Avon Product Sneak Peak

Have you heard all of the amazing news about Avon’s newest products??

In addition to an out-of-this-world holiday collection, new anti-pollution Anew skin care products, and gorgeous new jewelry items, Avon also recently announced a partnership with CHI haircare to offer paraben-free, sulfate-free haircare products, loaded with organic ingredients for healthy hair and scalp AND a partnership with The Face Shop to offer a complete collection of gorgeous foundation, blush, and highlighters in a wide range of beautiful shades.

Charcoal whitening toothpaste, spa-worthy bath products, vintage-inspired iconic Avon products, and new luxury skin care items (through Avon’s collaboration for LG Home and Health) are also all on their way!

Oh, and did I mention that we’ll have exclusive items from FROZEN 2???

Check out this gallery of some of my fave upcoming products from the recent product expo at Avon RepFest ’19!!

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Comment to tell me which products YOU are most excited about!! The future is looking quite bright for Avon!!

How to Earn Your All-Inclusive Trip to Jamaica

Avon’s latest amazing trip incentive for representatives is the “Make It Jamaica” incentive, where ALL Avon representatives have the opportunity to EARN a 4-night/5-day all-inclusive trip (including airfare, hotel/airport transfers, hotel accommodations, food, drinks, and more) to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The trip can be earned between Campaign 1, 2019 – Campaign 26, 2019, through a variety of methods, which are each outlined in full, official detail under the Sales Incentives section of avonnow.com.

In this post, I’m going to offer an “in a nutshell” look at four different ways  for representatives to earn the “Make It Jamaica” incentive, along with tips specific for each pathway to Jamaica.


First, let’s start with a few general tips, as you approach your plan…


Jump in with both feet right NOW. At this point, we are halfway through the incentive period. There is currently still plenty of time to earn the trip, but the longer you wait, the more challenging it will be. Make a plan, but don’t get stuck in the in the planning process. Get that plan into motion ASAP! You can always adjust the plan as you move along.

Know where you are and where you’re going. Be sure to check out your personal incentive tracker under the “Get Details” link for the Make It Jamaica incentive (under the Sales Incentives section on avonnow.com). The tracker will show your current progress towards the goals, so that you can develop your plan for the remainder of the sales year.

Believe in your ability to earn this trip (because you CAN). Don’t let self-doubt hold you back from giving it everything you’ve got! Jump in and go for it!! Everything you do as you work towards this trip will help you to build a stronger, more profitable business in the process.

Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. If the current way that you’ve been working your business is not producing the results which will get you on that trip, then it’s time to try something new! The same old behaviors are likely to produce the same old results. If you want different results, do different things!

Evaluate your progress every campaign and adjust your plan as necessary. If you’re not progressing as quickly as you need to, rework your plan to stay on track. Use the personal incentive tracker, which I mentioned previously, to track your progress and adjust your plan.

Plan to achieve the trip in less time than you actually have. You have until Campaign 26 to earn the trip. Plan as if you only have until Campaign 24. That way, you’ll have two full campaigns to catch up, if everything doesn’t go according to your plan.

Now, let’s take a look at the four current ways to earn the trip to Jamaica, along with tips for each…

Ways to Earn Jamaica1.jpeg

Tips to Earn Through Personal Sales (with 25% or 50%  of sales online):

Online Fundraisers – Online fundraisers can be a fantastic way to raise both your overall sales and the percent coming from online orders. They are a convenient way for organizations, groups, clubs, teams, etc. to raise money they need, and so simple for reps to register and manage. Best of all, they are a fantastic way to make connections with new potential lifelong customers, who all remain linked with you as their Avon rep (unless they are already linked with another rep) even after the fundraiser has concluded. TIP: Check out the Fundraising course in Avon U for detailed info on how to register and run an online fundraiser.

Digital Brochure Link – Utilize the totally FREE digital brochure link (available through your online store) to share the brochure with more potential customers each campaign. Every campaign, send the link to everyone you know, everywhere across the United States. Customers can easily click any product image to add the item to their online shopping cart. The more people you share the link with each campaign, the higher your overall sales (and the percent of online sales) will rise. The best part here is that it’s a FREE way to promote your business!

Social Media – Regularly utilize all available social media tools (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) to promote your business. Utilize our FREE social media tool, Avon Social, to easily post thousands of eye-catching photos and videos to your social media. Include your web store link with every post. Be sure to also include you own personal photos, selfies, and authentic testimonials. The personal touch makes a difference! TIP: Be consistent with your use of social media! Create engagement, generate interest, and give your efforts time to produce results.

Online Parties – Host online parties as an easy way to connect with new customers online. It can be as simple as setting up a group on Facebook, inviting guests (or asking your online party hostess to invite their guests) to the group, then posting tons of pics and videos to show all of the great products Avon offers. Playing simple games, asking questions, and offering giveaways can help to boost participation and engagement. Utilize Avon Social to help with the product posts!

Refer-a-Friend – Utilize your current customers to connect with new customers. Ask you current customers to share the brochure or your online store link with people they know who may be interested in Avon. Offer them a thank you gift or discount in return for their support.


Tips to Earn Through Team Sales:

Grow Your Team –  The bigger your team grows, the easier it will be to hit your total team sales goal. Reach out to old leads, invest in new leads, and generate your own personal leads through prospecting, advertising, and sharing the opportunity with everyone you know.

Reengage Inactive/Removed/Discontinued Team Members – Reach out to team members who have not been active to lend a hand. Let them know the most exciting Avon news and offer help with getting their businesses back on track.

Product Training – The more informed your team members are about the products, the better prepared they’ll be to sell them. Avon provides us with a long list of excellent product training resources, such as product education videos, Campaign Insider videos, resources in Avon U, the What’s New catalog, and more! Stay alert for those resources and share them with your team. You can also share your own personal testimonials of the products with your team members, to excite and educate!

Sales Training – Support your team members in learning how to effectively sell the products, both online and through the brochures. The monthly Avon-hosted Virtual Sales Meeting and the bi-monthly Campaign Insider videos are great resources for tips on how to sell the products. Watch those videos, encourage your team members to watch the videos, and highlight the most valuable points as you communicate with your team members. TIP: Be sure to follow the Avon USA Representatives Facebook page to be notified when live product/sales training videos are taking place!

Be a Role Model For Sales Success – Practice what you preach (and preach what you practice). Dedicate yourself to boosting your own personal sales. Be brave and step outside of your own comfort zone to experiment with new strategies. Share your results with your team to inspire them to try new things too. TIP: Pay special attention to strategies which boost online sale, in order to meet the required 25% or 50% of your team sales goal from online sales.

Ways to Earn Jamaica 3.jpeg

Tips to Earn for 2018 PC Members+:

Fundraisers (Online or Flyer) – Fundraisers can be a fantastic way to raise your overall sales, while connecting with new customers. Online fundraisers are a particularly convenient way for organizations, groups, clubs, teams, etc. to raise money they need, and so simple for reps to register and manage.  TIP: Check out the Fundraising course in Avon U for detailed info on both flyer and online fundraisers.

Get More Brochures (Both Printed and Digital) in Front of More Eyes – Utilize the totally FREE digital brochure link (available through your online store) to share the brochure with more potential customers each campaign. Every campaign, send the link to everyone you know, everywhere across the United States. Customers can easily click any product image to add the item to their online shopping cart or they can contact you directly with their order. The more people you share the link with each campaign, the higher your overall sales (and the percent of online sales) will rise.

