Sales Tip – Do the Math!

DO THE MATH! – As AVON representatives, our earnings are based on how much we sell. The more we sell each campaign, the higher the percentage of commission we earn!!
This chart shows the commission you can earn based on your total sales each campaign:
$0 – $49.99…………….0%

$50 – $149.99…………20%

$150 – $294.99……….30%

$295 – $439.99……….35%

$440 – $924.99……….40%

$925 – $1,574.99…….45%

$1,575 +……………….50%

**Items marked with a star/diamond shape earn at a flat 20% commission level.

Before submitting your order each campaign, take a look at the total of all your sales for the campaign. Do a little MATH!! Adding as little as a lipstick or a lotion can bump you into a higher earnings level!!!
Take this example:
Let’s say your total sales for the campaign were $140. That would put you at the 20% earnings level, with estimated earnings of $28. Not bad.
Now, let’s say you add just $10 worth of items to your order to get your total up to $150. That bumps you into the 30% commission level, with estimated earnings of $45!! Even better!!!
Don’t leave money on the table!! Do the math and earn the most you possibly can!

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