AVON – Have Fun & Make It Personal

Recently, one of my team members asked a really excellent question recently, which sparked a very important discussion…

How do you promote your business online
without your posts sounding like a broken record?


My response (which may be the best advice I can give about promoting your business on social media) was:


Avon has provided us with a tremendously valuable tool in Avon Social (our FREE social media tool, filled with thousands of beautiful product pics and videos to promote your business), which makes regularly promoting your business on social media easy and convenient, BUT your best results will come from your personal posts, which show real-life use of the products with your authentic testimonials and tips!

Use the products you’re selling personally, get to know them firsthand, experiment, take before/after pictures, make videos, get the family involved, be creative and have fun with promoting your business!!


As an example, check out this little video my sons made today to demo the pineapple corer: https://youtu.be/QHaVUbHzAaY My two youngest sons had a blast filming the segments. My oldest son edited the video together, which gave him something creative to do as our family continues to social-distance! It was fun to make and it’s a creative, personal way to introduce my potential customers (who may not even realize that Avon offers kitchen tools) to the product!

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to edit videos together. Taking personal pics works well too!! Here are a few more examples of recent posts I’ve made to promote my Avon business, all with a personal twist!

You’ll notice that they’re all products my family and I are personally using, I took my own pictures, I shared feedback and tips based on use, and I expressed what I personally love about the products. You can share posts like this on your personal social media pages and/or on your social media business pages!




If you’re not sure how to get started with making your product promotion posts more personal, start with the products you personally know and LOVE!

If you’re not yet able to identify the products you personally love, start by getting to know the products you’re selling. Try a few things, experiment, get your family and friends to experiment with you too, and then start sharing what you love!!

Most importantly, have fun, be creative, and make your business personal!! You’ll be rewarded with higher customer engagement, higher sales, and higher earnings when you do!!

Your 1st Avon Customer (And Most Effective Sales Tool)

Congrats on starting your Avon business!! You are at the beginning of an incredible adventure in building a successful, profitable business.

If you’re like most new Avon reps, you’re probably anxious to find your first customers, but you might be confused about where to begin. Perhaps you’ve posted once or twice on your social media and not had any bites yet. Maybe you’ve even reached out to a few friends and they told you they already have an Avon rep or they don’t use Avon products for x, y, or z reason.

Don’t let any of that discourage you! I’m about to introduce you to your 1st Avon customer and explain how Customer #1 is also your most effective sales tool on the path to more customers and a strong, profitable business!


Before we meet your 1st Avon customer, allow me to clear up a few common misconceptions about finding customers:

  1. If you’ve posted on social media a few times and the orders have not started rolling in, that does NOT mean that no one is interested. Social media can be a tremendously effective tool for growing your business, BUT it takes more than a couple posts to get results. There are a few simple tricks you can apply to increase your success with attracting customers online. (Check out a few myths, truths, and tips that I’ve compiled about selling online HERE.)
  2. If a few of your friends have told you they already have an Avon rep, that is NOT a roadblock to your success. You can sell to anyone across the entire United States. There are plenty of potential customers out there for all of us! Most reps find their first customers amongst friends and family, but if you give your business a chance to grow, your best customers will likely be people you have not even met yet!
  3. If you live in a small town, where there are already active Avon reps, see above! You are NOT limited to your small town. The entire country is your potential customer base! Promote your business far and wide!
  4. If people have told you they’re not interested in Avon for any variety of reasons, I can almost guarantee you that they have not yet met the new face of AVON in 2020. During the past few months alone, our Avon product collection has grown and diversified enormously! Today’s Avon is not the same Avon that people may be familiar with from years past. While we still offer many of the products Avon is famous for (Skin So Soft bath oil, Glimmersticks eyeliners, Bug Guard, Moisture Therapy, Wild Country cologne, Sweet Honesty perfume, etc.) we now offer a much greater variety of products, including many which are made with today’s interests in mind, using natural, organic ingredients with sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and vegan formulations. Additionally, we offer products from other highly-respected beauty brands such as CHI, Belif, Dr. Belmeur, and The Face Shop. We also offer entirely new product categories, such a household cleaners, fashion, and health & safety (face masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizers, etc.). Your #1 job is to introduce everyone you know to the new face of AVON!! 

To put it simply, there are plenty of customers out there and they are going to love the incredible products you have to offer. You’ll develop a successful, profitable business as you gradually grow your customer base, one new customer at a time.


And while many reps build their initial customer base amongst the people they currently know (friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, etc.), your first customer is someone you know better than anyone… YOU!!!

Remember when I mentioned above that your #1 job is to introduce all of your potential customers to the new face of AVON?? In order to introduce others to Avon, first you need to get to know Avon for yourself!

In fact, becoming your own first Avon customer will equip you with the most important tools you need to find more customers.

Think about it…

If a potential customer asks you for your opinion about a product or a recommendation, how will you offer that information if you have not tried the products??

If you don’t personally use the products you are selling, how are you going to convince other people to try them?

How will you tell people about your personal favorite products if you don’t personally know the products you’re selling??

Aside from being able to offer your personal experience with the products you’ve tried, using the products gives you the opportunity to become a walking talking advertisement for your business as you “Wear & Share” the products!

Now, let me be clear…

I am NOT suggesting that you place an order to stock up on a bunch of inventory. One of the many nice things about Avon is that we never need to purchase a big inventory of items to sell, so unless you have a solid plan for selling on-hand items (for example during a vendor event/craft fair or home party), I do not recommend that you purchase a bunch of stuff to sell.

I am also NOT suggesting that you purchase a bunch of stuff you don’t need, just to give it a try. Money is tight right now for many people and the whole idea of being an Avon rep is to make money – not spend it! It’s not necessary to spend your money on things you don’t need.


What I AM suggesting is that you shop from your Avon business for items that you and your family already need and use, which you would be spending your money on somewhere else anyway.

  • Do you shampoo your hair? Try one of Avon’s many hair care products, with options suitable for all hair types!
  • Do you brush your teeth? Avon now has a huge variety of oral care products, with and without fluoride. We even have teeth whitening kits, children’s toothpaste, and coming soon… mouthwash!
  • Do you use deodorant? Avon’s Feelin’ Fresh deodorant is the best I’ve ever tried, at a fraction of the cost of other brands!
  • Do you do laundry, wash dishes, or clean your home? Avon now offers laundry detergent, stain remover, dish soap, dish clothes, multi-purpose cleaning spray, cleaning wipes, and more!
  • Do you use insect repellent to protect against mosquitoes, deer ticks, gnats, and other pesky insects?? Your Avon business carries America’s #1 DEET-free insect repellent!
  • Do you cleanse your face or use other skin care products to address blemishes, fine lines/wrinkles, sagging skin, dry/irritated skin, sensitive skin, dull/rough skin, etc.?? Avon’s got skin care products for all of those concerns!
  • Do you wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, wear masks, or use gloves? Yup, your Avon business has all of those things too!
  • What about fun stuff, like makeup, jewelry, or fashion – do you ever treat yourself to those things?? Avon’s got them too (and these items are some of the best for “wearing and sharing” the products in person or through pics)!

