Introducing your Campaign 17 (TS-19) Avon Success Guide!!

Our Avon business don’t become successful by accident. They become successful because we make them successful!

In this post, I’ll give a quick summary of the biggest things happening at Avon, along with a quick sales tip and recruiting tip that you can start using right away to grow your business!


DOUBLE DOLLAR AWARD SALES continues in Campaign 17 (TS-19)!! See my previous post for more info about how this Double Dollar incentive from Avon can help your business, along with tips on how to maximize your benefit HERE.

You can also read the full details from Avon on, under the Sales Leadership tab. Click “Leadership Incentives” for the full Double Dollar details!

TIP: Build the strongest Campaign 17 (TS-19) order that you can to get the biggest boost!! You’ve still got time to do some last minute follow-up with customers. The fortune is in the follow-up. Send a message to everyone you gave a brochure to, to ask what they’d like to order!


A-BOXES Are COMING!! Starting in Campaign 18, a new, exclusive A-Box will be available to your customers for $10, with any $40 brochure purchase!! Each collectible box will contain a new collection of products for your customers to try and fall in love with! Be sure to promote these special offers. It’s a great way to build your average order to the $50 mark, while also encouraging your customers to try new products, which they will likely come back to order more of in future campaigns!

TIP: Check out the Campaign Central video, which is focused on tips for promoting this great offer to customers HERE.


REPFEST ’17 – Thousands of Avon representatives will be taking over Nashville from August 5-7. Avon will be making all sorts of amazing announcements during those days, including the introduction of the new Health and Wellness product line!!!

TIP: Join the Avon USA Representatives facebook page to stay up to date with all the latest announcements coming out of RepFest ’17!



Post a picture of the new A BOX on your facebook page to generate excitement! Tell everyone you know how excited you are for this new offer. Tell them how they can get their own exclusive A-Box for only $10 with any $40 brochure purchase, through you or your web store! Offer to help with personalized product recommendations! Avon has something for everyone!


Get Chatty! Talk to everyone you know about your Avon business!! Tell people what you love the most about being an Avon representative. Is is the discount on your own purchases? Is it the flexibility to sell as little or as much as you’d like each campaign? Is it the money you’re earning? What do YOU love about your Avon business?? Share it with the world. When others hear about the success you’ve been having, they’ll be interested in learning more about how they can do it too!!


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