Like with any new business, when you first get started with Avon, you will need to actively work to attract and engage your first customers.

Think of it like the Grand Opening of a new shop! There would be balloons and streamers drawing attention to the new business. Perhaps someone would be standing on the corner with a human-sized arrow pointing people towards the new shop or maybe a few of those giant dancing tube men would be waving their inflated arms in front of the shop. The shop owner would advertise their Grand Opening with advertisements on TV and local publications. They may even mail or distribute flyers to all local residents, promoting their Grand Opening. They’d probably offer a special incentive for their first customers, like a discount on their purchase or free gifts with purchase.

New businesses pull out all the stops for their Grand Openings, because that’s what it takes to draw attention and engage their first customers. The same theory applies when we’re launching our Avon businesses. In the beginning, we need to do everything a bit bigger and bolder. We need to promote like crazy on social media and face-to-face. We need to post repeatedly on Facebook, get brochures and samples into tons of hands, offer those special “Grand Opening” discounts and incentives, and make connections with tons of people. Essentially, we need to wave the human-sized arrow towards our Avon business and actively lure those first customers in to shop.


In the beginning, it may seem like it takes a lot of effort to get those first customers, but I have some very good news for you… IT GETS EASIER!! The more time that you give your business to grow – taking small, consistent actions along the way – the more momentum your business will gain, until suddenly you’ll find that the customers are coming to YOU

Check out these FIVE steps you can take to get customers to come to YOU:

1) ACTIVELY work your business, both online and offline.

Make it crystal clear that your business is open and that you’re ready to help. Would you try to shop at a store that has its lights off and the door closed?? Make sure that everyone knows that your lights are on and the door to your business is open! Post regularly about Avon on social media (it doesn’t have to all be “salesy” shop-with-me type posts) and get brochures into hands each campaign. Send an email once a campaign to everyone you know, inviting them to browse your digital brochure and sharing a few of your personal favorite items or best deals for the campaign.

2) Make yourself VISIBLE, so that everyone knows that you’re the Avon lady (or gentleman)!

How?? Distribute brochures locally, mail brochures (using campaign-mailer) to non-local customers, use Avon Social to promote on Facebook regularly, promote with personal pics on Instagram, boost posts on Facebook, post on your personal page, write an Avon blog, create a Google business page and keep it active, run ads on Google, communicate and follow-up with current and new potential customers, and regularly use/wear Avon (so that you are a walking, talking testimonial to our incredible products). You can also make yourself visible with Avon logo items, car decals, yard signs, etc.

3) Use your current customers to find new customers.

How? Make their shopping experience the best you can (so they tell their friends) and provide extra brochures for them to share with people they know. Offer them a small discount or Avon gift to thank them for any customers they refer to you.

4) Give your business time to flourish and grow.

Successful businesses don’t typically happen overnight. Time and consistency will build your momentum. Sticking with it, even when sales are slow (especially when the sales are slow), is the only way to get to the point where the orders flow in with ease!

5) Take steps to develop extensive, personal knowledge of the products.

How? Take advantage of the many available training opportunities and personally use the products. The knowledge you’ll gain will enable you to authentically share and recommend the products… not just because you sell them, but because you know them and love them. And when you know the products well, you become a trusted source of recommendations and will be able to effectively match customers with the right products for them.


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