochures and/or online
  • They can get a really great starter kit for as low as $25 (or upgrade to the $50 or $100 kit)
  • They can qualify for a 40-50% rebate on their starter kit costs if they have a 1st order of $150 or more (This is a limited-time incentive.)
  • There’s still time to earn a chance to win a mini-cooper convertible, just by completing some online training. (The deadline for earning Drive Like a Boss entries is 12/4/17.)
  • They can get in on the ground floor with ESPIRA, our huge upcoming health and wellness product launch, and order the products in advance at a 50% discount

Sample Text To Potential Recruits

Hi there,________! I’m very excited! I’ve decided to start an Avon team and I thought of you! I know that you’ve been trying to save up for ________, and I think Avon could be a great way for you to do that. Did you know that you can earn over $1000 in your first 90 days, and earn a chance to win a car! Let me know if you’d like me to send you more info!

Sample Recruiting Emails

**If you’re on my team, send me a message and I’ll forward you the actual templates to use.

Sample Email #1

Cruise Plan - New to  Avon_Leadership4.jpg

Sample Email #2Cruise Plan - New to  Avon_Leadership3.jpg

Sample Email #3

Cruise Plan - New to  Avon_Leadership.jpg

Here are some more ways that you can find new AVON team members:

  1. Make a General Announcement – Write a post on Facebook. Tell people how much you’ve enjoyed selling Avon and that you’re starting a team. Share some of the perks of being an Avon representative (listed above). Ask who’s ready to put some more money in their pockets and have fun doing it!
  2. Ask Your Best Customer(s) – They already love Avon, don’t they?? Why wouldn’t they want to save up to 40% on their own orders every campaign, while also enjoying earnings on any other orders they collect each campaign!!
  3. Ask Around – Post in online groups that you’re a part of. Tell them you’re looking for people who are interested in being their own boss, and to message you for more info.
  4. Use Referrals – Expand your list of potential recruits by asking everyone you know, if THEY know someone who might be interested in earning some extra money, with a ton of flexibility. Offer a thank you gift to anyone who refers you to someone who signs up with you!!
  5. Advertise Locally – Hang flyers on public bulletin boards, post an ad in a local/community newspaper or classified publication. Post an ad in your church bulletin.
  6. Vendor Events – Get out there and show people what NEW AVON is all about! Connect with new potential customers and team members at vendor events.
  7. Home Parties/Opportunity Meetings – Gather some friends and family together. Ask them to bring along some friends. Show them what Avon is all about and how easy it is for them to start their own Avon business.
  8. Provide Your Testimonial – Make a video or go LIVE on Facebook to tell people why YOU love your Avon business. Tell your story. Why did you get started? What have you accomplished so far? What goals to you have for the future? How has Avon made a positive impact on your life. Let others be inspired by YOU!
  9. Buy OR Sell – Be sure that all of your promotional materials let people know that you can help people to buy OR sell Avon. Put it on your brochures, car signs, yard signs, flyers, etc.
  10. Be Publicly Successful – Be successful with your own business and do it as publicly as possible. Let others see the success you are having with your own business and how much fun you’re having in the process. Give them the opportunity to imagine themselves enjoying the same success.

BE PREPARED – More people will say NO, than will say YES. It may not be the right opportunity for them, or it just might not be the right them for them to seize it. That’s perfectly normal. It does not mean that you’re doing something wrong or that no one is interested. Do not get discouraged. The road to YES is paved with NOs. Keep moving forward NO to NO to NO, until you get to a YES! You have a genuine opportunity to offer people. Believe in it and share it proudly!