Get to know the products you are selling by starting with the things you already need and use. If you’re going to be purchasing those items anyway, you might as well purchase them from yourself!

Avon also offers tons and tons of product training opportunities** every single week to help you get to know all of the products you’re selling, but there’s nothing more valuable than firsthand experience, so start with a few items you already need and go from there!

**For product training opportunities, follow the Avon USA Representatives Facebook page and also check out the “Beauty Buzz” section on the homepage of avonnow.com, where you’ll find updates and links for upcoming training webinars.


Benefits of Personally Using Avon Products:

  • You’ll enjoy the benefit of your representative discount (as long as your total sales for the campaign are at least $40) on the items you purchase.
  • You’ll gain the sort of invaluable product knowledge which comes from personal use.
  • Every item that you try becomes an opportunity to share a testimonial with potential customers. (Take pics as you use the products and talk about the items you genuinely love.) The products you personally use become sales tools to gain new customers!
  • Your authentic product testimonials will become your most powerful sales tool, so you can grow a strong, profitable business with a wide base of loyal customers!
  • You’ll build your total sales more quickly, to help you earn bonuses, rewards, and incentives from Avon!
  • You can order brochures, samples, and other business tools at the same time when you place your order.

So, if you’ve been wondering how to get started with building your customer base, start with YOU! Order a few items that you’re already in need of for yourself or your family. Try those products, then share your experience with everyone you know, which will increase their curiosity about what you have to offer! Be sure to share a printed brochure (you can order them when you place your order) or your digital brochure link/online store link when you share your product testimonials, so your customers know how to shop with you!


Ready to place an order, but not sure how? Check out the SHORTCUTS TO SUCCESS course in Avon U Training section (which you can access from the top left corner of avonnow.com) where you’ll find a mini-course on How To Order, which contains a couple helpful video demonstrations!

1st ORDER TIP #1: You can place your order(s) on avonnow.com anytime each campaign. There is no set order date. (Each campaign ordering window lasts for two weeks.)

1st ORDER TIP #2: You can browse all of the available products on avonnow.com. Click Browse Products to search products by category OR click Browse Products, then select “View Brochure” to click through a digital version of the brochure, where you can browse all of our currently available products (click on any product image/description for more info and to add it to your order.)

1st ORDER TIP #3: You can submit as many orders as you like each campaign, but there is a shipping fee added to each order you submit. Most reps prefer to submit one order each campaign, which includes all of the items they’d like personally, any business tools they need (brochures, samples, bags, etc.), along with any customer orders they’ve collected for that campaign. That way, there’s only one shipping fee for everything!

1st ORDER TIP #4: Before you place your 1st order, send a message to a few friends and family and/or make a post on Facebook letting everyone know that you’ll be placing your 1st Avon order. Share the link to your digital brochure in your message and ask your friends if there’s anything they’d like to try. It’s a good idea to mention how many new products Avon now carries and a few things you’re excited to try for yourself!

1st ORDER TIP #5: You can earn bonuses and rewards with your 1st order. Check out the details below so that you can take advantage of the rewards available to you!

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 11.53.39 AM.png


Currently, Avon has two incentives for new representatives:


1. FREE Product/Sample Bundle and $10 Account Credit – Earn a special bundle of samples and products when you place a 1st order of $60+ through AvonNow.com, plus a $10 account credit for your next campaign on AvonNow.

* Valid on first orders only from C13 through C19 2020 * Eligible orders must be $60+ and must be placed on AvonNow * Excludes direct delivery orders * $10 credit must be used within 28 days.

2. Up to $2000 in EXTRA $$$ BONUSESAvon has a bonus program for new reps, where you can earn up to $2000 in EXTRA BONUSES (on top of your regular commission on your sales), during your 1st EIGHT campaigns!! TIP: Aim for at least $200 in sales for the campaign to start claiming your bonuses!! Click HERE for more details about Avon’s Pathway to Premier program. Complete details are available on avonnow.com


AVON – Did You Know…???

Did you know that Avon has been around for over 134 years?? With a history as long and beautiful as Avon’s, many people have had some experience with Avon at some point during their lives.

Perhaps a family member was an Avon representative many years ago or maybe your mom used to spray you down with Skin So Soft bath oil to keep the bugs away. (I bet you still remember the unique fragrance and feel of that silky oil on your skin!) If you’re like me, you might have nostalgic memories of your dad’s dresser covered with collectible glass decanters of Avon cologne shaped like cars or cowboy boots. Perhaps you remember flipping through Avon brochures that were delivered to your home by the local Avon representative or sampling the newest perfumes and lipsticks.

These are all priceless memories of Avon during some of its long and beautiful history, but Avon has been constantly evolving and modernizing with the times for the past 134 years. There are so many things which you may not realize about the face of Avon in 2020!

DID YOU KNOW THATAvon representatives still distribute those beautiful printed brochures and samples, but we now also have access to a wide variety of (FREE) state-of-the-art digital sales tools, including a personal online store, Avon Social (an incredible social media tool developed by the experts in promoting businesses via social media), and an interactive digital brochure (with cool features such as a virtual makeover tool, foundation shade-matching tool, and tutorial videos).


DID YOU KNOW THATAvon representatives still sell in their local communities, but we can now also sell to anyone, anywhere across the United States, utilizing our online stores, where customers can shop online anytime and have their items delivered directly to their doors. 


DID YOU KNOW THATAvon still offers that Skin So Soft bath oil, Anew skin care to address all of the most common skin concerns, collectible cologne decanters, beautiful fragrances, and eye-catching cosmetics that you may remember, but Avon now also carries:


DID YOU KNOW THATAvon offers representatives the opportunity to earn more than just commission on their sales of the products. Reps can also earn additional $$$ bonuses (through programs like Avon’s Pathway to Premier for new representatives) and all-inclusive vacations (through opportunities like Avon’s current “Destination Avon – Cap Cana” incentive).


DID YOU KNOW THATAvon reps have huge flexibility in how they work their business. There is no requirement to purchase any inventory and no requirement to place an order every campaign (two-week sales period). Some reps choose to focus on online sales (especially convenient during the current socially-distanced times), others prefer to use the brochures, and many use a combination of both sales strategies. 


DID YOU KNOW THATIt’s currently FREE for people to start their own Avon business! Yes, FREE! And signing up gives all reps instant access to their personal online store, FREE digital sales tools, and tons of FREE training opportunities and personal support.

If you’re already a rep, share the opportunity with everyone you know by inviting them to join your team! If you’re not already an Avon rep, get more info and join my team HERE.


DID YOU KNOW THAT… As soon as you sign up to become a representative, you have instant access to a variety of FREE digital sales tools and FREE self-paced training?? You can literally start selling and earning right away!!


DID YOU KNOW THAT… Avon representatives can enjoy savings on their own purchases of beauty products, hair coloring kits, household cleaning products, and basic essentials for your family (like soap, shampoo, bubble bath, toothpaste, sunscreen, insect repellent, and more)?? Being an Avon representative doesn’t just help you to earn money, it helps you to save money too!!



