Sales Tip – Party Like an Avon Star!

One of the things I personally love about Avon is that it’s not set up to revolve around  hosting parties every weekend.


Hosting an Avon party can be a fun and effective way to boost your Avon sales and introduce Avon to potential new customers! You can host the party yourself or ask a friend to be the hostess, in return for Avon items or a discount on her own order!


Here are some more tips for throwing a fun and profitable Avon party:

  1. Create an appealing display of products, which you can purchase from the What’s New demo booklets at discounted prices, or use products you’ve purchased for yourself.
  2. Have plenty of brochures on hand.
  3. Have samples and demo items available for your guests to experiment with. (People LOVE using the little lipstick bullets to try colors they might not normally wear.)
  4. Serve some tasty hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. Create a relaxed and fun atmosphere.
  5. Offer raffle tickets for attending, bringing a friend, placing an order, etc. Raffle off Avon items or Avon gift certificates which can be used towards their order!
  6. Use any stock you may have accumulated to create a Bargain/Clearance Table!
  7. Be an Avon expert – Use the “Know Your Products” trainings and the “Skin Care Specialist” trainings in Avon University to become well-informed about Avon products. Share your knowledge as you chat with guests and make recommendations.
  8. During the party, allow your guests to sample products and browse the brochures. Pass out order slips, so that they can write up their order.
  9. Consider the timing of your party and offer Cash-and-Carry items for purchase. During the holidays, offer nicely packaged gift baskets or product bundles. Stocking stuffers would also be appropriate. Towards the spring time, consider end of year teacher gifts. During the summer, offer Bug Guard or Avon sun care products!
  10. Be sure to tell people about how you can help them to start their own Avon business!

Most importantly… Have fun!! It’s fun to be an Avon representative and it’s fun to shop Avon! Enjoy sharing Avon with the guests at your Avon party!

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