Your AVON Holiday 2020 Sales Tool Kit

The holiday season is the BEST time of year to be an Avon representative!

And even though 2020 has presented some unique challenges in all areas of our lives, the next couple months are still bursting with opportunities to grow your business and make more money!

Will you seize the opportunities that are available to you?!?

I’ve gathered together a collection of tips and ideas to help you make the most of the 2020 holiday sales season!

Check out the links below!!

How to Make $500 (or more) This Holiday Season

How to Become a “Personal Holiday Shopper” for Your Customers

How to Host an Online Holiday Shopping Party

Avon Holiday Sales Tips (2020)

Build Your Business with Avon Holiday Gift Bundles

Avon Holiday Sales Tips – How to Make the Most of the Peak Sales Season

As an Avon representative, the holiday sales season offers a tremendous opportunity to connect with new customers, grow your sales, and make more money… not just during the holiday season, but long-term with your business!

What exactly makes this time of year so special for your business?

  • Our beautiful, bright, and shiny holiday items are perfect for capturing attention! Customers who previously scrolled right past your other Avon promotions may slow down for the pretty holiday items! Once you’ve got their attention, you’ve got an opportunity to show them all of the other things you have to offer!
  • Many people shop more during this time of year, as they seek perfect gifts for everyone on their holiday shopping list! Avon has tons of perfectly giftable items to offer!
  • It’s typically easier to attract new customers and gain sales during this time of year, making it a prime time to expand your business. You can then continue building your relationship with this new customers as we enter the new year!
  • Customers can shop your Avon business online and have their items delivered directly to their homes, anywhere across the United States, making it a safe and convenient way to do their holiday shopping!

There are a few things you can do to make the most of these next few months, to experience lasting growth and higher earnings with your Avon business:

TIP #1The holiday sales season starts NOW. It’s already happening! Don’t wait until November or December to begin your holiday promotions and sales. Plan, promote, and begin collecting pre-orders NOW!!

TIP #2 Holiday items are limited-supply! They are also incredibly popular amongst many, many customers. Many items WILL sell out! Your best bet for securing the best product availability for your customers is to promote early, collect orders ahead of the campaign and submit your orders right at the beginning of each campaign ordering window. Check out the campaign ordering windows for each of the 2020 holiday campaigns in the pic below!

(P.S. If an item your customer wanted sells out, respond by telling them they’ve got great taste and selected one of our most popular items, which unfortunately sold out. Then suggest a couple replacement items they might like and consider offering them a small discount on the alternate items! This approach will keep your customers feeling happy, satisfied, and cared for, even if a particular item they wanted is not available.)

TIP #3 – Another way to ensure your customers get the best product availability is to encourage customers to place their orders through your online store early each campaign, so they can secure their must-have items! Your online store updates to the next campaign one day before the ordering window opens for the new campaign!

TIP #4 – Use the INVENTORY ALERTS page (under the Manage Business tab on to keep track of product availability.

TIP #5 To sell more and earn more, promote your business more! This is a prime time of year to go big with your business promotion! Pass out more brochures, share your digital brochure link more regularly, post more often on social media!

TIP #6 – To ensure you have the materials you need to promote your business far and wide this holiday season, be sure to order your brochures two campaigns ahead. Many reps utilize this time of year for business growth, so brochures are in high demand, just like the products! Don’t wait to get the materials you need to grow your business!

TIP #7 – If brochures sell out for a particular campaign, use all of the FREE digital sales tools which are available to you. (Not sure how to use all of the digital sales tools? Check out the extensive training available in the AVON U TRAINING section of

TIP #8Be creative with your business promotions during this time of year! Host an online holiday shopping party, run special deals/promotions, offer your services as a personal holiday shopper, etc.!

TIP #9 – Make the most of every brochure you pass out or link you share by following up a few days later to see if your potential customer has any questions! Let your customer know when you’ll be submitting your next order, if there’s anything they’d like you to add for them!

