There are many ways to grow your sales, but the most surefire way to grow your sales (and earn more $$$) is to… FIND NEW CUSTOMERS!!

I asked my team members to share their favorite strategies for finding new customers.

These are the tried-and-true strategies they shared:

  • Post pictures of yourself using the products to show the evident results. Follow up with brochures to everyone who comments. – Steph B.
  • Offer your current customers a friend-referral discount if they bring you an order from someone they know. – Maritza M.
  • Ask a friend to take a few brochures to share with their friends, family, or co-workers. – Steph B.
  • Leave a small stack of brochures (with a FREE! Take Me Home label on the front) in places like laundromats and waiting rooms. – Carol W.
  • Attach a suction cup hook to your car window when you’re in the parking lot. Hang brochures in clear literature bags from the hook. – Steph B.
  • When leaving brochures in waiting rooms, offer the receptionist a brochure and free sample pack as a thank you.  – Carol W.
  • Leave a few brochures in each of the ladies restrooms in your office building. – Cindy F.
  • Talk to anyone you can about Avon. – Maritza M.
  • Post flyers in public places, like the bank or library. – Steph B.
  • Always make sure to have brochures, samples, and business cards on hand to pass out when the opportunity arises. – Sammie M.
  • Give Avon products and samples (and a brochure) to the hostess of events you attend as a thank you gift. – Sammie M.
  • Use Facebook to promote your business online. – Julie P.
  • Connect with people in the communities you are a part of, for example at your church, book club, or child’s sports games. – Cindy C.
  • Participate in local vendor events. Always offer a free raffle to collect contact info for follow-up with your new potential customers. – Monique M.
  • Get to know your potential customers and personalize your contacts with them. For example, contact people you know who are interested in health and wellness about Espira. – Christine K.
  • Be a walking, talking billboard for Avon products. Wear the jewelry, use the skin care, drink the protein shakes! Let everyone see the beauty of Avon products. – Christine K.
  • Utilize helpers! If you have a friend or family member who might enjoy a discount on their own products, ask them to pass out a few brochures for you in return. (Your helper may even become your first team member!) – Karen J.
  • Promote Avon fundraisers! There are so many organizations, causes, and individuals in need of fundraising. Avon makes fundraisers easy, and it’s a great way to connect with new potential customers. – Amber O.
  • Connect with people and leave brochures at local community centers. Be sure to follow-up personally. – Valerie S.
  • At vendor events, be sure to have trial products available, so that customers can sample item on the spot! – Venita F.
  • Utilize technology to create digital business cards and gift cards to easily share with new potential customers on the spot. – Kristina P.
  • Leave a brochure on the table after dining at a restaurant. A free sample pack for the waitress is a nice bonus! – Kimberly R.
  • Share the uses for Avon products. For example, share the many ways that Skin So Soft oil can be used. – Rhonda W.
  • Connect with local nursing homes and senior living communities. Ask if you can set up a table, provide Avon goodies for Bingo night prizes, or offer free samples to the residents. You can gain many new customers at the same location this way!  – Amber P.
  • Utilize Facebook Live videos to show the products. – Monique M.
  • Connect with other people in your local community through neighborhood apps or Facebook groups. – Angela C.
  • Bring brochures with you to appointments. Leave some in the waiting rooms. – Mary Beth P.

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