One of the things that I love so much about Avon is the flexibility.

Avon is truly set up in a way, which allows each individual representative to work their business on their own terms. That’s the whole point of being an AVON BEAUTY BOSS!


Some representatives want to simply place an occasional personal order, to save on their favorite Avon products. Others are looking to grow a successful full-time business, with earnings to match.

Avon makes it easy for people to enjoy either of these extremes, and everything in between. Each Avon representative can sell how they wish, when they wish, and as much (or as little) as they wish.

In fact, Avon representatives can even go up to six consecutive campaigns (about three months) without placing an order, and still maintain an active account. Talk about flexibility!!

That being said, there are many benefits to a routine of submitting a regular order, every single campaign.

Allow me to explain…

BENEFIT #1 – Consistent orders demonstrate that you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Imagine there was a restaurant near you that you enjoy, but you were never quite sure when it was open. Sometimes it’s open, sometimes it’s closed, sometimes maybe it’s sort of halfway open, but understaffed and only serving part of the menu. Would you make the trip to that restaurant, if you didn’t know what to expect when you got there? 

Placing consistent orders demonstrates consistency and commitment to your business. It lets customers know that you’re always open for business and that they can expect a current brochure and their favorite Avon products, with a quick turnaround and a smile.

BENEFIT #2 – Speaking of fast turnaround, let’s talk about what I call the “EXCUSE ME, WHERE’S MY LATTE?” effect.

About 10 or so years ago, Comcast had a commercial running on TV, advertising their fast  download speeds. In the commercial, a women walks into a coffee shop, orders a latte, then immediately asks the barista, “Excuse me, where’s my latte?” You can check out the video HERE.

We live in a time and place where fast turnaround is not just appreciated, but expected. Nobody is going to wait a month for a lipstick. Placing regular orders, each campaign, allows you to get customers their items quickly and routinely. This creates a good experience for your customers and will make them more likely to place another order.

BENEFIT #3 – Placing regular orders each campaign KEEPS YOU ON TRACK.

When you stick with a consistent schedule, it ensures that you stay in the loop. You’ll know what campaign you’re on. You’ll get your What’s New catalog in your order, showing all of the great new items on the way. You’ll get important communications from Avon. And most importantly, it allows you to stay current with your brochures.

In addition to those things, placing an order each campaign ensures that you pay off any remaining balance from your last order, on-time, which will help you to avoid unnecessary past-due fees.

BENEFIT #4 – Speaking of brochures, placing regular orders ensures that you have one of your most important tools for growing your business, in your hands, with plenty of time to put them to use.

Most successful representatives prefer to order their brochures two campaigns ahead, so they are not waiting on a delivery to be able to grow their business. Ordering brochures two campaigns ahead gives you plenty of time to label your brochures and make a plan for distributing them, without a time-crunch.

I have heard people say things such as, “I’m not ordering brochures (or as many brochures), because I didn’t have many sales this past campaign,” which makes me wonder… Do you WANT more sales? If so, cutting back on brochures is not going to get you there.

That’s like trying to grow a garden without seeds!

IF you want to build a successful, profitable business, you need to ensure that you have essential sales tools, in hand, on-time. Placing regular orders makes that happen.


BENEFIT #5 – Placing regular orders allows you to get your own favorite products each month, at a 20-40% discount.

So, let’s say you had a slow campaign. (It happens sometimes, even once you’ve built a good base of repeat customers.) You still need products for yourself, right??

Are you running low on shampoo, body wash, lotion, or skin-care products? Avon offers all of those things. Is your mascara still fresh? Avon’s got that too! Do you have any birthdays coming up, where you need a gift to give, or perhaps Mother’s Day or end-of-year teacher gifts? Avon has so many wonderful gifts! Do you need a piece of jewelry to accessorize an outfit for an upcoming event? Don’t even get me started on the jewelry. I’m obsessed! What about insect repellant for the spring/summer season? Avon’s Bug Guard line is truly amazing!

Why buy any of those items from some other business, when you could be enjoying a 20-40% discount on those things through your own business??

Using Avon products for yourself and your family also gives you first-hand insight, which you can then share with your customers. You will be better prepared to promote products which you personally know and love.


With Avon, YOU are the boss of your business, so YOU choose how often you submit orders. But if your goal is to build a successful, flourishing business, with happy customers, who keep coming back for more, a consistent every-campaign order routine can help lead you to that goal!

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