TIP #10 – As your customers shop for people on their holiday shopping lists, remind your customers that they deserve to treat themselves too! Offer to help them select the perfect skin care items to address all of their skin concerns! This is one way that you can turn your holiday shopping customer into a year-round customer! (Don’t know enough about our skin care items to be able to confidently make recommendations? Check out the product training and other resources in Avon U to become an expert in the items you’re selling!!)

How to Offer “Personal Shopper” Services this Avon Holiday Season


Promote yourself as a personal holiday shopper to make gift-shopping easy, safe, affordable, and convenient for all of your customers!

Avon has so many incredible, perfectly giftable items in this year’s holiday product collection! As an Avon rep, you can add a personal touch to the holiday shopping experience to make it easy for your customers to find great gifts for everyone on their shopping lists!

Here are a few ideas on how to market yourself as a personal holiday shopper:

  • Set up a dedicated holiday shopping Facebook group, focused on promoting holiday gifts and decor! Call it something fun like “Amy’s Avon Holiday Gift Shop” or “Amy, the Avon Holiday Shopping Elf!”. (Use your own name, of course!) Post tons of pics in the group, do videos to showcase products, and invite people to register on your online store (by clicking “Sign In” then creating an account), so you can share special discounts and promotional offers with them (using the Promotion Tool, which you’ll find under the Manage Business tab on avonnow).
  • Encourage customers to share a bit of info about the people on their holiday shopping lists with you, along with their gift budget for those people. Send them back a customized list of gift ideas in their budget for the people on their shopping lists! Offer a special personal shopper discount on their order of any suggested items!
  • Put together a flyer/image showcasing your Top Ten Avon Holiday Gift Ideas, with info on how to order. Email it to all of your customers and post it on your social media!
  • Offer the make custom Avon gift bundles, cellophane-wrapped and ready to give! (A nice bow and gift tag are great finishing touches!)
  • Offer free no-contact doorstep delivery and/or pick-up for your local customers.
  • As your customers shop for others, remind them that they deserve a little TLC too! Offer to suggest a new skin care regimen for the new year, to address any of their personal skin care concerns! Avon has something for all skin types and all skin concerns!

How to Make $500+ this Holiday Season with your Avon Business!

Check out this sample plan for making $500 (or more) during the holiday sales season (C23 – C1)!! Any representative can make this happen, if you utilize your resources and sales tools wisely and regularly!

The key is to start preparing NOW. Order the brochures you need to promote your business two campaigns ahead. Brochures will be in high demand, as many reps utilize this prime time of year to grow their businesses!

Ordering brochures early will also allow you to collect orders in advance of each campaign ordering window, so that you can submit your orders early to ensure the best product availability for your customers. Holiday items are limited-supply and often sell quickly!

Need to learn more about using all of our free digital sales tools? Dive into that training in Avon U NOW! Don’t wait until we’re halfway through the holiday sales season to learn how to use all of the tools available to us! The opportunity to grow your business and make more money is happening right NOW!! Let’s start earning right away!!

Check out all of the tips and strategies in the image below! More detailed info and tips on things like hosting an online holiday shopping party and presenting yourself as a personal shopper will be coming soon!

Stay tuned…

Avon Holidays 2020 – Sales Tips

The Avon holiday sales season has arrived!

Whether you’ve been with Avon for years or are just starting your business, this is the absolute best time to make connections with new customers, boost your sales, and put some $$$ in your pockets!

And though the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may have put more physical distance between us and our customers, there are still plenty of ways to have an incredibly successful holiday sales season! Don’t let the incredible opportunity of this time of year pass you by! The holiday season is short, but the growth you can make during this time is lasting!

What exactly makes this time of year so special??