Book Parties – Hosting “Book Parties” can be a great way to get more printed brochures in front of more eyes. In a nutshell, a “Book Party” simply involves giving a friend, customer, etc. a bunch of brochures to share with people they know. They collect orders and payments from their friends, which they turn over to you. In return, you thank your “hostess” with free Avon gifts or a discount on their own purchases. TIP: If they enjoy hosting the “book party” ask them if they’d like to be your regular helper or even a member of your team!

Social Media – Regularly utilize all available social media tools (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) to promote your business. Utilize our FREE social media tool, Avon Social, to easily post thousands of eye-catching photos and videos to your social media. Include your web store link with every post. Be sure to also include you own personal photos, selfies, and testimonials.

Online Parties – Host online parties as an easy way to connect with new customers online. It can be as simple as setting up a group on Facebook, inviting guests (or asking your online party hostess to invite their guests) to the group, then posting tons of pics and videos to show all of the great products Avon offers. Playing simple games and offering giveaway can help to boost participation and engagement. Utilize Avon Social to help with the product posts!

Refer-a-Friend – Utilize your current customers to connect with new customers. Ask you current customers to share the brochure or your online store link with people they know who may be interested in Avon. Offer them a thank you gift or discount in return for their support.

Vendor Events – Seek out vendor events in your area to set up an Avon table. Events can be an effective way to gain both on-the-spot sales and new lifelong customers. Always offer a free raffle basket at your table as a way to attract attention and collect contact info for follow-up afterwards.

Ways to Earn Jamaica4.jpeg

Tips to Earn for Leaders (through Qualified New Recruits):

Kickstart – Make sure that you understand the Kickstart program for new reps and can communicate it clearly with your new team members. Helping your new team members to get the most out of the Kickstart program will help YOU to gain the Qualified New Recruits you need. Through Kickstart, new reps get 40% earnings on all sales, of any amount, in their 1st campaign. In their 2nd campaign, they can achieve that 40% earnings level again when they reach their 2nd campaign Kickstart sales goal of $150+. Reaching that goal puts good money in your new team member’s pockets. And for you, when your new team member reaches sales of $150+ in their 1st or 2nd campaign, they become a “Qualified New Recruit” which counts towards your Jamaica goal! Win-Win!!

Generate Personal Leads – Share the Avon opportunity with everyone you know. Message people you know who could benefit from earning extra funds on their own schedule. Ask current customers if they’d be interested in the discount they could be enjoying on their personal purchases as an Avon representative. Talk to people about the Avon opportunity at events and everywhere you go. Include information about buying OR selling Avon on brochures and in all of your communications.

Reach Out to Old Leads – Send an email to all of your contacts who have previously expressed interest or requested information about becoming an Avon representative. Share some of the most exciting Avon updates, your favorite new products, and the top reasons you love being an Avon rep. Offer to provide additional information about getting started with their own Avon business!

Invest in New ALMA Leads – If eligible, invest in new ALMA leads as your budget allows. Make the most of your investment by following up with all leads in a timely manner and through a variety of methods (call, email, mail, etc.) over the course of about a week. When they sign-up, give them a great, big welcome and all of the support they need for a successful start. Maintain contact information for all of your unconverted leads, for continued occasional follow-up (unless they’ve requested not to be contacted any longer). TIP: The faster you follow-up with leads, the better the results!

Discontinued Team Members – View your “Discontinued” report under the Team Reports section of avonnow.com. These are former team members whose accounts have been fully removed from Avon’s system. Reach out to invite them to give Avon another try. Let them know about some of the latest tools, resources, and products, which can help them to find greater success as they relaunch their business.

Pending Team Members – View your “Pending Appointments” report under the Team Reports section of avonnow.com. These are team members who have signed up, but not yet placed a first order. Reach out to offer your support in helping them launch their Avon business. Show them the ropes, so that they can get a great start with their new business. TIP: Be sure they know about the Kickstart program for new reps, so they can maximize their earnings and YOU can gain those Qualified New Recruits! Win-Win!!


New Rep FAQs

Congrats on starting your Avon business!

As a new representative, you likely have many questions! Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to figure it all out and there is a lot of support to help you along the way!

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by new representatives:



Start Selling!! As soon as you sign in to the AvonNow site, you will set up your personal online store. Once that link gets activated, you’re ready to start selling, earning, and saving on your own purchases! Share your online store link with everyone you know, so they can start shopping. You can even shop your own online store to give it a try!

Be sure to also spend some time in the Avon U Training section of AvonNow. Be sure to complete the Shortcuts to Success course and the Building an Online Business courses.


There are TWO ways for customers to shop:

The first option is to shop your online store and have their orders delivered directly to them (with free shipping on orders of $60+). When customers place online “direct delivery” orders, they pay Avon directly, Avon processes and ships the orders, and then YOU get paid!! EASY!!!

The second way that customers can shop is to browse the brochure (digital or printed), then give their orders and payment to you, for you to submit to Avon. Those orders will be delivered to you, for you to sort and deliver to your customers.

TIP: You can find the link to your FREE digital brochure by going to your online store, clicking “The Book”, then copying that URL.

Keep reading for more details about when to submit those orders and how you get paid!


You can enter your personal order, along with any customer orders you’ve collected, through the representative site (www.avonnow.com).

TIP: Helpful business tools, such as brochures, samples, bags, and more are also available to order through the representative site.


 It’s flexible!! Submit your orders to Avon when you choose! You can start anytime!! There are no set order dates. Each campaign (selling period) has a two-week ordering window. You can find the complete ordering window schedule on the AvonNow site. You can submit orders for the campaign anytime within that campaign’s two-week ordering window. We can also backorder products from previous campaigns, up to two campaigns back.

TIP: Ordering early in the ordering window ensures the best product availability.

TIP: Many reps prefer to submit all of the orders they’ve collected from customers at the same time, once or twice a campaign, to save on shipping fees.

Remember, customers can also order through your online store anytime, 24/7, to have their orders processed right away and shipped directly to them!


When submitting order through the representative site, there are a few ways to find and enter the items. You can enter items by the 6-digit code, use the search bar to search for specific products, click the “Products” tab to search by product category, or click “The Book” to click through the digital brochure.

TIP: There’s a great step-by-step guide on how to enter orders in the Resource Library section of Avon U!

Click HERE to view a video tutorial I made, which shows how to place orders through the representative site.


You’ll earn 25% on all beauty, jewelry, and wellness items and 20% on fashion and home, once your total sales for the 2-week campaign reach $40+.  

You can give yourself a raise to 30% earnings on beauty, jewelry and wellness items, once you reach $5,000 in total sales for the year (Premier level) and then another raise to 40% earnings once you reach $10,000 in total annual sales (President’s Club level).

TIP: Check out the Earnings tab on the AvonNow site to view the complete earnings chart and more info about earning with your Avon business and saving on discounted demo items.

*NEW REP BONUS* Through Avon’s Kickstart Program for new representatives, you’ll get 40% earnings/personal discount on ALL sales (even fashion and home items!!) in your 1st campaign, no matter how much you sell! You can continue earning 40% on all sales in your 2nd-7th campaigns as you reach gradually increasing sales goals! Reach your goals to maximize your earnings as you grow your business! You can find more info about Kickstart on avonnow.com!

