As one year ends and another begins, so many of us look back on the previous year to reflect on where we are in all areas of our lives, then promise ourselves that this is the year that we will accomplish more, live better, and become the best versions of ourselves.

We set BIG goals and enter the new year with our motivation high, ready to victoriously tackle any goal! We are unstoppable!

Yet how often do we find ourselves quickly falling off track, because we encounter obstacles or our goals feel too big to possibly accomplish? It becomes so easy to settle into our old routines and break the promises we made to ourselves.

Let’s make this year the year that we stop breaking the promises we’ve made to ourselves! Is the goal that you set important? Will it make a better life for you and your family? Will it add happiness and fulfillment to your life? If so, then you owe it to yourself to keep that promise.

Big goals can feel overwhelming and impossible to accomplish, but in many cases, big goals are accomplished through a series of small steps. No one sets a goal of running a marathon, then ties on their shoes the next morning and runs a marathon. They might start by running a block at a time, then two blocks, then a mile, then two miles, then five… You get the idea – they take small, consistent steps, over a length of time, that get them closer to their goal.

It’s no different with the goals we set for our Avon businesses. Do you want to make more money, earn the free trips, or achieve the sales and leadership recognition levels? You are absolutely capable of achieving all of those things (please don’t ever doubt that you are), but it’s just like setting that goal to complete a marathon – it will take time, determination, commitment, and consistent steps in the right direction to achieve your goal.

In this post, I am going to break down FOUR of the most common goals I have heard from members of my team, into small, actionable steps that you can take to keep you moving in the right direction.

If the big goal overwhelms you and feels impossible, focus on the small steps and celebrate your success with every small step that you accomplish along the way. Do those things consistently, and you’ll achieve those goals!!


What You Get: Under the current 2019 Avon President’s Recognition Program, President’s Club Members lock in guaranteed 40% earnings, for the 2019 sales year, on all beauty, jewelry, and wellness items (25% on fashion and home). President’s Club Members have the added ability to earn 45-50% on large orders. It was also recently announced that all representatives who have achieved President’s Club in 2018 or by RepFest 2019, will be invited to a special recognition celebration in New Orleans during RepFest!!

What It Takes: Under the current 2019 Avon President’s Recognition Program, it takes achieving $10,000 in total sales for the year (C1-C26) to become a President’s Club Member. There are also higher levels of sales recognition, achieved by reaching higher sales goals.

Small Steps To Take: $10,000 in sales might feel like a big goal to bite off, so let’s break it down into smaller parts. To achieve $10,000 in sales over the course of 26 campaigns, it takes approximately $385 in sales each campaign (2-week sales period). To break that down even further, that means selling about $192.50 each week or just $27.50 a day! Can you sell just $27.50 of amazing products each day?? Sure you can!! Utilize both the brochures and your online store to achieve your goal. Be proactive about getting those sales. Don’t wait by the phone for the sales to come to you. Actively seek that $27.50 in sales each day.

Tools to Help: Avon has given us a vast variety of tools to achieve our sales goals. Best of all, most of the tools are completely FREE for us to use! That means more earnings stay in our pockets! Be sure to complete the “How to Build an Online Business” course in Avon U. Learn how to use Avon Social to promote your business through social media. Be consistent with engaging current and new potential customers on both Facebook and Instagram. Share the printed and digital brochures with everyone you meet. Follow-up regularly with your customers. Consider online fundraisers! Host an online party to connect with new customers!

BONUS: Between C2-C17 ’19 all online direct-delivery orders will count as double the sales towards President’s Club!! Become a President’s Club member faster by promoting your online store!!


What You Get: As a Bronze Ambassador (leadership level), you’ll be eligible for your first leadership title promotion bonus of $500! Bronze Ambassadors also continue to earn a leadership bonus (a percentage of their team members’ sales) each campaign. Promotion bonuses and leadership bonuses increase at higher leadership titles.