  • Avon has the most beautiful holiday product collections, offering tons of bright and shiny items to attract new customers (even those who shop their beauty products elsewhere). Check out the pics I’ve shared in this post, which showcase just a small fraction of what Avon has to offer this holiday season!
  • Avon has a wide assortment of perfectly giftable items, right at the time of year when shoppers are on the hunt for gifts.
  • There are often tons of vendor events/craft fairs happening during this time of year, which are perfect places to promote your business. (With COVID-19, vendor events may be more limited this year. If events are not happening near you, or you’d prefer to stay more distanced, consider hosting your own online holiday shopping event!)
  • This is the time of year when many people do their most shopping. Many people set money aside all year, specifically for shopping during these next few months.
  • Many gatherings take place during this time of year, giving you the perfect opportunity to share brochures and samples with new potential customers. Avon also makes a great hostess gift for the events that you attend!
  • This is a perfect time of year to host your own festive Avon holiday shopping party, to showcase the great products you have to offer. If you’re remaining safe and distanced due to the COVID pandemic, you can easily host an online holiday shopping party through a Facebook group!!
  • Avon can make a great gift for many of the people on your personal holiday shopping list. By giving Avon gifts, you introduce our fabulous products to people who may want to shop from you in the future. PLUS, as a rep, you get to enjoy a discount on all of your Avon purchases, which saves you money on your holiday shopping! Before heading out to some other store with your holiday shopping list, ask yourself what your Avon business has to offer for the people on your shopping list!!
  • This time of year is also a big time for fundraisers and charitable giving. As an Avon representative, you can offer fundraisers using our fundraising flyers or easy online fundraising system. (Fundraisers connect you with new customers, who may become your customer for life!) You can find more information about Avon fundraising on the “Fundraising Hub” page, under the Manage Business tab on

With all of that in mind, I’ve gathered a few resources for you, to help you to make the most out of this incredible business opportunity!

Take advantage of this fantastic time of year to permanently grow your Avon business! Opportunity is knocking right NOW!!

Click on the links below to learn more about each of the following business-boosting topics:

Tips for Successful Vendor Events

How to Sell Avon Online

Tips for Utilizing Brochures for Avon Sales Success 

Avon Party Tips

Tips for Hosting an ONLINE Avon Party


  • Check out the “Marketing Hub” under the Manage Business tab on for tons of tips and info related to promoting your business using all of our (FREE) digital sales tools! Post tons of pics of our incredible holiday products on social media. Post every day and be sure to add your own personal testimonials! (You can find tons of tips, resources and pictures to share on the OFFICIAL AVON REPRESENTATIVE SOCIAL SELLING Facebook page.)
  • Give extra brochures to everyone you know and ask them to share with people they know. Offer thank you gifts or discounts for any orders they bring you.


  • Check out the Fundraising section of (under the Manage Business tab on to learn all about both flyer and online fundraisers. Fundraisers are a great way to connect with new customers.
  • Wear and Share Avon everywhere you go (and on social media when you’re unable to be with others in person)… parties, work, errands, and holiday events. Avon jewelry is especially effective at inspiring comments, which opens the door to sharing a brochure and/or your online store link. Take personal pictures to post on social media when you can’t be together with others in person!
  • Side-by-side with promoting the holiday items, be sure to promote Avon’s core beauty product collection, including all of our incredible collaboration products with CHI hair care, The Face Shop, Belif, Elastine, and more! Introducing customers to those new luxurious collections will make them customers for life!

AVON – Have Fun & Make It Personal

Recently, one of my team members asked a really excellent question recently, which sparked a very important discussion…

How do you promote your business online
without your posts sounding like a broken record?


My response (which may be the best advice I can give about promoting your business on social media) was:


Avon has provided us with a tremendously valuable tool in Avon Social (our FREE social media tool, filled with thousands of beautiful product pics and videos to promote your business), which makes regularly promoting your business on social media easy and convenient, BUT your best results will come from your personal posts, which show real-life use of the products with your authentic testimonials and tips!

Use the products you’re selling personally, get to know them firsthand, experiment, take before/after pictures, make videos, get the family involved, be creative and have fun with promoting your business!!


As an example, check out this little video my sons made today to demo the pineapple corer: My two youngest sons had a blast filming the segments. My oldest son edited the video together, which gave him something creative to do as our family continues to social-distance! It was fun to make and it’s a creative, personal way to introduce my potential customers (who may not even realize that Avon offers kitchen tools) to the product!

