Happy New Year, Beauty Boss!!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been a bit distracted during the past few weeks, as the personal obligations and celebrations of the holiday season took priority over other things in your life, including your Avon business.

Perhaps you’ve missed an order date or two, forgotten to pass out brochures, or completely lost track of what campaign we’re in.

It’s ok!!

The nice thing about being BOSS of your Avon business is that when life gets busy and other priorities are calling your name, you can step back and adjust your schedule to meet your needs.

You’re the boss! That means that you get to choose when you work and when you don’t.

The holidays are behind us and fresh new year sits ahead of us! You likely have personal goals, health goals, and financial goals that you hope to accomplish in 2018.

I know that many of you also have some big goals that you’d like to accomplish with your Avon business. Perhaps you’d like to make a little (or A LOT) more money with Avon this year, or become a President’s Club member, or earn the cruise to Bermuda, or advance in leadership title. Perhaps there’s something specific that you’d like to be able to afford as a result of your Avon business, like a family vacation, down-payment on a home, or college tuition.

You can accomplish any goal you set with your Avon business, if you’re willing to put in the appropriate time and effort, day after day, with consistency and perseverance. I’ll be there, all along the way, offering you tried and true strategies and tips for success!

To begin, let’s start with a comprehensive recap of the big things happening at Avon, to help you get on track for a successful, exciting, goal-exceeding 2018!




What You Can Win/Earn: An all-inclusive 5-night/6-day cruise to Bermuda on board Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas (for one or for two); additional prizes (beauty case, tote, suitcase) can be earned along the way

Timeline: Campaign 20 2017 – Campaign 6 2018 (Trendsetter 22 – 8)

How to Participate: This is a “You Do, You Get” incentive. Anyone who earns enough points can earn the incentive. Points can be earned in a variety of ways, including reaching personal sales of $300+ or $500+, adding new team members (and mentoring them to success), mentoring new team members, and advancing in leadership title).

Where to Find More Info: Complete details are available on youravon.com. Click on the Success Center box from the homepage.

Tips/Notes: There is still time to earn this incentive, but it’ll involve a hefty dose of effort, motivation, and time.




What You Can Win/Earn: An exclusive Espira by Avon gym bag and journal, along with a chance to win an amazing all-expenses-paid Espira health and wellness retreat
Timeline: January 1, 2018 – February 28. 2018
How to Participate: Representatives participate by using the Espira Boost System products (you can get them at 50% discount from the What’s New 3) and completing a series of four personal testimonial posts (using fill-in-the-blank prompts). Everyone who completes the challenge gets the bag and journal. Four grand prize winners will win the retreat.
Where to Find More Info: Complete info and the link to register for the challenge is available on the Avon USA Representatives facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/avonusarepresentatives/



What You Can Win/Earn: Espira branded items, including ear buds, tote, apron, sound machine, and fit tracker
Timeline: Campaigns 1 – 5 (Trendsetter 3 – 7)
How to Participate: Rewards can be earned by exceeding your total sales from last year during the identified campaigns by certain amounts. For example, the ear buds can be earned by having a $100 increase in sales. So, if you sold a total of $1000 last year, during Campaigns 1-5 and you sell a total of $1100 this year, during Campaigns 1-5, then you will get the ear buds!
Where to Find More Info: Complete details and a personal goal tracker are available on youravon.com. Click on the Success Center box from the homepage.
Tips/Notes: Representatives who were not reps during Campaigns 1-5 in 2017 are considered to have a sales base amount of $500. That means that if you sell a total of $600 between Campaigns 1-5 this year, you’d be considering as having a $100 increase and will earn the ear buds! Bigger rewards are earned with bigger increases!



What You Can Win/Earn: An exclusive Avon pin
Timeline: Campaign 1 – Campaign 13
How to Participate: Place an order every campaign to earn the pin
Where to Find More Info: Complete details are available on youravon.com. Click on the Success Center box from the homepage.
Tips/Notes: New representatives, who start within the incentive period, can earn the pin by reaching their first three Kickstart sales goals.





January Virtual Sales Meeting

What: Start off the new year by joining our January Virtual Sales Meeting! Our Home Office team is sharing the winter scoop on Campaigns 5 and 6—there’s a free Power Serum offer, new Moisture Therapy In Shower Body Lotion, a must-have jewelry bundle, and more. Plus, you’ll get tips on how to maximize Espira samples, Easter Sales, and our new incentives.

When: Tuesday, January 16 at 8:00pm EST

How to Participate: Click this link to register for the online meeting: https://goto.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1175065&tp_key=7f387ac87d



RepFest 2018

What: The Avon Event of the Year!! Join thousands of other Avon representatives at an amazing event, which will leave you bursting with motivation, empowerments, knowledge, and skills to be the successful beauty boss you were meant to be!
When: Friday, July 27 – Sunday, July 29
How to Participate: Location will be announced within the next couple weeks. For now, mark your calendar!!

Next Espira Webinar

What: Get the training you need to be successful at selling this great new product line!

When: January 10 at 8:00pm EST

How to Participate: Watch your email for the link to register


**********BIG PRODUCT NEWS**********




What: Espira, Avon’s new health and wellness line is the biggest new product launch in years!! This amazing new plant-based product line offers highest quality, naturally sourced, non-GMO ingredients, with no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors.

Learn More: To learn more about Espira, including detailed product info on every product and tips for selling this great new collection, check out the Espira hub on youravon.com (look for the Espira symbol at the very top of the page). Also, be sure to complete the Espira trainings on AVON U.



What: Avon’s Got a New Approach to Fashion!!

  • Complete fashion collections including coordinated apparel, jewelry, footwear, and accessories all introduced at once.
  • New collections every 3 to 4 Campaigns.
  • Prices stay the same from Campaign to Campaign—your customers won’t have to wait to purchase!
  • Demo entire collections from your What’s New.
  • Ability to build orders in advance for current customers.
  • Expert training tips on how to wear it and share it for bigger and better sales!

Learn More: Check out this video, which explain more about Avon’s new approach to fashion: https://vimeo.com/249000537/bc702e04b3



**********RESOURCES FOR SUCCESS**********

Check out the following links for detailed tips on growing your sales and earnings during 2018:

How to Build $150 Order

How to Build a $300 Order

How to Earn $300 a Month with Avon

How to Sell Avon Online

33 Super Sales-Boosting Strategies

Success Tips for a Brand New Sales Year

More Tips Coming!! 

Stay Tuned!!

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