Click HERE for more info about the Kickstart Program.


We get paid the same percent regardless of how customers place their orders (online or through us). We receive those earnings in different ways:

Online (Direct Delivery) Orders: When customers order through your online store, your earnings will first get credited to your Avon account. You can sign up for Direct Deposit (under the My Account section of the AvonNow site) to have your online earnings deposited directly into your bank within two days of the order shipping! NOTE: If you owe a balance on your Avon account, your online earnings will apply as a payment towards that balance.

Representative Site Orders: For orders that you submit for customers through the representative site, you collect payment from the customer (brochure-cost of the items, plus sales tax and a .75 order processing fee). When you submit the orders to Avon, Avon will charge you a discounted cost for the items, based on your earnings level for the campaign. You collect full price from the customers, pay Avon the discounted cost for the items, and keep the remaining amount as your earnings!

Click HERE for more info about how we get paid.


There are many ways to learn about the products!

  • Both your online store and the representative site contain detailed product information for every item, including ingredients, benefits, directions for use, and customer reviews.
  • The Resource Library in Avon U Training contains guides for a variety of products.
  • Campaign Insider” live videos on the Avon U Representatives Facebook page (every other Tuesday) are excellent sources of product information and sales tips.
  • The What’s New demo catalogs (which you will receive in orders you submit through the representative site) are useful for learning about upcoming new products.
  • Watch for short product education videos from Avon when new items are released.
  • Using the products for yourself is one of the best ways to get to know the products!
  • Monthly virtual sales meetings (hosted by Avon) offer excellent product info, sales strategies, and a chance to hear tips from top sellers.


Contact your upline mentor (the person you are signed up directly under). Your upline mentor can help when you have question or need assistance! Your mentor is an Avon representative, just like you! They can offer you tips on growing your business and reaching your goals, based on personal experiences.

For issues related to your orders/payments, contact Avon customer service at: 866-513-2866

For product-related questions, contact the Avon Product Info line at: 800-367-2866 (Option 3)

First Steps for New Reps!

Welcome to AVON!

The moment you signed up, you were given INSTANT ACCESS to everything you need to start selling right away!


I’m going to walk you through a few of those things right NOW!

1. Register on the Representative Web Site– The first thing you should do after signing up is go to www.avonnow.com (the representative web site, where you will monitor and manage your business) and register with:

  • Your Account Number
  • Your District Number
  • Last four digits of your SS#

*If you chose not to enter a SS# when you signed up, enter 0000 in that box.

2. Record Your Log-in Info – Once you register on the representative site, you will set up a password for future log-ins. Be sure to record your password somewhere safe.

3. Activate Your Online Store – The next step will be to activate your personal online Avon store. Don’t worry! It’s super easy! Avon has everything all set up for you. All you’ll need to do is to confirm the online store address that Avon has made for you or customize your own! As soon as you do that, your web site will be ready for you or your customers to shop from!

4. Start Exploring and Learning – There is a ton of useful information on the representative web site. Start exploring to learn your way around. Be sure to visit the AVON U TRAINING link in the top left corner of the page. You will be able to complete self-paced online courses there, to help you with your business! I highly recommend that you complete the “Shortcuts to Success” and “Building an Online Business” courses. Take as much training as you’d like! Learn about products, selling online, fundraising, and more! It’s all FREE!

5. Start Selling and Earning – Once your online store is activated, you’re ready to start selling! Share your online store link with with everyone you know! Let them know that they can shop your online store 24/7 and have their orders delivered directly to their homes. There’s FREE SHIPPING on online orders of $60+ and you can share the coupon code WELCOME10 for 10% off their 1st online order!

Go ahead and visit your own online store to explore! Place an order if you’d like! (Your earnings on your order will be credited back to your Avon account within two days of your order shipping.) Note the tab on your online store which says “The Book”. You can click on that link to view digital versions of the current Avon brochures. You can also copy the link to that page to share with everyone you know, anywhere across the country, as a totally FREE and very convenient way to promote your new business!

Through Avon’s Rapid Pay feature, you can have your earnings on online orders direct-deposited to your bank within two days of the order shipping. To sign up for direct deposit of your online earnings, go to the My Account link on youravon.com (top right corner) and select “Get Paid By Avon”. Click HERE for more info about how you get paid on your Avon sales.

As a new representative, you’ll get 40% earnings/personal discount on all sales in the first campaign you place an order. Through the Kickstart Program, you’ll be able to continue earning 40% during your 2nd-7th campaigns as you reach gradually increasing sales goals.

6. Brochures and Other Supplies– In addition to your FREE online store, the FREE digital brochure, and our FREE Avon Social tool, Avon has other materials which can help you to promote your new business and connect with new customers. You can order beautiful printed brochuressamplesdemo items, and other supplies through the representative site. You can also place orders that customers have given directly to you through the representative site. 

Click HERE for a video tutorial I made, which shows how to enter and submit orders through the representative site.

For more info about getting started with your new Avon business, check out the New Rep. Tool Kit page on this site.

Sell Avon Online – Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

Across the country, more and more consumers are choosing to shop online, where they can shop at their convenience, make informed decisions when comparing product options, have their items delivered quickly to their doorstep, find the best deals, and enjoy perks like FREE SHIPPING.

Did you know that as an Avon representative, you already have your own FREE ONLINE STORE, that customers all across the country can shop 24/7 to enjoy FREE SHIPPING (on orders of $60+), free gifts offers, special discounts, and more??


Did you also know that Avon offers all of the tools that Avon representatives need to successfully promote their businesses online, including AVON SOCIAL (an amazing digital tool designed to make it easier to promote your online store through social media such as Facebook and Instagram) and comprehensive online training and support to help you along the way??

We also have a brand new, state-of-the-art representative web site and complementary phone app, which make it even easier to easily work your business wherever you go!

And now, with RAPID PAY, Avon has made it even easier for representatives to get paid quickly (in just 2 days after the order ships) on all online sales!! Sell on Monday and you could have money in your bank by the weekend!

Are you fully harnessing the power of your online store to build your business, while offering customers a convenient way to get they items they’ll love??


Let’s walk through some of the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOWs of selling Avon online!

WHO are your online customers?

Just about anyone you know, anywhere across the United States, can be your online customer! This is a beautiful thing, since it means that the entire country is your customer base. With your online store, you are not limited to your small town or the people you know. There is an entire nation of potential customers out there, just waiting for you to connect with them!

You may also find that your current customers, who typically place their orders with you, may be eager to give your online store a try, especially when you tell them about the convenience of 24/7 shopping, free shipping, special offers, and fast delivery!

WHAT resources do Avon representatives have to sell online?

Avon has provided us with all of the resources we need to build successful online business!

FREE Online Store Link – Start by getting to know your online store. You’ll find the link to your online store in the top righthand corner of youravon.com. Share that link with everyone you know. Put it on all brochures that you pass out. Include it when you promote your Avon business on Facebook and other social media.

TIP: If you’ve never shopped your own online store before, give it a try so that you can experience exactly what your customers will experience! You will then be better prepared to walk your customers through the easy process!

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 9.22.38 AM.png


Avon Social – Avon has also provided us with AVON SOCIAL, an amazing (and FREE) tool which is filled with literally thousands and thousands of images and videos, which you can use to promote your Avon business online through Facebook and other social media. Training is available within Avon Social and on the Social Selling by Avon Social Facebook page to support representatives in using this great tool!