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to edit videos together. Taking personal pics works well too!! Here are a few more examples of recent posts I’ve made to promote my Avon business, all with a personal twist!

You’ll notice that they’re all products my family and I are personally using, I took my own pictures, I shared feedback and tips based on use, and I expressed what I personally love about the products. You can share posts like this on your personal social media pages and/or on your social media business pages!




If you’re not sure how to get started with making your product promotion posts more personal, start with the products you personally know and LOVE!

If you’re not yet able to identify the products you personally love, start by getting to know the products you’re selling. Try a few things, experiment, get your family and friends to experiment with you too, and then start sharing what you love!!

Most importantly, have fun, be creative, and make your business personal!! You’ll be rewarded with higher customer engagement, higher sales, and higher earnings when you do!!

Your 1st Avon Customer (And Most Effective Sales Tool)

Congrats on starting your Avon business!! You are at the beginning of an incredible adventure in building a successful, profitable business.

If you’re like most new Avon reps, you’re probably anxious to find your first customers, but you might be confused about where to begin. Perhaps you’ve posted once or twice on your social media and not had any bites yet. Maybe you’ve even reached out to a few friends and they told you they already have an Avon rep or they don’t use Avon products for x, y, or z reason.

Don’t let any of that discourage you! I’m about to introduce you to your 1st Avon customer and explain how Customer #1 is also your most effective sales tool on the path to more customers and a strong, profitable business!


Before we meet your 1st Avon customer, allow me to clear up a few common misconceptions about finding customers:

  1. If you’ve posted on social media a few times and the orders have not started rolling in, that does NOT mean that no one is interested. Social media can be a tremendously effective tool for growing your business, BUT it takes more than a couple posts to get results. There are a few simple tricks you can apply to increase your success with attracting customers online. (Check out a few myths, truths, and tips that I’ve compiled about selling online HERE.)
  2. If a few of your friends have told you they already have an Avon rep, that is NOT a roadblock to your success. You can sell to anyone across the entire United States. There are plenty of potential customers out there for all of us! Most reps find their first customers amongst friends and family, but if you give your business a chance to grow, your best customers will likely be people you have not even met yet!
  3. If you live in a small town, where there are already active Avon reps, see above! You are NOT limited to your small town. The entire country is your potential customer base! Promote your business far and wide!
  4. If people have told you they’re not interested in Avon for any variety of reasons, I can almost guarantee you that they have not yet met the new face of AVON in 2020. During the past few months alone, our Avon product collection has grown and diversified enormously! Today’s Avon is not the same Avon that people may be familiar with from years past. While we still offer many of the products Avon is famous for (Skin So Soft bath oil, Glimmersticks eyeliners, Bug Guard, Moisture Therapy, Wild Country cologne, Sweet Honesty perfume, etc.) we now offer a much greater variety of products, including many which are made with today’s interests in mind, using natural, organic ingredients with sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and vegan formulations. Additionally, we offer products from other highly-respected beauty brands such as CHI, Belif, Dr. Belmeur, and The Face Shop. We also offer entirely new product categories, such a household cleaners, fashion, and health & safety (face masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizers, etc.). Your #1 job is to introduce everyone you know to the new face of AVON!! 

To put it simply, there are plenty of customers out there and they are going to love the incredible products you have to offer. You’ll develop a successful, profitable business as you gradually grow your customer base, one new customer at a time.


And while many reps build their initial customer base amongst the people they currently know (friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, etc.), your first customer is someone you know better than anyone… YOU!!!

Remember when I mentioned above that your #1 job is to introduce all of your potential customers to the new face of AVON?? In order to introduce others to Avon, first you need to get to know Avon for yourself!

In fact, becoming your own first Avon customer will equip you with the most important tools you need to find more customers.

Think about it…

If a potential customer asks you for your opinion about a product or a recommendation, how will you offer that information if you have not tried the products??