What It Takes: To become a Bronze Ambassador, there are three criteria 1) THREE or more 1st-generation team members placing orders each campaign 2) Personal sales of $200+ each campaign 3) Total team sales (including your personal sales) of $1000+ each campaign

Small Steps To Take: Every Avon leader starts their team in the same way – with one 1st team member. Most of the time, that 1st team member is someone we know – a friend, family member, co-worker, or even a customer! Start by thinking about who you know who could benefit from the extra earnings and personal savings that the Avon opportunity could provide. Then, begin reaching out to the people on your list. If that list doesn’t produce any results, think some more! Be active on Facebook and Instagram in ways that demonstrate how much you’re enjoying your business. Chat with people about the bonuses and trips you’re working towards earning. Focus on finding that first team member, then the second, then the third. Take it one person at a time and help each new team member to get the best start possible. When they are successful, YOU will be successful too!


What You Get: As a Bronze Leader, you’ll be eligible for a promotion bonus of $1500! Bronze Leaders also continue to earn an increased percentage of their team members’ sales each campaign.

What It Takes: To become a Bronze Leader, there are three criteria 1) TEN or more 1st-generation team members placing orders each campaign 2) Personal sales of $200+ each campaign 3) Total team sales (including your personal sales) of $8000+ each campaign

Small Steps To Take: The requirements for achieving Bronze Leader are very similar to Bronze Ambassador. It only takes a few more active team members, but the team sales requirement is much higher. Though you technically only need 10 active team members at the Bronze Leader level, realistically, it will likely take more than that to reach the $8,000 in sales. How many more team members exactly? Let’s break it down… It’s reasonable to expect the average order size on your team to be about $150 in sales each campaign (with some team members selling less and others selling more). If you need $8000 in total team sales, and the average order is $150, that would mean that you need approximately 52 active team members (plus your own personal sales). If you already have a team started, figure out how many more team members you’ll need, then break it down into campaign-by-campaign goals. If you’re starting from scratch, achieving 52 active team members by the end of the year would mean adding approximately 2-3 new team members each campaign.  Don’t become overwhelmed trying to figure out how you will find 52 new team members. Focus instead on how you will find 2-3 each campaign. Utilize all of your resources to share the Avon opportunity with others each campaign!

TIP: Taking steps to increase the average order size, by preparing your team members to be successful with their sales, will reduce the number of team members you need to reach that $8000 in total team sales.


What You Get: Through Avon’s “Make It Jamaica” incentive, representatives are eligible to earn an all-inclusive trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica (May 17-21, 2020) including airfare, hotel, meals, and celebrations!

What It Takes: The trip for ONE can be earned by reaching your personal sales goal for the 2019 sales year, with at least 25% of that goal coming from online sales. The trip for TWO can be earned by reaching your personal sales goal for the 2019 sales year, with at least 50% of that goal coming from online sales. (Leaders can also earn the trip by achieving a 10% increase over their team sales from the previous year, with at least 25% coming from online sales. The minimum team sales goal is $200,000.)

For any representative who sold less than $10,000 worth of Avon in 2018 (including brand new reps), the 2019 sales goal is $15,000 (with online sales making up at least $3750 of that for the trip for one, $7500 for the trip for two).

Small Steps To Take: So, let’s say your personal sales goal is $15,000. That breaks down to about $577 in sales each campaign, $288 each week or $41.20 each day! Make it your goal to sell $41.20 each day! Did you know that your customers can get free shipping on online (direct-delivery) orders of $40 or more??? One online order a day could get you to Jamaica!!

Now, if you’re thinking, “But hardly anyone orders through my online store…”, then let that thought guide your to-do list! Do the training in Avon U to learn how to build an online business. Experiment with Facebook and Instagram. Be as active as you can to create new connections! Use Avon Social. Watch the Social Selling Simplified videos in Avon U. Utilize the My Sweeps feature in Avon Social to grow your list of prospects. (If any of the tools I just mentioned aren’t familiar to you, then make it your mission to get to know them! They’re all free tools, which you can use to grow your Avon business, make more money, and even earn free trips to Jamaica!!

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