People join Avon for many different reasons.

Some people LOVE Avon and want to be able to save on all of their own shopping. Some people are looking for a fun hobby. Some people are looking to build a new career, where they can be their own boss, set their own hours, and work from home.

And some people come to Avon, because they are having a hard time keeping up with their bills. They come to Avon to earn the extra income they need to stay afloat and to support their families.


Every penny counts and you need to grow your Avon business and start making money right away, while keeping your business expenses as low as possible.

The following is a list of tips for growing your Avon business, while keeping business expenses as low as possible.

  1. Brochures – The Avon brochure is the one and only business expense you shouldn’t skimp on. The brochure is your most valuable asset. Every time you hand someone a brochure, it’s like an invitation to walk through your store. The way to build sales is to get as many people to walk through your store as possible each campaign. I will walk you through some things you can skip in the following tips, but do not skip the brochures!  Brochure pricing gets less and less expensive, the more you order. The first pack of brochures (10 brochures per pack) costs $6.49, but to get a second pack of ten more brochures is just a couple bucks more. The packs get even less expensive as you order more.
  2. Reuse Your Resources – Get the most out of your brochures by asking customers to return the brochure to you once they’ve placed their order. You can then pass that brochure on to someone else. This practice also opens up the perfect opportunity for you to follow-up with that customer a few days after you’ve given them a brochure!
  3. The Fortune is in the Follow-up – Be sure to collect contact information from everyone you give a brochure to. A quick follow-up a couple days prior to your order date can be the key to pulling in the orders. Make every brochure count, by following up with those potential customers.
  4. Sales Flyers/Outlet Books – Sales flyers can usually be ordered 10 for $1.75. To keep your business costs lost, while still growing your business, consider ordering extra sales flyers to distribute. Affix a label to the front of the flyer, which says “Contact me for a FREE full Avon brochure!” Then, distribute the flyers to your neighbors, community centers, laundromats, waiting rooms, etc. It will give people a taste of Avon at a lower cost than distributing full brochures. Be sure to keep some full brochures available to give to anyone who contacts you!
  5. Samples – Samples are a wonderful way to introduce Avon products to potential customers, but if your budget is limited, skip the samples for now! They’re great, but you can build a business without them.
  6. Avon’s Money-Back Guarantee – The reason you can skip samples is that all of Avon’s products are 100% guaranteed. Remind your customers that they can try Avon risk-free. If they’re not satisfied for their purchase for any reason, they can get a full refund of their purchase price! Avon’s money-back guarantee is a powerful (and FREE) business tool at your disposal.
  7. Your Webstore – Promote your webstore widely and frequently. It’s a FREE business tool! Customers shop your webstore, make their payment directly to Avon, and Avon handles the processing and shipping! YOU earn the commission!! Consider hosting online/Facebook parties. Hold an online Grand Opening party with your own friends and family. To access a broader customer base, ask a friend to be the hostess of an online party and to invite their friends as the guests!
  8. Collect Payment in Advance – You will likely need to pay for your order when you submit it to Avon. To ensure smooth and quick processing of your order, it’s wise to collect payment from your customers at the time they place their order. This will ensure that you have the funds you need to make your payment to Avon. It also simplifies the delivery process (since you’ve already handled payment) and protects you from getting stuck with items a customer may not be able to pay for once they’ve arrived. Click HERE for some other tips for handling your order payments to Avon.
  9. Limit Other Business Supplies – There are a variety of business supplies you can purchase in the Order Sales Tools section, such as bags, ring sizers, etc. Keep these purchases to a minimum as you establish your business. If necessary, skip the bags. They make a professional presentation of your delivered order, but you can run your business without them in the beginning. If you do decide to purchase bags, the “popcorn bags” are the most affordable.
  10. Sales Tax and Order Processing Fee – Be sure that you are charging your customers the appropriate sales tax on their items. Be sure that you are also adding the .75 Order Processing Fee, which is included on the order slips. The idea is that if you have multiple customers, who each pay their .75 Order Processing Fee, it will mostly or completely cover the shipping cost that Avon charges you, so that it won’t cut into your profits!

Utilize the tips above the maximize your business growth, while minimizing business expenses. Check out the Sales Tips tab for more ideas on how to grow your sales!

If you treat your Avon business like a business, it will reward you like a business!

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