If you don’t personally use the products you are selling, how are you going to convince other people to try them?

How will you tell people about your personal favorite products if you don’t personally know the products you’re selling??

Aside from being able to offer your personal experience with the products you’ve tried, using the products gives you the opportunity to become a walking talking advertisement for your business as you “Wear & Share” the products!

Now, let me be clear…

I am NOT suggesting that you place an order to stock up on a bunch of inventory. One of the many nice things about Avon is that we never need to purchase a big inventory of items to sell, so unless you have a solid plan for selling on-hand items (for example during a vendor event/craft fair or home party), I do not recommend that you purchase a bunch of stuff to sell.

I am also NOT suggesting that you purchase a bunch of stuff you don’t need, just to give it a try. Money is tight right now for many people and the whole idea of being an Avon rep is to make money – not spend it! It’s not necessary to spend your money on things you don’t need.


What I AM suggesting is that you shop from your Avon business for items that you and your family already need and use, which you would be spending your money on somewhere else anyway.

  • Do you shampoo your hair? Try one of Avon’s many hair care products, with options suitable for all hair types!
  • Do you brush your teeth? Avon now has a huge variety of oral care products, with and without fluoride. We even have teeth whitening kits, children’s toothpaste, and coming soon… mouthwash!
  • Do you use deodorant? Avon’s Feelin’ Fresh deodorant is the best I’ve ever tried, at a fraction of the cost of other brands!
  • Do you do laundry, wash dishes, or clean your home? Avon now offers laundry detergent, stain remover, dish soap, dish clothes, multi-purpose cleaning spray, cleaning wipes, and more!
  • Do you use insect repellent to protect against mosquitoes, deer ticks, gnats, and other pesky insects?? Your Avon business carries America’s #1 DEET-free insect repellent!
  • Do you cleanse your face or use other skin care products to address blemishes, fine lines/wrinkles, sagging skin, dry/irritated skin, sensitive skin, dull/rough skin, etc.?? Avon’s got skin care products for all of those concerns!
  • Do you wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, wear masks, or use gloves? Yup, your Avon business has all of those things too!
  • What about fun stuff, like makeup, jewelry, or fashion – do you ever treat yourself to those things?? Avon’s got them too (and these items are some of the best for “wearing and sharing” the products in person or through pics)!

Get to know the products you are selling by starting with the things you already need and use. If you’re going to be purchasing those items anyway, you might as well purchase them from yourself!

Avon also offers tons and tons of product training opportunities** every single week to help you get to know all of the products you’re selling, but there’s nothing more valuable than firsthand experience, so start with a few items you already need and go from there!

**For product training opportunities, follow the Avon USA Representatives Facebook page and also check out the “Beauty Buzz” section on the homepage of, where you’ll find updates and links for upcoming training webinars.


Benefits of Personally Using Avon Products:

  • You’ll enjoy the benefit of your representative discount (as long as your total sales for the campaign are at least $40) on the items you purchase.
  • You’ll gain the sort of invaluable product knowledge which comes from personal use.
  • Every item that you try becomes an opportunity to share a testimonial with potential customers. (Take pics as you use the products and talk about the items you genuinely love.) The products you personally use become sales tools to gain new customers!
  • Your authentic product testimonials will become your most powerful sales tool, so you can grow a strong, profitable business with a wide base of loyal customers!
  • You’ll build your total sales more quickly, to help you earn bonuses, rewards, and incentives from Avon!
  • You can order brochures, samples, and other business tools at the same time when you place your order.

So, if you’ve been wondering how to get started with building your customer base, start with YOU! Order a few items that you’re already in need of for yourself or your family. Try those products, then share your experience with everyone you know, which will increase their curiosity about what you have to offer! Be sure to share a printed brochure (you can order them when you place your order) or your digital brochure link/online store link when you share your product testimonials, so your customers know how to shop with you!


Ready to place an order, but not sure how? Check out the SHORTCUTS TO SUCCESS course in Avon U Training section (which you can access from the top left corner of where you’ll find a mini-course on How To Order, which contains a couple helpful video demonstrations!