Avon U Training Courses – Within the AVON U Training link, there is also a new self-paced, online course called “How to Build an Online Business” which walks representatives through the simple steps of getting set up to build your online Avon business.

You’ll find the links to both AVON SOCIAL and AVON U TRAINING in the top lefthand corner of youravon.com

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 9.37.49 AM.png


Rapid-Pay Earnings – Now, with RAPID-PAY, Avon has made it even easier and faster for representatives to get paid on online sales. Simply sign up for Direct-Deposit (under the My Account tab on youravon.com). Within just TWO DAYS after the online order has shipped to your customer, your earnings will be deposited into your bank account!

Note: Online earnings will first apply to any balance owed from your previous order(s) through the representative site. To ensure that your online earnings go straight into your bank account, be sure to fully pay for each order you place through the representative site.

Digital Brochure Link – Every Avon representative also has a totally FREE digital brochure link, which you can share with everyone you know! Customers can flip page by page through the digital brochure to browse all of our great products! Your digital brochure link is also connected to your online store, so that customers can either contact you with their orders or place their orders through your online store.

To find your digital brochure link, go to your online store, click on the BROCHURES tab, then copy that link to share with everyone you know!

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 10.08.10 AM.png


WHEN can I sell online? WHEN can my customers shop?

The beauty of your online store is that it’s ALWAYS OPEN!! Customers can shop your online store 24/7, so they can shop when it’s convenient to them! You can promote your online business anytime, from anywhere!

The products and pricing on your online store matches the brochure for the current campaign ordering window!

WHERE do my customers go to shop? 

Send your customers to your personal online store link. If you’re not sure of your link, you can find in the top righthand corner of youravon.com. Customers from anywhere across the United States can shop through your link and have their orders delivered directly to them!!

WHY does it benefit me and my customers?

Benefits to Customers:

  • They can shop at their convenience 24/7
  • Our online stores have up-to-the-minute product availability, which avoids disappointment regarding unavailable items
  • They can have their orders shipped directly to their home within a few days – typically faster than rep delivery
  • FREE shipping on orders of $60+
  • Other exclusive online offers – free gifts with purchase, advance previews of new products, etc.
  • They can request a free brochure with their order
  • They can easily pay with credit card, debit card, or PayPal

Benefits to YOU:

  • You can sell Avon 24/7, from the comfort of your home or wherever you go
  • Your business never needs to stop when you’re out of town or busy with other things
  • No need to collect payments, sort orders, or deliver orders – Avon handles everything!
  • Get paid (same percentage as traditional sales) within two days after order ships
  • Reach more customers, anywhere across the United States
  • Customers tend to spend more when they shop online
  • Earn additional bonuses and rewards through Avon’s current Double Dollar Award Sales, High Five Online, and Make It Jamaica incentives

HOW do I get started with building a successful online business?

  • Start by getting to know your online store, if you’ve not yet explored it!
  • Place an online direct delivery order for yourself, to experience the ease of the process, the speed of delivery, and the beautiful packaging of the order when it arrives.
  • Share your experience with your online store with everyone you know.
  • Include the link to your online store on the brochures that you pass out.
  • Share the link to your digital brochure on Facebook.
  • Message current and new potential customers to invite them to shop with you online. (Be sure to let them know about any current special online deals.)
  • Explore the online business course in AVON U TRAINING.
  • Join the Social Selling by Avon Social Facebook group.
  • Set up an Avon business page on Facebook and link it to our Avon Social tool.
  • Watch how other Avon representatives promote their businesses online and experiment with some new strategies.


CLOSING TIPS: Most importantly, be consistent with your business-building efforts, both online and offline. Building a successful business doesn’t happen overnight. It will develop gradually over time, as you continue to build interest in the great Avon products that you have to offer.

Take time to become comfortable with all of the tools that we have at our disposal. Experiment with new tools and new techniques, until you find what works best for you!

As you take steps to grow your online business, also continue to utilize the brochures and other sales techniques which have worked well for you. All of those other tools and techniques are still available to you, so that you can ultimately choose to work your business in the way that works best for both you and your customers!!

Breaking Down Big Goals into Small Achievable Steps

As one year ends and another begins, so many of us look back on the previous year to reflect on where we are in all areas of our lives, then promise ourselves that this is the year that we will accomplish more, live better, and become the best versions of ourselves.

We set BIG goals and enter the new year with our motivation high, ready to victoriously tackle any goal! We are unstoppable!

Yet how often do we find ourselves quickly falling off track, because we encounter obstacles or our goals feel too big to possibly accomplish? It becomes so easy to settle into our old routines and break the promises we made to ourselves.

Let’s make this year the year that we stop breaking the promises we’ve made to ourselves! Is the goal that you set important? Will it make a better life for you and your family? Will it add happiness and fulfillment to your life? If so, then you owe it to yourself to keep that promise.

Big goals can feel overwhelming and impossible to accomplish, but in many cases, big goals are accomplished through a series of small steps. No one sets a goal of running a marathon, then ties on their shoes the next morning and runs a marathon. They might start by running a block at a time, then two blocks, then a mile, then two miles, then five… You get the idea – they take small, consistent steps, over a length of time, that get them closer to their goal.

It’s no different with the goals we set for our Avon businesses. Do you want to make more money, earn the free trips, or achieve the sales and leadership recognition levels? You are absolutely capable of achieving all of those things (please don’t ever doubt that you are), but it’s just like setting that goal to complete a marathon – it will take time, determination, commitment, and consistent steps in the right direction to achieve your goal.

In this post, I am going to break down FOUR of the most common goals I have heard from members of my team, into small, actionable steps that you can take to keep you moving in the right direction.

If the big goal overwhelms you and feels impossible, focus on the small steps and celebrate your success with every small step that you accomplish along the way. Do those things consistently, and you’ll achieve those goals!!


What You Get: Under the current 2019 Avon President’s Recognition Program, President’s Club Members lock in guaranteed 40% earnings, for the 2019 sales year, on all beauty, jewelry, and wellness items (25% on fashion and home). President’s Club Members have the added ability to earn 45-50% on large orders. It was also recently announced that all representatives who have achieved President’s Club in 2018 or by RepFest 2019, will be invited to a special recognition celebration in New Orleans during RepFest!!

What It Takes: Under the current 2019 Avon President’s Recognition Program, it takes achieving $10,000 in total sales for the year (C1-C26) to become a President’s Club Member. There are also higher levels of sales recognition, achieved by reaching higher sales goals.

Small Steps To Take: $10,000 in sales might feel like a big goal to bite off, so let’s break it down into smaller parts. To achieve $10,000 in sales over the course of 26 campaigns, it takes approximately $385 in sales each campaign (2-week sales period). To break that down even further, that means selling about $192.50 each week or just $27.50 a day! Can you sell just $27.50 of amazing products each day?? Sure you can!! Utilize both the brochures and your online store to achieve your goal. Be proactive about getting those sales. Don’t wait by the phone for the sales to come to you. Actively seek that $27.50 in sales each day.

Tools to Help: Avon has given us a vast variety of tools to achieve our sales goals. Best of all, most of the tools are completely FREE for us to use! That means more earnings stay in our pockets! Be sure to complete the “How to Build an Online Business” course in Avon U. Learn how to use Avon Social to promote your business through social media. Be consistent with engaging current and new potential customers on both Facebook and Instagram. Share the printed and digital brochures with everyone you meet. Follow-up regularly with your customers. Consider online fundraisers! Host an online party to connect with new customers!

