I want to talk about BRAVERY for just a moment, and the role it plays in our Avon business success.

This past August, at Avon RepFest ’17, a fellow Avon leader approached me in the bathroom, politely introduced herself and said something to the effect of, “I was wondering how you advanced so quickly to Executive Leader. Can you share what you’ve been doing?”

I paused for a second to try to identify a way to describe it in a nutshell, then shared a few of my first thoughts. We chatted for a bit in the bathroom before we had to part ways, but her question has been lingering with me ever since.

Ultimately, success with our Avon businesses is the result of many different things. It’s about the little actions that we take every single day, which add up to big results. It’s about commitment, belief, consistency, patience, and perseverance.

But, just recently, it’s occurred to me that there’s something else, which I believe is essential to achieving success with any business… You’ve got to be BRAVE.


You’ve got to be BRAVE enough to set big goals, that seem (almost) impossible to achieve.

You’ve got to be BRAVE enough to BELIEVE that you are capable of actually accomplishing those goals. (Because you are!)

You’ve got to be BRAVE enough to do the things it will take to achieve those goals.

You’ve got to be BRAVE enough to step outside of your comfort zone, if that is what’s necessary.

You’ve got to be BRAVE enough to keep going, and to push even harder, when you’re not yet getting the results you desire.

You’ve got to be BRAVE enough to not let anyone else’s doubt, make you question your own ability to succeed.

You’ve got to be BRAVE enough to allow your goals to be a priority.

You’ve got to be BRAVE enough to invest in your success and take risks that could result in the biggest rewards.

Have you ever sat down with a financial advisor to develop an investment plan? One of the first things the advisor always wants to know is your tolerance for risk. You can choose a low-risk investment plan, which is likely to provide predictable slow, steady growth or you can choose a higher-risk investment plan, which has a much greater potential for short-term losses, but can also offer a much bigger long-term payout than the safe low-risk portfolio could ever provide.

So, my question for you is… What’s your risk tolerance?

Do you want to take the slow and steady path towards your Avon goals or do you want to go all in, even though that path can feel a bit scary and unpredictable sometimes?

YOU are the boss of your Avon business, so it’s ultimately up to you to decide which path is right for you. The only right answer is what is right for YOU! The only right path is the one that gets you to where YOU want to go, at the pace YOU want to get there.

ME? I chose to go all in. There are things about that decision which still scare me every single day, but I force myself to be BRAVE. And that bravery is what has led to my success.

Thinking back to that bathroom conversation, I wish I had said…

“The secret of my success is that I work my business with BRAVERY every single day, even when it scares me. I’m BRAVE to set gigantic goals and to believe that I can accomplish them. I’m BRAVE when I reach out to new potential customers or team members, even though I’m afraid they’ll say no. I’m BRAVE when I push even harder towards my goals, in the face of obstacles. I’m BRAVE when I make decisions to invest both my precious time and my money in my business, because I believe that the ultimate rewards will be worth it. I was BRAVE when I made the choice to work my business like a full-time job, even when it still wasn’t paying me like one, because I am BRAVE enough to believe that anything is possible, if I am BRAVE enough to stay the course!”

Be brave, my friends!

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