So, you’ve found your first customer!!! That’s wonderful!

They’ve selected their items and now would like to know how much they owe you, so that they can make their payment.

So, you may be wondering, how do I fill out that little order slip to figure out their total?

Let me walk you through it, step by step.

Here is an example of a completed order slip:


Here’s how to complete the order slip and calculate the total:

  • Start by filling in the page number, quantity, 6-digit product number, item description, and price for each item in their order.
  • If a customer has ordered more than one of an item, multiply the price times the quantity to figure out the total for that item.

 In my example, the customer ordered 2 of the Moisture Therapy mini hand creams at a price of .99 each. So, we multiply 2 x .99 to get a total price of $1.98

  • Add up the total of all items in the order to get the SUBTOTAL.

In my example, the SUBTOTAL comes to $36.97

  • Add the .75 Order Processing Charge to the SUBTOTAL. Write the result next to the TOTAL line.

TIP: We charge customers the .75 order processing fee to help cover the shipping fee that Avon charges us on our order each campaign. The idea is that if we collect that .75 from multiple customers each campaign, it will mostly or completely cover our shipping fee, leaving more of our earnings in our pockets!

  • To figure out the sales tax, multiply the TOTAL by your local sales tax rate. If you’re unsure of your local sales tax rate, Google “sales tax” and your local zip code.
  • My local sales tax rate is 8%, so I multiply the TOTAL by .08

In my example, I multiplied $37.72 x .08 to find a sales tax amount of $3.01

  • Add the TOTAL to the SALES TAX to find the AMOUNT DUE

In my example, when I add the sales tax to the total ($37.72 + $3.01) I get an AMOUNT DUE of $40.73

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