BONUS: Between C2-C17 ’19 all online direct-delivery orders will count as double the sales towards President’s Club!! Become a President’s Club member faster by promoting your online store!!


What You Get: As a Bronze Ambassador (leadership level), you’ll be eligible for your first leadership title promotion bonus of $500! Bronze Ambassadors also continue to earn a leadership bonus (a percentage of their team members’ sales) each campaign. Promotion bonuses and leadership bonuses increase at higher leadership titles.

What It Takes: To become a Bronze Ambassador, there are three criteria 1) THREE or more 1st-generation team members placing orders each campaign 2) Personal sales of $200+ each campaign 3) Total team sales (including your personal sales) of $1000+ each campaign

Small Steps To Take: Every Avon leader starts their team in the same way – with one 1st team member. Most of the time, that 1st team member is someone we know – a friend, family member, co-worker, or even a customer! Start by thinking about who you know who could benefit from the extra earnings and personal savings that the Avon opportunity could provide. Then, begin reaching out to the people on your list. If that list doesn’t produce any results, think some more! Be active on Facebook and Instagram in ways that demonstrate how much you’re enjoying your business. Chat with people about the bonuses and trips you’re working towards earning. Focus on finding that first team member, then the second, then the third. Take it one person at a time and help each new team member to get the best start possible. When they are successful, YOU will be successful too!


What You Get: As a Bronze Leader, you’ll be eligible for a promotion bonus of $1500! Bronze Leaders also continue to earn an increased percentage of their team members’ sales each campaign.

What It Takes: To become a Bronze Leader, there are three criteria 1) TEN or more 1st-generation team members placing orders each campaign 2) Personal sales of $200+ each campaign 3) Total team sales (including your personal sales) of $8000+ each campaign

Small Steps To Take: The requirements for achieving Bronze Leader are very similar to Bronze Ambassador. It only takes a few more active team members, but the team sales requirement is much higher. Though you technically only need 10 active team members at the Bronze Leader level, realistically, it will likely take more than that to reach the $8,000 in sales. How many more team members exactly? Let’s break it down… It’s reasonable to expect the average order size on your team to be about $150 in sales each campaign (with some team members selling less and others selling more). If you need $8000 in total team sales, and the average order is $150, that would mean that you need approximately 52 active team members (plus your own personal sales). If you already have a team started, figure out how many more team members you’ll need, then break it down into campaign-by-campaign goals. If you’re starting from scratch, achieving 52 active team members by the end of the year would mean adding approximately 2-3 new team members each campaign.  Don’t become overwhelmed trying to figure out how you will find 52 new team members. Focus instead on how you will find 2-3 each campaign. Utilize all of your resources to share the Avon opportunity with others each campaign!

TIP: Taking steps to increase the average order size, by preparing your team members to be successful with their sales, will reduce the number of team members you need to reach that $8000 in total team sales.


What You Get: Through Avon’s “Make It Jamaica” incentive, representatives are eligible to earn an all-inclusive trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica (May 17-21, 2020) including airfare, hotel, meals, and celebrations!

What It Takes: The trip for ONE can be earned by reaching your personal sales goal for the 2019 sales year, with at least 25% of that goal coming from online sales. The trip for TWO can be earned by reaching your personal sales goal for the 2019 sales year, with at least 50% of that goal coming from online sales. (Leaders can also earn the trip by achieving a 10% increase over their team sales from the previous year, with at least 25% coming from online sales. The minimum team sales goal is $200,000.)

For any representative who sold less than $10,000 worth of Avon in 2018 (including brand new reps), the 2019 sales goal is $15,000 (with online sales making up at least $3750 of that for the trip for one, $7500 for the trip for two).

Small Steps To Take: So, let’s say your personal sales goal is $15,000. That breaks down to about $577 in sales each campaign, $288 each week or $41.20 each day! Make it your goal to sell $41.20 each day! Did you know that your customers can get free shipping on online (direct-delivery) orders of $40 or more??? One online order a day could get you to Jamaica!!

Now, if you’re thinking, “But hardly anyone orders through my online store…”, then let that thought guide your to-do list! Do the training in Avon U to learn how to build an online business. Experiment with Facebook and Instagram. Be as active as you can to create new connections! Use Avon Social. Watch the Social Selling Simplified videos in Avon U. Utilize the My Sweeps feature in Avon Social to grow your list of prospects. (If any of the tools I just mentioned aren’t familiar to you, then make it your mission to get to know them! They’re all free tools, which you can use to grow your Avon business, make more money, and even earn free trips to Jamaica!!

Your Grand Fiesta Incentive Backpack Full of Strategies

Avon is currently offering Avon representatives the opportunity to earn a FREE All-Inclusive trip to Los Cabos, Mexico through the Grand Fiesta incentive (which is running between Campaigns 1 –  8, 2019). This incentive is open for ALL Avon representatives to earn!

In a nutshell, it takes 5000 points to earn the trip for one, 7000 points to earn the trip for two.

Points can be earned through a variety of sales and leadership achievements, as shown below:

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 10.55.20 AM.png

**The image above is a screenshot from the official Grand Fiesta incentive guide. The complete official incentive guide can be found on http://www.youravon.com, under the Sales Incentives menu.

As of today, there are currently 7 campaigns remaining to earn points for this incentive. If you start immediately, earning this incentive trip can be as completing a few simple tasks each campaign for the next seven campaigns:

  1. Reach personal sales of $300 or more each campaign
  2. Invite ONE personal recruit to your team each campaign and help them to build a successful 1st or 2nd order of $150+ (which will get them 40% earnings through Avon’s Kickstart program for new reps)
  3. Continue to mentor each new member of your team, so that they continue to build successful, profitable businesses, campaign after campaign (placing orders of $150+ each campaign)

(If you’re starting with less than 7 campaigns remaining in the incentive, you can still earn enough points. You’re just going to have to work a little harder and a little faster.)

Check out how the points can add up over the course of seven campaigns, just through those three consistent actions!!


If you are eligible for ALMA leads, you can also utilize the Success Mountain strategy with TWO qualified ALMA recruits each campaign, to earn the trip for TWO in just 7 campaigns. Check out how the points add up in the image below!

ALMA Success Mountain Grand Fiesta.jpg

It can really be that simple!

If you’re already comfortable with reaching sales of $300 each campaign and building your team, then climbing Success Mountain all the way to the trip to Los Cabos should be no problem! Get out there and earn that trip, beauty boss!! I’ll see you there!

If reaching sales of $300 or more seems impossible to you or the thought of asking someone to join your team is terrifying, then read on…

Most hikers wouldn’t attempt to climb a tall mountain without packing a backpack full of supplies and keeping their guidebook handy.

In this post, I’m going to pack your backpack full of ideas and strategies for reaching sales of $300 or more each campaign AND building an Avon team!

