One of the reasons that many people choose Avon, when it comes to starting a home-based business, is the flexibility.

With Avon, there are no minimum order quotas to meet each month, you earn on sales of any amount, you can sell online or through the brochures, there’s no need to invest in an expensive inventory that you’re pressured to sell, and you can even skip multiples consecutive campaigns (two-week sales periods) while still maintaining an active account.

All of these things are huge perks about becoming an Avon representative. YOU choose how, when, and how often you work your business. YOU are the boss!

All that being said, you’re obviously going to make more money, the more you work your business, and the longer you stick with it, to give your business a chance to thrive.

When I first got started with my Avon business, I set myself a minimum order goal for each month. (I’m the boss of my business, so I get to decide how much I want to sell!) For me, that minimum sales goal was $150 in sales each campaign.

There are a few key reasons why I selected $150 in sales as my first goal:

  1. It’s achievable, with a reasonable (not tremendous) amount of effort every two weeks.
  2. It’s a solid stepping stone to then grow to $200 or $300 or even $400 or more in sales every two weeks.
  3. It’s the point in the earnings scale, where earnings increase from 20% to 30% on your sales. That increase makes a huge difference!


Let’s crunch some numbers here…

If you sell $50 in a campaign, you earn at the 20% earnings level, which works out to be about 10 bucks in earnings. (At this point, once you cover any portion of the shipping fee that was not covered by customers and buy yourself a pack of brochures for the upcoming campaign, there’s not a whole heck of a lot left.)

If you sell $125 in a campaign, you earn at the 20% earnings level, which works out to be about 25 bucks in earnings. (At this point, you’ve earned enough to cover your business expenses, with a little bit leftover.)

If you sell $150 in a campaign, you’re now at the 30% earnings level, which works out to be about 45 bucks in earnings. That’s nearly twice as much earnings as you’d get from $125 order!! 

At $150 in sales each campaign, you’re covering your business expenses,

 AND making money!!

If you’re not currently selling $150 each campaign, you may be thinking, “Well, that’s all well and good, but how do I collect $150 in orders each campaign?”

The remainder of this post is going to walk through some very specific strategies for finding customers and building $150 in sales, each campaign.

First, let’s talk about how many customers you need to build a $150 order.

THREE customers, purchasing $50 each, will get you to $150 in sales.


SIX customers, purchasing $25 each, will get you to $150 in sales.

The following tips will address both strategies for finding more customers and strategies for building the orders of your current customers.

TIP #1 – Brochures – Printed AND Digital!!

As an Avon representative, you have access to TWO types of Avon brochures. There are the PRINTED brochures (which are great for sharing with people near you) and then there’s the online DIGITAL brochure, which you can share with anyone, anywhere across the United States! (To get the link to the current digital brochure: go to your online store, click “Brochures” from the main menu there, then copy that link.)

Brochures are one of the main ways that we invite people in to shop our Avon store!  If you’re not consistently sharing brochures (or your online store), it’s like having a storefront that’s always closed. The more you share the brochures, the higher potential for orders you’ll have. To generate 6 orders, I’d recommend personally sharing a printed or digital brochure with at least 20-30 people!

TIP #2 – Contact Info

Whenever possible, collect contact information from anyone you’ve shared a brochure with. It can be as simple as asking, “Would you mind giving me your email address (and/or cell phone #) so that I can keep you updated on special offers from Avon?”

TIP #3 – Follow-Up

The fortune is truly in the follow-up. We live busy lives. Oftentimes, a potential customer may intend to place an order when they take that brochure from you, but then they get home and it gets buried under the pile of mail and their children’s homework. Then, life goes on and they forget about that Avon order they meant to place. A quick follow-up, a few days prior to placing your order, can quickly turn around a slow campaign. Your follow-up can be a simple and casual as a phone call, text, or email saying, “Hi ______! I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be submitting an Avon order on _______. I wanted to see if you have any questions about the items in the brochure I shared with you, or if there’s anything you’d like to order. Let me know!”

TIP #4 – Samples

In addition to sharing brochures, give potential customers product samples which you think they’ll personally enjoy. Follow-up, a few days after you’ve given the sample, to see how they liked it and if they’d like to order the full-sized item. Let them know if it’s on sale that campaign and remind them of Avon’s product guarantee.

TIP #5 – Promote Your Business Online

All representatives have a personal online store, where anyone you know, anywhere in the US, can shop your business online and have it delivered directly to them! Promote your web store in a variety of ways, on Facebook and other social media. Use Avon Social (located in the top left corner of the representative site) to post attractive ads to your Facebook business page. Add your own personal testimonials about the products! Tell potential customers about FREE SHIPPING on orders of $40 or more. Share the Avon coupon code: WELCOME10 for your online customers to get 10% off an order of any size.

Also, create your own personal posts on Facebook and Instagram about your favorite Avon products. Make it fun! Connect with your friends and family to share what products you use and why you love them. Go LIVE on Facebook to demonstrate Avon products in action!

TIP #6 – Offer a Special Incentive

Encourage new customers to place a first order with you by offering a discount on their first order of any size or free gifts with purchase!

TIP #7 – Encourage Customer Loyalty

Show your current customers how much you value them, by offering occasional discounts, free gifts, or “Avon Bucks” redeemable on a future order. Call up former customers who haven’t ordered in a while to let them know about a great offer you don’t want them to miss.

TIP #8 – Referrals

Give your current customers and/or some friends and family members two brochures, one for them and another for a friend. Offer them a special discount on their own order, if they collect an order from a friend.

TIP #9 – Offer Additional Items

When a customer does contact you with an order, point out some other great deals that they may have missed. Ask them if they saw the necklace on page X and tell them how much it sparkles in real life. Tell them about an Avon skin care product that you’ve been using and have been stunned by the results.

Also, utilize the great $10 A-Box offer on the back cover of the brochure, available to customers who order $40 or more, to build your sales. If a customer is ordering $30 in items, let them know that if they add $10 to their order, you can offer them a very special bundle of products, valued at X for only $10!! (Remember, you only need THREE $50 orders to reach $150 in sales!! That’s just a matter of finding THREE people who want to take advantage of that great deal!)

TIP #10 – Be One of Your Customers

Remember, you only need THREE customers placing orders of $50 or more to reach $150 in sales, or SIX customers placing orders of $25 or more to reach $150 in sales. YOU should be one of your customers. You use the items that Avon offers, such as shampoo, lotions, skin care, sun block, insect repellent, deodorant, and body wash. You likely buy gifts for people, like jewelry, candles, and fragrance. You probably buy yourself clothing, shoes, and purses. Are you buying those things from your Avon business and saving up to 40% the brochure price on them, or you are paying some other business for those items?? 

You are spending money on these items anyway. Buy them from your Avon business. You’ll enjoy the discount on already great priced items AND it will build your sales to a higher earnings level, so you earn more on the items you sold to customers!

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