President’s Club – Time to Bring It Home!

The Avon sales year lasts for 26 campaigns, from Campaign 1 – Campaign 26.

As I write this, we are currently in the middle of Campaign 22. That means that there are four full campaigns remaining in this sales year, four campaigns left to reach PRESIDENT’S CLUB!!

President’s Club is the first level of sales recognition, which is achieved by reaching sales of $10,000 over the course of the sales year, from Campaign 1 – Campaign 26. (There are other higher levels of sales recognition above President’s Club as well.)

Why should you strive for President’s Club??

There’s tons of reasons! The most favorite perk of being a President’s Club member is earning 40% on all full-earnings items for the entire following sales year!! President’s Club members also get 25% earnings on items that are normally fixed 20% earnings. Another great perk is the ability to order three of any demo item, instead of being limited to one. President’s Club members also get higher discounts on demo items. In addition to those perks, President’s Club members earn points, which can be redeemed for a beautiful Mrs. Albee porcelain statuette or other great items. Other special recognition, celebration, and rewards are available to President’s Club members.

If you participate in Avon’s leadership program, there are even more reasons to strive for President’s Club. It sets a positive example of sales success for your team members, while providing you with the sales experience necessary to mentor your team members to that same kind of sales success. Becoming a President’s Club member also gives you access to the widest range of leadership recognition and rewards, some of which are reserved for leaders who are also President’s Club members.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.30.31 AM.png

With four full campaigns currently remaining, you may find yourself wondering how you can close the gap between your current total sales and the $10,000 you need by Campaign 26 to become a President’s Club member. If you’re still a few thousand dollars short of the $10,000 goal, you may be questioning whether it’s possible to make up the difference.

Fortunately, I’m here to let you know that, with a well-thought out ambitious plan, IT IS POSSIBLE to make big leaps towards President’s Club during the next few campaigns. These next few campaigns happen to be the peak sales campaigns of the whole year, as we enter the holiday sales season. If you play your cards right, and implement some of the Super Sales Boosting Strategies below, you can hit that $10,000 in sales by Campaign 26.

Before you make your plan to get to $10,000, it’s important to figure where you currently are, and how much sales you need to bring in during the next few campaigns to achieve President’s Club. To see your current total sales for the year, go to the Rewards and Recognition tab on, then click on GOAL CARD from the menu on the left side of the page. This will bring you to your personalized goal card, which will show your current sales to date. There is also a box which will show you the amount of sales you still need.

Once you know what you need, it’s time to make a plan!

Here are some ideas for giving yourself major sales boosts during the final campaigns of the year: 

  1. Hold a Fundraiser – Find an organization that is in need of funds. Hold an Avon fundraiser for them! You can host your own fundraiser for a cause you care about or find a school, group, club, or team that is looking to raise money. Fundraisers can potentially be a big boost to your sales in a short period of time. Check out the Earning Opportunities page on for lots more info and resources for holding an Avon fundraiser. **The annual stuffed-animal fundraiser is always a successful option at this time of year. This year’s animal is Rory the Lion, and he’s absolutely adorable!
  2. Be Charitable – Offer your customers the opportunity to purchase bundles of products for local organizations in need. For example, you might offer “Slippers for Seniors” where customers can purchase a pair of slippers which you will donate to a local nursing home. You could also offer bundles of daily care items which you will donate to local homeless shelters or women’s shelters, or children’s items which can be donated to local schools as holiday items for needy children. Make flyers to promote your charitable offers. Promote your charitable offers on social media too, so that even non-local friends and family have the option of donating a bundle.
  3. Offer a Limited-Time Unbeatable Deal – “Get $100 worth of beauty products or jewelry for $60!!” Tell customers that if they order $100 or more of beauty products or jewelry, you will take $40 off their bill. How does this work?? In order for this plan to work, you need at least FIVE customers to take advantage of this deal. With five customers ordering $100 worth of items, you’ll have a $500 order, which will qualify you for the 40% earnings level. That means that Avon will only charge YOU $60 for the $100 worth of items, which enable you to take the $40 off your customer’s bill. Essentially, you are charging customers your cost (40% off) for the items. You would not make any earnings on the items, since you would be passing the full discount onto the customer BUT it could help you to pull in bigger than usual sales, which would help you make a leap towards President’s Club. IMPORTANT NOTES – Customers should pay sales tax on all items, pre-discount. Take the $40 off the final bill. You can not include fashion, home, or other fixed-earnings item in this offer, since you only get 20% earnings on those items, therefore you can not offer 40% off to customers.
  4. Vendor Events – This is a great time of year to have a table at a local vendor event or craft fair. Sell gift-ready Avon product bundles. Be sure to also pass out tons of brochures and collect contact information from everyone you meet by offering a free raffle basket! Vendor events are not just about making a one-time product sale. They’re a great way to connect with tons of new potential life-long customers in a short period of time!
  5. Holiday Shopping Party – Hold a holiday shopping party! Invite all of your friends and family. Encourage them to bring a friend. Make it fun and social. Serve up a few snack and festive beverages. Make a nice display of great gift options, demos, and samples. Offer ready-to-give Avon product bundles, tied with a bow. Help your customers browse the brochures for gift options for everyone on their holiday shopping lists.
  6. More Brochures = More Sales – This tip holds true for any campaign of the year. The more brochures you pass out, the higher your sales will grow. The key to making the most of those brochures is the FOLLOW-UP. Pass out as many brochures as you can, then follow-up a few days later to offer to answer questions and collect orders.
  7. Promote the A-Box – Each campaign, there is a new A-Box available for customers to purchase for $10 with any $40 brochure purchase. Promoting these boxes will help you to build your average customer order to $50 or more. PLUS, as customers try the items included in each box, they’ll discover new products they love, which they’ll come back to purchase from you campaign after campaign!
  8. Hold an Online Holiday Shopping Party – Set up a group on facebook, invite your friends, family, and customers. Encourage them to invite their friends and family to the group. Keep the party open for a few days. Get your online guests engaged by asking questions and playing games which encourage them to visit your web store (like an Avon product scavenger hunt). Post tons and tons of pictures (along with your web store address) to inspire your guests to do some holiday shopping. Offer raffles and special deals! Provide public recognition when people place orders.

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