Part 1: How to Build a $300 Order

  1. Build Your Customer List – If you want to achieve sales of $300 or more each campaign, you’re going to need customers. Start by brainstorming a list of everyone you know who could be a potential customer. Then, stretch your list to include friends, family, or co-workers of the people on your initial list. Expand it further by thinking of places in your local community where you can distribute brochures (waiting rooms, laundromats, community centers, gyms, any place that people sit and wait). Click here for more tips on building and expanding your customer list.
  2. Get Brochures Into Hands – If you’ve made a list of 100 potential customers, what do you think you need to do next?? You guessed it! Get brochures into all of those hands. If you don’t have enough brochures, you can contact Avon to order more brochures for immediate shipment.  WORD OF CAUTION –  People often tell me that they are not ordering brochures because they didn’t sell enough last campaign or because they don’t have a lot of customers. If you wish to achieve different results, then you need brochures. Don’t get less brochures if your sales are slow – Get MORE! Brochures, combined with follow-up (See Next Tip), are the key to higher sales, more customers, and higher earnings!
  3. Follow-Up is Helpful Customer Service Is your life busy? Do you ever have a hard time keeping up with all of the things you need to accomplish in any given week or find yourself scrambling between things on your to-do list? I know that I certainly do!  And guess what… Our customers are busy too. When you give someone a brochure and they do not place an order, do not assume that it means they don’t wish to purchase Avon. It just may not have been high on their list of things to keep track of that week. Perhaps they set the brochure down with the intention of browsing it later, then it got buried by a pile of other mail and their kid’s schoolwork. Offer your customers the service of a quick follow-up a few days before you submit your order. Give a call, send an email, or send a text to ask if they have any questions about the products, inquire about how they liked the sample you gave them, or perhaps recommend something you think they’d would especially like. Let them know that you’ll be submitting your order in a couple days and the items will arrive a few days later, if there’s anything they’d like this campaign. Make it friendly, helpful, and personal.
  4. Break It Down Into Manageable PiecesSales of $300 or more each campaign is accomplished one customer at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed by that $300 amount. Break it down into smaller parts. $300 in sales could come from 6 customers ordering $50 each or it could come from 12 customers ordering $25 each. Another way to look at $300 in sales is as approximately $21.50 in sales each day for two weeks. Make it your mission to sell $21.50 each day. Wondering how you can sell $21.50 each day? See the next tip!
  5. Feature a Limited Time Offer – New Reps, in their first 7 campaigns, have a special Daily Care Bundle that they can offer customers. Bundles are easy to sell, because they’re a great deal and don’t require the customer much time to think/browse through the whole brochure to compose an order. If you’re a new rep within your first 7 campaigns, promote that bundle. Make it a mission to sell one each day. If you’re not a new rep with access to the Daily Care Bundle, create your own special bundle offer! Pick a group of items that are on sale that campaign, with a value of approximately $20 or so. Add a little extra discount to your bundle and give it a fun name! Perhaps you might offer a Perfect Pedicure bundle, including a Foot Works cream, nail polish of their choice, and the purple Pedicure Tool or maybe you can put together a Sparkle Like You Mean It bundle, including a couple pieces of Avon jewelry and a sparkly polish. Make a new special bundle each campaign. If you can, make a flyer for your special bundle. Maybe even throw in an extra perk, like anyone who orders the bundle can also take 10% off anything else they’d like to order that campaign. Each day during the campaign, make it your mission to sell your bundle to at least one person. Keep offering it to people (in person, online, through email/text) each day until you find a taker.
  6. A-Box Your Way to $300 –  A-Boxes are a tremendous sales tool and order booster. These fun boxes (featured on the back of each brochure), each in their own exclusive packaging, contain collections of full-sized and mini products, often with a total value of about $50. Customers can get an A-Box for only $10 with any $40 order. That’s a $50 order!! Find 6 customers to take advantage of the A-Box offer and you’ve got a $300 order!! The A-Boxes are a great tool for encouraging repeat customers, since they will hopefully fall in love with the items they samples from their A-Box and come back to you to purchase more in the future. Promote A-Boxes with live unboxing videos on Facebook. Get yourself an A-Box to show customers how fun they are!
  7. Offer a Special Incentive – When you’re trying to build your customer base, a special incentive, such as a free gift with first order or a small discount with their first order, can be a great way to encourage orders. Once they try the wonderful products, they’ll be hooked!
  8. Harness the Power of Avon’s Guarantee – If you encounter potential customers who are hesitant to try something new, remind them about Avon’s product guarantee. All products are 100% guaranteed for any reason at all, within 90 days of purchase! So, if they try a lotion that doesn’t work for them or a lipstick with a shade they don’t prefer or shoes that don’t fit well, they can exchange their items or return for a full refund! It’s risk-free!
  9. Host an Avon Party – Invite friends and family over to enjoy a few snacks, while sampling Avon products and shopping the brochures. The holiday season is prime time for a holiday shopping party. Put together ready-to-give Avon gifts to sell at your party, complete with a bow and a gift tag. Click here for more info on hosting an Avon party.
  10. Host a BOOK Party – Give customers an extra brochure or a few extra brochures to show to their friends. Tell them that if they bring you back $50 in orders, in addition to their own order, you’ll give them 10% off their personal order. If they bring $100 in additional orders, you’ll take 15% off their personal order, etc. You can vary the discounts and order sizes however you’d like!
  11. Vendor Events – Find a vendor event in your area. This is a great time for vendor events. They can be a great opportunity to sell some products, pass out samples, and connect with new potential customers (or recruits)! Always offer a free raffle basket at your event. It’s a great way to draw people over to your table and to collect contact info which you can use for follow-up later.
  12. Host a Fundraiser – Fundraisers are a great way to build your sales, while helping an organization in need. And all fundraiser orders count towards your sales goal for the campaign! Avon makes fundraising simple, with easy to use fundraising flyers. You can even run your fundraiser over the course of multiple campaigns, to extend the positive impact on your sales. You can get more info on fundraisers under the Earning Opportunities tab on youravon.com or click here for more info.
  13. Host an Online Party – Hosting an online party is a great way to build your sales from the comfort of your couch!! Set up a group on Facebook, invite everyone you know. Ask them to invite people they know, then start partying! Use your time in the party to showcase Avon’s great products. Customers can order online and have their orders delivered directly to them. All of your online orders will count towards your sales goals!!
  14. Utilize Social Media – Use Avon Social to promote your Avon business regularly through social media, but be sure to make it personal! You’ve got to give people a reason to want to find out more. Share your personal experiences with Avon products. Recommend the things you love. Share testimonials from other customers.
  15. Be a Walking Advertisement for Avon – Use Avon products from head to toe. Wear Avon jewelry. Carry an Avon bag. Use Avon skincare and hair care. Use Avon body lotions and shower gels. Wear Avon cosmetics. Using Avon products will help you gain firsthand knowledge of the products AND they will act as “compliment catchers”, which open the door to sharing Avon with new potential customers! If you use Avon products, then successfully selling Avon becomes less about “SELLING” and more about simply “SHARING” items you use and love!

Part 2: How to Find New Team Members

Building a beautiful team of Avon beauty bosses, can be a rewarding, exciting, and profitable way to grow your Avon business!

When you share the Avon opportunity with others, then mentor them to be successful, both YOU and your team members win!! You will earn rewards and bonuses, while helping someone else to put money in their pockets!

Inviting others to join Avon, then helping them to be successful with their businesses is also an essential part of earning enough Grand Fiesta points

If you’ve never invited someone to join Avon, you might not know where to start. In this post, I’m going to walk you through a series of simple strategies for finding new Avon team members. It’s easier than you think, especially if you love your own Avon business and believe in the opportunity it offers.