The Top Sales Tools in Your Business Tool Box!

As an Avon representative, you have a huge variety of sales tools available to you, which you can use to promote your business, share the products, attract new customers, and grow your sales (and earnings)!!

In this post, I’m going to outline the most effective sales tools which are available to you, along with a few tips on using each tool.

You’ll notice as you go through the list that many of these tools are completely FREE!! I’ve also listed a few sales tools available for you to invest in to grow your business. The effectiveness of all tools will vary based on how consistently you use them!! Be consistent with your efforts and give your business a chance to grow!! Time and consistency are the keys to your business success!



NOTES: Quite possibly the most valuable sales tool that you have at your disposal is YOU!! The relationships you build with others, your product knowledge, and your personal service can be the secrets to building a successful business. Take advantage of the tons of (FREE) training available from Avon to get to know the products you are selling. Personally use and experiment with the products so you can share your firsthand testimonials and tips. Use before/after pictures to share real results that the people who know you can trust! Customers are not just shopping Avon; they’re shopping Avon with YOU!



NOTES: All Avon representatives have an online store, which is open 24/7 for customers anywhere across the United States to shop from. (To find your online store URL, go to avonnow.com and click the “My Store” link in the top right corner of the page.) When customers shop your online store, they can have their items delivered directly to their home (super convenient for both you and your customer). Share your online store link through social media and by email. Be sure to also include it on things like business cards, yard signs, car decals, and on the back of every brochure you pass out.  TIP: You can sign up for direct deposit of your online order earnings.  (To sign up for Direct-Deposit, go to “My Account” on avonnow.com, then select “Get Paid By Avon”.)



NOTES: All representatives also have an incredible, highly-interactive digital brochure link, which is attached to your online store (so if customers want to order an item, they can simply click on the picture and it will bring them to your online store). The digital brochure contains awesome features such as a virtual makeover tool and a foundation shade-matching tool. Customers will also find helpful tips and tutorial videos located throughout the digital brochure. To share your digital brochure, go to your online store, click “Digital Catalog” and click on the little sharing icon (shown below) for a variety of easy sharing options.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 2.38.41 PM.png

SALES TOOL #4: SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)


NOTES: Social media can be a powerful tool for making connections with new customers, building relationships, and promoting your business in a variety of effective ways. It’s FREE to set up accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Lucky for you, there is plenty of FREE training available to help you learn how to effectively utilize social media to grow your business. (HINT: It’s more about being social and building relationships than it is about repeatedly shouting about your business to others.) To access some excellent training on the effective ways to promote your business on social media, check out the SOCIAL SELLING BY AVON SOCIAL Facebook page. Look for the recent Avon Social 101 training videos when you’re there. You can easily find the videos by clicking “UNITS” from the main menu of the Social Selling by Avon Social Facebook page, then scrolling down to “Unit 10 – Avon Social 101 Training Series”.



NOTES: While you’re on Facebook, set yourself up a Facebook business page for your Avon business. Simply click the “Create” link on Facebook to set up your page. A Facebook business page is your digital storefront. It is a place where you can showcase the incredible products Avon has to offer, share great deals, offer products tips, etc. Post regularly on your business page for the best results. Make your posts as personal as possible to get the highest engagement. Be sure to clearly identify yourself as an Avon Independent Sales Representative on your Facebook business page.



NOTES: Avon has provided reps with an absolutely incredible tool called Avon Social, which is filled with thousands of beautiful, eye-catching images and videos which you can use to promote the Avon products you have to offer. You can link Avon Social to your Facebook business page, Facebook groups, and other social media accounts to easily share pictures and videos from Avon Social. You can even preschedule your posts using Avon Social (up to a month in advance) making it a super convenient tool for your busy life! Check out the Avon Social 101 training, which I mentioned above, for more info on using this incredible (FREE) sales tool!



NOTES: Setting up a (FREE) business page on Google can help customers in your area to find you! You’ll need a gmail account to get started, then simply click on the main menu and select the “My Business” option to set up your page. TIP: Keep your Google business page active with new posts and pictures, so that customers are likely to find your page when searching for a rep in your area.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 2.57.07 PM.png


COST: See image below (save when you purchase multiple packs of brochures)

NOTES: The tried-and-true printed Avon brochure is still an incredibly effective way to promote your Avon business and show customers the products you have available for them to order. TIP: Make the most of every brochure you pass out by following up a few days later to answer questions, point out great deals, and collect orders. The follow-up will make all the difference in the world! (Brochures can be ordered on avonnow.com by clicking the “Browse Products” menu and selecting “Order Brochures”.)



COST: Cost Varies (currently priced between 1-cent & $2.15)

NOTES: Samples can be an effective way to allow customers to get to know the products before committing to purchase. To locate (and order) currently available samples, go to the “Browse Products” menu on avonnow.com and select “Samples”. Many reps also like to create their own samples using small sample-size containers available from retailers like Amazon. (Remember also that satisfaction is guaranteed with Avon products, so if your customer orders a product which does not work for them, for any reason, they can return the product for a refund.)


COST: Cost Varies Depending on Promotion (Some promotions are FREE to offer)

NOTES: We now have a new Promotion Tool, which enable reps to create our own promotions and coupon codes for customers to use on our online stores. We can create codes to offer our online customers select free samples/trial size products with their order (at no cost to us). Reps can also choose to create a coupon code offering customers free shipping on their online orders of $50+ (rep covers the customer’s cost of shipping when the code is used) or a 10% discount on online order of $40+ (rep covers the cost of the 10% discount from their earnings on the order). Offering occasional online promotions can help to encourage sales, making it easier to reach higher sales achievement levels and higher overall earnings. You’ll find the Promotion Tool under the “Manage Business” menu on avonnow.com

**In addition to the optional promotions that we can set up using the Promotion Tool, customers can automatically get free shipping on direct-delivery orders (placed through your online store) of $60+, with no coupon code needed. We, Avon sales representatives, sponsor this offer for our customers, so feel free to promote it by saying, “Place an order of $60+ and your shipping is on ME!!” This offer benefits customers with FREE SHIPPING and reps with HIGHER SALES (as many customers will shop a bit more to get the free shipping).


COST: Cost Varies Depending on Item

NOTES: All reps have the ability to order upcoming items (up to two of each item) two campaigns ahead of when they will be available to customers. Reps receive their regular earnings discount off of demo items. Ordering demos gives you the ability to get to know items before they are available to customers, take before/after pictures to promote the products, and begin wearing & sharing the products. Demos of items like fragrances and lotions can also allow customers to sample the products before purchasing.



NOTES: Regardless of which other sales tools you choose to use to promote your business, be CONSISTENT with your efforts and give your business TIME to grow!! It may feel challenging in the beginning, to attract those first customers and generate those first sales. Do not give up before you have given your business a chance to thrive. With time and consistency, your business growth can gain momentum and thrive. If you feel stuck, try new techniques, get creative, and take advantage of training opportunities to boost your skills and knowledge! You’ve got this!!

The Hidden Opportunity to Build a Stronger Business!

