As you reach the end of the sales year, you may be anxious to boost your overall sales for the year, so that you can achieve President’s Club recognition, and enjoy the many perks it brings for the whole following year.

Note: President’s Club recognition is achieved by reaching total sales of $10,000 over the course of the entire sales year, from Campaign 1 through Campaign 26. Some of the perks of achieving President’s Club include earning at the 40% earnings level the entire following year (25% on fixed earnings items), 25% commission on all webstore orders, greater discounts on demo items, ability to purchase multiple demo items, invite to a recognition gala, and MORE!

One way to give your sales a big boost is to hold a 50/50 sale. A 50/50 sale is when you offer your best customers the opportunity to purchase $50 worth of Avon and then select $50 of FREE products and a thank you for being your loyal customer! You can call it a customer appreciation sale.

**NOTE – As of the earnings changes made in Campaign 9 ’17, this tip will only work for current President’s Club members, who are able to earn at the 50% earnings level with sales of $1575 or more. Non PC-Members would have to adapt to a 60/40 sale.


In order for this technique to work, you must have 15-16 customers who are willing to purchase the $50 worth of Avon and get $50 FREE.

The way it works is that if you have 16 customers, who each order $100 worth of products (even though they’re only paying for $50), you will have total sales for the campaign of $1600!! That puts you at the 50% earnings level, which is what allows you to give your customers $100 worth of products for only $50!! They’re essentially buying $100 worth of items at a 50% discount.

In order for this to work, you would need to exclude the fixed earning items (items with a star/diamond), since you can not give them a 50% discount on items you don’t receive a 50% discount on.

Using this strategy, you would not earn anything for the campaign. You’d be completely turning over your earnings to your customers. BUT, it could boost you closer to President’s Club, which would result in greater earnings potential the following year! You may also attract new customers through this amazing sale opportunity, which could turn into additional future earnings down the road!

**If you do not have 15-16 customers willing to spend $50 (plus tax) each, you may wish to modify this idea and hold a 60/40 sale! You only need total sales of $500 for the campaign to get a 40% discount/earnings.

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