1st ORDER TIP #1: You can place your order(s) on anytime each campaign. There is no set order date. (Each campaign ordering window lasts for two weeks.)

1st ORDER TIP #2: You can browse all of the available products on Click Browse Products to search products by category OR click Browse Products, then select “View Brochure” to click through a digital version of the brochure, where you can browse all of our currently available products (click on any product image/description for more info and to add it to your order.)

1st ORDER TIP #3: You can submit as many orders as you like each campaign, but there is a shipping fee added to each order you submit. Most reps prefer to submit one order each campaign, which includes all of the items they’d like personally, any business tools they need (brochures, samples, bags, etc.), along with any customer orders they’ve collected for that campaign. That way, there’s only one shipping fee for everything!

1st ORDER TIP #4: Before you place your 1st order, send a message to a few friends and family and/or make a post on Facebook letting everyone know that you’ll be placing your 1st Avon order. Share the link to your digital brochure in your message and ask your friends if there’s anything they’d like to try. It’s a good idea to mention how many new products Avon now carries and a few things you’re excited to try for yourself!

1st ORDER TIP #5: You can earn bonuses and rewards with your 1st order. Check out the details below so that you can take advantage of the rewards available to you!

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 11.53.39 AM.png


Currently, Avon has a few incentives for new representatives as you launch your new business! The image below shows the FREE GIFTS, REWARDS, & BONUSES which new reps are eligible to earn with their first order (as of this writing on 12/5/20). Rewards and bonuses may change! Check for the latest rewards programs and/or ask your Avon advisor what rewards you’re eligible to earn!

**Be sure to also check out the Pathway to Premier program for new reps, which offers up to $2000 in additional bonuses during your 1st eight campaigns with Avon!! Complete official program info is available on

AVON – Did You Know…???

Did you know that Avon has been around for over 134 years?? With a history as long and beautiful as Avon’s, many people have had some experience with Avon at some point during their lives.

Perhaps a family member was an Avon representative many years ago or maybe your mom used to spray you down with Skin So Soft bath oil to keep the bugs away. (I bet you still remember the unique fragrance and feel of that silky oil on your skin!) If you’re like me, you might have nostalgic memories of your dad’s dresser covered with collectible glass decanters of Avon cologne shaped like cars or cowboy boots. Perhaps you remember flipping through Avon brochures that were delivered to your home by the local Avon representative or sampling the newest perfumes and lipsticks.

These are all priceless memories of Avon during some of its long and beautiful history, but Avon has been constantly evolving and modernizing with the times for the past 134 years. There are so many things which you may not realize about the face of Avon in 2020!

DID YOU KNOW THATAvon representatives still distribute those beautiful printed brochures and samples, but we now also have access to a wide variety of (FREE) state-of-the-art digital sales tools, including a personal online store, Avon Social (an incredible social media tool developed by the experts in promoting businesses via social media), and an interactive digital brochure (with cool features such as a virtual makeover tool, foundation shade-matching tool, and tutorial videos).


DID YOU KNOW THATAvon representatives still sell in their local communities, but we can now also sell to anyone, anywhere across the United States, utilizing our online stores, where customers can shop online anytime and have their items delivered directly to their doors. 


DID YOU KNOW THATAvon still offers that Skin So Soft bath oil, Anew skin care to address all of the most common skin concerns, collectible cologne decanters, beautiful fragrances, and eye-catching cosmetics that you may remember, but Avon now also carries:


DID YOU KNOW THATAvon offers representatives the opportunity to earn more than just commission on their sales of the products. Reps can also earn additional $$$ bonuses (through programs like Avon’s Pathway to Premier for new representatives) and all-inclusive vacations (through opportunities like Avon’s current “Destination Avon – Cap Cana” incentive).


DID YOU KNOW THATAvon reps have huge flexibility in how they work their business. There is no requirement to purchase any inventory and no requirement to place an order every campaign (two-week sales period). Some reps choose to focus on online sales (especially convenient during the current socially-distanced times), others prefer to use the brochures, and many use a combination of both sales strategies. 