UPDATE: Avon’s distribution center has reopened!!


Greetings, Beauties!

As you’ve likely seen, Avon’s distribution center (located in Ohio, which has instituted a shelter-in-place to slow the spread of COVID-19) is closed until at least April 6, which means no rep site or online store orders will ship until then.

While this is disappointing, it’s not entirely surprising, considering that many businesses have needed to pause operations during this worldwide crisis. The most important thing right now is to focus on slowing the spread of the virus.

Here’s what I’ve personally decided though…

While order shipping is on pause for a couple weeks, I am NOT putting my business mindset on pause!

I have decided to use these next couple weeks to reflect on what I want from my Avon business longterm. I’m going to ⭐️DREAM BIG ⭐️SET CHALLENGING GOALS ⭐️and MAKE PLANS.

Then, I’m going to dive into doing every training and taking every step I can to get myself set up for success with my plan, so that I can jump back in ⭐️STRONGER ⭐️than before once orders begin shipping again!

Are you with me???

Let’s use this temporary time, when shipments are on pause, to define our business goals, outline a clear plan, and develop our skills and knowledge for success!

NOW is the time to dive into that list of things you’d told yourself you’d do someday!

Been promising yourself you’d learn how to use Avon Social soon? Now’s the time!!
Been meaning to set up a Google business profile? Let’s get that checked off your list!
Been putting off watching the incredible Avon skin care specialist training videos (in Avon U)?? There’s no better time to watch them than now!




Check out this list of other things you can do while waiting for Avon order shipments to resume:

1. Put your Avon business goals in writing – What do you want to be able to accomplish (short-term or long-term) with your Avon business? How much money do you wish to be making from your business each month? What would earning that amount of money do for you and your family?

2. Make an “Avon Dream Board” – Make a visual representation of what you want to accomplish with your business. Cut out pictures which represent your goals. Are you saving for a vacation to someplace special? Put a picture of that place on your dream board! Are you saving to send yourself or a child to college? Add a pic to your dream board to represent that. Are you trying to paying off debt with your Avon earnings? Add a pic showing a $0 balance on a bill to your dream board! Hang your dream board someplace visible to keep you focused on your goals!

3. Break down your big goals into actionable steps – If your goal is to earn $500 a month from your Avon business, figure out what it would take to accomplish that goal. How much would you need to personally sell or what would your team sales need to be each campaign to pull in $500 each month? Break your big goal into smaller, actionable steps.

4. Set your space up for success – Spend some time creating or reorganizing a dedicated space to work your business.

5. Plan a consistent routine to follow once order shipment resumes – When will you distribute brochures? When will you post on social media (or plan your posts on Avon Social)? When will you follow-up with customers? When will you submit orders? When will you deliver orders? Take some time to figure out a consistent routine that you can follow each campaign, so you’ll be ready to jump in!

6. Update your customer list – When was the last time you sat down and made a list of all of your current customers (everyone who has ordered from you in the past several months), your former customers (customers who have ordered before, but not in a while), and your potential future customers?? Take some time to make those lists, so that when shipping resumes, you can connect with all of your current customers, follow-up to re-engage former customers, and reach out to new potential customers to make sure that all of those people receive a printed brochure or your digital brochure link.

7. Learn how to use Avon Social – Have you put off learning how to use Avon Social, because it felt overwhelming?? Take some time now to figure it out! You’ll find Avon Social in the top left corner of avonnow.com. The Social Selling by Avon Social Facebook page is an excellent resource for support. When you’re on that page, click “Units” from the main menu to watch a variety of short video tutorials on how to set up an Avon business page, how to use Avon Social, how to use other social media tools, and more!

8. Set up a Facebook business page, Instagram account, Google business profile, or Pinterest account – Have you put off setting up all of these incredible tools for connecting with customers online, because you weren’t sure how?? Now is the time to get them set up! Check out the Social Selling by Avon Social page (mentioned and linked above) for tips on how to use these tools. You can also find very helpful tutorials on youtube!

9. Become an Avon Skin Care Specialist – Selling skin care is one of your best tickets to longterm sales success. Developing your skin care product knowledge is one of the most effective ways to increase your skin care sales. Go to Avon U Training (in the top left corner of avonnow.com) and search for the Skin Care Specialist training (in the Resource Library of Avon U). Watch the 2-part training videos. It’s about 4 hours in total training, but worth every second!!

10. Complete other Avon product and business trainings Avon U Training is bursting with other opportunities to improve your product knowledge and business skills. Refresh yourself on the basics or dive into special areas, such as Avon fundraising! You could take your training a step farther by brainstorming lists of people or organizations you will contact to offer an Avon fundraiser!

11. Join the Avon USA Representatives facebook page and watch some recent live videos – Avon is frequently hosting live videos on the Avon USA Representatives facebook page to help us build our skills and knowledge.

12. Plan a special customer incentive for when order shipments resume – How will you re-engage customers and boost your sales once order shipments resume. Make a plan for how you will communicate with your customers and what you will offer! You may wish to offer a small discount on orders placed through you or perhaps a small free gift with orders.

Do you have any other ideas for how you will spend these next couple weeks preparing to build an even stronger Avon business?

Share them in the comments!


Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 12.00.19 PM.png

Time to Stretch Your AVON Wings!

We’re living through some very unusual times. In the past couple weeks, our whole world seems to have changed as a result of the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, within the United States. It’s hard to process exactly how much our worlds have changed in such a short time.

Just a couple weeks ago, I got up, sent the boys to school, went down to the gym for a 90-minute trek on the treadmill, followed by a casual stop at the grocery store, which was well-stocked (aside from hand sanitizer) and being calmly shopped by a typical number of patrons. I delivered an Avon order, then went home to quietly work until the boys came from school.

Flash forward and everything has changed. My kids are now homeschooled and I am their homeschool teacher. (They now call me Mrs. DeLine.) We’re exercising as a family through daily walks and bike rides and avoiding the grocery store – due to our new social-distancing routines, but also because it’s been pretty much cleared out of everything.

While good things have come from these new routines (family exercise, reading Harry Potter together, daily family movie nights…), it’s been an adjustment for sure.

Is this our new normal??

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed during these past few weeks though, it’s the tremendous human spirit of RESILIENCE.

After a momentary panic, as states of emergency were announced, business and schools shut down, and people rushed the stores and cleared off the shelves, you could sense a sort of silence, where all of America sat on their toilet paper mountains and asked themselves, “Now what??”

And over the past few days, the answers to that question have become clear…

🍽 Restaurants, forced to close their dining rooms, are now offering curbside pick-up
🚕 Businesses (who never delivered) are now offering delivery
🏋️‍♀️ Gyms are offering online workouts and personal training sessions
☎️ Teachers are offering instruction and communication online and over the phone
👩‍🏫 Parents have adjusted their routines to provide homeschool instruction and engaging experiences for their children at home
👩‍👧‍👦 College students, sent home from college, are offering babysitting services (much needed by many families whose kids are suddenly home from school)
🎟 Movie companies are releasing new films for on-demand rental
🙏 Churches are live-streaming mass
🛒 Stores have adjusted their schedules to provide time to clean and restock, as well as dedicated hours for elderly to shop for the items they need
🥁 Music teachers are offering lessons through video conferencing
🍀 Neighbors are finding ways to connect without contact, through shamrock hunts
🎄 Christmas lights are being rehung to raise spirits and Hallmark is running a Christmas movie marathon
🎨 Famous artists, chefs and Broadway stars are offering free lessons online
🐅 Museums and zoos are live-streaming tours and opera houses are live-streaming performances

As a nation, as a world, we’re finding ways to survive and even THRIVE under these new conditions!