First, let me quickly review the perks available to you when you invite others to join Avon:

  • $20 Cash Bonus for each person you add to your team, when they successfully place a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more (The bonus is $50 if you are still within the Kickstart period – your 1st 7 campaigns with Avon.)
  • 3% Sponsoring Bonus each campaign, on your team members’ sales, as long as you both remain Avon representatives – Continue being rewarded by your team members’ long-term success!
  • 300 Points towards the Grand Fiesta incentive, to earn an all-inclusive trip to Los Cabos, for each personal recruit who places a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more (Valid from C-1 ’19 through C-8 ’19)
  • 1000 Points towards the Grand Fiesta incentive, to earn an all-inclusive trip to cruise to Los Cabos, when you advance in leadership title, Ambassador or above (Valid from C-1 ’19 through C-8 ’19)
  • Cash Bonuses each campaign (3%-10% of your team’s sales), at ambassador level or above, as you mentor your team members in building successful businesses. Teach them how to earn more money and YOU will earn more money too!
  • Promotion Bonuses (ranging from $500 – $20,000) as you grow your team and advance in leadership title
  • Mentoring Bonuses (ranging from $250 – $10,000) as you mentor members of your team in  growing their teams and advancing in their titles
  • Annual Recognition Vacation for the Executive levels of leadership (This year’s trip will be to Maui!!)

Can you see how profitable and exciting it can be to grow an Avon team?? The best part is that you can earn all these bonuses and rewards by helping other people to be successful with Avon!! We all win together!


Ready to get started?

NOTE: When you find someone who is ready to sign up, have them go to http://www.startavon.com and make sure that they enter your reference code when they sign up. **Your reference code is the same as whatever comes past the / in your web store address. Click HERE for more info on signing someone up to your team.


Start by revisiting your “warm list” of potential customers and team members. Spend a few minutes writing down everyone you can think of who may be interested in buying or selling Avon. Expand your list further, using some of the tips HERE.

Once you’ve written your list, go through it and make a $ sign next to anyone who you think:

  • Might possibly benefit from some extra money for short or long term goals (for bills, college tuition, a wedding, a home, a vacation, retirement, holiday shopping, etc.)
  • Might want to sign enjoy a personal discount on their holiday shopping, even if they aren’t interested in building a sales business.
  • Might have health and wellness goals and would enjoy the big discount and full earnings opportunity on ESPIRA.
  • Are always up for an adventure and might be willing to give it a try and see where it goes!

CAUTION: Don’t make the mistake of deciding FOR someone else, whether or not they’d be interested in becoming an Avon representative, because you think they’re too busy, wouldn’t be interested, or don’t need the extra money. People come to Avon for a variety of reasons. Beauty bosses come in all varieties of shape, size, experience, interests, financial status, education, and busyness!


Once you’ve made your list, start going through it and reaching out by phone, text, email, or in person.

Contact everyone with a $ next to their name with a personalized message about why you thought they might be interested in the Avon opportunity. Explain how Avon meets their needs.

Tell them about how:

  • They can earn 40% on their sales (or save 40% on their personal purchases)
  • They are the boss of their business – Avon is FLEXIBLE – no minimum orders, no long-term contract, no requirement to order every campaign
  • There’s no need to stock an expensive inventory ever
  • They can sell with brochures and/or online
  • They can get a really great starter kit for as low as $25 (or upgrade to the $50 or $100 kit)
  • They can qualify for a 40-50% rebate on their starter kit costs if they have a 1st order of $150 or more (This is a limited-time incentive.)

Sample Text To Potential Recruits

Hi there,________! I’m very excited! I’ve decided to start an Avon team and I thought of you! I know that you’ve been trying to save up for ________, and I think Avon could be a great way for you to do that. Did you know that you can earn over $1000 in your first 90 days?? Let me know if you’d like me to send you more info!

Here are some more ways that you can find new AVON team members:

  1. Make a General Announcement – Write a post on Facebook. Tell people how much you’ve enjoyed selling Avon and that you’re starting a team. Share some of the perks of being an Avon representative (listed above). Ask who’s ready to put some more money in their pockets and have fun doing it!
  2. Ask Your Best Customer(s) – They already love Avon, don’t they?? Why wouldn’t they want to save up to 40% on their own orders every campaign, while also enjoying earnings on any other orders they collect each campaign!!
  3. Ask Around – Post in online groups that you’re a part of. Tell them you’re looking for people who are interested in being their own boss, and to message you for more info.
  4. Use Referrals – Expand your list of potential recruits by asking everyone you know, if THEY know someone who might be interested in earning some extra money, with a ton of flexibility. Offer a thank you gift to anyone who refers you to someone who signs up with you!!
  5. Advertise Locally – Hang flyers on public bulletin boards, post an ad in a local/community newspaper or classified publication. Post an ad in your church bulletin.
  6. Vendor Events – Get out there and show people what NEW AVON is all about! Connect with new potential customers and team members at vendor events.
  7. Home Parties/Opportunity Meetings – Gather some friends and family together. Ask them to bring along some friends. Show them what Avon is all about and how easy it is for them to start their own Avon business.
  8. Provide Your Testimonial – Make a video or go LIVE on Facebook to tell people why YOU love your Avon business. Tell your story. Why did you get started? What have you accomplished so far? What goals to you have for the future? How has Avon made a positive impact on your life. Let others be inspired by YOU!
  9. Buy OR Sell – Be sure that all of your promotional materials let people know that you can help people to buy OR sell Avon. Put it on your brochures, car signs, yard signs, flyers, etc.
  10. Be Publicly Successful – Be successful with your own business and do it as publicly as possible. Let others see the success you are having with your own business and how much fun you’re having in the process. Give them the opportunity to imagine themselves enjoying the same success.

BE PREPARED – More people will say NO, than will say YES. It may not be the right opportunity for them, or it just might not be the right them for them to seize it. That’s perfectly normal. It does not mean that you’re doing something wrong or that no one is interested. Do not get discouraged. The road to YES is paved with NOs. Keep moving forward NO to NO to NO, until you get to a YES! You have a genuine opportunity to offer people. Believe in it and share it proudly!

The Path to Los Cabos (in Less than 10 Minutes a Day)

**This post will be updated regularly with new simple tasks you can complete, which are intended to help you to begin earning early points in Avon’s Grand Fiesta incentive. Check back daily for new tasks.

( Complete official details on Avon’s Grand Fiesta incentive can be found on youravon.com under the Sales Incentives box on the homepage.)

Beginning in Campaign 23 (2018), ALL Avon representatives are eligible to begin earning early points towards Avon’s Grand Fiesta in Los Cabos incentive!

During the “Vamos Head Start” period (Campaigns 23 – 26 ’18), points can be earned three ways, as shown below:


You’ll notice that most points are available for anyone who has not yet reached the leadership title of Bronze Ambassador!

That means that if you are NEW to Avon or to Avon leadership, you’re in the best position to earn a nice chunk of points during the Vamos Head Start period of this incentive!

If you are currently an Avon leader, the Vamos Head Start period will reward you for mentoring new leaders on your team!

And ALL reps are eligible to earn points as you grow your business by sharing the Avon opportunity with others, at the best time of the whole sales year!


Earning this incentive can be as simple as starting right away and taking a series of small, consistent actions each day throughout the incentive period.

With that in mind, I’m going to offer you a simple task each day, which should take approximately 10 minutes or less to complete, that will point you in the right direction for earning this incentive. I will update this post regularly with new tasks. See you in Los Cabos!!

