MIX and MINGLE at VENDOR EVENTS – Arranging for a table at a vendor event can be a fantastic way to grow your business. Many churches, schools, fire departments, etc. may hold vendor events to raise money. Festivals, fairs, and flea markets in your community may offer other opportunities to set up an AVON table. You may even be able to set up tables for free by asking permission from local businesses.
Once you’ve got a table at an event, the next step is to figure out how you want to run it. You may choose to sell items at the table or to focus on passing out brochures and samples, while connecting with new potential customers and recruits!
Here are some vendor event tips:
1. Make your table look appealing and organized. Don’t overcrowd it. Set up an attractive display of some of Avon’s great products.
2. Provide fragrances and lotions for people to sample. It’ll draw them over to the opportunity and give you the chance to chat with them.
3. Consider getting an AVON runner or tablecloth from Town & Country so your table looks professional.
4. Pass out tons of brochures and offer free samples! Put your recruiting info in every brochure.
5. Offer a free raffle basket. This allows you to collect contact info to follow-up with all your new potential customers and recruits.
6. Talk to people about the Avon opportunity. If they tell you they love Avon, ask them if they’ve ever considered selling it. Let them know you can get them started.
7. Be friendly and inviting. Smile at everyone and invite them over to sample the items you have on display

Once you find someone who is interested, send them to www.startavon.com. Tell them to be sure to use your reference code. (Your reference code is the same as whatever comes past the / in your webstore address. If you’re not sure what it is, ask me.) Once you get the email saying you have a successful self-appointment, be sure to let me, or your immediate upline, know right away. We can help you to get them started with Avon!!

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