We’re figuring out how to get through this together.

And though I also long for things to return to “normal”, I awoke this morning feeling reassured and confident that we can make this new normal work. There will certainly be challenges and sacrifices along the way, but humans are resilient. I am resilient. YOU are resilient. And we’re going to figure this out together!


How does this relate to AVON??

Many businesses have been heavily impacted by all of the recent changes. Restaurants have been forced to close their dining rooms and other businesses have been forced to close completely. Business owners have been left trying to figure out how to get through the next few weeks or months, questioning what the the longer-term future holds for their business.

But a remarkable thing has happened as a result. Very quickly, in a matter of just a handful of days, businesses are finding new ways to REINVENT themselves during these strange times – to find new ways to work their business in response to the current challenges and opportunities!! They’re finding a way to THRIVE UNDER THESE NEW CONDITIONS.

Our Avon businesses are no different. If you previously built your business through face-to-face prospecting for customers or team members, vendor events, and/or personal deliveries, you may be wondering how to proceed under our current “socially-distanced” conditions.

My challenge for you is to find new ways for your business to thrive! Reinvent your Avon business. Forget about what you CAN’T do under the current conditions, and focus on new things you CAN do!

Treat these strange times as an OPPORTUNITY to stretch your wings and soar!! Don’t retreat from the challenges – DIVE IN!

Here are a few ideas to consider:

1. Offer No-Contact Delivery – As you and your customers take steps to avoid contact with others, offer your local customers the option of no-contact delivery. Ask them to leave their payment on their door (if they haven’t already paid you for their orders) OR collect payments through PayPal, Venmo, or credit card. When you deliver, leave their order by their door (or in a location of their choosing) and send them a text to let them know their items have arrived.

2. Promote Your Online Store – During these times, customers are turning to online shopping more than ever before. You may find that customers who were previously hesitant to shop online are now making it their preferred method of shopping. Contact everyone you know to let them know about the option to shop your online store, with direct delivery to their homes. Be sure to tell them about free shipping on orders of $60+! Check out the tips HERE and HERE on how to sell Avon online.

3. Use Social Media Regularly – Use the time you used to spend driving around delivering brochures and orders to become a master of using social media to grow your business! As many people across the United States are now isolated in their homes, social media is hopping with activity. It’s a great place to engage with current and new potential customers. Use our social media tool, Avon Social, to promote products on your Facebook business page and personal page. Don’t have a Facebook business page or a Google business profile? Set one up! Don’t use Instagram for your business? Take some time to learn it. There are many, many excellent resources on how to use all of these tools.

Check out my How-To-Avon page for a variety of how-to guides and video tutorials on selling Avon online, using Avon Social (video tutorial), sharing your digital brochure (video tutorial), hosting online Avon parties, and more!

Also, be sure to check out the incredible tips and tutorials on the Social Selling By Avon Social Facebook page. Click on “Units” from the main menu of that page to access many helpful video tutorials, which will help you with promoting your business through social media.

4. Find New Ways to Connect with Customers – Just like other businesses have turned to video-conferencing and live videos to connect with their customers, you can do the same for your Avon business! Stuck at home? Take a couple minutes to clean yourself up and change out of those pajamas you’ve been wearing for three days, then do a Facebook live video to share a few of your favorite products with customers or do a video showing your Avon skin care or makeup routines, filled with tips and helpful product info!

5. Get the Kids Involved – Got a bunch of antsy kids at home like I do?? Get them involved in promoting your business! Take a walk together to hang brochures on doors or deliver orders to customers’ doors. Doing a video? Let the kids share their favorite Avon products too! It’s a fun way to get them involved in the process of growing a successful family business!

6. Focus on What Customers Need – As many of our customers figure out how to function under the current conditions of social-distancing, you may find that the items they’re looking for have shifted a bit. They may be less interested in the more fun purchases like jewelry, fashion, and cosmetics and more interested in basic necessities, like hand soap, hand cream, shampoo, body wash, deodorant, and toothpaste. They may desire some things for relaxation in their homes, such as our bubble bath, candles, or aromatherapy essential oil blends. Missing their hair appointments, they may love our CHI ammonia-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free permanent hair coloring kits! Or they may be interested in shelf-stable items for nutrition, such as our Plant Power Protein, Espira Greens, or Hydration drink mixes. As you promote your business, focus on all of those incredible items that you can offer to your customers, with no-contact delivery direct to their doors when they shop your online store.

Got more ideas on new ways to grow your business during these unusual times?? Share them in the comments!!

How To Build Your Custom Avon Starter Kit

If you took advantage of the limited-time FREE sign-up to start your Avon business, then you will NOT be receiving an Avon starter kit in the mail.

The good news is:

  1. You have a full suite of totally FREE digital tools which you can begin using right away, including a FREE online store, FREE digital brochure link, FREE Avon Social (social media tool), and FREE training on how to successfully sell online. You can also set up a FREE Facebook business page, FREE Google business profile, FREE Instagram account, etc. It’s also totally FREE to post as often as you’d like on social media and FREE to send emails, texts, messages, etc. to share your digital brochure link.
  2. You can build your own custom Avon starter kit at any time!


To put it simply, while all of our FREE digital sales tools are incredibly valuable resources, it can take time and consistency to build a successful online business. Contrary to what some people believe, there’s more to it then just posting your link and waiting for the order notifications. (Click HERE for a few MYTHS & TRUTHS about building an online Avon business, along with some very specific actions you can take.)

If you want to put money in your pockets more quickly, as you’re taking the steps to build the online side of your business, it’s a good idea to get your hands on some tangible sales tools, which you can begin using to attract your first customers. That’s where your custom Avon starter kit comes in!


Anytime! You can place your first order on avonnow.com (our representative site) at any time. In fact, there’s no better time to start your business than right now! Click HERE for a short video tutorial which walks through how to order brochures, samples, and other supplies.


In the remainder of this post, I’m going to outline a few basic recommendations for what to include in your first order, so that you can build a starter kit which will help you to attract your first customers and get those earnings rolling in!

You’re the boss of your Avon business, so ultimately, you get to choose which items you invest in to grow your business, but I’m going to point you in the direction of the best items to get results (along with a few extra tips peppered in along the way)!

Remember, through Avon’s Pathway to Premier incentive program for new reps, you have the ability to earn up to $2000 in additional bonuses (on top of your regular commission earnings) during your 1st EIGHT campaigns with Avon!! Click HERE for more info on how to earn those bonuses. Want to earn cash bonuses AND an all-inclusive cruise vacations?? Click HERE for tips!


