If you’re a new Avon representative, one of the first questions you may be asking is:

  • How Do I Sell Avon??

You may also be wondering:

  • How Do I Earn with Avon?
  • How Do I Get Paid for Selling Avon?
  • How MUCH Do I Get Paid for Selling Avon?

I’m about to answer all of those questions for you, so that you can get started selling and earning with your Avon business!! (If you have not yet signed up to sell Avon, click HERE for more info.)

First, let’s chat about selling Avon!


1) Using our printed BROCHURES (or FREE digital brochure) to collect orders (and payments) which you submit for the customers on avonnow.com (our representative business site), then deliver to the customers once the items get shipped to you. This is an option for your local customers. Most reps like to submit one avonnow.com order during each (2-week-long) campaign, containing any orders they’ve collected from customers, any personal items they’d like, and any business tools they need. 

BROCHURE SELLING TIP: Consolidating all of your customer orders, business tools, and personal purchases into one avonnow.com order each campaign helps you to save on shipping fees. You can add a small order processing fee (typically 75-cents, though some reps choose to charge more) to each customer order to help cover the shipping fee.

Click HERE for tips and info about SELLING WITH BROCHURES. (You can order brochures, samples, and products on avonnow.com ANYTIME! See below for instructions.)

2) ONLINE, through your online store, where customers can place their orders, pay Avon directly, and have their orders shipped directly to them. These are called “Direct-Delivery Orders”. After the order ships, Avon credits your earnings to you, which you can sign up to have direct-deposited to your bank.

ONLINE SELLING TIP: The 1st place you can see that someone has shopped your online store is on avonnow.com, on the Web Office page, under the Manage Business tab. Look for the box that says, “You have…” Your earnings and “award sales” for online sales will credit to your Avon account after the order processes/ships to the customer.

Click HERE for tips and info about SELLING ONLINE. (Your online store and FREE digital brochure link are both ready for you to share as soon as you sign up as a rep, so that customers can browse and shop. See below for how to find your digital brochure link.)


Wondering how much you earn on your sales and how you get those earnings?? Click HERE for a detailed explanation on how you get paid as an Avon representative, on both your online sales and the orders you submit for customers.

You can find all of the official details on how much you earn and how you get paid on our representative business site, avonnow.com.


Now that you know a bit about the two main ways to sell Avon and how you get paid, let’s chat about how to find some of your most valuable sales tools!


Go to avonnow.com and click the BROWSE PRODUCTS tab to find the links to order brochures, samples, and any other products you and/or your customers would like!


To find your online store link, go to avonnow.com, then click on the “My Store” link. Copy and share the link you find there.

To access and share both versions of your digital brochure (by email, social media, messenger, etc.), go to your online store and look for the “DIGITAL CATALOG” tab, like in the pic below.

One version of the digital catalog is an exact digital replica of the printed brochure. The other version is a fun, highly interactive digital catalog with virtual try-on tools, shade-matching tool, tutorials, and more!

You have lots of other tools and training available to help you build a successful, profitable Avon business. Click HERE for a blog post outlining your TOP AVON SALES TOOLS (most of which are totally FREE).

Be sure to also check out the AVON U TRAINING section of avonnow.com for tons and tons of helpful training opportunities!

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