At AVON, we believe…
  • It should be simplefunflexible, and rewarding to earn while sharing great products with people you know (and people you don’t know yet)
  • You should be able to start earning quicklywithout needing to buy a bunch of products
  • You should be able to work your business how and when you want
  • You should be able to sell as much or as little as you want
  • You should have personal support and encouragement all along the way
  • You should be rewarded and celebrated when you’re successful
That’s why, at AVON… 
  • It’s free to join (no start-up fees or expensive bundles of products required)
  • Reps never need to purchase/stock an inventory
  • There are no required order quotas – shop or sell however much you like
  • You don’t have to host parties (unless you want to)
  • You can sell in person (using paper brochures and samples) and/or online (through your online store link)
  • All reps get a free personal online store and a shareable digital catalog link so you can sell from anywhere, 24/7
  • All reps have access to other innovative sales tools, like a state-of-the-art virtual makeover tool and a promotion tool (to create special offers for your customers)
  • Avon supports representatives by hosting live shopping events (with special offers to motivate our customers), advertising nationwide, offering special pricing and deals to customers who shop with a rep, and helping new customers connect with their perfect rep
  • Reps have access to an online self-paced training system with product, sales, and business training
  • Every rep gets an experienced mentor (a fellow rep) to offer tips, motivation, and encouragement along the way!
  • Reps have access to an “Avon Perks” program (offerings tons of discounts at other retailers) and the LG Partner Store (offering major discounts on LG electronics)
  • Reps have the opportunity to earn additional rewards  and other bonuses through special incentives throughout the year

What are the benefits of becoming an Avon representative??

** 25% discount/earnings on beauty products; 20% on fashion/home (with campaign sales of $40+)

** Advance access to new products (at a discount)

** Access to the LG Partner Store (with huge discounts on LG electronics and appliances)

** Avon Perks membership (exclusive deals on your favorite brand, like Apple, Chewy, Honda, Costco, and more)

** Affordable health coverage options through ICBA

** Avon Rewards, incentives, events, recognition, and more!!


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