Avon’s beautiful printed brochures are one of our most effective sales tools! As a general rule, the more brochures that you get into hands, the more sales you’ll generate.

Brochures come in packs of 10 and get less expensive the more packs you order, so don’t stop at one pack of brochures – order two or three or more packs!

BROCHURE TIP #1: Order your brochures TWO campaigns ahead of time, so that you always have the materials you need to grow your business.

BROCHURE TIP #2: Following up with every person you give a brochure to helps to boost the effectiveness of the brochures you pass out. (Some successful reps like to put a sticky note on the front of every brochure they pass out, as a reminder to collect contact info from new people.)

BROCHURE TIP #3: To help you grow your business, challenge yourself to pass out more and more brochures each campaign. Perhaps start with two packs (20 brochures) in your first campaign, then increase to three packs, then four, and so on, until you’ve built a strong customer base!

BROCHURE TIP #4: Avon also offers additional small sales flyers, which are quite inexpensive. To keep business costs low, some reps choose to purchase these small sale flyers to give more potential customers a taste of what Avon has to offer. You can stick a label on the flyer with your digital brochure link and/or online store link for customers to browse the complete product collection.

BROCHURE TIP #5: Include your contact info and online store link on the back of every brochure, so that customers can choose how they shop with you.

BROCHURE TIP #6: Brochures are best utilized when you put them into hands of people you can follow up with, BUT if you do choose to leave brochures in some places, stick a label on the front which gives people an incentive to contact you, such as “Contact me for a free Avon beauty sample bundle.” That way, you’ll gain contact info for future follow-up!



Samples can be a great way to give potential customers a taste of what Avon has to offer. You can offer samples with brochures to attract new customers and/or include samples with orders to introduce current customers to new products.

SAMPLE TIP #1: Not seeing samples available for a product you’d like to share with customers? Make your own samples by ordering the full-size product, then filling small sample containers (available on sites like Amazon)

SAMPLE TIP #2: When passing out samples for a particular item, consider running your own personal sale or deal on that item. For example, you may choose to offer an additional % off of the brochure price or a free Avon item with purchase!



Another great way to introduce customers to Avon products is by using demos, similar to how you may find demos available for sampling at other stores. To demo items, purchase a full-sized item which customers can dispense a small sample from.

DEMO TIP #1: Be sure to keep your demo items sanitary by using disposable applicators for anything which can not be dispensed right from the bottle.

DEMO TIP #2: You can order demos of upcoming products from the WHAT’S NEW catalogs up to two campaigns ahead of their official release to customers. This is a great way to generate interest in Avon’s latest product innovations. You’ll get your normal earnings/discount on your demo purchases, which will be applied at checkout. Demo purchases count towards your sales for the campaign.



Nothing speaks more highly about the products you’re selling than your own personal testimonial. Personally using as many Avon products as you can allows you to gain firsthand knowledge of the products you’re selling, while also naturally promoting the products by “wearing and sharing” them.

Do you wash your face each day? Do it with an Avon facial cleanser!
Do you shampoo your hair? Use Avon shampoo!
Wear earrings, necklaces, shoes or clothing? Wear Avon jewelry and fashion!
Do you clean your body with body wash or use deodorant? Avon’s got that too!
Got dry hands? Whip out a tube of one of Avon’s incredible hand creams!
Wear makeup? Make it Avon!
Color your hair? Use one of Avon’s ammonia-free permanent hair coloring kits!

PERSONAL ITEMS TIP #1: Avon offers such a wide range of products, that it might be challenging to figure out where to start. Start with what you need! Running low on shampoo? Don’t buy it from some other store – order it from your own business instead! Each campaign, get to know a few new products, until you find the ones you love most. Then, share those items with everyone you know!

PERSONAL ITEMS TIP #2: Make the most of your personal purchases by sharing them in a variety of ways. Wear the products when you’re out and about, to initiate conversations when people comment on your beautiful necklace, your sparkly lip color, or how lovely you smell. (Have brochures on hand to offer.) Also, share the products you’re using on social media by offering personal testimonials, before/after pics, and selfies!

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 4.47.40 PM.png


Avon offers a couple other optional materials which you might find useful. You can find those items on avonnow.com by clicking “Order Products”, then selecting “Sales and Business Tools”.

Some items of particular interest are the “Clear Literature Bags” which are very useful for hanging brochures on doorknobs and the variety of shopping bags and “popcorn bags” for packaging orders!




Click HERE to access my HOW-TO-AVON page,

which is filled with tips, tricks, and tutorials to grow a profitable Avon business!

How to Hold a GRAND OPENING for your Avon Business

What kinds of things come to mind when you think of a business’ GRAND OPENING??


  • Balloons, streamers, and eye-catching banners
  • People standing on corners pointing human-sized arrows towards the new business
  • Flyers that are mailed or distributed to all local residents, inviting them to the Grand Opening event
  • Special discounts, free gifts, and other incentives for the first customers
  • Giant dancing tube men, wildly waving their inflated arms in front of the new business
  • Advertising on TV or in local publications
  • Promotions on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, offering glimpses into what the new business can offer
  • An overall celebratory mood with special incentives to draw people in

Grand Openings of businesses are fun and exciting! Business owners often go all out to introduce their new business to their potential customers, raise awareness of what they have to offer, and incentivize people to come check them out.


Well, guess what…

When you signed up to become an Avon representative, you became a business owner too! And if you treat your Avon business as a business, it will ultimately reward you like a business!

So, let’s talk about the GRAND OPENING of your Avon business…

Successful business owners don’t typically open their doors on the first day and then just wait to see who shows up. (They also don’t typically close up shop if the customers don’t come flooding in right away.) Successful business owners take steps to ensure that everyone knows about their new business, they give all of those people ample motivation to come check them out, and then they make sure those people have an incredible experience, so they keep coming back (and bring their friends along too)!!

With Avon, your business doesn’t operate out of a physical storefront – it operates out of the brochures and your online store. So, your Grand Opening doesn’t need to be an actual event that people attend at a particular date and time. Your Grand Opening could even last for your first couple campaigns! The main idea is to announce your business loud and clear, offer people a peek at the great stuff you have to offer, and give them some irresistible motivation to become one of your first customers.

Check out these tips for giving your new Avon business a successful GRAND OPENING:


Grand Openings are fun and exciting, so have fun and be excited!! Let everyone know how excited your are to be launching your new Avon business! Tell people you chat with, post about it on Facebook, and share pics when your first Avon order arrives!


Make sure that you have the materials and resources you need to launch your Avon business. Fortunately, there’s not much that you absolutely NEED to have. I’d highly recommend ordering brochures to distribute. As a general rule, the more you pass out, the more orders you’ll generate.  It’s also a good idea to get your hands on some Avon products for your own personal use, so that you can “wear and share” the products, offer your own personal testimonials, and share recommendations. (You’ll enjoy your 25% discount on all beauty purchases, as long as the total of your sales/purchases for the campaign are at least $40.) Aside from physical items, make sure that you’ve set up your online store, learn how to share your digital brochure link, and get to know Avon Social (our awesome social media tool)!


