The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic has impacted many areas of most people’s lives, including how we work our Avon businesses. Social-distancing, income/job-related changes, and kids remote-learning at home have all been challenges to the way we may have previously connected with new Avon customers and built higher sales.

And yet despite all of the challenges which the pandemic has presented, it has also offered new opportunities to grow our businesses, from the comfort and safety of our homes! With social-distancing in mind, customers have become more eager to shop online and have items they need safely delivered to their doorstep. Customers have also been more conscious about supporting local businesses (including their local Avon representatives), and Avon offers so many of the household essentials people are seeking.

With a few little tweaks to how you promote your business, it’s actually possible to connect with more new customers and achieve higher sales than ever before!

Check out the following tips for safely and successfully growing your business, even during a pandemic:

Set Up a FREE GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGE – Your Google business page allows people who are seeking a representative in your area to find YOU!! Keeping your Google business page active (with new pics, etc.) can help your page to pop up when people are searching for an Avon rep.

Offer NO-CONTACT Order Delivery/Pick-Up – Stick a label on the brochures you distribute to advertise your safe no-contact order fulfillment!

Speaking of brochures, consider MAILING BROCHURES to limit contact, while getting brochures into customers hands. Brochure mailing services, like can make it easy and cost-effective to mail brochures. Mailing occasional brochures to your online shoppers is a good way to keep them engaged.

Offer NO-CONTACT Payment Methods for local delivery/pick-up orders. PayPal, Venmo, or Credit Card payments by phone can all be good options. Another simple option is to ask customers to leave their payment in an envelope on the door.

In between safely distributing/mailing brochures, utilize email/messenger to SHARE THE LINK TO YOUR ONLINE STORE AND/OR DIGITAL CATALOG. Your FREE, shareable digital catalog gives you a convenient (and safely distanced) way to share your catalog with an unlimited number of customers across the United States. Don’t have an email list of potential customers to share your brochure with? Start generating your list by collecting email addresses!

Become a SOCIAL MEDIA WHIZ!! Promote your business on a variety of social media sites REGULARLY in a variety of ways! Not sure how to use Social Media to promote your business? Check out the wide range of Socially-Savvy business training in the AVON U TRAINING section of

Ask for CUSTOMER REFERRALS – Use your current customers to connect with new customers! Offer your customers a small discount or thank you gift if they connect you with a new customer!

Host an ONLINE AVON PARTY! Online parties (hosted in a Facebook group) can be a fun and effective way to connect with new customers, promote our incredible products, and grow your sales! Check out the online party tips HERE.

Get to know your FREE ONLINE STORE, so you can feel comfortable sharing it with others. Your online store offers customers, anywhere across the United States, the ability to conveniently shop online, pay online, and have their orders delivered directly to them. Explore your online store and check out the cool tools available there (foundation shade matching tool, virtual makeover tool, tutorials, and more)! You can even place an order through your online store to get familiar with the process, so you can then confidently share the online shopping experience with your customers!

WEAR & SHARE (online) – Post personal pics on social media to share the favorite Avon products you’re using! Your personal posts, with pics and authentic testimonials, can be a very effective way to draw attention to the products you have to offer!

For customers who are struggling financially, OFFER THEM THE OPPORTUNITY to start their own Avon business for FREE, so they can earn extra money from the comfort and safety of home, while also saving on many of their family’s household essentials!

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