DID YOU KNOW THATIt’s currently FREE for people to start their own Avon business! Yes, FREE! And signing up gives all reps instant access to their personal online store, FREE digital sales tools, and tons of FREE training opportunities and personal support.

If you’re already a rep, share the opportunity with everyone you know by inviting them to join your team! If you’re not already an Avon rep, get more info and join my team HERE.


DID YOU KNOW THAT… As soon as you sign up to become a representative, you have instant access to a variety of FREE digital sales tools and FREE self-paced training?? You can literally start selling and earning right away!!


DID YOU KNOW THAT… Avon representatives can enjoy savings on their own purchases of beauty products, hair coloring kits, household cleaning products, and basic essentials for your family (like soap, shampoo, bubble bath, toothpaste, sunscreen, insect repellent, and more)?? Being an Avon representative doesn’t just help you to earn money, it helps you to save money too!!



The Top Sales Tools in Your Business Tool Box!

As an Avon representative, you have a huge variety of sales tools available to you, which you can use to promote your business, share the products, attract new customers, and grow your sales (and earnings)!!

In this post, I’m going to outline the most effective sales tools which are available to you, along with a few tips on using each tool.

You’ll notice as you go through the list that many of these tools are completely FREE!! I’ve also listed a few sales tools available for you to invest in to grow your business. The effectiveness of all tools will vary based on how consistently you use them!! Be consistent with your efforts and give your business a chance to grow!! Time and consistency are the keys to your business success!



NOTES: Quite possibly the most valuable sales tool that you have at your disposal is YOU!! The relationships you build with others, your product knowledge, and your personal service can be the secrets to building a successful business. Take advantage of the tons of (FREE) training available from Avon to get to know the products you are selling. Personally use and experiment with the products so you can share your firsthand testimonials and tips. Use before/after pictures to share real results that the people who know you can trust! Customers are not just shopping Avon; they’re shopping Avon with YOU!



NOTES: All Avon representatives have an online store, which is open 24/7 for customers anywhere across the United States to shop from. (To find your online store URL, go to and click the “My Store” link in the top right corner of the page.) When customers shop your online store, they can have their items delivered directly to their home (super convenient for both you and your customer). Share your online store link through social media and by email. Be sure to also include it on things like business cards, yard signs, car decals, and on the back of every brochure you pass out.  TIP: You can sign up for direct deposit of your online order earnings.  (To sign up for Direct-Deposit, go to “My Account” on, then select “Get Paid By Avon”.)



NOTES: All representatives also have an incredible, highly-interactive digital brochure link, which is attached to your online store (so if customers want to order an item, they can simply click on the picture and it will bring them to your online store). The digital brochure contains awesome features such as a virtual makeover tool and a foundation shade-matching tool. Customers will also find helpful tips and tutorial videos located throughout the digital brochure. To share your digital brochure, go to your online store, click “Digital Catalog” and click on the little sharing icon (shown below) for a variety of easy sharing options.

P.S. You also have the ability to create your own CUSTOM digital brochures to share, featuring the specific products and deals you wish to draw attention to!

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 2.38.41 PM.png

SALES TOOL #4: SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)


NOTES: Social media can be a powerful tool for making connections with new customers, building relationships, and promoting your business in a variety of effective ways. It’s FREE to set up accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Lucky for you, there is plenty of FREE training available to help you learn how to effectively utilize social media to grow your business. (HINT: It’s more about being social and building relationships than it is about repeatedly shouting about your business to others.) To access some excellent training on the effective ways to promote your business on social media, check out the Official Avon Representative Social Selling Facebook page. There’s also tons of social selling training, which you can access any time in the AVON U TRAINING section of



NOTES: While you’re on Facebook, set yourself up a Facebook business page for your Avon business. Simply click the “Create” link on Facebook to set up your page. A Facebook business page is your digital storefront. It is a place where you can showcase the incredible products Avon has to offer, share great deals, offer products tips, etc. Post regularly on your business page for the best results. Make your posts as personal as possible to get the highest engagement. Be sure to clearly identify yourself as an Avon Independent Sales Representative on your Facebook business page.