You just opened up a new business!! Invite everyone you know to be a part of your Grand Opening! How?? Post about it on Facebook, send emails/messages, and pass out tons of brochures! Include a note with brochures that you distribute to introduce yourself as a new Avon representative and invite them to be one of your first customers.


For your first campaign or two, consider offering some sort of special discount or other incentive (free Avon product or samples with order, for example) for your first customers. Let people know about the Grand Opening special by sticking labels on the brochures you pass out, posting on Facebook, sending an email or message to everyone you know.


Turn your Grand Opening into a virtual event by setting up a Facebook group to host an online Grand Opening party. Set a date and time for the virtual event to take place and invite everyone to join the group. During the event, post tons of pics to show everyone all of the great products you have to offer. Promote any special Grand Opening deals or incentives that you’ve decided to offer. You can even do a live video in the group to show all of your potential customers some of your personal favorite Avon items! Be sure to share the link to your online store and/or digital brochure frequently throughout your event.


Launch your business by inviting some friends over to experience Avon! Make it a fun girls night with some yummy snacks and beverages. Encourage your friends to bring along a friend. Have some products available for your guests to sample and plenty of brochures for them to browse. Be sure to let them know about any special “Grand Opening” offers!


When those first orders start rolling in, be sure to thank your customers and compliment them on their excellent product choices! Share your thanks publicly (such as through a Facebook post), so that other potential customers will be reminded about your new business and the great products and deals you have to offer.


Keep going, even if your Grand Opening doesn’t turn out to be as grand as you’d hoped! Think like the business owner you are! What would a business owner do if their Grand Opening was a flop?? Would they close up shop right away?? Or would they go back to the drawing board to figure out some new things to try or some more effective ways to connect with customers?? Give yourself and your business the opportunity and time to succeed!!




How to Get Avon Customers to Come to YOU

Like with any new business, when you first get started with Avon, you will need to actively work to attract and engage your first customers.

Think of it like the Grand Opening of a new shop! There would be balloons and streamers drawing attention to the new business. Perhaps someone would be standing on the corner with a human-sized arrow pointing people towards the new shop or maybe a few of those giant dancing tube men would be waving their inflated arms in front of the shop. The shop owner would advertise their Grand Opening with advertisements on TV and local publications. They may even mail or distribute flyers to all local residents, promoting their Grand Opening. They’d probably offer a special incentive for their first customers, like a discount on their purchase or free gifts with purchase.

New businesses pull out all the stops for their Grand Openings, because that’s what it takes to draw attention and engage their first customers. The same theory applies when we’re launching our Avon businesses. In the beginning, we need to do everything a bit bigger and bolder. We need to promote like crazy on social media and face-to-face. We need to post repeatedly on Facebook, get brochures and samples into tons of hands, offer those special “Grand Opening” discounts and incentives, and make connections with tons of people. Essentially, we need to wave the human-sized arrow towards our Avon business and actively lure those first customers in to shop.


In the beginning, it may seem like it takes a lot of effort to get those first customers, but I have some very good news for you… IT GETS EASIER!! The more time that you give your business to grow – taking small, consistent actions along the way – the more momentum your business will gain, until suddenly you’ll find that the customers are coming to YOU

Check out these FIVE steps you can take to get customers to come to YOU:

1) ACTIVELY work your business, both online and offline.

Make it crystal clear that your business is open and that you’re ready to help. Would you try to shop at a store that has its lights off and the door closed?? Make sure that everyone knows that your lights are on and the door to your business is open! Post regularly about Avon on social media (it doesn’t have to all be “salesy” shop-with-me type posts) and get brochures into hands each campaign. Send an email once a campaign to everyone you know, inviting them to browse your digital brochure and sharing a few of your personal favorite items or best deals for the campaign.

2) Make yourself VISIBLE, so that everyone knows that you’re the Avon lady (or gentleman)!

How?? Distribute brochures locally, mail brochures (using campaign-mailer) to non-local customers, use Avon Social to promote on Facebook regularly, promote with personal pics on Instagram, boost posts on Facebook, post on your personal page, write an Avon blog, create a Google business page and keep it active, run ads on Google, communicate and follow-up with current and new potential customers, and regularly use/wear Avon (so that you are a walking, talking testimonial to our incredible products). You can also make yourself visible with Avon logo items, car decals, yard signs, etc.

3) Use your current customers to find new customers.

How? Make their shopping experience the best you can (so they tell their friends) and provide extra brochures for them to share with people they know. Offer them a small discount or Avon gift to thank them for any customers they refer to you.

4) Give your business time to flourish and grow.

Successful businesses don’t typically happen overnight. Time and consistency will build your momentum. Sticking with it, even when sales are slow (especially when the sales are slow), is the only way to get to the point where the orders flow in with ease!

5) Take steps to develop extensive, personal knowledge of the products.

How? Take advantage of the many available training opportunities and personally use the products. The knowledge you’ll gain will enable you to authentically share and recommend the products… not just because you sell them, but because you know them and love them. And when you know the products well, you become a trusted source of recommendations and will be able to effectively match customers with the right products for them.


From Ding, Dong to Click, Click – Myths and Truths about Selling Avon Online

In 1886, the first Avon (then known as “California Perfume Company”) representatives sold fragrance door-to-door.

10 years later, the first printed brochure of the company’s products was issued.

For many, many years after that, Avon representatives traveled door-to-door within their assigned territories, distributing brochures and samples to collect orders.

With the dawn of the internet, a new way to sell became available to Avon representatives. Assigned selling territories were removed and representatives became free to sell Avon anywhere across the United States, using the brochures or their online stores.

That brings us to the current day…

In 2020, all Avon representative have the best of both worlds. While we still have our beautiful tried-and-true brochures, all Avon representatives also have state-of-the art online stores (which customers anywhere across the United States can shop from 24/7), along with an incredible social media tool (Avon Social), digital brochure link (with easy sharing features), and dedicated training on how to promote our businesses online. And all of those digital tools are FREE for reps to use to connect with customers all across the country!

Our online stores and digital tools offer us unlimited potential, but it’s up to us to turn that potential into money in our pockets!! 




Check out these FIVE common MYTHS or misconceptions about selling Avon online, along with some TRUTHS and clear ACTIONS you can take to grow your online Avon business.

MYTH #1: My online business will grow quickly and easily.

TRUTH: Building a successful online business takes time. Have patience, young grasshopper! 


You CAN build a successful online business, but it will take time and consistency. Whatever you do, don’t give up before you’ve given yourself a real chance to succeed.

  • Play around with different tools and strategies.
  • Try some of the other ideas presented in this post.
  • Experiment until you find the strategies which work for you!!
  • Do the trainings available in Avon U Training.
  • Join the Social Selling by Avon Social Facebook group. (Check out the “UNITS” section for some very help videos related to selling Avon online.)
  • Follow the Avon U Representatives Facebook page for more training.
  • Don’t give up – You can do this!!



