Most business, including your Avon business, may hit sales slumps from time to time. It’s normal for sales to rise and fall at different times of the year.

In general, your best defense against the ebbs and flows of sales throughout the year is to have a wide customer base, so that even in slower times, you have a few orders coming in.

But a wide customer base takes time and consistency to build. If your Avon business is relatively new or you’ve not yet devoted much time towards building your customer base, then you may be feeling stuck in your sales slump.

Here’s a simple idea to break yourself out of your slump (and build your customer base in the process)…

Focus on selling just ONE product or product bundle!

For two week, sell the heck out of that one thing.

One of the beautiful things about Avon is that we have such a wide variety of products for our customers to choose from. There is truly something for every customer in our brochures. But if the sales aren’t coming in from the brochures, try a different tactic for a campaign. Focus on selling just one thing and sell that one thing that very best that you can for two weeks.


This idea can also be effective for anyone looking to boost their current sales!!

Here are some tips for putting this plan into action:

  1. Pick a product that you personally love and can speak genuinely and passionately about. People want to know why you love the product.
  2. Pick a product that is seasonally appropriate and in demand. For example, our Anew Overnight Hydration Mask is a perfect product during the cold, skin-drying winter months. Our Skin So Soft Bug Guard is a hot item during the summer. Fragrances and jewelry are popular near Valentine’s Day. Our new Absolute Parfum would make an amazing Mother’s Day gift. prod_1187752_xl
  3. Consider bundling items into special collections. For example, offer a Mini-Makeover collection, featuring an eyeshadow quad, mascara, glimmerstick, and lip color. Skincare collections are another great option.prod_2015VAR_xl_2
  4. Set a special price or create a special incentive for the item you are selling. Offer a little extra discount or a free gift with purchase. Make it fun! Get the sale!
  5. Offer gift-wrap or other nice packaging for items that work well as gifts.
  6. Sell your product or product bundle every way you can. Purchase a few to sell on-the-spot face-to-face. Bring the items everywhere you go. Present it as a special limited-time offer.
  7. Give people a reason to buy your product – “It’s perfect for Mother’s Day.” or “It’ll make your skin feel so smooth.” or “It totally reduced the dark circles under my eyes.”
  8. When applicable, have samples or a demo of your item on hand for people to try right on the spot.
  9. Go Live on Facebook to demo your special offer on that one product.
  10. Post images and reviews of the product on Facebook. (Your web store is a great source of product info, images, and reviews!!)
  11. Post information related to your product. For example, if you’re selling the Anew Retexturizing Peel, find articles highlighting the importance of exfoliating. Show the value and highlight the need for the product you are offering.
  12. When taking orders for the product (if you do not have it on hand for on-the-spot sales), ask your customer, “While I’m placing this order for you, are there any other items you’d be interested in?” Give them a brochure and point out a few great deals on items you think they’d love.
  13. When you fill the orders you’ve received, include a current brochure and some samples in each order to invite future orders from that customer. Get them in the door with that one item, then convert them to a regular customer!!



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