SALES TOOL #6: SOCIAL MEDIA ASSETS (Shareable Pics and Videos


NOTES: Avon has provided reps with a wide assortment of stunning product pictures and eye-catching shareable videos, which you can use to promote your business for FREE on a variety of social media sites or in emails, messages, etc. To find albums of images, which you can save and share, check out the Official Avon Representative Social Selling Facebook page. You can find shareable videos on Your online store is another source of beautiful product pics, informative blog posts, and shareable tutorials! Taking your own personal pics and videos is another wonderful way to attract attention to the products you have to offer!!



NOTES: Setting up a (FREE) business page on Google can help customers in your area to find you! You’ll need a gmail account to get started, then simply click on the main menu and select the “My Business” option to set up your page. TIP: Keep your Google business page active with new posts and pictures, so that customers are likely to find your page when searching for a rep in your area.

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COST: See image below (save when you purchase multiple packs of brochures)

NOTES: The tried-and-true printed Avon brochure is still an incredibly effective way to promote your Avon business and show customers the products you have available for them to order. TIP: Make the most of every brochure you pass out by following up a few days later to answer questions, point out great deals, and collect orders. The follow-up will make all the difference in the world! (Brochures can be ordered on by clicking the “Browse Products” menu and selecting “Order Brochures”.)



COST: Cost Varies (currently priced between 1-cent & $2.15)

NOTES: Samples can be an effective way to allow customers to get to know the products before committing to purchase. To locate (and order) currently available samples, go to the “Browse Products” menu on and select “Samples”. Many reps also like to create their own samples using small sample-size containers available from retailers like Amazon. (Remember also that satisfaction is guaranteed with Avon products, so if your customer orders a product which does not work for them, for any reason, they can return the product for a refund.)


COST: Cost Varies Depending on Promotion (Some promotions are FREE to offer)

NOTES: We now have a new Promotion Tool, which enable reps to create our own promotions and coupon codes for customers to use on our online stores. We can create codes to offer our online customers select free samples/trial size products with their order (at no cost to us). Reps can also choose to create a coupon code offering customers free shipping on their online orders of $50+ (rep covers the customer’s cost of shipping when the code is used) or a 10% discount on online order of $40+ (rep covers the cost of the 10% discount from their earnings on the order). Offering occasional online promotions can help to encourage sales, making it easier to reach higher sales achievement levels and higher overall earnings. You’ll find the Promotion Tool under the “Manage Business” menu on

**In addition to the optional promotions that we can set up using the Promotion Tool, customers can automatically get free shipping on direct-delivery orders (placed through your online store) of $60+, with no coupon code needed. We, Avon sales representatives, sponsor this offer for our customers, so feel free to promote it by saying, “Place an order of $60+ and your shipping is on ME!!” This offer benefits customers with FREE SHIPPING and reps with HIGHER SALES (as many customers will shop a bit more to get the free shipping).


COST: Cost Varies Depending on Item

NOTES: All reps have the ability to order upcoming items (up to two of each item) two campaigns ahead of when they will be available to customers. Reps receive their regular earnings discount off of demo items. Ordering demos gives you the ability to get to know items before they are available to customers, take before/after pictures to promote the products, and begin wearing & sharing the products. Demos of items like fragrances and lotions can also allow customers to sample the products before purchasing.



NOTES: Regardless of which other sales tools you choose to use to promote your business, be CONSISTENT with your efforts and give your business TIME to grow!! It may feel challenging in the beginning, to attract those first customers and generate those first sales. Do not give up before you have given your business a chance to thrive. With time and consistency, your business growth can gain momentum and thrive. If you feel stuck, try new techniques, get creative, and take advantage of training opportunities to boost your skills and knowledge! You’ve got this!!