MYTH #2: People who are interested in Avon will start ordering as soon as I post my online store link. (ALSO A MYTH: If they don’t order, then that means they’re not interested in Avon.)

TRUTH: Most people don’t order the first time they see a link. It often takes consumers (of any product or service, including Avon) multiple exposures to new products, in a variety of formats, before they are ready to take action.


Most people are NOT going to order the first time you post the link to your online store, or the second, or even the third… In fact, if all you’re doing is posting your online store link, the orders may not come at all. You need to show your customers, in a variety of ways, the products that they can expect to find when they click the link to your online store. Repeatedly give your potential customers a taste of what you have to offer. Use lots of different methods to showcase the products you’re selling. Make them curious enough to click the link, and just keep promoting even if the sales don’t start flowing in right away. Remember, time and consistency are your friends!!

A few ways to show your potential customers what you have to offer:

  • Facebook Personal Page –  When promoting Avon on your personal page, give your posts a personal twist. Post things like Before & After pics which show the products in use, personal reactions to the Avon products you’ve been using, pics which show you wearing/using the products, and pics seeking opinions such as “Which necklace goes best with this outfit?” (Keep reading for more tips about using your personal Facebook page to promote your business.)
  • Facebook Business Page – This is your digital storefront. Fill it up with tons of product pics from Avon Social. Occasionally share posts from your business page to your personal page. (Keep reading for more tips about using a Facebook business page.)
  • Email – Each campaign, send all of your potential customers an email, which showcases a few products and highlights the best available deals. Provide the link to your digital brochure for people to browse and let them know how they can order (online or through you).
  • Text/Message – Send potential customers a short message to tell them about products you think they will love. Texting can also be a great way to share your digital brochure link.
  • Wear & Share – Make Avon a part of your everyday life by wearing and using as many of the products as possible. Avon jewelry can be an excellent advertising tool and “compliment catcher” which opens the conversation about Avon. Gradually switch over your personal care products (shampoo, skin care, body wash, deodorant, lotions, cosmetics, etc.) to Avon, so that you’ll become a walking billboard for your business! (Bonuses: You’ll enjoy your discount on all of your personal purchases. Your personal purchases will boost your sales, making it easier to earn extra rewards, incentives, and sales achievement levels. There’s no better way to get to know the products you’re selling than to use them yourself!)
  • Brochures – Brochures are a tried-and-true sales tool, which are very effective at generating sales. Online customers love printed brochures too. In addition to your digital promoting, order and distribute printed brochures. You can even use a service such as http://www.campaign-mailer.com to mail brochures to people who are not local.




MYTH #3: I can’t be successful selling Avon online if I don’t know a lot of people.

TRUTH: Building a successful online business is all about making new connections and building relationships. Don’t worry about how many people you currently know. Think instead of the people you can get to know as you grow your business.


If you want to build a successful online business, get to know more people, listen to their needs, and stay alert for opportunities where you have an Avon product which may meet their needs.

  • Join Facebook groups which are interesting to you (hobbies, local community groups, common interests). Be an active participant in those groups. Let people get to know you. Listen to the other members. Build relationships. Stay alert for opportunities to share Avon when it’s the solution to someone’s needs. (DON’T join a bunch of groups and start posting your link everywhere – that is NOT the way to get sales.)
  • Post frequently on your personal Facebook page, but this part is important… Keep the posts on your personal page as PERSONAL as possible. Your friends and family members want to connect with YOU. If your personal page becomes a constant Avon ad, they will tune you out. Post about the things which make you tick – your interests, your kids, your pets, funny experiences you’ve had, favorite recipes, a delicious meal you ate, a fantastic movie you watched… Then, every so often (a couple times a week, perhaps), post something related to Avon, but again… Make your Avon-related posts as personal as possible – pics of you using/wearing the products, pics asking opinions on which lipstick shade looks best on you or which Avon necklace compliments your outfit best, comments about the new skin care product you’re obsessing over and how it’s changed your skin.
  • Create a FREE Facebook business page for your Avon business, and post on it REGULARLY. Your Facebook business page is like your digital storefront. That’s the place that you want to regularly and consistently show potential customers the products you have available to order. Use Avon Social to post product pics (once or twice every single day). Share your own personal insights and comments about the products whenever possible. Post personal pics which show the products in use, along with your testimonials. Post tips and tricks related to the products too – Avon Social has a variety of great tutorial videos which you can share. Every so often, share a post from your business page to your personal page, and invite your friends and family to like/follow your page. TIP: You can schedule your posts through Avon Social up to a month in advance, so if you don’t have time to post new content every day (or are afraid you’ll forget to post), carve out a bit of time once a month or once a week to preschedule your posts. That will ensure that your business page is always hopping with new content!
  • Use the MY SWEEPS feature of Avon Social to promote the sweepstakes opportunities which Avon regularly offers. With “My Sweeps”, every representative has a personal sweepstakes link (which you’ll be able to find in Avon Social). Avon runs the sweepstakes, provides the prize, and selects the winners. All you need to do is share your personal sweepstakes link (using the beautiful images provided to us in AVON SOCIAL) to invite people to enter for a chance to win. Anyone who enters the sweeps through your link will show up in your “PROSPECT CENTER” in Avon Social, along with their contact info, so you can follow-up with your new potential customers. TIP: If desired, you can “BOOST” your business page posts on Facebook to attract more potential customers, outside of the people you already know. Boosted posts are paid advertising through Facebook. It’s pretty easy to set up boosted posts on your business page. (Check out the “Units” section on the Social Selling by Avon Social Facebook page for more tips and info related to boosting posts.)




MYTH #4: Online sales are not as personal as face-to-face sales.

TRUTH: Building a successful online business should be just as personal as building a face-to-face business. 


Finding and keeping loyal online customers is all about building relationships with people, getting to know their needs, introducing them to products which meet those needs, ensuring that they’re happy with those products, then introducing them to complimentary items they may also enjoy!

  • Look for ways to make new connections with lots of new people.
  • Be social and allow people to get to know you.
  • Get to know other people and listen to their needs.
  • Get to know the products you have to offer, so you’ll recognize when you have an Avon product that meets someone’s needs.
  • Check in on your customers to offer help with selecting the right products.
  • Send personal thank you notes to your online customers.
  • Follow-up after their purchase to see how they liked their items and perhaps recommend a few other things they may enjoy.




MYTH #5: My customers don’t like shopping online.

TRUTH: The percent of Americans who shop online continues to rise year after year. There’s a good chance that your customers, regardless of their age, are more comfortable shopping online than you think!


Offer your customers options for how they shop. Share your digital brochure link for them to browse, and then when you do your follow-up (the fortune is in the follow-up), let your local customers now that they can either place their order online to be delivered directly to them OR give their order and payment to you for your to submit to Avon and deliver to your customer. For customers who are too far to deliver, ask them if they need any help with placing their online order. Offer to walk them through the simple process until they’re comfortable!

P.S. All of the images in this post came from AVON SOCIAL! If you haven’t checked out Avon Social yet, now’s a great time! Click HERE for a video tutorial I made, which introduces the basics of using Avon Social.

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