Summer is just about here!!

Summer brings us rising temperatures, refreshing dips in the pool, delicious drippy ice cream cones topped with rainbow sprinkles, and BBQs with friends!


Summer also brings us kids home from school, weeks on vacation, and busy weekends, all of which can interfere with our routines, and distract us from our Avon businesses… IF WE LET THEM!!

But YOU are an Avon Beauty Boss!

YOU are the CEO of your Avon business!

A CEO wouldn’t let their business fizzle away due to a few summer distractions, would they??

No way!!

A CEO, like YOU, would figure out a way to make their business SIZZLE, in between all of that summer fun and sun!

My boys enjoying a summer vacation last year!

Nurturing your Avon business during the summer months will put you in a strong position to enjoy the peak sales and earnings of the fall/holiday season, which immediately follows!

Determined to make this summer a business success??

Here are some ideas to make your business sizzle this summer!


  1. Be Consistent – Make sure to get your brochures to your customers every campaign. If doing your normal brochure delivery becomes a challenge during the busy summer, consider using a brochure mailing service, such as Consistent brochure delivery assures your customers that you are open for business!
  2. Plan for Vacations – Taking a vacation sometime this summer? Plan ahead and pass out brochures in advance. Let your customers know if there’s a change to your order schedule.
  3. Utilize Your Web Store – Be sure to also let your customers know that they can shop through your Avon web store anytime at all, and have their orders delivered directly to them! Tell your customers they can get FREE shipping on orders of $40 or more through your web store. **Consider offering a special promotion for any customers who place an order of a certain amount through your web store, during a certain time frame. Customers love thank you gifts or “Avon Bucks” that they can spend on a future order through you.
  4. Promote Summer Products – Avon offers a wide selection of summer products that everyone needs, such as our Skin So Soft Bug Guard, adorable sandals, and gorgeous summer fashions! We’ve also got illuminating moisturizers for a sun-kissed glow, bikini line hair removal creams, and the entire FootWorks collection for pedicure-perfect feet and toes! Use post-it tabs to mark these pages in the brochures before you pass them out. Consider offering a special discount on the identified items. Promote those items on Facebook! People are buying items like this all summer – Let them know that they can buy them through YOU!
  5. Stock-Up on Summer Essentials – Make yourself open to on-the-spot sales by stocking up on a limited inventory of certain summer essentials, like Bug Guard and Foot Works products. Keep a few nail polish options on hand too, as easy add-ons. Let people near you know that you are stocked with these items for immediate delivery!
  6. The Fortune is in the Follow-Up – Your customers are likely as busy with summer fun as you are. Be sure to follow-up with your customers a few days before you’ll be submitting your order. Let them know you’ll be submitting the order and ask if there’s anything they’d like. They’ll appreciate the reminder. Use the opportunity to suggest a great deal on a fun shade of summer polish!
  7. Utilize Your Own Web Store – We now earn the same on web store orders as traditional orders. You’ll enjoy free shipping on orders of $40 or more through your web store. Utilizing your web store also enables you to fulfill orders quickly, at any time, so that vacations don’t need to cause you to miss an order.
  8. Seize the Season – Promote your Avon business during your normal summer fun! Heading to the park with the kids? Bring a few brochures and samples packs to pass out to the other parents there! Going camping or golfing or kayaking? Bring along some Avon Bug Guard for on-the-spot sales. (The Bug Guard towelettes make GREAT samples.) Attending a BBQ? Bring along a basket of brochures for guests to browse. Take advantage of these prime opportunities to grow your business. This does NOT mean that you need to spend your social time with friends trying to get them to buy stuff from you. It’s a lot more subtle than that. Chat about your Avon business as it comes up naturally in conversations. Offer Bug Guard towelettes when the bugs start to swarm and mention why you love them. Keep brochures on hand to offer when the opportunities arise. Simply be prepared and open to these opportunities to grow your business.
  9. Become a Walking Advertisement – Advertise Avon as you enjoy your summer fun, by wearing Avon clothing and sandals. Use Avon polish on your sandal-perfect toes. Wear Avon jewelry. Carry an Avon tote. When people comment (and they will!) tell them it’s Avon and offer them a brochure!
  10. Be Social – Avon’s mobile-friendly Avon Social tool makes it easy to advertise your Avon business on the go! You can find Avon Social in the main menu of!
  11. Go Public – Summer is prime season for flea markets, yard sales, and other outdoor vendor events. Set up an Avon table to promote your business. Offer great deals on summer products that everyone loves, pass out brochures, and offer a small raffle basket to collect contact information from potential new customers!
  12. Keep Your Eye on the Prize – The peak fall/holiday season comes up right after the summer. Keep your eyes on the prize. Be sure to keep your Avon account active during the summer to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy the high earnings of the peak holiday sales season!
My adorable Avon gentlemen!

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