The tricky thing about being your own boss is that no one is going to tell you what to do. (This also happens to be one of the most awesome things about being your own boss.)

If you want to be successful with your business, it’s up to YOU to create your game plan for success. It’s up to YOU do the things you need to do to grow a profitable business and to reach your personal goals with Avon.

YOU are the secret ingredient in the recipe for your success!

But how do you know what those things are?

If you have ten minutes or an hour or five hours to spend on your Avon business, what should you be doing with that time to effectively strengthen your business?

To figure that out, there is a series of questions that I ask myself each and every day.

Question #1 – What can I do to connect with my CURRENT CUSTOMERS?

Do I have orders to deliver? Payments to collect? Follow-up to collect orders? Contacts to see how they enjoyed recent samples or purchases? Special deals or new products to promote? Thank you messages to send?

Question #2 – What can I do to gain NEW CUSTOMERS?

Can I post something on Facebook? Prepare brochures to deliver in my neighborhood? Find a fundraiser? Set up a friend referral promotion? Plan a party or vendor event? Advertise? Reach out personally to my warm list?

Question #3 – What can I do to support my CURRENT TEAM MEMBERS?

Do I have new team members to welcome? Who needs a welcome packet mailed? Who needs to review their starter kit? Who has a 1st order coming up? Who just placed a 1st order? Who missed their 1st order? Who can I celebrate for achieving personal goals, high sales, cruise points, leadership promotion, etc.? Who is close to achieving a goal?Who is struggling with their business? Who might benefit from a boost?

Question #4 – What can I do to gain NEW TEAM MEMBERS?

Do I have leads I can follow-up with? Recruiting postcards to mail? Who do I know who could use some extra money? How can I make connections with new potential team members? Where can I advertise? Which of my team members are demonstrating leadership potential? How can I motivate them to invite others to join their team?


The answers to those four questions drives the actions I take to grow my business each day. The answers generate my to-do list on any given day, ensuring that I am consistently tending to my existing sales and leadership business, while also taking steps to continue growing and strengthening both my sales and my team.

Try asking yourself those four questions each day, then letting them guide your to-do list!

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