Try Try-It Kits – If you find someone who thinks they might be interested in selling Avon, but they’re just not quite sure, or they don’t have the $15 to get started, offer them a Try-It Kit!! 
A try-it kit doesn’t need to be anything complicated. It’s simply a few brochures, and some order slips. Let your potential recruit take the brochures to pass out to their friends and start collecting orders. Once they’ve collected their first orders, sit them down, sign ’em up, and help them enter their first successful order as an Avon representative!!
Try-it kits work because they allow people a no-pressure opportunity to test the waters. Once they see how easy it can be, and how excited people get about Avon, they’ll be ready to start their own Avon business!
Try-it kits can be used with people local to you, or stick one in the mail for someone afar!!

Once you find someone who is interested, send them to Tell them to be sure to use your reference code. (Your reference code is the same as whatever comes past the / in your webstore address. If you’re not sure what it is, ask me.) Once you get the email saying you have a successful self-appointment, be sure to let me, or your immediate upline, know right away. We can help you to get them started with Avon!!

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