P.S. Be sure to also check out my previous posts with tips about How to Earn Early “Vamos Head Start” Points and How to Become a Bronze Ambassador.

Day 1 – Commit Your Mindset


Day 2 – Make a List


Day 3 – Start Personally Contacting the People on Your List


Day 4 – Continue Working Your List


Day 5 – Use Avon Social to Invite Others to Join You in Los Cabos


Day 6 – Order supplies to make sample/recruiting bags to pass out on Halloween!


Day 7 – Set a Date for an Early Holiday Shopping Party! Invite your friends!


How To Become a Bronze Ambassador (and earn $500 and 500 Los Cabos points!!)

There are many rewards to starting, building, and mentoring an Avon team. It’s personally rewarding to share a wonderful opportunity with others and it’s financially rewarding to access a whole other avenue of earnings with your Avon business.

AND RIGHT NOW, if you advance to the title of Bronze Ambassador, you can also get a jumpstart towards earning an all-inclusive trip to Los Cabos for Avon’s Grand Fiesta incentive!!


Between Campaigns 23-26 (2018) all Avon representatives are eligible to begin earning early points in Avon’s Grand Fiesta incentive. The way to earn the most points is by advancing in leadership title to Bronze Ambassador.

This is especially good news to anyone who is new or has not yet started a team!!

When you advance to Bronze Ambassador, you’ll earn 500 points towards the all-inclusive trip to Los Cabos AND become eligible for a $500 Promotion Bonus through Avon’s leadership program.

You’ll also earn 300 Los Cabos points AND a $20 Bonus for each “traditional” (not an Avon-generated lead) Qualified New Recruit (who places an 1st or 2nd order of $150+ between C23-C26) that you gain in the process! (If you are still a new representative, within your first seven campaigns, your bonus is $50 for each QNR instead of $20!!)

To become a Bronze Ambassador, there are three basic requirements:
1) Personal Sales of $200+
2) THREE or more 1st-generation team members placing orders
3) Total team sales (including your personal sales) of $1000+

This is a very achievable level of leadership!

Ready to get started??

I’ve gathered a few resources to help you!

The first thing I’d recommend doing is brainstorming a list of anyone you know who might be interested in saving on their own holiday shopping and/or earning some extra money this holiday season!

Then, start reaching out to share the opportunity! Everyone you know is a potential new team member! Avon’s flexibility makes it a great fit for just about anyone! Don’t forget to tell them about how they can also earn a trip to Los Cabos and even a brand new iPad!!

Vamos a la fiesta!!

How to Earn an iPad with AVON’s Latest Incentive for New Reps!

Earlier this week, Avon announced the “Build the Love” incentive for new representatives (anyone who placed a 1st order on or after July 11).

(Complete details on the Build the Love incentive can be found on the homepage of youravon.com, under the Sales Incentives box.)

build-the-love-guide-en copy.jpg

Through this incentive, new reps can earn an iPad by reaching total sales of $3000 between Campaign 23 – 26 2018.

Now, before you say, “There’s no way I can reach $3000 in sales in four campaigns,” hear me out…

Avon has given new representatives TWO ways to reach that $3000 in sales:

  1. On your own, through your personal sales to customers
  2. By inviting others to join your team – their sales will count towards your $3000 goal!

Whether you reach the $3000 in sales on your own or with friends is up to YOU!


Let’s take a look at both pathways to a FREE iPAD…


If you choose this path, your goal is to reach $3000 in total sales between Campaigns 23 – 26. That breaks down to an average of $750 in sales each campaign. The benefit of the timing of this incentive is that it’s happening right during our peak sales season, and this year’s holiday collection is extraordinary, which will make it easier to reach that level of sales!!

Here are a few tips for maximizing your personal sales during the incentive period:

  1. BROCHURES – Get as many brochures into the hands of potential customers as possible. Follow-up to answer questions and collect orders. (Don’t skip the follow-up! You will get much better results with a proactive, friendly follow-up than by sitting next to the phone waiting for it to ring.)
  2. PROMOTE ONLINE – Promoting your online store can be a huge boost to your sales! Use our amazing Avon Social tool (located on the top left side of youravon.com) to promote your online store regularly. Consistency is key here! Don’t expect the orders to come flooding in the first or second time you post something. Post regularly, showcasing a variety of products, along with your personal comments and testimonials.
  3. ONLINE PARTY – Take the online promoting a step further by hosting an online party. Look for friends who’d be willing to host online parties too! Make it a holiday shopping party for a seasonal twist! Click HERE for some tips on online parties.
  4. HOLIDAY SHOPPING HOME PARTY – Host a party at your home or find a hostess to host a party! Showcase our Avon holiday collection. Sell products on the spot and take orders.
  5. AVON BOOK PARTY – Ask your current customers to host a “book party”. It’s easy! They pass out brochures to people they know to collect orders and payment, which they turn over to you to submit. The more orders the hostess collects, the more rewards they earn. You can offer free products, discounts, etc. as hostess gifts.
  6. FUNDRAISERS – One successful fundraiser could generate the $3000 in sales to earn you the iPad. Ask around for organizations or groups who are in need of funds. Offer to host an Avon fundraiser for them! You can find detailed information about hosting Avon fundraiser in the Fundraising box on the youravon.com homepage
  7. TRY NEW STRATEGIES – Check out the Super-Sales-Boosting strategies HERE for more ideas on ways to grow your personal sales this holiday season!!



Reaching that $3000 in sales will be easier and more fun with friends!

Who do you know who could benefit from a 40% discount on their own holiday shopping, while also earning 40% on their sales to others??

Invite them to join your Avon team! The sales of your (1st-generation) team members during Campaigns 23 – 26 will count towards your goal of $3000 in sales to earn the iPad!

Anyone who joins your team during this incentive can also earn their own iPad by reaching $3000 in sales, either on their own or by inviting people they know to join their Avon team!!

BONUS: By choosing this pathway to reaching the $3000 in sales, you can also earn “Vamos Head Start” points towards your trip to Los Cabos for each Qualified New Recruit (who places a 1st or 2nd order of $150+) and by promoting to the Bronze Ambassador leadership level!!

Here are a few tips for reaching your $3000 goal by inviting others to your team:

  1. Offer the Avon opportunity to everyone you know. Never assume who will/will not be interested in Avon. You may be surprised!!
  2. Talk about the perks of being an Avon representative – No minimum required order, no inventory to keep, low start-up cost (as low as $25), flexible, free online store, tons of training and support available, sell online or face-to-face, opportunities to earn additional bonuses, rewards, and trips!
  3. Tell potential recruits about the Kickstart program and how they can earn 40% on all sales in their first campaign of any size at all, and then continuing earning 40% by reaching gradually increasing sales goals during their 2nd – 7th campaigns!
  4. Tell potential recruits about how they can also earn an iPad by reaching $3000 in sales between C23 – C26 (the sooner they start, the more time they’ll have)!
  5. Tell potential recruits that they can also start earning points towards Avon’s Grand Fiesta incentive, to earn an all-inclusive trip to Los Cabos, Mexico!
  6. When you find someone who is ready to get started, send them to http://www.startavon.com and be sure they have your reference code. Your reference code is the same as whatever comes past the / at the end of your web store address. Click HERE for more info about how to sign someone up to your team.