In today’s busy world, online shopping has become a huge convenience for consumers everywhere.

These days, just about anything can be purchased online, from clothing to toys to vacations to furniture to school supplies to groceries. A couple simple clicks and your desired item is on your doorstep within days.


As Avon representatives, our online web stores can be a huge source of potential sales and earnings. Customers can order through our web store, pay Avon directly, and have their items shipped directly to their home.

It’s easy for our customers and it’s even easier for us! Who doesn’t like making money, from the comfort of your own home??

If you’re not already actively promoting your web store, it’s time to get started!

In this post, I’m going to share a few basics about your Avon web store, followed by some tips on how to promote your web store and find new customers online.

Your Avon Web Store – The Basics:

  • Every Avon representative has a web store. You likely already set it up the first time you logged into the site.
  • It’s FREE to use and promote your web store.
  • You can find your web store url by going to the Web Office page on, and looking for the box which says, “Your eStore url:” That is the link you can give people to shop with you online.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 4.38.22 PM.png

  • As of Campaign 9, 2017, we now earn the same on web store orders as we do on the orders we submit through the representative site. If you’re earning 40% on your face-to-face orders in a given campaign, you’ll also earn 40% on your online orders!!
  • Our earnings on online orders get credited to our Avon account as soon as the order ships to customers.
  • If desired, you can sign up for direct deposit of online earnings, which happens twice a month. The other option (my personal preference) is to let those earnings sit on your account until your next regular order date. They will then apply to your balance on your next regular order, thus reducing your payment and leaving your online earnings in your pockets!
  • You can view your direct delivery earnings on the Direct Delivery Earning Report, which is located on the My Orders page of


10 Tips for Selling Avon Online:

TIP #1 – Put your web store address on the back of every Avon brochure you pass out. Avon has already printed the beginning part of your web store address, so all you have to do is to fill in the part which comes after the /.

TIP #2 – Take it a step further, and stick a brightly colored label on the front of your brochures, advertising how easy it is for customers to shop online and have their items delivered directly to them.

TIP #3 – Put that web store address on business cards, postcards, yard signs, and car decals! Put it in your email signature. Put it on labels on samples. Put it everywhere you can!

TIP #4 – Use the Social Media Center (located in the Web Office section of or the “Avon SMC” smartphone app to promote your web store regularly on Facebook and other social media sites. Be sure to include a personal message every time you post. When customers click on your Social Media Center post, it will lead them directly to your web store.

TIP #5 – The Social Media Center is a fantastic tool, but it’s even more effective to create your own posts, using your own photos and videos, demonstrating your personal favorite Avon products.

TIP #6 – Take your personal posts a step further by creating a blog to promote your Avon business. Blog about your favorite products, skin care solutions, make-up how-to’s, the Avon opportunity, your personal Avon story, and more. The more you post, the more views your blog will receive. Include your web store address frequently in your blog posts. A blog is a great way to let your love of Avon shine! My blog (which you are reading right now) is hosted on

TIP #7 – Sign up as a customer on your own web store, so that you will receive the same promotional emails your customers receive. This will help you to stay knowledgeable about the current special offers. Promote those offers. Let customers know that it is ALWAYS free shipping on orders of $40 or more through your web store. **Take it a step further and place an order through your own web store, so you’ll have firsthand experience with the process, that you can then use to guide your customers.

TIP #8 – Make sure your online customers are receiving automated promotional emails from Avon, which will lead them to your web store. To check your web store email settings, go to the Web Office on, then look for the section which says, Manage my Website. Click on Personalization Tool, the select the Customer Preferences tab. You’ll see the automated email options in that section.

TIP #9 – Utilize Facebook Live to demonstrate Avon products or promote special deals through your web store. Consider offering your own special deals to encourage orders. For example, “Anyone who places an order of $40 or more through my web store, by the end of the day, will receive a special bundle of Avon beauty samples in the mail from me!!” Small, easy to mail items, like mascaras, lip gloss, glimmersticks, or jewelry items also make great free gifts!

TIP #10 – Get brochures into customer hands! There’s nothing like a glossy Avon brochure, full of attractive product images and info! Make sure that your online customers are getting brochures, even if it’s just once a month. You can mail brochures to non-local customers or use a brochure mailing service, such as

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